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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Confederate "States" v. Federation States

By Anna Von Reitz

Confederate "States" such as those formed under The Articles of Confederation are in fact "States of States". They are commercial corporations that belong to an actual State, as the names imply.

Think about it: State of Wisconsin means "State outside of, or in addition to, or belonging to Wisconsin".

It obviously isn't the same as "Wisconsin".

An entity can't belong to Wisconsin or be apart from Wisconsin or outside of Wisconsin, and at the same time be Wisconsin, can it?

If the "State of Wisconsin" were an actual geographically defined State, it would be impossible for it to occupy the same space as Wisconsin.

So from all of the above, we have reason to know that the State of Wisconsin (or any other state-of-state) --- may be a Confederate "State" --- but is not the same as Wisconsin and not the same kind of State.

The Confederate "States" are in fact what are called "inchoate" or "incomplete" States, because they have no land or soil component of their own. They are legal fictions without a location in space or physical attributes.

California has actual physically defined borders, trees, hills, mines, towns..... this is where you live as a Californian.

The State of California has incorporated cities and counties and State of State business enterprises.... all legal fiction entities.

The STATE OF CALIFORNIA has incorporated municipalities and service districts and federally chartered business enterprises....all legal fiction entities.

Now, all these "States of States" are supposed to be subservient to the actual people living in the actual State.

But..... by legal chicanery, certain entities have arranged to have all of us misidentified as "US Citizens" ---- either Territorial United States Citizens, or Municipal United States Citizens called "Citizens of the United States"---- instead of being identified as living, breathing Californians, Wisconsinites, Texans, and so on.

This "impersonation" of us deprives us of our rights and standing and our property assets. It leaves us unable to enforce the Constitutions that our actual States like California, Wisconsin, and Texas, are owed.

As a result, the States of States --- which are just commercial corporations like Exxon and GE and Burger King, International, ---have been running wild and lording it over the actual living people and the actual unincorporated and sovereign States that have allowed these organizations to exist.

It's time for that to stop and for the States of States populated by British Territorial "United States Citizens" and the STATES OF STATES populated by Municipal "Citizens of the United States" to be brought up short and held to account by the actual States and the actual People of this country.

In order to do this we must clearly recognize the difference between our States which are unincorporated and the States of States which are all incorporated entities.

We must also take action to reclaim and declare our original birthright political status as Americans and not acquiesce to any "presumption" that we are voluntarily acting as British Territorial Citizens (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as Municipal Citizens (like someone working for the Holy Roman Empire).

Once we get it straight and realize what has gone on here and make these corrections, we are free to act as one of the American People, assemble our actual States ---- not any Confederate "States" ---- and enforce the Constitutions and the Public Law that we and our States of the Union are owed.

Do not be misled into continuing to act as any form of United States Citizen and forming a State of State, when what you mean to do is be recognized as one of the living People and form an actual State.


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  1. I have read many of your articles and the paper up website. It is my greatest hope that you are right. I have been dealing with these crooks as the results of a bad divorce they use my daughter to extort ridiculous amounts of child support that exceeds what my ex wife & I ever spent on my daughter when we were married. To top it off every 3 years they come back around to see if you make more money so they can take more from me. I reached out to many Sovereign people across the web for help but so far nobody has been able to help. The men in this country are a primary target for these crooks if they can keep us down and struggling they don't need to worry about us figuring them out and doing something about it. You want a large group of people that are in desperate need of help from these crooks look no further than divorced dads since the divorce rate is over 50% that should be more than enough people to make a stand but we need to get free from the fire before we can help others. Please show us the way!!!

    1. You are a protector and a provider of your children! Always keep that in mind, and understand that this is not about the childs best interest, but the best interest of inland PUBLIC PIRATES! I was a disabled self-employed 'good dad', and was falsely arrested 5 yrs after paying ALL CHILD SUPPORT when my daughter was 25 years old by a crooked sheriff! So Floyd, start here:

      Read the comments and look for other videos in the side bar by Jonah Bey and High Frequency Radio:

      You are so right about Fathers and men in general being targeted and distracted. If the state 'owns' our property via the birth certificate, why isn't the state paying for tthe child support in the event of a divorce? Authenticate you and your daughters birth certificate bond and discharge the debt. 'Your' debt is pre-paid and exempt from levy via the credit owed you, and the BC is proof of credit owed, because: the BC is legal tender and a promissary note for all debt PUBLIC AND PRIVATE...

    2. Floyd, give me a call at 423-598-1093 or email me at I have done Anna's paperwork and became an American State National. I might be able to help you with some additional tools that might close the gap. If you call, please leave your name and contact information as I screen my calls more than most. I'm sorry you're going through this right now but remember you're not alone. I am there, and have been there. So I understand. You're battling presumptions and gonna have to nail them (the family court and all of the contractors) on the OFFENSE, peacefully and with confidence knowing who YOU are as if to remind them what they forgot. I sympathize because THEY, are out of control and destroying families. And good Dads.

    3. Floyd, I have a recommendation for you. Try Much expertise in child support matters, as well as many other legal matters where one goes on the offensive. It is helping me immensely. Give it a try and relieve the stress.

    4. Billie what level of membership do you suggest I need?

  2. would love to be of the living People and form an actual State.
    how do we start this process?? please advise.

    1. Scroll down on the main page and look up article 928
      And spread the word far and wide, we need millions
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Hi Coffee,

      When I was a child I used to love the old Star Wars movies. If you know anything about that, there was a character that said once. "You must unlearn what you have learned." That's a haunting statement for my life. From my perspective, the same is true here. It's NOT you're fault you or any of us were not taught this truth, but it is up to us all to learn the truth after all things, and history the reasons for why things happened the way they did. has been provided along with all of the teachings Anna has labored to teach with the help of our good friend, Paul here. I may stand to be corrected, do NOT start the process of correcting the record and returning to the land and soil jurisdiction unless you have a good understanding of why you or any of us were even "lost" in the first place. I think that is good advice as you'll be prepared to give an answer if asked or questioned by any entity that should cross your path. Blessings on your journey.

    3. Coffee time...go to " read the entire website , look in resources and see the list of conference calls. Join us Sunday evenings at 8pm est and we will walk you through the process starting with Step 1 documents...

      Kevin Cote'
      845 987 0084

  3. One of the new world order initiatives is to break up the family unit - no strong family unit the more easily they can break society down
    The federal reserve, the courts, lawyers and others make money for every court case
    They also make money on the for profit prisons as they hold interest in those facilities as well
    Like the CO2 fraud they working to perpetrate on the world now - taxing you for your carbon footprint while they have Climate Stock Exchanges set up all over the world
    And when you own the weather modification patents, well I guess you can guess what that means - see
    NASA Owning the Weather by 2025 - see also geoengineering that is going on all over the world also known as solar radiation management
    UN agenda is to get people off the land, you throw a hurricane Katrina - release the levys and a gulf oil spill at the gulf coast and wala you get the people off the land and you get to move in with your new business ventures
    Not to mention they trading weather derivitives on the market as well
    Hmm I wonder who owns stock in Lowes, Home Depot
    Exxon moves in to gulf coast
    Might also interest everyone to know what they threw all over that gulf oil spill
    Same thing going on in California - telling people running out of water, taking over water supplies and Saudi Arabia buying up huge acreages of land to grow alfalfa for their cows
    While big mouth in new york spouts off green new deal, the establishments new money like Saudi and Qatar are their new bed fellows sucking up their money too - but its the people getting screwed
    Anyway just some things to ponder
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Their goals
    See number 5
    Michigan destoryed - car industry
    Upper Ohio Valley - steel industry destroyed
    Enron - dotcom industry destroyed
    In the process of sending all our high technology out of country or importing labor in for the jobs
    BRICS deal was all part of this too - sent in workers from India to take over all jobs in Florida at Disney
    India's entire population is being biometrically marked for the cashless society that the bankers have planned - can you say mark of the beast
    That's why the India leader banned their currency
    And big agri business is moving in and taking over the small farmers - all part of their UN agenda
    Children working in India's mines
    And low and behold you have NGO's going in an offering to help get these kids out but guess who the NGO's work for - bet you can't guess
    And they have these NGO's set up and operating all over the world
    Also have Councils of Governments set up working behind the scenes on their UN implementation
    To name a few
    The world plan
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Thank You Shelby. For compiling this excellent eye opening teaching tool.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I will look into all the options above and I will definitely reach out to you Todd thanks!! I truly believe many men lives are being destroyed by a corrupt family law system. I advise everyone to watch The Red Pill its free to stream on Vudu. It shows the law of the sea in full effect playing out in family courts. I want to say I am not advocating being a dead beat dad at all I do think the system is way out of control and just beating men into submission. I love my daughter with every inch of my existence but I have been financially wiped out and still pay almost $1000 in a month child support meanwhile my ex wife continues to file frivolous lawsuits of which cost me thousands to defend myself. All the BAR members get rich and I go further into debt. There is story after story just like mine all over the internet. The men in the US and around the world are under attack by these crooks wearing costumes and claiming the best interest of the child. They are using our own children to destroy us for profit.