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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Stay Away (Warning)


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    2. HOW to RECOGNIZE and STAY AWAY from the GREAT FRAUDSTERS, their Theft, and Deceptions the easy way? Do this Easy energy_check method below.

      Any sign can be the bad guys, however usually Air-sign and Water_sign are, the type of people you want to check them out. Look at their Astro chart. Then do a few walk in step, like 10 day to 15 day steps ahead. If you see their planets alteady retrograded, or about to retrograde, then I guarantee, you need to run away from those Devils ASAP.
      Execpt in house #2, its okay. That means, all his/her income had been drained, or will be drained, by someone.
      The Jewish Pharasees and alike were and are introverted PISCES & SCORPIOS Energies Do you folks know this?

      YES THEY WERE and Are Exactly the Thieves and Liars who mislead people that they lent money $0.01 that appeared like $145.

      They Conspired to kill Jesus in the year 0 / 1., and had their secret deal with Caesar. This Caesar was indeed the dictator Emperor. Bc he got all his Power to show the public constantly.

      How do I know these? I checked 800 people with 99% accuracy.
      I just went back in time to inspect their energies. Yes, they're real devils in human Form.

    3. Carpenter,
      I don't get into readings myself, but even from my less esoteric vantage point, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the battle were in is 'a spiritual battle being fought in the material world'.
      Whatever men and women's outlook is, it seems like many many are recognizing that we've been told someone was our enemy who WASNT and that the ones telling each of that, has made themselves our enemy without cause.
      I'm looking for and forward to more and more 'coming together' and peaceful and fair resolution ...mainly because the liars and thieves won't have any choice when we're all standing there with proofs that it was not us hurting each other, but them hurting both of us.

    4. I was just replying saying we already won and my new smartphone, as I was typing!, Cleared my screen and switched to the camera and asked if it could take a photo of my location.

    5. So, my comments are being deleted as I type, the capture system wipes goodE2boots out and now while holding my phone in my left hand and peck-typing with my right hand, the phone switched to camera and asked if it could record my location. Of course I selected DENY!

      Has Paul/other been getting blamed for messing with comments when it's not paul?

      Are we being censored by people who have hacked our phones/other?

      If yes, is what we are saying so important that they panic and have to try to squelch it?!!

    6. Is the woman referred to as "anna" /"Grandma" just being used as a sweet face to RE-present a CORPORATION? --

      Would people feel safer listening to a sweetie pie great-gramma, than a jerk in a suit?

      Did anna, the woman, actually volunteer?

      What about James?

      HEY!!! I'm just asking!!!
      I'm. Just. Asking!!

      We really have to scrutinize things.
      Gotta find the answers.
      Were requiring truth.
      Not accepting anything else.
      (Issuing) from (our natural authority) that pertains to our property, rights, and our standing before our creator and man.

    7. Anyway, what I was saying is that there have been 100 Executive Orders or so issued already and my info says the most that have ever been issued in the same amount of time is 6!!

    8. I'll comment all choppy-like and see if I can get them posted before the Fraidy-Cats delete them.

      Also. We already won and the Fraidy-Cats know it.

      We won, and it was, both literally and figuratively "anathema" to what they had planned when men and women all over the world refused to get out in the streets and fight each other!!

      It was a "death knell" on their plans. That Bell was rolling for their plans.

      It couldn't be changed.
      They can't get us to fight with each other because we are good kind caring men and women who refuse to hurt others on purpose or take what isn't ours.
      Red and yellow black white brown olive cinnamon copper, all good people everywhere are standing there essentially saying: "I'm not doing THAT!!!"

      YAY all of us who are standing and.peacefully and lawfully from natural right refusing to participate in harming our brothers and sisters.

      Our creator will reward us.

    9. The bell wasn't rolling it was TOLLING.
      DAMN spell check!

  2. Carpenter- thanks for this. Questions for you- all the signs that originally were taken as a good sign but these devs in human form have stolen them? (i.e) symbols.

    1. Bpinmm
      Good question. If you do a search, the Devils were in high realm, not really in the under world as Astrologers depicted. The bibles talked about God casted them down to earth. Yes, down to earth, they roam /ed the earth and their ANNUIT COEPTIS letterhead pretty much gives you a clue.. Yes Most Banksters Even top politicians, Liars Cheaters have Retrograded Major 3~5 planets reversed.

      I'm not in Esoteric like the Illumitati club. I'm in a real science of Data enkryption ~ decryption, God designed the planets for other reasons, so many millions of years, long bf the bastards think they're Illiminated.

