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Monday, April 1, 2019

Especially For Lawyers --- Public Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

This goes out to every American and to every United States Citizen and to every lawyer in America----let's all get this straight once and for all: 

No incorporated entity can be a sovereign entity.  By definition. 

All incorporated entities are created by a charter or other written covenant granted by a sovereign entity or some higher level parent corporation which is in turn granted a charter or covenant by a sovereign entity. 

There may be layers upon layers of different trusts and foundations and C-Corps and S-Corps and LLCs and only God knows what else, but at the end of the day, all the corporations in the world owe their existence to a sovereign and not a single corporate entity is sovereign. Not one. 

Therefore, when you have an incorporated entity pretending to be a sovereign government and claiming such things as sovereign immunity, you've got an obvious fraud going on.  

When you have an incorporated entity pretending to be an agent of a sovereign government and exercising authority "as if" it were a sovereign entity, yet it has no valid authorization  ---- again, you've got a fraud going on.  

None of these Federal Corporations and none of their States of State organizations are sovereign entities.  

They have no sovereign immunity.  

They have no authorization to act "as" sovereign entities on our shores; any such presumption is a violation of the Constitutions owed to our States of the Union. 

These entities are renegade foreign commercial corporations traded on the Stock Exchanges, acting as Taxpayers with EINs and TINs and CAGE numbers and Dunn and Bradstreet and Standard and Poor's ratings: 

Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 
State of Colorado, Inc. 
Ad Infinitum...... 

These are all foreign incorporated Governmental Service Contractors that are supposed to be providing the services stipulated under their respective Constitutions. 

The only thing confusing about this is that there are two groups of them operating at the same time ---- Territorial corporations that use the Upper and Lower Case naming conventions, like the State of Wisconsin, and Municipal corporations that use the Roman all capitals letters style: STATE OF WISCONSIN.  

One set of these corporations is run by the British Territorial United States Government.  The other set is run by the Municipal United States Congress.  

And none of them are sovereign entities with respect to us and neither one suddenly morphed into anything that can claim to be our government just because they are under contract to provide governmental services to our States of the Union.  

Please take Notice of these facts and conduct yourselves accordingly, or risk being accomplices to fraud and other crimes.  


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  1. 5G and the eugenics of all of lifeforms on earth
    Incorporated, unincorporated, if we do not stop 5G you can pretty much bet whole lot of everyone is going to die period
    Stop Verizon, stop A T & T - they must be stopped from rolling this shit out
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. They said on TV that 5G will be ready by the end of the year, at least in Calif.

  2. Their plans include
    Executive Orders from pre-Clinton administrations for national emergency powers…..
    10995..Seizure of all communications media in the United States…..
    10997..Seizure of all electrical power facilities fuels and minerals both public and private…..
    10998..Seizure of all food supplies and resources public and private and all farms and farm equipment…..
    10999..Seizure of all means of transportation including personal cars trucks or any vehicles of any kind along with total control over all highways seaports and waterways…..
    11000..Conscription of U.S. citizens for work forces under federal supervision including the splitting up of families if deemed necessary…..
    11001..Seizure of all health welfare and education facilities public and private…..
    11002..Empowers the Postmaster to register all men women and children in the U.S…..
    11003..Authorizes seizure of all airports and aircraft…..
    11004..Seizure of any or all housing to facilitate forced relocation of citizens from areas declared unsafe. Also to relocate entire communities …
    11005..Seizure of all railroads inland waterways and storage facilities public and private…..
    11051..Provides the office of emergency planning complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis……
    Hmm financial crisis, you mean like the one they are creating now??
    Hmm border crisis, you mean like the one they creating now??
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. Treason is punishable by hanging. Your employees can commit Treason against you , their employers but you the employer cannot commit treason against the is impossible. Let this be a warning.

  4. This is why they want our firearms!

    1. They can ONLY ask for the firearms of US Citizens!!!
      Stop being one of flock! The US citizen Sheeple need to make the LAWFUL change away from this LEGAL punishment and control!

