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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …


  1. My Canadian friends are really taking it on the chin but they remain encouraged by the fact that the governors of some states here in the USA are resisting the agenda. They cheer for us here but they believe that if the USa falls, every country on the planet will fall.

  2. HOW to RECOGNIZE and STAY AWAY from the GREAT FRAUDSTERS, their Theft, and Deceptions the easy way? Do this Easy energy_check method below.

    Any sign can be the bad guys, however usually Air-sign and Water_sign are, the type of people you want to check them out. Look at their Astro chart. Then do a few walk in step, like 10 day to 15 day steps ahead. If you see their planets alteady retrograded, or about to retrograde, then I guarantee, you need to run away from those Devils ASAP.
    The Jewish Pharasees and alike were and are introverted PISCES & SCORPIOS Energies Do you folks know this?

    YES THEY WERE and Are Exactly the Thieves and Liars who mislead people that they lent money $0.01 that appeared like $145.

    They Conspired to kill Jesus in the year 0 / 1., and had their secret deal with Caesar. This Caesar was indeed the dictator Emperor. Bc he got all his Power to show the public constantly.

    How do I know these? I checked 800 people with 99% accuracy.
    I just went back in time to inspect their energies. Yes, they're real devils in human Form.

    1. You do need to have discernment.
      I follow a guy on YT-
      Linescrew1 - if you watch the latest drop- this is pretty much where CA is at.
      Also- there is some property for sale near my homestead. A former marine walked down our driveway asking about the area. His chilling warning. "Get out of the cities!"

      "Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021"


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