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Friday, April 23, 2021

Foreword to the 14th Amendment Documents

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are publishing documents that have been "sealed" by the courts.  If you didn't get a copy prior to them being sealed by the courts, you won't be able to get a copy without a Court Order now, so be thankful that other Americans were on the ball 55 years ago.  And that we are making copies provided to us available to all Fifty State Assemblies now. 

You will see some curious language in these documents, which will only be understandable with some help.  

For example, the reference to a "memorial" to the Congress of the United States of America, is confusing until you realize that they are talking about a Territorial Congress and organization that is defunct, from the perspective of a "Successor" Municipal Congress operating in 1967, and which has inherited issues that have been left unresolved by their Territorial Predecessors. 

Also please recognize that these issues were not and cannot be addressed by the Municipal Congress (despite the ferocious debate and exposure by representatives of the STATE OF GEORGIA) because they are referring back to Territorial Government  actions and initiatives--- actions which exist outside the jurisdiction and scope of the Municipal Congress and their ability to correct. 

What they are debating in 1967 actually happened 101 years earlier, in 1866 --- so we take you back to the record of the action taken by the 39th Congress under examination.  Let's call that "14th Amendment - Record 1" which shows where and when the 14th Amendment entered the public view.  

Bear in mind that this 14th Amendment action is being taken by the British-backed Territorial "Congress" in 1866, and that as Allies of the Northern State-of-States, they have just "won" the Civil War against the Papist-backed Municipal Government and its Southern State-of-State Allies--- so they are imposing penalties and seeking war reparations and they are redefining the Municipal (Federal Civil Service) Officers and citizenry, along with the Rebels of the Southern State of State organizations, as "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" as a means to extract booty from them.  

Then we show you the Resolution coming out of the STATE OF GEORGIA Municipal General Assembly in 1957, which was the "immediate cause" of the Municipal Congressional Debate ten years later in 1967.  Let's call that "14th Amendment - Record 2".  Remember is a Municipal Government body, the STATE OF GEORGIA calling the entire proceedings of the Territorial Government's  "Fourteenth Amendment" --and especially its lack of ratification by the actual States --  into question. 

As of 1957, the members of the Municipal STATE OF GEORGIA don't understand that their General Assembly and even their Municipal CONGRESS, cannot change actions taken by the Territorial Government.

Next, we show the actual Congressional Record of the debate that took place in 1967 in the 90th Municipal CONGRESS.  That should be noted as "14th Amendment - Record 3".  Here they lay out all the dirt on the Fourteenth Amendment, why it is illegal, fraudulent, and unconstitutional. 

Next, we show the Primary Result: having Unconstitutional Laws included as part of the Public Record, and leaving average people to decide either to apply these "laws" at their own risk, which district court judges do every day-- or not.   Call that "14th Amendment - Record 4" and note that this conundrum is the source of so-called "Judicial Discretion" being practiced in the Territorial Courts to this day. 

The Fourteenth Amendment is the first of a great many unconstitutional statutory "laws" and "codes" adopted by the Territorial United States Government in the purported absence of our lawful government. 

The only entity with the power to stop the perpetuation of such "laws" and void their selective enforcement on our soil is The United States of America -- our unincorporated Federation of States.   There is no other body remaining that has the cross-jurisdictional authority to dispense with these foreign legislative acts and also to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees against the other Principals responsible for this mess. 

Finally, we show the Secondary Result: Continuing Trespass.  The example given is about a public trespass on private property versus a public nuisance, but the same exact issues apply when the Territorial Government persists in applying it's unconstitutional private laws either to foreign Municipal PERSONS and their property, or to Americans who are Third Parties stuck in the middle of this cross-jurisdictional mess.  Call this explanation of Continuing Trespass -- which is what we are suffering along with the Municipal PERSONS we are deliberately mistaken for --- "14th Amendment - Record 5". 


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  1. My comments keep getting wiped out.

    1. to goodE - probably because they are mostly unfounde and ignorant.
      the list of oversight and obvious lack of information on your part is self-evident to anyone who actually HAS been following Annas Writings for any length of time.
      See my next post for a smidgen of explanation as to why you are wrong in about 70% of what you posted.
      I really don,t have time to hit all the errors in you thinking and accusations but I will touch on som of the most glaring examples.. BUT..
      The style of your presentation ( Agree using well know truth,, then start tearing up the target with half truth and rightous anger in a attempt to sow division and discontent),, is the pattern of controlled opposition I.E. a Shill--- I suspect you may have to look that one up too.

    2. Fred, thanks for your input but it wasn't very helpful.

      And besides, an answer from the creator, "anna" / avr dot com, a
      Commercial Corporation, would actually be more appropriate since she/ they /it are constructing (?) the "thing"--??

      However, I would be interested in your, or anyone's substantive, knowledgeable, and complete answer to this question:

      Why are there two separate and distinct Cancellations of All (either prior or other) Powers of Attorney included in "anna"'s / avr dot com's 928 packet?

      Thanks in advance for your good faith and respectful answer.

    3. Give me a substantial knowledgeble question that indicates you have read a substantial portion of AVR material,, instead of a smattering here and there... If you were actually researching instead of looking for someone to take you by the nose and place your face in the appropriate quote you would already have the answers
      And you do not have to read all 3000 articles to get the answers... use the search box on the website,, put in some likely search words and you will find references and with a little bit of extra reading, that in itself will be helpfull in expanding you knowledge base, you will find the answer to your questions...

  2. I was saying the Constitution was never ratified by the all of the state legislatures.
    It never applied to the people anyway and it also did not ever get ratified by the states that the people created under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creator.

    Massachusetts, it can be proven never ratified it. There are other states where it came into o question as to whether the claimed ratification was authentic.

  3. And, 14th amendment citizens are legislatively-created FICTIONS.
    That is not us, the American men and women.

    The Constitution and it's legislatively-created citizens belong to us, the American people, upon the same basis as the BIRTHCERTIFICATE belongs to us, that is : It doesn't belong to o us, it belongs to them.
    They created it.
    We didn't.
    It's not our.
    It's theirs.
    There are enough people now who have enough comprehension of what has been done that trying to shift the injuries, thefts, and so forth, if any, off onto others is just simply not going to work.

    If anyone wants to argue about what they did or didn't do to other people, please point them to the indigenous peoples horrendous living space and conditions for an example of the theft and brutality they are capable of and seem to be able to live with for decades and centuries.

    1. hmm.there are enough people now who have enough comprehension... to shift the injuries theft.. basically the blame onto others..(?) isn't going to .. work? there is no "shifting". it's pointing.its saying it aloud and pointing , louder,together in unison, like freaks in a zombie movie... pointing and saying this is wrong, and its not right that when I bring it up, you sweep my complaint under the rug and call it "frivolous".
      Like the past election. Anyone any person, worth their salt, would say, " think there was cheating or some kind of B.S>? alright, let's go again." or whatever. the existingscuttlebut regarding the 14th amendment.. is rediculously long, and the inability to contest it s b.s. And the part about the public debt... I can't find any reference to the public debt inthe constitution prior to hte 14tyh.
      If it were a thing people were arguing over, where it MUST be specifically identified in the amendment, that the existence of the debt is inarguable, brings dubious thought s to mind. How about you?
      oh, yea.. I wanted to touch on indigenous peoples - horrendous living space.. Those wouldnt be the guys from Manhattan right? cause.. they got paid. As did anyone else who said they owned the land. France, Mexico...everyone else just said they migrate through places, and noone owns the land, or the sky or the wind..

    2. Scoville,
      If you missed it I asked some questions about the comments below that you had posted earlier, if you get any time free to answer, thanks.

      Pertaining to your reply here:
      belong to the men (NOT FICTION) who created them,-- the (NOT FICTION) men in the Vatican FICTION and the men in the affiliated FICTIONS named KINGS OR CROWNS /other. They are responsible for the debts/"liabilities" owed by the FICTIONS they created. Not us and they can't shift that burden off onto us. It belongs to them.

      The people (NOT FICTION) didn't create those CORPORATION FICTIONS.
      We didn't even know about the CORPORATION FICTIONS that were set up behind the BIRTH CERTIFICATE FICTIONS (--and our backs--) or that those FICTIONS calling themselves KINGS AND POPES AND CROWNS were using our own creator-gifted property, rights, and standing (NOT FICTION) as NOT FICTIONAL collateral/surety for the FICTIONAL debts they were running up.
      Same with the CONSTITUTION FICTION and them claiming we owe our NON FICTION PROPERTY to pay for their FICTIONAL debts.
      That is how they steal our labor and energy and our gifts from our creator. Well, one way anyway.

      The FICTIONS (DEBTS) THEY ran up without our consent using THEIR CONSTITUTION FICTION as if it was a lawfully entered into contract with them by the American people when it cannot presently be proven that it ever was, belong to them not us.

      If the information were getting is true, and I believe it is, the 14th Amendment was never lawfully passed.
      Even in their FICTIONAL jurisdiction it was recognized to be criminal because not only is what they did unlawful, it is also ILLEGAL ( IN THEIR FICTION WORLD). But they just rolled right on over that little gem of a fact and forced it upon peaceful and lawful men and women anyway.
      Because they wanted to.
      And they didn't give a good #$@-damn who they hurt doing it and they still, apparently, don't.

      Pertaining to indigenous/native men and women, I couldn't disagree with you more.
      Its agreed that nobody owns the air and water and land, so how can a CORPORATION FICTION buy it?
      From whom? From a NOT FICTION man?
      How much does it cost?
      How can the FICTION buy something that nobody owns?
      Could something nobody owns be for sale?
      How can a FICTION buy something from a NOT FICTION?
      How can the FICTIONS pay NON-FICTION men and women for something the NON FICTION men and women don't own?
      What did the FICTIONS pay the NON FICTIONS with for something nobody owns? Paper? Promises? Gold?
      I mean I can't make sense out of that.
      Maybe I'm missing your point.

      And here we are, the generation that gets to figure all this out!

  4. Obviously you haven’t been following along for long or you would know that there is nothing new added to the conversation. The Constitutions are primarily service contracts that have become sacred cows that at the same time are not being enforced for lack of people like you wrapping their heads around the actual history and making the decision to do the work of self-governance. We are dealing with the same forces that Gandhi dealt with in India— an American Raj. It must be exposed and shamed and driven out the same way, using lawful and peaceful means which are readily available to us.

    Be part of the solution.

    1. Oh, I've been following along just fine.

      It appears to me that you may have brazenly stepped over the line pertaining to claims you're making to be speaking for the people concerning their property that has apparently been claimed by others.

      If you believe you truly have authorization from the people to fill that role then you are obligated to provide people with lawful proof of that when they require you to do so.

      I'm going to hold off on saying much more at this point and give you a chance to provide the proofs and answer the honest and valid questions being asked of you.

      I will disclose to you and everybody else that at this point after several years of following paul's website that I don't believe you do have lawful authority to do what you're doing at least not the way you're doing it... But I will give you a chance to provide the lawful and proper proofs showing the people that you are actually authorized to speak in the way that you have been for the actual American men and women.

      I do want you to answer these specific questions, point blank, yes or no, right here on the website for all of us to see your answers.

      Have you disclosed to the American people that:
      1. They don't have to go through you/your Reconstruction Apparatus to record a claim and get their stolen property restored; and how they would go about doing that?

      2. That they don't have to go along with you claiming to have rolled the so-called Land Trusts up into "one big burrito" and put them in your/your affiliated Name,-- when the land and the claim to it belongs to the people, not to you?

      3. upon exactly what lawful authority and in what claimed jurisdiction you have claimed to be the Fiduciary over the United States? And exactly which United States are you referring to? And what is your claimed lawful connection to the original united States of America that the actual living American men and women are lawful authority holders over?

      These questions and many many more have to be answered before you go farther pertaining to claims concerning our property.

      And even though I haven't been allowed to comment on this website for quite awhile, I have been keeping up with what's been happening here and I have to tell you it looks a little more than "woogie" to me.

      If you are Acting for James as claimed Hereditary Head of State, then you need to disclose that fact clearly and often and also delineate exactly when you are using a Title and when you are not, -- and then let the people decide whether they will allow you to act for them in foreign jurisdictions pertaining to their property.
      I know I won't allow it.

      But right now you just keep arrogantly riding roughshod over everybody, making all kinds of claims of authority that you don't seem to be able to prove you have, ignoring intelligent and well-thoughtout questions, and dumping copious loads of iterated and reiterated jargon-filled articles onto the website, then putting your bad-mouth on when somebody questions you in away that raises your hackles.

      People are getting tired of it and we're not going to let it go.
      Prove your lawful and rightful authority or stop acting like a little Royal.
      I think you're on thin ice pertaining to your claims or you would be sharing proof if your authority so we would feel safe and comfortable with you.

      I'm guessing you don't actually have the authority.
      Prove me wrong and I'll apologize.

    2. @goodE2boots
      Since we all have to make a claim to our birthright individually whether we do it "Anna's" way or figure it out for ourselves, why don't "You" post here the exact process for those who don't want Anna's help. Then you could stop being pissed off at someone working for the People. Then those of us who are appreciatiative to Anna and spend countless hours ourselves helping people won't have to listen to your Vitriol.

      Start your own website and do it your way. Don't go away mad, just go away. Go bother Keith Livingway and his Religious GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, claiming all Americans are his religious subjects. Maybe you could get him to define God for you.

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    3. To goodE2boots - ref April 24, 2021 at 1:25 AM
      "Oh, I've been following along just fine."
      You may be following-- but your just not gettin- it....
      "If you believe you truly have authorization from the people..."
      She did not Need authorization from the people because the people were Absent--.
      Anna's authorization is and was the "last man standing" rule..(search it on her website-- ya know -- as part of your doo-dilligence--).
      While all of us were in a propagandic daze.. Anna Stepped Forward and Took the Responsibility - to SELF GOVERN..
      Her actions provided YOU with the ability to sit there and ignorantly bad mouth the person on the Pointy End of the Stick! ! .
      Had she not taken action there is NO DOUBT you would be in a very uncomfortable place, being forced to learn to speak 'Chineeze' and love rice kakes,, right now,, this minute,,,..
      "I don't believe you do have lawful authority to do what you're doing at least not the way you're doing it.."
      WAKE Up Sir goodE.. I already addressed her source o f authority,, and,,There IS no other way,, to do it,, as supported by the fact that these Statutory Criminals have not been able to put her in jail for the past 40 years,,, and thank God their assassination attempts have failed also..
      "Have you disclosed to the American people that:" ---
      In ref to numbers 1. 2. and 3,,. YES,, SHE HAS..Period.
      "1. They don't have to go through you/your Reconstruction Apparatus to record a claim,,,"
      Anna ALWAYS presented here methods as This is what how and why its done.. If you dont agree thats ok do what you will because you are free to choose.
      "2. That they don't have to go along with you claiming to have rolled the so-called Land Trusts up into "one big burrito,,,,"".. Jus pilin-it-on aren't ya Mister goodE..
      YEAH She claimed it ALL... And then made it Absolutly Clear,, to anyone finishing the article,, that the Claim is divided EQUALLY among All Americans.. and that would be,, me,, and you,, too ...
      "3. upon exactly what lawful authority and in what claimed jurisdiction you have claimed to be the Fiduciary over the United States? And exactly which United States are you referring to? And what is your claimed lawful connection to the original united States of America that the actual living American men and women are lawful authority holders over?"
      Sir,, Mister,, goodE,-- and by now I am certain the E in your name refers to "Esquire"..
      Does " the last man standing'' ring a "bell", ? ? and speaking of bell's --- hereditary land holder.. sovereign.. king - Lineage Treaty... Bell Cher,, Belcher,, ???,,.. ANY of that seem familiar.?.. And which Unites State..again a reasonable understanding of the subject matter in question already published and available will settle that matter quite nicely ,, thank you anna very much...
      YOU Mister goodE have some reading to do as its ALL addressed on ,.
      Its all the same format and too lengthly to address in the comment box,, but almost every paragraph in your post Sir goodE, is either a glaring example of willfull ignorance or as the "titles of Nobility" I have applied to your name would imply.. You are working for the Dark Side..
      Sir Mister Esquire (?) goodE .. Imao the other commenter's have been too polite and I,, not coarse enough... Please read the easily available information before you come back and make mouth trying to undermine the only source of plain spoken truth I have found in 70 years ,,,.. Sincerely...wilfred

    4. These are insults about me asking questions?...
      ... but the questions still aren't unanswered!

      Is insulting me a diversion from answering the questions? (smiley face). Joke.

      Why is the response insults rather than substantive answers?
      Why are you insulting people rather than allowing avr dot com to answer people's questions?
      What is the purpose for that?

      Why not just encourage avr dot com to substantively answer the questions?? Or direct people with questions to the specific answer? Or assist them in finding the answers they're seeking?... If they get answers to their questions, they just might want to join you!

      Insults in place of answers doesn't help!

      Like I mentioned, responding insultingly to simple questions makes it seem like something is, or may be, or might be construed in some jurisdictions' to be: counted to be wrong.
      But I heartily trust that is NOT the case here!

      Let "anna" / avr dot com answer the questions.

    5. goode2boots - Am asking much the same & ain't alone. At some point, which seems past due, an assessment of Anna as Fiduciary deserves serious address. Things she's repeatedly said are unacceptable, especially as a Fiduciary.
      May have missed the contract we've been asking for with this HeinIII, to whom she told Mnuchin to provide our wealth, assets in some account, which is also unknown, & no contract for it either.
      Who is Hein & is he a jew? NO JEWS. Where is his contract? We're supposed to 'trust' this lunatic, who in one article address Heads of State or Military, then the next article is absolutely wacko.
      This is not someone who should be in control our Wealth. She can be a consultant, help lift some burdern.

      And she gave notice to the world several times that Americas borders are wide open to anybody & all their kin & she'd help them to be American State Nationals, so long as they weren't busted by the Feds!
      She waffled several times on her Open Borders explanation, making it up, trying to push some stupid law she patched together, then attached her 'beliefs' as law. I MEAN COME ON.

      Am not convinced her info is correct, but highly biased, so as to divert away from her jews (which seems to be whats going on) blame the Church, Whites, Christians, Catholics, Europeans, Germans, Brits... Oh then the other Zoom vid she made the same nefarious allegations, then tried to correct its severity, & it was pretty lame. NOT FIDUCIARY QUALITY at all.

      Anna has an agenda & its not for America. She's hell bent on destroying America, which has always been White, until late 1960's 90% White America... when the jews got their claws on our stuff & look at us now!
      and this line is appreciated: " dumping copious loads of iterated and reiterated jargon-filled articles onto the website, then putting your bad-mouth on when somebody questions you in away that raises your hackles."

      So many articles... Come on already. Half of it is such cr*p, fictional history, fantasy, retaliatory, psycho-babble, just plain foolishness, just grave immaturity ... she needs to learn when to just shut up. Walk away from the computer... stop writing such insane cr*p. And this history she MAKES IT UP.

      Just stop it. Makes a fool of herself, a fool of ASN's. She even lambasted a Coordinator, NAMING HER, blaming her... While an Assemblyman from the same state posted corrections to Anna's assumptions & wrong info.
      BLASPHEMED a Coordinator on her GLOBAL STAGE & she was wrong. WHO DOES THAT? Immaturity, emotional immaturity... or a drinking habit? BOTH disqualify a Fiduciary.


    6. Yeah, let Anna politely, patiently address questions. Like Anna saying Donald Trump has a contract with America... when asked to see the contract... As most would think to say someone has a contract with America means its been autographed, with witnesses & that first Trump would have to be an American State National... So it was asked, can we see the contract?
      Yes, Anna said, its the Constitution. Ok. But.... IT IS NOT AUTOGRAPHED, SO NO CONTRACT. A contract may be offered... BUT what are the conditions for Trumps ability & acceptance by Americans? He can't just walk in, not being an ASN, & dragging his baalsh*t load of filthy self-serving greedy Chabad Lubivitcher stinking disgusting JEWS in his wake to parasite once again. NO JEWS.
      America is a Christian Law nation which means CHRISTIAN BASED LAW... NOT talmudic Noahide headed by satans anal clots.
      So there is NO CONTRACT. How can a Fiduciary make such slips of the tongue? Does she or does she not know what a contract must entail?

      A contract for America at that?
      Add her generous help in thousand$$ to an Indian Chief using ASN donations. His own tribe wasn't there to help, so Anna boasted about an generous immigrant who helped him. Could there not have been notice to the people who donated what she wanted to do with THEIR donations?
      Could his own tribe have been contacted to run some car washes, sell mud pies, something, a Go Fund Me to reimburse ASN funds?

      So Anna takes liberties that suit her agenda. This is NOT acceptable for a Fiduciary. Reckon she'll feel sorry for her throngs of gimmigrants & dish out OUR WEALTH & ASSETS just as readily... feeling 'sorry' for their plight does NOT make Law.

      Ohhh but wait... Anna has NO CONTRACT as Fiduciary... soooo we don't know her rules of the game & reckon thats the way she wants it. No contract, no law.
      thanks & stay sane

    7. Wink wink
      I just wrote you a big ole long reply and it got wiped!!

      Here's the crux of it though:
      Yes "anna" does have to answer our valid, well-thought out and respectfully posed questions and we may have to record our questions on the record by publishing notice in the newspaper that we require that information to be made available to us and we will have to be repaid for the cost our expenses for the notice and so forth.

      If the information we have been receiving is accurate, then we know that the people who are trying to harm us, if any, are nasty-bad so at that point we know that this is mainly a spiritual battle and it'll be that we have to move forward trusting that our protection is surrounding us...
      Most of us are not strangers to that type of thing by now anyway! I know I'm not!!

    8. After reading all the replies, I must say, this has been the livliest (?) post I have read in entireity in .. years, if not THE most; intersting as well.
      Boots- You n I.. should hang out sometime. Boldly you say publicly what I got slammed for writing privately, questioning Anna. And the "bad mouthing" it wasn't profane, but it was damning " don't post if you don't have the capacity to know what you're saying". Also, questions asked, doubs and concerns raised, were met with noone being capapble, or wishing to answer my questions, to discussing my questions, referring me to the volumeous database of Anna's or given Anna's email address to ask her Directly.
      this is the first time in three plus years of follwing Paul's postings of Anna's letters, that I have seen an Anna respond! 30% of me has faith that the Anna responding is the OP! Notie, I did not say "believes" or "knows" or " it ws".. I said "faith".ywea..
      If you are leading a National push, by the way, I have read the the copies of letters "sent", I have seen images of letters signed containing the coarto of arms, and the stamp withtheh red thuim print and teh blue ink, yadda yadda.. But I have yet to see a single filing. Not a single recorded, filed document from ASN with ANY state, let alone he feds.
      THe fight with richard(?) and his chuirch of Americans"?" who knows where the f that took place, other than without either "united States".
      And FRED!!!!
      bud... smaller sips. yes it's refreshing, but kool-aid is still kool-aid, no matter who hands it to you. I say that in regard to the "Belcher " comment. Fred, have you done YOUR dooodilligence on the Belcher claim? um.. ancestrially, if you is gunna claim the "head of State" ( defined under Article II of the US Constitution, that title, is bestorwed upon the President of the UNited States) NOT that you GET to be president because someone said your great grandaddy won "head of State" in some card game while drunk in France.
      If you are gunna claim that you are the heireditary head of state, then I say yuo gotta claim the Hereditary titles also bestowed up on Belcher.. "Thief" comes to mind. "
      " extortionsit" is another... I am sure there would be more, if he just wasn't so damn lazy. He didn't claim "Head of State" during the war, after the war, ant any time. neither has any of their descendants. And even if we WERE going by Roman Common Law ( which we aren't) and the husband allow s his woman to speak for him.. thaat doesn't mean that the rest of the seanate is going to actually LISTEN A and HEED what she says, right? I mean, this is pre dark ages - People haven't even gotten stupid yet. In the Roman Era.
      I Digress. If Belcher was titled, thatgoes against the entitlement clause, for both he and her, far as I'm concerned. Second, I agree a bit with Fred..
      I don't know the last man standing rule. ( probabay goes soomething like, 'dude, don't watchthe same movie so many times' )
      HOwever, I believe yes, that she was someone who caught on and has tried to tell the people everyday since!! Then again, I'm naive as hell

      I suggdsted each state gettheir own document stirage dfacility.
      what was it two weeks ago she said she had some douments, regarding this "property return" not all but that she had some, and would make copies and"get them to us" Now, it's "get them to the State Assemblies"
      I say, if you feel so emboldened to ack for us, then you can react for us as well, and not be surprised we are cautious. some of us are still learning we got mugged.

    9. Scoville,
      That would be great to talk. If I decide to get another email account, I'll give it to you.
      You know alot, so thanks for the invite.

      "Boldly you say publicly what I got slammed for writing privately, questioning Anna. And the "bad mouthing" it wasn't profane, but it was damning " don't post if you don't have the capacity to know what you're saying". Also, questions asked, doubs and concerns raised, were met with noone being capapble, or wishing to answer my questions, to discussing my questions, referring me to the volumeous database of Anna's or given Anna's email address to ask her Directly."

      Ooooh no! I've gotten the same type of treatment from Anna and her followers that you described and other people have indicted they feel they have too.

      I even got blocked from posting comments for a year or two.

      Our questions have to be answered though.
      Something is wrong with that.

      And Something is wrong if there are not papers that are easily-identified as having been properly recorded.

      The papers I have seen have the thumb print and so forth on them too but the state stamp is on a separate sheet of paper!!! It doesn't even say "Paperwork blah blah blah" : "page 5 of 5" the top of the sheet identifying it as being part of a certain set of papers being filed. It's just on a paper by itself or something, like it could have been copied off some other paperwork! I'm not saying that was done, just saying it looks like it could have been possible.

      I even wonder how much the woman anna maria actually has to do with all this.

      And where's James Belle Cher?
      He seemed like a nice man.

  5. Obviously you haven’t been following along for long or you would know that there is nothing new added to the conversation. The Constitutions are primarily service contracts that have become sacred cows that at the same time are not being enforced for lack of people like you wrapping their heads around the actual history and making the decision to do the work of self-governance. We are dealing with the same forces that Gandhi dealt with in India— an American Raj. It must be exposed and shamed and driven out the same way, using lawful and peaceful means which are readily available to us.

    Be part of the solution.

  6. Obviously you haven’t been following along for long or you would know that there is nothing new added to the conversation. The Constitutions are primarily service contracts that have become sacred cows that at the same time are not being enforced for lack of people like you wrapping their heads around the actual history and making the decision to do the work of self-governance. We are dealing with the same forces that Gandhi dealt with in India— an American Raj. It must be exposed and shamed and driven out the same way, using lawful and peaceful means which are readily available to us.

    Be part of the solution.

  7. Here is some interesting info about how indigenous Americans have been treated -- just for an example of the benevolence shown to the people who have their property/rights stolen from them , if the information we are getting is true:

    1. The people (ones owed) are genocided.
    2. No lease payments for owners of beneficial use/rights; just push them out of the way and use their stuff for free. Under force/threat of force.
    Oh, yea, and charge them if they try to use what's been stolen from them. Double or triple charge. That'll teach em.
    3. Put owners on dry land.
    4. Don't compensate for use of natural source material, substance: water, air, forests, minerals, and so forth.
    5. Attack them in their homes, run them off of their homeland and call them unpeaceful when they defend their homes and families.
    6. Without cause, take what belongs to them and give it back damaged or empty... as a gift.
    7. Call them a dependent if they are hungry after you've burned, sprayed, or otherwise ruined their food crops.

    Sound familiar anyone?

    Wanna make a deal?

    I also have read and heard that the US INC had made an offer to buy the black hills from the sioux nation and the USINC put a whopping $1.3 billion in a ---- wait for it.... TRUST ACCOUNT LOL!------ in exchange for the black hills and all that gold!!!!
    The sioux nation hasn't used a penny. They said they want their land.

    As a matter of fact, what I've read says the sioux nation is trying to buy back at least part of what belonged to their families... that would be: they're trying to buy it back from the people who stole it from them and decimated their families and lives.

    Sounding eerily familiar?

    1. No comments?

      Would be interested in substantive input on this.

    2. goodE2boots - a Big 'What If': Am on another chronology evidencing this history we're told is a lie, upon lies & greater deceptions. So the Amerindian meme isn't at all what we're told. Such as the Trail of Tears was a lot worse... becuz the Indians had their (9?)thousands of African slaves with them. And the small pox blanket genocide story, said by Whites, was a jew named Levy A. Levy who acquired the poisoned blankets from hospitals, as receipts show.

      America was America long prior to 1776 with over 100 great cities, magnificent architecture, built rails, cathedrals, roads, water, sewer, arts, abundance, perfectly engineered stone walled canals & it social services were by the Catholic Church.
      So the Cathedral of Madelaine in Salt Lake wasn't built by the Mormons as said, using horse & wagons. Its looking to have been geopolymer, created stone. And some of these great structures were built where no people lived, some very far from said new bustling towns. And these exquisite divinely proportioned marvels were much more than we think of a Church.

      When we see photos of the so-called Railroad Barons building rails, what we see are a few nicely attired gents digging the rails out of several feet of topsoil. So lots of claims were/are made, as for great Estates too, like Biltmore, Vanderbilt etc. They're lying to us. San Francisco was built out in what, 20 years by some gold diggers? The photos they show us are edited. Free energy was world over, America too.

      The statue Liberty Enlightening the World, changed by jews to "Statue of" Liberty (just as City of, State of), its structure was built by Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower is an energy tower, so was Liberty, which also sits atop a Star Fort. And its magnificent buildings were not built for immigrants.

      Amerindians also admit they built nothing, they're not the builders, & they know Whites were the builders. Amerindians were amazed at a magnifying glass's ability to start a fire, shown to them by gentlemen carrying pocket watches, ok.

      The last major dig we did on Amerindian associated history its quite another story. Includes White Chiefs & White tribes. Today most all the tribes are White. Roanoak Island area tribes say they are White European descent.
      Most of these Indian tribes famed today were invaders, as fleeing from Montezuma's wars. And some of their designated 'sacred lands' have other things there, like Egyptian artifacts, White giants buried. One method used by the jews is fabricate a lands story, force people on it, tell them its their sacred history, to keep those lands from being discovered & human remains that are in fact White are kept buried.

      In the Amazon today, profiteers fake up indian tribes, then get the gov to give them forest land, which the profiteers then make a deal w the 'indigenous people' for timber. Not all tribes, but too many. So the same was done in America.
      The oldest burial remains by over 27,000 years are all White. When we say India'ians, this is a name for old Russia, which is reduced in our fake history books for only India. Many came from Russia which encompassed most all the lands under Tartarian Empire. The Popul Vhu is about White gods who saved them & its Christian based Bible. Whites built the S & C American stone cities. Some were very tall, some had long skulls, Homo Capencis, like Paracas skulls & those depicted on Egyptian hieroglyphs.


    3. Big What If cont'd
      And America was also a Tartarian Empire just prior to 1776, it was NOT a vast uncharted wilderness at all. We are so lied to. It was peopled, but of course, much fewer in population, but with great cities, & Catholic Christian.
      So when we learn how the Catholic Church was an integral part of American society, ran its social programs, its own agriculture too, orphanages, homes for families, widows, educated children from the Bible, aided in disasters... the whole schlepp was run by the Church.
      So it had a very significant place & reason for its vast holdings, & governing structure.

      See, the Catholic Church was part of Christian Tartarian societies, under Christian Law. One's religion is one's Law, not a 'belief' system, but a way of living. Just as we know Muslims follow Islamic Law & jews follow talmudic law.... But we forgot that ONLY Christian Law is for Christians, there is no such thing as following 2 law systms, as jews lie, saying its judaeo-Christian. NO IT IS NOT. One cannot be both Islamic & Christian, its one or the other. talmud & Chrisitan are polar opposites. Both Islam & talmud allow for slaves, in fact, jews brag about their 2800 goyim slaves for each jew as their ultimate goal, Tikkum Olam. We see Islam enslaving young African girls today. Christian Law does not allow slavery.

      America was called the Promise Land. Looks like into early 1900's there was free energy already being used, as for warmth in a hearth. Hitching posts, as said for horses, were transmitters. Trolleys ran on free energy rails, no wires.

      Many, many Characters in history are fake, never existed, but are copies of one character, relocated & pushed back in time. There was no Henry VIII, no Dark Ages, & their antiquity is really Middle Ages.

      Check this out: Nikola Tesla said b’day: 10 July [O.S. 28 June] 1856. Dating & calendars: “Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are terms sometimes used with dates to indicate that the calendar convention used at the time described is different from that in use at the time the document was being written. There were two calendar changes in Great Britain and its colonies, which may sometimes complicate matters: the first was to change the start of the year from Lady Day (25 March) to 1 January; the second was to discard the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian calendar. Closely related is the custom of dual dating, where writers gave two consecutive years to reflect differences in the starting date of the year, or to include both the Julian and Gregorian dates…”

      Weird we never hear of this, but into Tesla's time it still occurred. How can that be if the Gregorian Calendar was changed way back around 1583?? Well, thats a lie, the calendar was changed around 1768, just prior to 1776.
      And Martin Luthers Captivity of Babylon was in 1705 not 1520, again, not too far from 1776. Luther was damning the jews infiltrating the Catholic Church & its their destructive intent against the Church he vehemently spoke. The 'Protesants' were called judaizers in Russia, as the whole thing was taken over by jews, just as they do today, like BLM, Antifa, all jew run, funded, controlled destruction of White Christian America. Its like Martin Luther 2.0 today & those who are for BLM, Antifa, Marxism, Fascism... are all doing jews bidding. They are judaizers.

    4. Heres some evidenced chronological changes:
      -Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D. & is Mt. Sinai & Zion-Horeb,
      -Antiquity is really the Middle Ages 1300-1600, immediately before 1700-1800, not 5th-15th century.
      -There was no Dark Ages.
      -Troy, Trojan War (said c. 500 BC, 1194-1184BC, then 1260-1180BC) were really in the Middle Ages
      -Trojan War & Crusades were the same historical event.
      -Until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable from Judaism & Mohammad & the first Caliphs are mythical figures.
      -‘Ancient’ Rome (said 10th - 13th AD) & ‘ancient’ Jewish state (said 9th - 5th BC] have identical dynasty graphs… these dynasties are indeed the same <<< A copy of another even, duplicated, relocated & date changed. In essence, the Ancient Rome never happened; the Roman Coliseum was built for tourists, as were many fake structures, but I forget the date.
      -*Christ's life 1152-1185 (may have lived to much older)
      -Sails invented XII century. Horse Cavalry closer to XII-XIV
      -Exodus of Moses - circa the year 1430 passed over a river of ice, not parting sea. Ostrog Bible unequivocally describes the crossing over the ICE-GLAZED RIVER
      ~ the jews Royal Christianity was overcome, a war ensued Kulkiovo Battle 1380 & jews "bloodly" sacrifices were banned. From the end of the XIV century, Royal Christianity was declared as 'paganism' (primal judaism), that is to say 'a false cult'." Epostolic Christianity brought peace & prosperity, eliminating human & animal sacrifices to the jews as gods
      .-The 'Antique’ Statues with rippling muscles were created not earlier than 1534.
      - ‘Columbus’ voyage to America in 1677 not 1492
      -Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 not 1520 
      - Popes of Rome are a recreation invented in the 17th and 18th centuries, made by the Benedictine Order, along with the genealogies of the main monarchic currents in Europe.
      -1725-1773 Society of Jesus (not 1520) dismantled by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 (is 'Jesuit' a different franchise?)
      -Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome.
      -Roots of Freemasonry 1717-1736 (may differ from Masonry)
      -jew Protestant Jesuit Scaliger rewriting of history, 1768 not 1583, added 1000++ yrs, changed to Gregorian calendar; publishes false 'official' chronology map, adding 1000+ yrs <<< note right before 1776.

      So the chronology we're fed is a LIE. Notice how quickly major events occurred with corrected history. Its making too much sense! The Tartarian Empire was collapsing, the Old World Order jews, are prepared to make themselves Kings & enslave the goyim.

      So, a Big What If the above is more correct? Un-freakin-believable what the jews have done to us! thanks & stay sane

    5. Wink wink,
      I agree.
      We have to start sifting methodically through the info we've been fed as if it was factual, and determine what matches up and what doesn't.

      Were going to have to keep logic-ing our way through the bunch of mental guck and mire that's been poured into our minds since before we knew we had a choice to think for ourselves.

      It's sickening what's been done. It's like seeing a piece of gorgeous artwork that's been vandalized or something.

      And, I appreciate "what ifs" bec it looks like that's all were going to have to start with sometimes.

    6. Wink wink,
      You obviously have studied the timelines, architecture, maps, and much more that disproves what we are spoon fed, but it only takes three generations for a history reset.

      I have touched on this subject in my studies, by watching < JonLevi > and his Google earth channel, exposing the supposed founding of cities with over done architecture and people who in horse and buggy repopulated these great cities, and look as if they have mastered indoor plumbing. Timelines are fake, doors are 40 feet high, there was a supposed great mud flood around 1850, incidentally, also when many maps changed. The big excuse for any questions was the gold rush, here and New Zealand that I know, and the largest buildings in a town founded in N.Z. with a pop. of just over ten thousand were the size of city blocks in 10 years, and were insane asylums! The gold rush was used there to, and then the great white city in 1993 World's fair, a disposable city , only built for the fair. I'll keep this short, as you already know so much, and I don't doubt any of it! I can't prove some of what you say, but have believed the same things for years, and you are one of a very small group that has put evidence before dogmas and published science! Just look at what they pass off for science today? I rest my case.

    7. Hydra 369 -Wow & Thanks so much for posting you are aware. As a few here are too. On this fake history, am most appreciative. Yeah, allll the lies! Am still looking for substantiation on the earth liquefaction event, as you say, around mid-1800's. Can't find it yet... but so many indications... OVERWHELMING. There's a California coast area with MASSIVE COLUMNS exposed, facing the ocean. A golf course is atop it. Can't find that one just now.
      So this mud flood, liquefaction event occurred, seems to have wiped out massive lakes, which still leaked out into recent history. A large swath in mid-west??
      I think Jon Levi also investigates the post "Civil War" damage which is NOT CANNON FODDER. Photos show massive 'shake' event. Something else happened.
      Salt Lake City Utah was an energy center, hence the Christian Cathedrals >>> as you may already ascertain, Folks can help serve truth by comprehending what the Catholic Church has done for all mankind in keeping CATHEDRALS, even probably having BUILT THEM in the first place, as these are resonance chambers as well, not just buildings.
      Notre Dame fire was the destruction of the Resonance Cap aka roof. This is what the jews do not want us to know, what GREAT ADVANCES were here. Then the Destruction began with the implosion of the Tartarian Empire, which had the Catholic Church as its accompanied societal structure. Our religion is our law >>> Those who followed Christian Law were kept safe by Tartarian Christian Empire. Talmudics aka jews are the anti-Christ. Even now TODAY jews are rewriting the Bible AGAIN to remove anti-semitism aka jews KILLED Christ. Nothing stops those anal clots.

      Yes on the small populations YET amazing architecture that was completely unnecessary according to the LIES. It was already built long before.

      YES FAKE SCIENCE its all fraud, evil petro-chemical filth by Rockefellers who paid off universities to push his Black Goo Pharmaceuticals. And the Caduceus is NOT for medicine, its symbol for commerce, poisons, Mercury tricks in commerce. Rod of Asclepius, one healing staff, one serpent. And for Folks to know the serpent is the Cannon invented by White Christian Monks winning the Kulkiovo Battle >>> Which WON CHRISTIANITY FOR APOSTOLIC CHRISTIANS away from the demonic jews who FORCED BLOOD SACRIFICES TO THEM including human ones <<<< So the SERPENT PEOPLE are the White Christians who SAVE ALL MANKIND from demon jews. Can't make this up, Folks. Thus Christianity as the Serpent Savior, as for the first time the people saw serpents fly across the sky & bite the enemy. Christianity includes Christian Medicine, Law, way for living & all things for their highest ascertainment.


    8. ~ the jews Royal Christianity was overcome, a war ensued Kulkiovo Battle 1380 & jews "bloodly" sacrifices were banned. From the end of the XIV century, Royal Christianity was declared as 'paganism' (primal judaism), that is to say 'a false cult'." Apostolic Christianity brought peace & prosperity, eliminating human & animal sacrifices to the jews as gods. Christian Monks invented the Cannon used for the first time winning the war.

      Caution: *Caduceus in Error negotiation, commerce, theft, deception, and death, Mercury tricks in commerce
      The cover illustration is that of a Caduceus, with caution tape replacing the two serpents. Please note that the Caduceus [top] is a symbol for commerce and negotiation, not the symbol for medicine. The traditional symbol for medicine is the rod of Asclepius, a single serpent entwined around a staff [bottom]. As I am sure you are aware, the misconception that the Caduceus is the symbol of medicine stems from the adoption of the Caduceus by a U.S. Army Medical Corps officer in 1902 as a symbol for that group. Since the Caduceus is associated with commerce, theft, deception, and death, we, in medicine, are well advised not to use it to represent our profession.
      Lanny Garth Close, MD Howard W. Smith Professor and Chairman Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University Medical Center

      STAR FORTS in America too
      Evidence Of Ancient Civilization Off California Coast | Strange Harbor Forums
      Crowley Lake Columns, California At Lake Crowley

      Berkley Mystery Walls, California ?? Who Built California’s East Bay Walls? – Legends of America - The East Bay Walls, also known as the Berkeley Mystery Walls, are crude walls and rock lines found throughout the hills surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
      Jon levi -, jaramyviscious - Laden jar used to store elec charge
      Jon Levi Off Topic channel

      Thanks again Hydra & GoodE2Boots & Shelby & all else who crack the talmudic prison code.

  8. .
    Was this 14th passed Lawfully and correctly ?

    Was this 14th passed Lawfully and correctly by an Unlawfully seated CONgress (1860)?

    makes you laugh how the oligarchy and BAR Ass. has total control

    1. Max,
      And similarly, THEIR CORPORATE CONSTITUTION was never RATIFIED by the actual true American people either, and similarly, does not apply to us either.

      All governments, politics, corporations, and contracts are CREATED by man, so no man/wo is inherently/ naturally under any of them... We absolutely have to agree.
      If we don't agree from our own genuine, non-coerced freewill, then it doesn't apply to us.

      They know this.

      That's why they resort to violence upon us, because we already answered and we said NO.

      They heard us.

      All they have us violence at this.point, or so it might seem.

  9. can you post in pdf format so we can download please.

    1. @tony.... go to Go to the list of Articles and they will all download in .pdf You can copy here and paste into a word document and download that way, or click on print to .pdf and save the file.
      Hope this is helpful
      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

  10. Just feel to say after 45 million dollars spent by Muller finding nothing on Trump, occum's razor, the Q thing, Military is in control, like like I was given to believe on Dec 6., All across world DUMBS are being dismantled/destroyed like clockwork.
    I believe Trump's lawyers have paperwork ready for any illuminati sh*t storm to come.
    This time frame : Faith

    1. aleon423,
      something (good) is happening, that's for sure; you can sense it! a tipping point seems to have been reached.

      Myself, I'm highly aware that it's, at least in part, because most people are good, kind, and caring, but have been gaslighted, threatened, and deceived into complying with what is against their own true nature.
      But the 'force'/ life energy of good people of all ethnicities, languages, backgrounds, creeds and so forth is "swooping" in! if you will, and is gathering force --all of us together-- to, not attack anyone or even defend ourselves necessarily, but say NO! can't do that to them and you can't do that to me either.
      It's moving fast now.
      Just sharing my subjective sense of it.

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  12. Rebuild the lawful American court system. Hold the criminals responsible for the criminal activities. Stop being a distraction from the task at hand. Self govern.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And for lawful back-up and lawful enforcement of the law, in law comes the actual, true and rightful militia (different from the Count-ee/ Corporate militia groups)...
      the true and natural militia being all able bodied men between the ages of ### and ###, natural-born on the land.

      A most important and not widely-realized fact:


      A man does not need to say he is a free man if he says he is militiaman because when he says he is militiaman that says he is a free man.

      Only freemen are MILITIAMEN.
      All MILITIAMEN are free men.

      Take a man's ability to protect himself, he a slave to another man.

      Take a man's authority to buy/own property, he is a slave to another man.

      Take away /hide (mask, masquerade, make him into a person: a civilly dead entity)
      a man's face--- the most sure ID gifted to him from his creators hands -- he is a slave to someone else.

      Sustenance for self and property.
      Who you are.

    3. The common law Grand Juries were constructed and/or run by the Barons in England, under their Magna Charta.

      The Barons, who were the peers/peerage/ superiors to their serfs, convened 25-member panels of themselves, Barons, to decide what to do with errant serfs.

      Anyone got info different or corroborating that?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That is true they were the Norman sovereign but it’s the tradition like Habious corpus and the the law of the shire that the word sheriff comes and he actually like the sheriff of Nottingham worked fo the king but changed to elected by people and kept the peace.

    2. That is what I am just now finding out... That the system of American gov't set up under authority of the D of Indep is most similar to the Nordic peoples' and the Germanic peoples' systems of gov't than anything else.

      And that the English Barons who took over control of the serfs from the King in their British white slavery feudal system, used the Nordic and Germanic peoples' governing forms to model Magna Charta after.
      The Nordic and Germanic people were already free men and women!!!
      So exciting to learn all this!

      I'm just barely getting into the history of this right now but it seems like the Mediterranean area nations and people followed more of the phoenician/ babylonian system, which was quite heavily slave systems,and that the Nordic and Germanic people's systems generally recognized the freedom from the creator gifted to every man. And woman.

      That could be skewed a bit because like I said, I'm just starting to find info about it.

      Extremely interesting tho.

    3. This is intended to be replying to the original post. IF it lands as a reply to a specific poster, other than Anna, my apologies. and ( side note) In skimming while scrolling down to hit he "reply" button.. couple things came to myeyes.. "jews" really? and "how the indiginous peoples were treated" really? when? After they admitted they didnt own the land, had no claim to the land, The "colonists" said " cool, we searched, found no claim, no king, no one who lives on the land permanantly ( American Natives were admittedly migrational peoples), so we state a claim on this terriroty, if anyone have claim to it, come talk to us." No claim, no contest, what was purchased from France, what was purchased form Mexico... so.. moving the indigenous people off the land bought and brbwired up for settlers to stake their claim. what if you bought a house and the grandparents of the people who used to live there, stopped in , whiel you are moving in, and claim they know the people who own the house, but they don't ownit themselves, yet this is where they alway scome this time of year. You're not going to be a jerk, but still, after a while, you've got to escort them out of your new house.
      BTW I am of Cree/Blackfoot descent.
      ok.. my answer to the 1957 filings by the states.
      First: To say that he southern eleven states were denied the right to representation guaranteed under Article V... no state shall be denied. STOP.
      Um.. those bitches bailed. the wrote a fancy later sayin, " boo hoo... you never let us do ANYthing! we quit!"
      They started their own government, they minted their own coin, and what is the third thing necessary to become a Country? International recognition! Woop!Puerto Rico fucked that up. Thank came the Europeans..
      We as a Nation are BIG on what is written, am i right? Miranda rights " he didn't read me my right" convct gets released, charges reversed.
      "I got a constitutional right to be here"..."says so in the Bill of rights"
      Legal precedences.. are quoted AND cited in aarticles discussions and in legal prooceeding ( written ) NO parking signs, tickets for parkingin the no parking sign zone, hallway pass, crib notes to cheat, valentines day cards. we are a nation of fuckers who write shit down!!
      Um.. where is it written, before you 80 representatives and 23 senators come a bumbling back to the capitol, that you ARE representing States?
      Presidential Decree? I do not believe the President weilds that power to declare a territory, which is waht you all became when you ceeded, into State. There's a process.

      B:) If you aren't a state, then... 2/3 of the representative congress DID present the amendment up for vote and it was passed by at least 3/4 of the representative congress. Johnson vetoed, and still it was passed by 3/4 of the sitting representative congress.'t STATES.

      "but you identified us as.." it's like... acknowledging your ex at the bar youtwo used to go to together, when together, right? except.. you bump into her, while you're awating your new partner to arrive. ( akward) thats what it was like in the 40 the congress.

    4. Scoville,
      I know you were responding to the original poster not me but you've said alot here.
      You're comment sounds like you're kinda p*ss*d off, so I'm guessing that what you're saying is stuff we all would benefit from knowing more about.

      As you have time, would you break out the information with a little more detail?
      If yes,
      1. "The way indigenous people were (/are) treated"...
      You support native-born people being relegated to small encampments on the land they were born on? Does that include moving people now to human settlements zone in stackandpack buildings?
      2. No, I would not like the former owner of a home to try move in.
      It's my present understanding that indigenous people didn't have the idea that land could even be bought it sold or "owned"-- but rather that it belonged to everyone using it to sustain themselves.
      3.exactly which bitches bailed?
      What exactly did they bail on?
      ... electing Deputies? When was that?
      4. Who was doing the boo-hooing? What did they quit? Were they furnished full disclosure in their own language? Did they understand the language being used? Definitions? Is there proof of that, say like in original, preserved treaties showing there was an actual so-called "meeting of the minds"?
      5. What part did P.R. eff up?
      6. The CORPORATION FICTION WRITES, men and women speak.
      7. "Um, where is it written before you 80.."
      They actually ARENT representing the States formed by the people; ... they are Representing
      Foreign Corporations, not people.
      8. What were you referring to the paragraph starting out B:)?
      Many thanks if you can find time to answer some or all of these questions.

  14. Anna- I have a question, please. Regarding specific actions, You are known to repeatedly have stated, in 1865"that our States were not in Session". And
    "can only refer to Terrirorial Constitutional and Terrirotrial State of States acting voting as Confederate States of States"
    THe "Confederate States of America , comprised the 11 states which had ceeded from the Nation; making a new nation,recognized by other countries as such.

    So... What do you mean "our States were not in session"? The ones who did not leave, cut all ties, legal and physical, those who remained instead?

    Those 22 states and their representation who were present in congress, WERE the congress of the united States of America.that's all 22 States in the Nation, reporting for duty.

    So you are calling the non Confederate states, "Confederate territorial states"
    ANd you are calling our states...which are ours again?

    1. I'm still on here scoville..
      If "she" doesn't answer, don't get discouraged... Avr dot com corporation seems to be somehow affiliated with a group of BAR Attorneys.. the Living Law Firm.
      They are probably the ones who answer any questions, if they DO get answered... which they most often don't seem to.

      Often with some of this stuff "she" says that sounds "off", most of us who have looked have not been able to find credible references or back up for what's in the articles.

      What's in the articles here are about the corporation or at least FICTIONS, so the creator of the FICTION can say or.make up anything they want and they don't have to give answers or explain it to anyone... Because they're the creator of the FICTION and they can make it up anyway they want because they are the one making it up/creating it.
      You can go on their FANTASY with them if you want.
      Or not.

      "Anna" has created an entity so-named a Lawful Person and is getting people to accept what "she" calls Lawful, (not lawful with a lower case 'l'... denoting in some foreign-to-Americans languages that the word lawful is not part of the CAPITAList's system, but actually applies to living men and women) attachment to it.

      I don't know though, I could be wrong. I'm not the one making it up, if that's what they're actually even doing.
      Maybe you will get answers.
      You have really good questions imo.

    2. You won't get answers you're wasting your time asking them
      Miss Anna here is too busy working with the world court and doing her international good will
      You would never agree to any of their plans so in order for them to get the people to think they killed that mean old banking cartel they sent their agents to the internet with the answer to our prayers/solution if only we would all get off the couch and send Anna all our paperwork for verification and safe keeping AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW SOMEHOW YOU NOW HAVE A NEW DIGITAL NUMBER
      Look below and see those two words 'new aged'
      And no that is not an accident

      Bermuda and BLOCKCHAIN
      Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as
      1) blockchain-meets-land-titling
      2) blockchain-meets-central-banking
      3) blockchain-meets-capital-markets
      4) blockchain-meets-voting
      5) blockchain-meets-healthcare

      Voting and healthcare through BLOCKCHAIN?
      Funny had a voting issue at the very same time that a world wide health crisis was orchestrated

      And OVERSTOCK CEO just happens to have stepped down and lauched Medici Ventures with the help of SOROS and a whole array of here they are to save the day blockchain solutions to fix those central bankers

      This is where BLOCKCHAIN AND MEDICI VENTURES comes in to play
      Meet HIMSS

      Soros donates 100 Million to OVERSTOCK AND BLOCKCHAIN

      Bermuda and BLOCKCHAIN
      Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as
      1) blockchain-meets-land-titling
      2) lockchain-meets-central-banking
      3) blockchain-meets-capital-markets
      4) blockchain-meets-voting
      5) blockchain-meets-healthcare

    3. Continued from above

      The Human Genome Project was officially kicked off in 1990 even though the preparations for it were initiated in 1988 when the Department of Energy signed an MOU with the National Institutes of Health to jointly development an IT infrastructure for medical research – for mapping DNA.

      And what in the hell does the Department of Energy have to do with the NIH and mapping of your DNA
      There is a signed MOU for the United States which means ole OVERSTOCK CEO here is nothing more than an accomplice

      MOU is EXACTLY what Medici Ventures and Overstock are doing in BLOCKCHAIN
      Bermuda and an MOU

      These thieves are GLOBAL meaning they do business globally as they consolidate the power behind the scenes

      Funny the same fake ass actor known as Tim Allen on LAST MAN STANDING
      also did the show
      Home Improvement where all he ever said was 'MORE POWER'

      Did you know that the same actor who plays Tim Allen also plays the role of Chuck Norris
      Think the red headed shit from the Partridge Family

      View his site and be sure you read all the comments




      She has no authority period just like these other thieves that set this whole world wide plan in motion
      The final trick is to get as many of the cattle on board as you can while telling them that you have the ONLY SOLUTION to the problem

      Funny this outfit here is selling freedom too a bit different than Annas but they too will get you a new digital identity and the guy refers to himself as MARK OF FREEDOM

      Selling you or collecting donations to help you gain your freedom seems to be a business model that goes along with the 3 credit reporting agencies

      And how about that your new digital identify needs to be linked to your social credit score in the new world system and the only way to get the cattle to go along is to feed the cattle the solution you had intended all along


  15. And FYI true story
    guy I know was recently admitted to the hospital being treated for diabetic issues and in their medical analysis of his condition and their testing and overall assessment they reported that his gull bladder was finctioning properly with no issues
    Amazing that these practicing physicians (doctors without borders) didn't seem to notice that the guy doesn't have a gull bladder?

    And I'm here to tell ya that BLOCKCHAIN WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

    They are shipping doctors in here from anywhere because they manage the SUPPLY CHAIN and their quality of work does not apply

  16. I keep telling you guys that they are all in on it

    The script and the bases are loaded

  17. This rockefeller bunch are parasites
    And by the way they changed their names to protect the GUILTY

    More on their bullshit

    And these so called military bases are nothing more than encampments for their operations that move forward unabated (false flags planned and carried out around the world as these bases are their setting the stage grounds)

    If you've read these four pages you will see that they have plans for those repurposed bases like selling them to their hollywood kin Tyler Perry

    Page 4 - read all four pages
    U.S. Disarmament
    Defense Industry Conversion

    This is all part of their 'new world order' as they work to disarm everyone on the plan(it) and call it a 'peace' plan

    The fake ass BUSH and the fake ass GORBACHEV (aka Rod Steiger) were the talking heads for this plan and it's implementation while 'acting out the stage play on tell lie vision posing as a government of a nation

    It's the same set up these crooks have going all over the world and you can bet you will find them under every stone you turn over

    1. I'm tellin ya read it

      They link the shit together with their NUMBERS (hmm just like NUMBERS in the bible)
      How about Deuteronomy (due to our money)
      How about Leviticus (levy/levi taxes)

      From the following link -

      Robert Livingston Johnson (Rockefeller was originally a Levingston)and Benjamin Brewster Jennings (who’s maternal grandfather Benjamin Brewster was one of nine Standard Oil Trustees).

      And if you think GETTY IMAGES is not involved think again folks
      One of the largest deals ever made was with GETTY OIL

      The seven sisters oil deal, international in scope to claim all the oil of the earth as their resource to do with as they please and when and how they please

      They are now working to eliminate natural gas from the product line for their animal farms and claim all this resource as their very own too
      Michigan Governor to shut down gas pipeline
      This is all part of their GREEN NEW DEAL where you the serfs use wind and solar (as they block out the sun)

      Rockefeller claims to own the resources at the bottom of the sea


      And goodE2boots have a look at some jewish law
      And according to this writer here the Roman Constantine is the man in the pictures that were spawned off on the people as Jesus' last supper

      Roman king of the Jews 1/2 way down the page on the right
      If Jesus Christ is suppose to be the Jewish Messiah (Greek: Christós, English: Christ) why would an orthodox Jewish woman and man give their son the Roman name Jesus? Furthermore, why would orthodox Jews have Roman names like Mary and Joseph? Jews 2 thousand years ago were given Hebrew names like Mahalah, or Marah or Miryam and Moshe or Yosef or Jehovah. There is no name even close to sounding like Jesus in Hebrew nor in the Tanakh (The Jewish Bible), the Torah, Nevi'im or Ketuvim. Why not? Jesus is Latin Vulgar (Roman) meaning "I am". The Roman name Jesus (I am) never existed until Roman Catholic Pope Damasus I commissioned a rewrite of the Jewish Bible in 382 AD. The Catholic Church never existed until 325 AD, the year Roman Emperor Constantine and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea created it in honor of and in adoration to the ancient Roman sun god Sol Invictus.

      And what do you kn0w they got everyone running to their made up savior

      Hello why do you think every flse flag or governor or someone is named Chris?
      Like Chirs Christie here who is actually Tom Hanks in a mask

      Or the one in Florida that seems to be getting in the news that has a similar name

      Wake the hell up people

      And now you got Anna here tellin all of you his name was Joshua not Jesus
      Birds of a feather flock together


      Prohibition against “BLASPEHMY AGAINST GOD” and “IDOLATRY.” Judaism teaches that Christian faith in Jesus Christ VIOLATES BOTH.

      So as they lied about who he was in the first place and fed everyone the stories and to believe in him as a savior they have now declared this as acts against G_D
      Now how about that

      Roman King of the Jews -

      If Jesus Christ is suppose to be the Jewish Messiah (Greek: Christós, English: Christ) why would an orthodox Jewish woman and man give their son the Roman name Jesus? Furthermore, why would orthodox Jews have Roman names like Mary and Joseph? Jews 2 thousand years ago were given Hebrew names like Mahalah, or Marah or Miryam and Moshe or Yosef or Jehovah. There is no name even close to sounding like Jesus in Hebrew nor in the Tanakh (The Jewish Bible), the Torah, Nevi'im or Ketuvim. Why not? Jesus is Latin Vulgar (Roman) meaning "I am". The Roman name Jesus (I am) never existed until Roman Catholic Pope Damasus I commissioned a rewrite of the Jewish Bible in 382 AD. The Catholic Church never existed until 325 AD, the year Roman Emperor Constantine and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea created it in honor of and in adoration to the ancient Roman sun god Sol Invictus . The image above isn't depicting the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. It is actually a painting depicting Roman Emperor Constantine I and bishops of Rome at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD. This painting has been used by the Catholic Church to deceive many. This has been fraudulently promoted by the Roman Catholic Church as a painting of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and his apostles when in fact it is a painting of Roman Emperor Constantine I and the first conclave of bishops of the newly formed Roman Catholic Church. At this first Catholic Church conclave Roman Emperor Constantine proclaimed "I am" Christ - Jesus Christ. Since 325 AD all "Roman" Catholic Church Popes have falsely claimed to be the "Jewish" Messiah (Christ).

    3. Hey Shelby - good to catch up. Wanted to add new chronology & correction of history. As News Core can be such a good site, which you've introduced us to.
      We can't keep up with all this friggin baalcr*p insanity & its endless necessitated corrections, so ain't no blamin going on. A huge WHAT IF:

      The history about the jews is a lie. Never happened. The jews have rewritten our history, last major thrust 1768, just before 1776. A world of change was occurring at this time, for instance, America, already occupied with over 100 beautiful cities (as cathedrals, roads, rails etc) existed & America belong to Tartarian Empire, & the Catholic Church ran what call social services (& much more) for the Empire, world over. America was called the Promise Land. During the mid 1700's the collapse of the Empire, resulting in a new status for America to capture for itself. Thus far I haven't found any reason America wanted to leave the Empire, but it ain't over it.

      As for Roman Antiquity, its all a lie, never happened. All this early 300AD is fiction by jews to destroy our true history so we'd never know what really happened & they write in themselves as relevant to greatness of mankind, nations & societies when the exact opposite is the truth.

      -Until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable from Judaism & Mohammad & the first Caliphs are mythical figures.
      -‘Ancient’ Rome (said 10th - 13th AD) & ‘ancient’ Jewish state (said 9th - 5th BC] have identical dynasty graphs… these dynasties are indeed the same
      - Popes and the Holy Roman Empire appear at the same moment, and both take control of imperial powers and symbols. Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, are repeated in the biblical chronicles of the Kings of Israel. (notes from Fomenko's Chronologia )

      Today jews like in their controlled msm, which is tomorrows history. How can they do this & get away with it? And we all have access to change it, fight against their lies... BUT WE CAN'T STOP THE JEW even still. How could people stop them jews back then? They control text book industry, control book & magazine & online publishers to such a great extent, those looking & speaking for truth always threatened, removed.

      So the newscore site, as most all, are doing what they know best. But their history is incorrect & they won't know it until they 'do know it'... & its a lot of study, then a lot of correction rewrites. Not going to happen.
      So all this Christ a jew/non-jew is just the jews once again inserting their claims. The jew history we're told was concocted in mid 1800's & its all JEW LIES.

    4. ~~ Origin of the word jew For example: two of the best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition and both contain the word "Jew." Yet, when the English language version of the Rheims (Douai) New Testament was first printed in 1582 the word "Jew" did NOT appear in it. Similarly the King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English (begun in 1604) and first published in 1611, here too the word "Jew" did NOT appear. That is, the word "Jew" first appeared in both these well known editions in their 18th century revised versions. The combination of the Protestant Reformation, the publication of the revised English language 18th century editions and the printing press (allowing unlimited quantities of the New Testament to be printed) meant the wide distribution of these English language Bibles throughout the English speaking world. That is, among people who had never possessed a copy of the New Testament in any language but who were now in possession of one in their native tongue. And, although these 18th century editions first introduced the word "Jew" to the English language the word as it was used in these has since continued in use in all the editions of the New Testament in the English language.
      Numerous copies of these revised 18th century English editions (especially the Rheims (Douai) and the King James translations of the New Testament) were distributed to the clergy and the laity throughout the English speaking world. And so, the new readers of these 18th century editions were introduced to a new word both to them and the English language, the word "Jew." For, these readers did not know the history of the origin of the English word "Jew" and accepted it as the legitimate modern form of the ancient Greek "Ioudaios" and the Latin "Iudaeus." Thus, these new readers did not understand or care to question the meaning and use of the word "Jew" since it was a new English word to them. Consequently, the use of the word "Jew" was not only stabilised by these 18th century editions but also its anachronistic application to people and places fully established.

      Ok Good Folks, the jews are being found out & must be routed out forever, as the jew never, never, never ceases in its destruction of anything of God & good. thanks & stay sane

    5. One important NOTE: Above mentions Protestant Revolution which we think was in 1520 <<<< JEW LIES >>>> In truth the protestant Revolution was - Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 (as I keep posting, becuz this is all soooo important to realize much occurred just prior to 1776)

      These Protestants were call JUDAIZERS by the Russians who knew the jews had captured the Reformation to fashion it in their own image. Luther was against the JEWS infiltrating Catholic Church & all else they did & planned to do. Look at us today!!!

      We're gonna be so Woke, those anal clot jews are going to run back up satans backside for protection.


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