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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 11 -- Counterfeiting

 By Anna Von Reitz

One way to look at the current situation is that we have taken possession of the Labor Bonds issued "in our names" by the DTC, which represented "the US Debt", and which on the flip side, from our perspective, establishes the American Credit.
Those of who have been following the logic already know that it is impossible for such a debt to exist without the equal generation of credit.
Each existing Federal Reserve Note of any denomination has a Serial Number and that Serial Number is attached specifically to the life estate of an American. The Labor Bonds were the basis of the issuance of that currency as a debt owed by the Municipal United States -- and that debt continues until it is offset.
The only way to offset it, is for it to be "redeemed".
Someone has to walk into a bank and exchange it for our new currency, which will be based on spending down the pre-paid credit. That is, the new currency will be a credit certificate, not a debt note. As the new bills go into circulation, the debt is naturally "retired" and the old Federal Reserve Notes are destroyed.
We plan on doing something very simple --- leaving the President's faces on the bills so that people are not too startled by the change, and replacing the reverse side image of the currency with our American Bison symbol. The exchange rate will be one for one, so that nobody feels cheated.
As this currency is backed with pre-paid credit there is no longer any implication of debt incurred by the user, and as it is being issued by the actual government and not a consortium of private banks, it will be a fully secured public script.
The effect of the offset on the world economy and the average American family, both, will be swift and positive, but also gradual enough to avert chaos. There will be no need to worry about rushing to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for American Certificates.
There remain numerous concerns, and among them, one of the chief concerns is counterfeiting and failure to dispose of redeemed Federal Reserve Notes.
Mr. Obama set up a worldwide counterfeiting operation based in China, Thailand, and various other foreign countries, and actually sent our printing presses, specialty papers and inks, and engraving plates to these countries so that they could print their own supplies of "Federal Reserve Notes" at will.
Of course, the Serial Numbers are faked and/or duplicated, but otherwise these bills look absolutely authentic. This presents the specter of having an endless supply of "new" debt notes that these foreign enterprises can present for exchange against our Credit Certificates and significantly increases the cost of detection and disposal.
We propose that those responsible for this situation, the Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster, be held accountable--- and that we should be reimbursed for these counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes along with the cost of detecting and disposing of them. This particular problem, like so much else, would not exist except for their choices and actions.
Furthermore, the disposal of redeemed Federal Reserve Notes cannot be entrusted to the usual parties -- the Secret Service Treasury Agents and Federal Reserve Banks, since the temptation would be to recirculate the bills instead of destroying them. We should be reimbursed for the entire cost of setting up our own double-or triple-walled disposal system.
Federal Reserve Notes have been used as the domestic currency of this country as part of the administration of the monetary system by the U.S. Military since 1913.
As the Territorial Congress is not authorized to issue money and is obliged to function on credit only, a debt-credit system had to be adopted with the Municipal United States and its citizenry held to be the Debtors and the Americans targeted as the Creditors, with the Territorial U.S. Citizens left cozily in the middle as the ultimate Arbiters.
Of course, nobody told us, the Americans, about any of this.
The various purported changes in our political status created by unconscionable contracts and registration processes foisted off on us as babies were undisclosed and used to redefine Americans as Federal Dual Citizens --- deemed to be obligated both as Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States --- in other words, our erstwhile foreign employees redefined us as anything and everything but what we actually are: the "long lost" Americans.
And now, like the American Bison and the American Chestnut Tree, we are back home.
Approximately half of our purloined estate has been returned to us by the Pope; this is not exactly a favor, as the relief of the American Credit being applied also means the offset of the Municipal Debt -- and while that releases Americans from bondage, there remains the issue that most of us were not actually Municipal citizenry to begin with and never were.
We didn't owe any "war reparations" and were stuck for it anyway.
The ownership of the Municipal Corporations and the Territorial State of State Corporations that have been chartered "in our names" must also be settled.
As this was all predicated on a Cestui Que Vie basis following the Second World War, we propose that all those corporations be returned to American control and re-chartered under our Public Law, without any debt or encumbrance attached.
We are being approached on all sides by conventional commercial bankers hungry for corporate Medium Term Notes, thinking that our Labor Bonds are bonds that they can re-issue as monetized securities. They still aren't wrapping their heads around the concept that these bonds have already been issued and are matured and will be gradually cashed out.
Think of Savings Bonds. They are issued, they are kept for a specific period of time, they mature at a final value, they are cashed out. The Labor Bonds are similar. They are issued, they mature, they are cashed out as Bearer Bonds. So there is no further securitization or monetization involved.
None would be possible anyway, as our Public Law forbids the securitization of living flesh---- a fact that will shortly be brought home for those who have "presumed" to trade upon our land assets as if they belonged to a foreign nation.
The Double-Ended Impersonation Scheme that has kept Americans enslaved to foreign governments since the end of the so-called Civil War, is at an end. The international banking community will have to readjust its thinking, its practices, and its assumptions of debt to fit the facts. And so will the courts.
The pertinent Maxim of Law impacting both the Roman Civil Law and the Law of Admiralty is: "Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis." -- Fiction yields to truth; where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.
Between them, the Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster owe us, the Americans, the return of all the land titles they "presumed" to exist on the basis of their unconscionable registration processes, and their "assumptions" about our individual political statuses ----and also the return of all our purloined and removed gold and silver assets, which the U.S. Navy began to transport offshore in the 1880's for "safekeeping" in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other Ports of Call.
This offshoring and cashiering of our gold and silver reserves has prevented the re-establishment of sane commodity value standards throughout the world and has expedited the lawless and unaccountable commodity rigging, including the manipulation of international currency commodities, that we have already discussed.
It is apparent to any thinking man that this entire criminal boondoggle which has occurred in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract, is more than sufficient cause for the High Courts in International and Global Jurisdiction to take action in our favor and to require the return of all our purloined assets, including our Title IV Flag, which was loaned to our Treaty Partners for their use in the discharge of their Delegated Powers---- that is, Duties, for which they have been well-compensated --- and which was "lost" to pirates during the year 2000 vacating of the United States Municipal Capitol.
If we loan our lawn mower to our employee so that he can mow our lawn, and a robber takes it, it is still our lawn mower.
The pertinent Maxim of Law is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."
In the same way, our Title IV Flag has been seized upon by pirates and is subject to recapture under both Law Merchant and Admiralty Law. We understand that the pirate in question, a Mr. Russell Gould, went to the Vatican and "cut a deal" claiming that he was the rightful owner of our Title IV Flag.

