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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Who's fault is it if you get sick?


  1. She's just as fed up as I am with this bullshit. Stop giving away your freedom. Stop doing the devils job. Start "THINKING" instead of following. If they told you that eating organic vegetables would make you ill you would probably believe them. Sheeple are the ones that are feeding this nonsense. I haven't worn a mask since this shit started and I won't. I have not been tested and I won't. And I dam sure will not get the so called "VACCINE ". You want to know what these psychopaths have done to us. Read Silent Weapons Quite Wars. It will piss you off as it should. WAKE UP!!!! Now is not the time to be stupid. Critical thinking is required... Common sense is required. Eating real food is required. There is absolutely no health in western medicine or vaccines. And here's a news flash. There is no money to be made in being healthy. So if you think they are giving you good advice your a dam fool.

    1. Doesn't hurt to do gentle herbal detoxing too... What with all the shit-ski in the air.

    2. Blaming The Victim is a narcissist gaslighting technique.
      For example:
      The Narcissist will move somebody's stuff, then tell that man or woman that they can't remember what they're doing.

      Narcissists do it all the time.

    3. They also create a problem wait for a reaction and have a solution. They also will fund both sides of a war they created. And they will even play the victim of the problem they created.

  2. Larken Rose's podcast with The Outer Limits of Inner Truth about Candles in the Dark:

    Outer Limits Radio: Candles in the Dark with Larken Rose

  3. Here is a substance that's been used in water treatment for over 100 years that is the gold standard viricide on the planet, and in 1 to 100 parts per million, works effectively in mammals to eliminate all pathogens. Watch the documentary here

  4. Dear Life's a Mirage- as usual you are spot on. I have basically done the same thing g as you have. I will read the book you are recommending. I am way beyond pissed off. Far too many people are zoned out and asleep. One of my best friends had C. Then at work she has to where the M. Then her work tells her she has to get the V.
    As much as I would live for her to WTFU, it's brainwashing. The typical 9-5 BS, get your paycheck and do it all over again. It's just so wrong on so many levels and really sad.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 😄😅😕HOW to RECOGNIZE and STAY AWAY from the GREAT FRAUDSTERS, their Theft, and Deceptions the easy way? Do this Easy energy_check method below.

      Any sign can be the bad guys, however usually Air-sign and Water_sign are, the type of people you want to check them out. Look at their Astro chart. Then do a few walk in step, like 15 day to 25 day steps ahead. If you see their planets alteady retrograded, or about to retrograde, then I guarantee, you need to run away from those Devils ASAP.
      Execpt in house #2, its okay. That means, all his/her income had been drained, or will be drained, by someone.
      The Jewish Pharasees and alike were and are introverted PISCES & SCORPIOS Energies Do you folks know this?

      YES THEY WERE and Are Exactly the Thieves and Liars who mislead people that they lent money $0.01 that appeared like $145.

      They Conspired to kill Jesus in the year 0 / 1., and had their secret deal with Caesar. This Caesar was indeed the dictator Emperor. Bc he got all his Power to show the public constantly.

      How do I know these? I checked 800 people with 99% accuracy.
      I just went back in time to inspect their energies. Yes, they're real devils in human Form.

  6. Replies
    1. Oh no!! You've gone an' taken the JAB haven't ya?!!!

      Run everybody!!!! run fer yer life !!!! Shedddinnnnnnnngggg!


  7. I finally got sick. I never wear a mask, I'll never take the fake test. don't believe in covid. Whatever I got is bad though and whatever it is (along with whatever treatment they gave him) killed my neighbor and friend. He was 65. His dad died also who was 89. I think maybe the vaccine itself is what caused this sickness. I never even went to the doctor and I will not and I have faith that I will beat this but It has made some people close to me think COVID 19 is real.


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