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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Not a Municipal CITIZEN

 By Anna Von Reitz

A Municipal citizen of the United States, is a slave.

Americans are State Nationals of a different “United States” entirely. 

Since 1866, Municipal “citizens of the United States” have been defined as criminals , and therefore, slaves as well.  They have been condemned as such by the Territorial United States Government, under the so-called “14th Amendment”— which is not an Amendment.

Yesterday, we published a series of important seminal records that establish the fraudulent and unconstitutional nature of this “amendment”—-and a brief discussion of the nature and genesis of the “judicial discretion” it promotes as well as the continuing serial trespasses that the British-led Territorial United States Government has been guilty of in this country for the past 150 years. 

How can this be, that something that is known to be fraudulent has endured and been presented as “Public Law” in this country —a codicil added to the Supreme Law of the Land no less?

As with any self-interested act of fraud, any sting, any con job— the beginning and end of it is in lies and illusions.

We can be sure that there have been no actual Amendments to any of the Federal Constitutions since 1860. 

Our actual American Government, which is the Principal holding up our end of the constitutional agreements, has not been in Session.

Our State Assemblies have not ratified  any of these Post-Civil War Amendments.  They are all Ultra Vires.

These so-called “Amendments” are not Amendments; they represent illegal unilateral contracting processes engaged in by our employees in our supposed absence.

They have been writing their own contracts, defining their own duties, signing their own paychecks, declaring mercenary “wars” on each other for their mutual benefit, presenting their private organizational “laws” as if they were Public Laws, and other acts and omissions aimed at pillaging and defrauding the actual people of this country.

In the case of the 14th Amendment, there is an additional element of fraud involved that renders it even more ludicrous. 

On January 22, 1867, the Territorial U.S. Congress created a new corporation for itself while acting “in our names”.  Three days later, January 25, 1867, they forcibly “enfranchised” all the Territorial U.S. Citizens.

This exactly mirrors the process that took place shortly before in England, where the interests of the British People were similarly betrayed, and they and their assets were unlawfully converted into chattel backing the Queen’s cost of the takeover of India.

The following year, in July of 1868, the Vermin inhabiting the Territorial Congress published the look-alike, sound-alike Articles of Incorporation for this new Scottish commercial corporation as “The Constitution of the United States of America” and from then on all the “Amendments” to this document were merely corporate by-laws.

As such, no ratification by the States was required and technically, these actions had no effect on the General Public — only Territorial U.S. Citizens.

Our General Public was never told a word about all these constructive fraud schemes, and so was unable to respond. Until now.

The Scottish Interloper doing business as “The United States of America”—- Incorporated—- functioned from 1868 to 1907, when it was bankrupted.

We are treated to the spectacle of innocent people being prosecuted under the Fourteenth Amendment of a long-defunct Scottish Corporation Charter, and the only judicial discretion involved appears to be whether or not the individual Territorial Judge thinks he can get away with his privateering unpunished and undetected. 

This has all been self-interested British “Bullroar” —- and we have all been subjected to abuse by the American equivalent of the Raj.

If you want these abusive trespasses to end you have lawful and peaceful means to enforce the actual Constitution. 

Go to:
—- And let your numbers roar!

Remember that you choose and you reflect who you are every day that you live; Ezekiel 33.  Choose to be an American.

If you are sick of the lies, the false arrests, the illegal property confiscations, the masks, the vaccinations, the shutdowns, and all the rest of it—-remember that if you don’t object, they are left free to do more of the same or worse.


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  1. .

    was this done by magic or just CONgress (unlawfully seated) making the sign of the cross

    You cannot claim what you dont own

    There is no document - paper on a new borne baby - it would be slavery and they have not done that yet.

    The question would be how come the “father” did not sign the birth certificate?

    Do you know why?

    1. .

      the above was based on this quote

      "On January 22, 1867, the Territorial U.S. Congress created a new corporation for itself while acting “in our names”. Three days later, January 25, 1867, they forcibly “enfranchised” all the Territorial U.S. Citizens."

    2. WHY? And before I wait for your answer. Here is a shot to your theory. My father did sign my birth certificate it was my mother who did not. Both were present of course and both capable. However it was only my father that signed it.

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  4. I understand fully what they have done and it is horrific and immoral.

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    1. 😄😅😕HOW to RECOGNIZE and STAY AWAY from the GREAT FRAUDSTERS, their Theft, and Deceptions the easy way? Do this Easy energy_check method below.

      Any sign can be the bad guys, however usually Air-sign and Water_sign are, the type of people you want to check them out. Look at their Astro chart. Then do a few walk in step, like 15 day to 25 day steps ahead. If you see their planets alteady retrograded, or about to retrograde, then I guarantee, you need to run away from those Devils ASAP.
      Execpt in house #2, its okay. That means, all his/her income had been drained, or will be drained, by someone.
      The Jewish Pharasees and alike were and are introverted PISCES & SCORPIOS Energies Do you folks know this?

      YES THEY WERE and Are Exactly the Thieves and Liars who mislead people that they lent money $0.01 that appeared like $145.

      They Conspired to kill Jesus in the year 0 / 1., and had their secret deal with Caesar. This Caesar was indeed the dictator Emperor. Bc he got all his Power to show the public constantly.

      How do I know these? I checked 800 people with 99% accuracy.
      I just went back in time to inspect their energies. Yes, they're real devils in human Form.

    2. This is a very legitimate question. I'm wondering if you have some confirmation bias of sorts? Honestly I'm not trying to offend you in any way and what you're saying may be true .I could definitely see how Scorpio or pisces energy that manifests negatively can be the most powerful deceivers because they are psychically sensitive however when looking at the charts of some of the most heinous criminal con artists, I can't come to your same conclusion I'm very curious to see how you conducted this research. In no way in my mocking you I'm truly and sincerely curious. Thanks so much if you can reply

  6. In the 14th Amendment article, Article IV Section IV is mentioned by the Georgia Legislature as the prime reason this 14th Amendment is illegal. If "we the People" had nothing to do with it's adoption then it holds no water. This principle goes for a whole lot more laws that have been made up.

    1. Baldwin,
      I can confirm that I also found records showing what you said about the Georgia Legislature is, in fact, true.

      People should be able to use what you have written here and look the subject matter up, to confirm it for themselves.


      RATIFICATION is what applies to men and women, and even then it only necessarily applies to the men/wo who agreed to live by it. For something to govern us, we have to have agreed (consented); and in what pertains to us being governed, the RATIFICATION process is what we, the actual true united States of America-n free men (free men = militiamen: by definition and understanding; it being that militiamen can only be free men and all able-bodied free men are, by nature/other, militiamen ) and women, use: that is, an actual election with: one man/wo, one paper ballot each, counted only one time each.
      Then we Deputize trusted men or women to carry our VOICE (only men and women have voices) forward...
      They do not have the right to SPEAK FOR US (that is, instead of us), they are only authorized to carry forward our lawful agreement to accept or to not accept something that is being considered.

      Our actual American law is very simple, fair, quick and final.

      There's really a kind of a beauty to it.


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