We strenuously object to these agreements made in our presumed absence and dispense with them as the actual owners of the flag in question. We consider this another form of counterfeiting and attempted identity theft, which must be universally opposed.


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  1. Don't forget:
    1. There is no lawful, fully-disclosed Good Faith Agreement whereby we knowingly and intentionally consented for FICTIONS to use our property.

    Without our lawfully-obtained consent it's all just jibbering.

    Gaslighting? hmmmmm....

    1. All Bonds are Fictions.
      All Charges are man-made, and are Fictions.
      And all Fiction is not true.
      And all that is not true is false and is a lie.

      All debits, credits, ac-counts, corporations, trusts, offices, officers, bureaus, departments, governments, politics, money, bonds, credit, scrip, paper-money, digital-money, iou's, notes, treasury notes, mortgages, loans, promissory notes, checks, drafts, bonds, labor bonds, currencies, markets, certificates, redemptions, debits, offsets, setoffs, exchanges in commerce, bottomry bonds, insurances, politics, statuses, statutes, ordinances, codes, regulations, policies, man-made 'authorities', domestics, securities, securitization, monetizing, demonetizing, and much much much more are all Fictions.
      They're not real.
      They don't really exist.
      The paper they're written on exists, but the concepts written on the paper are just that-- concepts --- they're Imaginary. They don't exist. Only the paper exists. And it's all but worthless.