      There're a few signs that the Devils dwell in human, in north America and Europe. Ever wonder why Banksters used XXX.XXX.666 as their key to ther stolen gold Chess? Ever wonder why they're too additive to sexuality drugs crimes ? That's bc the Devils took controls over their body.

      Key word to search:
      Devil where is the location, high realm

      Lots of bible sections, talked about the Devils roamed heaven, in certain clusters of stars, they're there, or used to be there, Perhaps their hidden Masters are there now. BUT FOR SURE. The earth, particular Wa Dc, longitude, latitudes are mapped to the Devils clusters in Heaven.. Ie the Dragon Star clusters,

      Several evidences existed, matching 2 million corrupt CEO, CFOs misbehaviors. They enjoy serving themselve and their EU Masters. Tied to Dc, mapped to earth surface, no doubt, consistantly. I know, no onr can learn this without seeing images, animation to understand. But someone did a great video on line, referenced to several places in the bibles..

    2. 🤩🦁🤣
      ~have stolen them? (i.e) symbols.??

      No we should NOT label any sugn as a bad or good sign automatically, but Capricorn is one symbol famous as a Devil sign. That is a Sun sign. It won't tell you all about that individual.

      Human have at least 15 interior energies signs, = combined energies. We shouldn't assume a person behavior controlled by a SUN sign alone.

      Ie. CANCER, PISCES, SCOPIOS, these are water signs, affecting our feeling when talking dealing with them.. They could be good sign. Only when their 2 to 3 major interior signs Retrograded, INTROVERTED. That's when somethings terribly wrong with them.

      Even when one of men minor energy like Venus, or Mercury retrograded internally, they would misbehave. No sign is fixed, astrologers misled ppl. Like men NDA binding, Changed over time.

  3. This question is for everyone since I am not yet in receipt of an answer from avr dot com, the Commercial Corporation or anyone affiliated with it:


    Thank you!

  4. Here is her Rumble account if anyone is interested:


    RUSSIA disagreed, and won't buy the Binden ridiculous, Africa supported Vladimir opposition.

    U.S.Inc, other countries deepen climate goals at Earth Day summit

    Jeff Mason and Valerie Volcovici

    Thu, April 22, 2021, 3:24 AM·5 min read

    Do a search, but international news talk about this. 95% US media controlled by the Water sign, if you're unable to find one. Go search on Youtube.

  6. Satan’s LOCATION Exposed! // Fallen Angels, Nephilim & Demons Explored in Detail. At 4:12

    At least One of the Falling stars can be, or is the Devil...the bible said...not what I said.

    Every location on earth, longitude, latitudes MIRRORED heavenly SHELL (cosmos).

    Esoteric and astrologies DON'T WORK, they ONLY work for the hard-wired region of which the astrology or esoteric designed for. Western astrology works for westerners. E. Indian astrology works for east indians.

    I believe God has one tool, or inner knowledge that works for all regions. I call God tool as "analog data enkryption, dekryption." To track men automatic judgment, If God automatic judgment failed, then the Divine intervention will happen. No matter what, the crooks of the falling Star will be punished for their crimes.

  7. Help request from British Doctor >>> Post on videos by those who are Woke, especially Doctors like Tenpenny, Cahill, Mikovits, etc
    >>> WE NEED ANSWERS ASAP <<<<< :
    ALERT! HELP! Microscopic BLACK FLAT WORMS ALIVE IN MASKS >>>> BIOLOGISTS NEEDED TO EXAMINE MASKS >>> Fresh packs of masks, several brands, examined by many, LIVE WORMS in every one examined. This doctor is asking for proper examination of BLACK WORMS IN MASKS

    Doctor is horrified by the black mask worms so she buys a powerful microscope to have a look (

    1. Below this video is the following info that stores are saying VACCINATED TO KEEP OUT <<< Has anybody seen this yet??

      Many stores and businesses are now posting signage for all those mRNA Vaccinated to STAY OUT. Knowledgeable, informed Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists around the world are warning people to stay away from those mRNA Vaccinated. mRNA Vaccinated people are now believed to be super spreaders who can shed through their skin, pores and breath to those not yet vaccinated resulting in those people being infected as well. The mRNA Vaccines are causing Brain and Neurological damage, heart attacks, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, male and female reproductive damage, blood clotting and Death. Many places of business are now posting signage that "Those Covid Vaccinated are not Permitted to Enter", and for good reason.


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