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Monday, April 1, 2019

What Are The States and Why Do We Need to Assemble Them?

By Anna Von Reitz

Many centuries ago, people recognized that there is a difference between the biologically active layer of the Earth that we call "soil" and the relatively inert "subsoil" which they called "land".  This convention, making a distinction between the "land and soil", and considering them separate jurisdictions under the law, was inherited from British Land Law.  

Thus, in America, we have Republican States, like The Wisconsin Republic and The California Republic and The Florida Republic, that occupy the soil jurisdiction--- the top six inches of the land.  

This is considered the "National Jurisdiction" because this is where the living people live and breathe and spend their lives.  The living population is referred to as "people" with a small "p".  All living people are unincorporated and sovereign by nature.  Thus, the people come together to decide local issues related to their soil jurisdiction within the borders of their Republican State, aka, The Maine Republic.  

The land jurisdiction underlying the soil is part of the International Jurisdiction owed to the people.  When they act to conduct International Jurisdiction business, they are acting in the capacity of Lawful Persons known as "People" with a capital "P".  These International Land Jurisdiction States all operate under simple Proper Names like this: Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa.  

These States all have geographically defined borders and all take reference to actual, factual, physical land holdings.  

They all belong as property assets to the people who populate the Republican States, thus, "The Florida Republic" which belongs to the people, also possesses "Florida" which is operated by the People.  

Both the living people (soil) and the Lawful Persons (land) are the same, just acting in two different capacities in the same way that you can act as a Father or as a School Teacher.  

By now you have noticed that "We, the People" refers to the Lawful Persons operating the States like Florida and Maine and Ohio ---- the international land jurisdiction States of the Union. 

These States operated by the Lawful Persons --- the People --- are the Parties to the Constitutions, and as a result, these are the States and People that can enforce the provisions of the Constitutions.  

Nobody else on our side of the issues can enforce the Constitutions. 

And we haven't assembled the States in 150 years.  

So our Hired Help has been running wild and unsupervised for all this time.  

We haven't been acting in our correct capacity, we haven't been assembling our States and conducting business, so they have simply ignored us and "presumed" that we are either British Territorial Citizens or Municipal United States Citizens temporarily "residing" here as "US Citizens" in the same way that they are.  

It is therefore necessary and indeed, it has become urgent, that we wake up and correct the falsified records misidentifying us as "US Citizens", and adopt our proper political status and act in our capacity as Lawful Persons ---- the People --- and assemble our States of the Union.  

This has not been done since 1860.  We have never seen our actual government in action.  

We have never acted in the capacity of "We, the People"---and could not act in that capacity until now, because we have all been misidentified as "US Citizens" by our run-amok employees, without our understanding, knowledge, or consent.  

As a result of this unconscionable contract --- a purported contract that we ever knew anything about ---- to act as "US Citizens", and therefore not as Americans known as Texans, Californians, and so on ---- we have been precluded from acting as Lawful Persons and prevented from claiming and exercising our birthrights and of course, could not act as We, the People, either. 

Until now.  

You can now understand why it is amazing to the managers of the commercial corporations that have run wild on our shores as governmental service providers ----that we have awakened after a 150 years and are taking this action, even though such action is constitutionally guaranteed.  

It is also confusing for many of those who are just waking up and who have been indoctrinated to think of themselves as "US Citizens" ---that is, employees of foreign corporations temporarily "residing" here while providing governmental services to our States.  

We have to overcome both the "Talking Horse Response" from our erstwhile and wayward Federal and State of State employees, and the confusion of Americans who have been misled to think of and call themselves "US Citizens" all their lives. 

At the same time, we have to educate ourselves about our actual American Government and dust off the cobwebs and records so that we familiarize ourselves with the long-vacant offices and traditions of our own Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.  

For example, in our system of government, the State Assembly Chairman tells the land jurisdiction Governor what to do, and our land jurisdiction Governor acts as our Check and Balance against usurpation by our Federal employees. 

This is not an easy task in any respect.  It is a daunting responsibility to self-govern that brings with it ultimate and unalienable rights and prerogatives. Each one of us has to take action to reclaim our birthright political status and each one has to make a decision whether we wish to live as State Nationals or State Citizens.  