      Gold is true, silver is true, land is true, food is true, crops are true, man is true flesh and bone and blood are true, work is true, your energy is true, the fruit of your body is true, the fruit of your labor is true.

      Look at shelby's clip below:
      They are POINT BLANK TELLING YOU what they are doing!!!

      Look at the post about what that man named House(?) said:
      Basically, "we'll gaslight the dumb bastards and they'll never know what we've done to them and we'll just abuse them to death if they'll ever find out."

    2. So what is your answer to all of this? What do you purpose we all do to fix this. What have you done to straighten this out?

    3. My comments seem to perhaps be being wiped again.
      The comments I was working on just disappeared and the screen became blank for some reason.

    4. Lifesmirage:
      Those questions have already been answered in the content of the comments I've made over this past week.

    5. Lifesmirage:
      The comment I was making that got wiped (?) out was to you.

      In summary, what I've already said that answers your questions is:

      1. First, separate the FICTION from what is NOT FICTION: break through the "cognitive dissonance"/Hegelian Dialectic... (contrived problem, planned fear reaction from the people, solution all ready to be rolled out, often under force and/or threat of violence upon us);

      2. Decide what you will and will not participate in: support what you will and don't support what you won't.

      3. I'm doing steps 1 and 2.

      What are your answers to those same three questions?

    6. Also, look:
      The utter simplicity of it:
      Men and women who want your portion of what creator gifted to you:
      1. made up rules about what you can and can't have and do (FICTION);
      2. And told you you have to obey their rules (FICTION), or:
      3. They will harm you and/or your loved ones and property... and they, who cannot be called anything in NOT FICTION other than thieves and liars, do actually go so far as to use violence to enforce their FICTIONS upon mankind... If the information we are getting is correct.

      There it is.

      Can anyone disagree?

      If so, please share.

      janmarie, the woman: on bluebird acre on kansas: all unincorporated

    7. Same suggestion I have given several times before. And yes I have been doing 1& 2 as well. But unfortunately the people that see this for what it is, are very few. I still feel they need to be exposed on a massive scale. Very few have any idea what is being done. Most have never heard of The world economic forum muchless read any of the of the content. Problem , reaction, solution all spelled out. It is a spiritual war and we aren't equipped for that battle. We are in the latter stages of this silent weapons quite wars..

    8. The exciting part is that many many people are truly aware that something is very very wrong and they are starting to look for the people around them who might know what is going on.

      You sound like a good source for people.

  2. Also, THEIR FICTIONAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES are proof that all FICTIONAL-"OUR" presumed, transferred, assigned/other FICTIONAL DEBTS in their FICTIONAL MONEY SYSTEM were PRE-PAID-IN-FICTION for FICTIONAL "OUR" lifetime when the FICTIONAL REGIS/QUEEN/ROYAL FICTIONALLY REGIS-tered their FICTIONAL CREATION, the FICTIONAL CITIZEN/SUBJECT/"STRAWMAN", they FICTIONALLY CREATED using the FICTIONAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE DEBIT/CREDIT BOND/MONEY-IN-FICTION (without our knowledge or consent) and claimed that our dear mothers agreed to trade-off our creator-created property, rights and standing for FICTIONAL STATUS of being FICTIONS known as THE QUEEN'S and THE POPE'S PROPERTY when we were about three weeks old!!!!
    Oh, yeah, and let us never forget that they claim our beloved daddies never came and claimed us either!!!!!???
    And let's not forget about that "ugly twin" (the placenta?) our mommies dropped and left for them to care for all these years!!!!!??... That is their attachment to us?... That derned ole BIRTHDAY "CAKE" they've had in their custody?...That little blob-of- a-rascal "twin" of ours??!!... that "BIRTHDAY CAKE" we and our mommies "deserted" and left laying there like a pool of cake-batter??!!... whatta mess/mass/mas!!?? ...That they have been burdened with caring lovingly for since our incompetent, unwed mothers informed on us and the birthday cake mess/mass??!!? And our dear-ole daddies wouldn't claim any of the three of us??!!!! He just walked out taking his house/family name with him leaving us in the FICTIONAL CUSTODY of the FICTIONAL QUEEN AND THE FICTIONAL POPE ON A FICTIONAL SHIP TO BE FICTIONALLY LOST AT FICTIONAL SEA AND FICTIONALLY: NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM FICTIONALLY AGAIN??!!??!
    Just asking.

    Well, anyway, that means that we, the living people have CREDIT sitting on their books that is a re-presentation of our property that they stole from us.
    That means that essentially we would be ac-counted to be THEIR "CREDITORS", --even though we never agreed to loan them our property in the first place.. Our property still has to be entered as a CREDIT on their books since nothing was owed by us and it would only be (at three weeks old) *future* FICTIONAL DEBITS/DEBTS that would be applied to their books against that PRE-paid CREDIT sitting there.

    That means we own the right to all beneficial use of what is DERIVED from what they FUNDED using our property.
    That includes the benefits provided by the Corporation, and so forth that have been funded/derived from the unauthorized and non-lawful use of our property. All beneficial use belongs to us, the men and women who were originally-issued the property from which their FICTIONAL CREDIT/FUNDS were derived.

    And the liabilities owed by the corporations belong to the creators of the corporations: the Vatican and British Crown not to us, the people whose property was used by them without our knowledge and consent.

    That is correct, is it not?

    Please, if you can show lawful proof that it is not correct, I would be most grateful to you if you would share that proof with everybody.
    Thanks in advance!
    janmarie on bluebird acre on kansas, all unincorporated.

    1. Most excellent goodE2boots! I could not have said this any more precise.
      "They" know that the niceties are going to soon be over for them. I have the exact date when I brought this to the attention to the then Summit County(Ohio) Registrar, who was promptly removed, and placed into Environmental afterwards. Plausible Deniability is no longer an option for any of these charlatans that are continuing to orchestrate this facade.

    2. .
      goodE2bootsApril 22, 2021

      Not that difficult - Have the real "Father" sign the B.C. and all fiction falls away.

      Declare [claim] the cake DNA to the proper fictional people in power.

  3. Even in the criminally controlled Federal Reserve System, remedy exists.

    "lawful money is demanded for all transactions; with full reservation of all rights" [The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Section 16 now codified at Title 12 U.S.C. §411]

    However, hidden, downplayed, ridiculed, etc. it is, there MUST be remedy written into these "laws" due to the original Constitutional Guarantees American's inherently have. The perpetrators acting in bad faith would not have ANY legitimacy in ANY court in the world unless remedy is afforded to those that desire to seek, find and require it.

    "Woe to you Scribes, because you have taken away the keys of knowledge! You have not entered and those who are entering you have hindered.”

    There is nothing new under the sun; the keys of knowledge have ALWAYS been "taken away" by those who act in bad faith. The answer by the bad actors will ALWAYS be, "remedy was available, you did not choose to require it".

    That does not alleviate, however, the crimes of intentional non-disclosure, miseducation, engineered ignorance of the people via bad faith administration of "education", etc.

    On American land and soil, lawful money must always exist as an option so as to avoid absolute forced slavery and indentured servitude. The bad actors may be evil, however, they are not stupid.

    That being said, I have no idea how this "new" currency will be instituted or established and I am also mindfully and respectfully skeptical until FULL disclosure is provided in plain and easy to comprehend language.

    Any coin and currency issued must be authorized by the American people lawfully assembled, in original jurisdiction, without ANY foreign influence or participation other than hiring FULLY vetted people for specially contracted tasks/work related to the specific needs of FULLY restoring the lawful money system.

  4. The thieves and liars keep us bogged down with endlessly arguing "points- of- their- law" that they made up!

    We show them their errors... And then they just use that information to correct the error.... Then they go ahead and cause more harm.

    Their authority is all man-made FICTION and man-made FICTION does not apply to men and women or their sons and daughters unless we authorize the use of that FICTION upon us... And even then, it's only from our genuine freewill consent.

  5. As far as I know, Anna has NEVER recommended 'arguing "points-of-their-law" that they made up' nor that we should "show them their errors" as it pertains to the private "laws" of their own "legal land" jurisdiction.

    There is a difference between a LEGAL PERSON and a Lawful Person - both are FICTIONS (non-living entities), however, the related jurisdictions are foreign to each other.

    The "They" you keep referring to ONLY operate in the jurisdiction of LEGAL PERSONS.

    We have every right to use whatever tool we deem necessary to live life in this world. A Person is a tool - a property - which we may or may not use as we see fit. It is lawful to do so as long as the use of said Person(s) is done in good faith and for good purposes.

    The PERSONS created by "They", and which were foisted upon us, were created in bad faith and for bad purposes. The Good Names given to us by mom and dad were usurped and unlawfully converted to LEGAL NAMES without our knowledge or consent. The process Anna promotes is a formal Declaration and Rebuttal of these unlawful acts perpetrated by the bad actors via stealing our Good Names.

    The "Paperwork" is only a Memorial of what is already declared by you and is placed on and for the record for the benefit of others in the public realm. You are your own Primary Record Keeper and you have your own lawful court if you are competent to bring, hold and keep it. All of this talk regarding the LRS and "digital Blockchain records" is moot and nonsensical. The LRS is only a tool of convenience since the County Clerks of Court may refuse to record your documents.

    A record is a record is a record... any lawfully recorded document stands as true in ANY court of competent jurisdiction until it is lawfully challenged and found to be untrue by the presentment of facts, evidence, and witnesses. The Recorder is only the Custodian of Certified Copies of your Originals which you should be keeping secure - "... the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects..."

  6. I didn't name anna (who is a commercial corp.)
    But since you brought it up, she /it /they are not my grandma either, just like the Pope is not my Papa!! No offense to the Pope, but that's all pure FICTION that we have no natural obligation to accept or participate in!!!

    That commercial corp seems to have made up the FICTION named a 'Lawful Person'; a FICTION: to use in their FICTION that they also made up??
    Looks like it.
    Perhaps I'm wrong about that.
    If so, I am a sponge for TRUTH... so, please do share. ...Anyone. Thank you!
    Until then, would you be so kind as to share your references for where the FICTION named a Lawful Person has it appeared in American papers that pertain to American men and women.? Thank you in advance for sharing those facts here on the website.

    HEY!!! Paaaa-leeeeze refrain from putting your definitions onto my words!!!
    I wrote those words and I am the only one who is competent to say what I meant!!
    If you have a differing opinions, no problem! Just say your own words the way you want to say them.
    Or you can ask what I meant.
    But I'm requiring that you not attach your definitions to my words, or presume to correct me by attaching your subjective definitions onto my words!
    Thank you!

    I also said we are free to use FICTIONS that *we*, ourselves, authorize without threat of force being worked upon us...
    but we're not obligated to participate in FICTIONS that other people make up and then force upon us against our will.

    If you want to discuss what I comment on, I'm happy to participate if I have time, but I cannot see what you thought you were controverting here and will not spend this much time 'splaining again. (Smiley face).

    janmarie, a woman on kansas

  7. "Until then, would you be so kind as to share your references for where the FICTION named a Lawful Person has it appeared in American papers that pertain to American men and women.? Thank you in advance for sharing those facts here on the website."

    Start with the Declaration of Independence - all signed using the Names of their Lawful Persons.

    1. I've never seen or heard of the term "Lawful Person" and know of no historical usage of it that pertains to the America people.

      My exposure to it, presently, is limited to the commercial corporation calling itself annavonreitz dot com using it.

      Exactly where is the reference you furnished?
      I don't see it in my DofI.

      Please do share!
      There's apparently been so much hidden from us... We all just have to work together to piece the truth back into a coherent whole.

      Thanks antjraf!
      janmarie, a bluebird -- joke!--
      janmarie, a woman on bluebird acre.

    2. My comment right here has been wiped out two or three times now before I can finish.

      Is it that important?
      Seems like it might be.

      Paul, you have to let people's comments go through... Otherwise if the acr dot com corporation tries to say the people agreed with what is in the articles, we will be able to say that we did NOT agree but weren't allowed to post our refusals to accept what avr dot com is saying.

      It seems to me like the whole avr dot com might be walking into severe problems having perhaps to do with making unlawful claims on people's property.... no accusation,...Just saying:
      Could be.

    3. This is the fourth time my comment has been wiped off of my computer screen.

  8. Does someone not want the readers to know what I'm saying? LoL.

    Must be impoooor-tan-t!!

    Best let it through paul!!! Can't say we agreed if you won't let us object!!

    Or mebbeel it's just a glitch in the system. Yes, that's probably it.

    I'll try it again til I get through!!

  9. Here's what I'm trying to post that keeps disappearing from my screen as I'm typing:
    See Next comment

  10. That the CREDIT (FICTION) being suggested as payment for what was stolen from us (NOT FICTION) seems to be, itself, backed ("assigned" value: FICTION) by our own stolen property that was stolen from us (NOT FICTION).

    Of course that is unacceptable!!! ... If that is what us being constructed.

  11. Anyway if they're suggesting to pay us back for what was stolen (if anything) with CREDIT in their system for what they stole, then what happened to the bankruptcy they say they went into?

    If they are bankrupt and can't pay us back but they are offering us CREDIT what credit does a bankrupt dead entity have to offer?!!!

    I mean seriously.
    Cuz if the CREDIT they offer isn't backed by some kind of living substance, then it's worthless as chaff in the wind.
    And if it's backed by what they stole from us then why are they saying they can't give us back with what they stole?

    Are they gaslighting us????? tap..tap..tap ... Hmmmm? smiley face.

    janmarie, a woman

  12. Is avr dot com (FICTION), a Vatican (FICTION) -created dead corporation (FICTION) telling other Vatican -created corporations (ALL FICTIONS) that avr dot com is saying it forgives /redeems /sets off /otherwise cancels out the lawful restoration owed to the American and / or indigenous nations and people's for the theft/other, if any, of their property and/or rights and or standing in law?

    A FICTION cannot speak for living men and women, as far as I know, without lawfully-obtained authorization.

    If that is, in actual fact, what avr dot com is doing, then I, janmarie, the woman, am respectfully notifying you peacefully and lawfully that I presently know of no authority avr dot com could lawfully claim to have that would allow them to cancel debts owed to the living people.

    So, speaking in peace and law before the people: if that is what avr dot com is doing, then I, a woman, am calling for and requiring that you fully prove what you believe is your authority to do that so we can get that lawfully verified.

    Or else please promptly correct my misunderstanding.
    Here on this website.
    The people have lots and lots of questions about all this.
    I believe you're required to answer when we ask.
    Could be wrong about that.

    Looking forward to your answers and I
    thank you so very, very much in advance for your Good Faith, clear and substantive communication about this.

    With peace and goodwill toward all lawful and peaceful men and women,
    and being very truly yours:
    janmarie, a woman: on bluebird acre, on kansas, all unincorporated.

  13. Kings and Queens (FICTIONS) have always said that they, and those they send in their place, do NOT answer to the serfs.

    Slave Masters and Slave Owners do NOT ever even allow questions from the slaves either:
    A man does not answer to his slaves any more than he would answers any other "herd" animals, like sheep/sheeple? or cows; the word cow is "res" in Spanish (look on your Knorr beef bouillon jar, it says "Res" on one side and "Beef" on the other).

    Didn't the Pope/Papa give the Spanish King authority over the land in the Western Hemisphere and give the British Crown authority over the Seas?
    Seems like I read that here.

    So what about it? Are we being "ident"-ified as "res"/ beef/ the herd (herd immunity) "Res" - "ident"s? Hmmmm.
    Are they "ident" - ifying us as a beef/ cattle /chattle /herd animal for them to use and harvest our work product to make themselves rich on our Labor. Have they been writing up Bonds that they trade among themselves, the value of which is based on the value they place on our energy output? (Aren't they working on data mining our energy and putting a few digits into an account for us to buy trinkets with when we do what they tell us to do? Gates?)
    Do they trade Labor Bonds with each other after they've each claimed their share of the herd and divvied the herds up among themselves?
    And give us little worthless pieces of paper they write numbers on in exchange for our flesh and blood, life-force energy, and creator-gifted property? Didn't we read here that "PRINCE" (FICTION) Phillip gobbled up almost a QUAD-rillion dollars in Life Annuity Bonds based upon the peoples'of Canada and the United States of America's life energy before he "kicked the ole' proverbial bucket"?

    Wha'sat all about?

    So many questions.

    Are we going to be answered here or ignored?
    Is there a King or Queen in the house who refuses to answer?
    Or a Slave owner?

    Just as a little side-trip into interesting detail:
    "Goy" and "goyim" means "herd animal" too!
    Strong's Concordance:
    Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary.
    Ref #1471:
    (First it Refs #1465: in the sense of MASSING. MASSING???!! What in blazes???!!! Like Roman Mass? or Christ-mas/s? or BirthdayCakeMass/Mess???? Wt....?)
    A foreign nation.
    Also (fig.) A troop of animals!!!!!!
    Oh no!!! I did NOT just read that did I? Yes, I did!!! It's in there. Right there in reference # l471 as I live and breathe!!!
    But wait!
    It gets worse!
    ... It continues on to say:
    Or a horde of locusts!!!!...
    They spray for bugs don't they? What are they spraying on us in the chemtrails? Bug spray?

    Oh, don't mind me, I've just sat here and given myself the giggles looking all this crazy-ass baloney up!

    Don't forget!
    Some of the people who made this shite up had to be told not to f**k their mothers and sisters because their offsprings' brains were shriveling to the size if an apricot from the generational incest and they were drooling all over the place and were Mad as Hatters.
    See: Hapsburg Jaw Syndrome for more details.

  14. ..
    "And all Fiction is not true.
    And all that is not true is false and is a lie."

    In a fiction anything that is created in the fiction is the fiction and it 100% correct as the actual fiction is within the fiction - only between the ears of the creator of the fiction.
    Nonetheless as a “belief” [the fiction] by education and propaganda the system go’s on and almost no one can escape it because of the other people as playing their role within the fiction say so – and have control over the peoples minds and bodies.
    Such as credit scores – control over the sheeple – and the alleged life goes on

    1. .
      And all that is not true is false and is a lie and the lie is the fiction and the fiction thereby is true and correct as the fiction

    2. Max,
      I, for one, agree 100%...
      And that is, no doubt, at least part of the basis of their claims/other.

      Don't you agree that they flubbed up, however, by making claims that we agreed to participate in their FICTIONS without them furnishing the required full disclosures:
      1. It's FICTION and they cannot force us to participate by using violence or coercive techniques on us such as deception.
      2. We have a choice to participate or not.
      3. All the risks, perils, obligations, and so forth assoc w/ participating in their FICTION?
      4. and so on and so forth?

      In other words, sure, THEY can agree to all the FICTIONS they want to play in, but they can't waylay all the rest of us through force violence and coersion to finance their DREAMWORLD OF FANTASIES where they play Roles as of "Kings" and "Queens" and other fabrications while the rest of us out here get clubbed to de**h if we don't want to play pretend the way they call it.

      Reminds me of fifth graders and treehouses and comic book clubs and if someone didn't go home and get some potato chips for the "bosses" to eat, they wouldn't let em come in for the neighborhood meeting.
      Those clubs were very short-lived.


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