      Learn to Swim to Land or drown in the Deceit

  5. Anybody that doesn't believe that Q is real by now is either stupid, lazy or both. Their is a Plan in place that is going to take care of all three branches of our government. You can see all the corruption coming out and being exposed like never before. Trump has alreay replaced many Judges around the country. Now he's working on the 9th circuit Court and has 2 to pick from. The "Storm" is upon us. Once the Declas comes out, it will reveal even more corruption. Here's how Q says it's going to go down:

    Mueller > Declas > OIG > Truth > Jusice

    C-vine news is covering the military tribunals already.

    1. "stupid, lazy or both" ... you are both when you say "Their is a Plan". Anyone can look up basic grammar...ANYone.


    2. OH BOY

      The LETTER has spoken....

      Trust the plan...Trust Sessions...HRC extradition...HRC detainment...Podesta, Clinton, Abedin indicted...11-3-17...members of media jailed...11-11...11-13…D5...Trust Huber, and everything else your LETTER HERO has gotten wrong.

      WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, for your tasteless nothing burger.

      Close to 2yrs of BULLSHIT riddles that kept you excited over a letter in the alphabet. What a waste of time.

      Yet Anna told us straight up the problem and how to seek remedy.

      Q is bullshit in MHO.

      I'll say it again we could have had a major revolution in this country if Q from the beginning had spoken about the fraud.

      Q could have awakened millions of people to the fraud that we have been enslaved by the British Empire and The Vatican.

      Q could have started a revolution by letting the people of America know that they are indentured slaves from cradle to grave.

      Q does not speak on any of these subjects Anna has brought,and that keeps me wondering about Q riddles holding back the American people for almost 2yrs

      Most Americans are waiting for a savior and will not get off their asses to save their own lives. See how I used "their" there?

      Q with its riddles has done an awesome job of stalling any forward movement in the freedom of this country as far as I am concerned.

      There is no Savior coming to save you…NO HEROES…NOT Q….NOT TRUMP!!!

      We must reclaim or Birthright as American state nationals. We are NOT United Sates Citizens. We are sovereign and Trump made that clear at the UN….. Quote, "In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign."

      Trump cannot change your status, there is no savior coming to take ACTION for you. YOU MUST DO IT!!

      "Change MUST begin at the local, grass roots level, with individuals working together toward the common good of all, and creating a moral, ethical and Constitutional local County government."

      "It is HERE where the true power of government begins, and where out-of-control federal government has LITTLE Constitutional OR legal authority. Without this foundation, and the enforcement of this foundation by the People, American Freedom will be an historical memory in our lives, and our children and grandchildren will never taste of it.”

      Then WE can take back our COUNTRY.

      “Only people acting as living people and not as businesses and not as incorporated entities can do this work, so it is necessary for those who participate in this process to reclaim their "reversionary trust interest" and correct the falsified political status records associated with their names in Territorial United States Registries as a first step”.

      We must reclaim or Birthright as American state nationals. We are NOT United Sates Citizens. We are sovereign and Trump made that clear at the UN….. Quote, "In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign."

      "If you want a life worth living, a secure future for your children, control of your assets, a health environment, good schools, and a thriving economy - you have to wake up now and get involved. Pay no attention to what you have hitherto mistaken as “your” government and focus single-mindedly on building up your own local assemblies, both County and State. Run don’t walk to your State Assembly and get going."

      I have my paper work complete because of Anna, NOT Q.

      Riddle me this Awakend, WHY oh WHY has Q never spoken about Anna's work?

    3. We, we, we....We all have to get together and take our country back. Right, "we" can't even organize a hot dog rally, especially in Calif.
      let along start our own joural society . Let me know when you can organize a group like that is coming to the Mexican border and entering illegally.

  6. Juan Jose, who says Q hasn't included Anna's work, hmmm? Anna is very much a team effort as is Q. Can you mention the name of a single Q or Qanon?
    I can.

    What you think you hear, think or comprehend is 100% on you, no one else.