American State Nationals owe no obligation or duty to serve the government; the government owes them all duty and obligation.  Other than keeping the peace and not damaging people or property, American State Nationals are truly free and in possession of all their Natural and Unalienable Rights. 

American State Citizens are those among us who accept the burden of serving their State Government as Electors (our version of "Voters"), Jurors, elected officials, and hired officers.  

It is to be hoped in the present circumstance that a majority of those reading this will step forward and serve their State, which is being assembled for the first time in a 150 years and is in great need of their service.  

We need to "repopulate" our States of the Union, which requires filling our Jury Pools, filling our vacant Public Offices, holding elections, and doing all the other work of our lawful State Governments. 


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  2. That sounds all fine and dandy, there's only 1 problem. The land and soil were here long before these political bodies who fancy themselves of actual land and geographical soil jurisdictions. The states States and STATES all have a problem, they are imaginary infictios operating within imaginary lines.

    1. Creatorsdaughter, yes of course the victors in the spoils of war carving up the surface to create imaginary lines called countries. That is petty crime compared to the travesty that is represented by Unum Sanctum. It is still primarily the biggest PITA and the land and soil were here long before Unum Sanctum was declared as well. Much of this is parlor magic tricks of deception. Look over here while the real problem is a festering boil over there.

    2. Like they are carving up the surface of Palestine and creating I s r a e l - See the Greater Israel Project and One Belt One Road - the primary reason for going in to I r a q was to carve up that land and claim the oil and the one belt one road
      And of course it goes along with their UN agenda to DEPOPULATE all around the world - not to mention they can move those migrants to the EU and other nations to create the conflicts we see happening all over - some of these migrants may very well be their trained fighters from the very regions they claimed to have ousted an evil dictator just like today with Venezuela, they want the oil and the people off the land as per UN inititatives
      All of them involved - the tell lie vision keeps the circus and the lie going along with their bought and paid for actwhores, from news to hollywood, 3 ring circus and the honest hard working people of the world who helped build this monster, slave, suffer and die
      Hollywood laughing all the way tot he bank
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. I s r a e l = Isis, Ra, El
      And make no mistake it was and is being created as the Bible says by the very people who wrote the script (the scribes)
      As the rulers have said they will have their new world order by consent or conquest, so they create the issues whether it be racial divide, money divide, political divide, weather warfare to rid people off the land, tell lie vision brain washing, the list goes on and on
      Go to the 6:30 mark of this video and watch til like 9:45 and see how the FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities all line up with the movie The Hunger Games
      Think this shit is not in your face, think again
      Midwest flooding right now is to bring the famine that they have planned for this land and it's people and being that most of our food is shipped from China today or other places guess what sanctions will be used for
      This is not an accident people
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Creatorsdaughter,
      Your articulation is cognized in this present moment.

      Whatever fiction any one focuses on & chooses to hold onto keeps them stuck in conflict stasis. Their grasp of What Is Now is diminished by their inability to see that it is "his story's" shadow that they are in conflict with.

      Same as in the time of Christ's resurrected reappearance.

      Peace was sued for and the battle is won, but the shadow is kept current through nonrecognition & nonacceptance of the Truth Revealed.

      As is illustrated by a two year old's tantrum, regarding what they want to prove is that their 'way' is best, in opposition to What Is.

      Sovereign's are at peace and envision all others with the capacity to either stay in conflict with who they perceive as authority or responsibly embrace their own authoring of their own story.

      To be or not to be.... By extention: To follow or not to follow. Your choice. Who do you serve. Choose wisely.

      To intentionally create with one's own Sovereign Will a new world you want to have the experience of responsible life in.

      In Gratitude, in Light & in Love of All that is One.
      Peace. ra

  3. Correctamundo. Or loosely translated...precisely!

  4. You gotta listen to this - it will literally shine a whole new light
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. It will be interesting to see what you get
    Need to make sure that Anna knows all about this as well
    We need to ensure that we are getting the right certificate is all I am trying to convey here
    These rats are extorting us to even get copy of the Certificate of Live Birth and if that is not the correct certificate then what about all the authentications that have already been done
    Considering that they are blocking, deleting channels and videos that even remotely come to truth seems odd that the powers that think they be are allowing this whole process to continue when they have the access to shut it all down
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved