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Thursday, April 22, 2021

In Communicating With Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

You know, folks, I told everyone a long time ago that I am utterly overwhelmed with the international affairs end of things and with trying to get the State Assemblies up and fully functional and running and the Continental Marshals trained and launched and the Peacekeeping Task Force, and the banking system and the legal issues and, and, and.
Okay? I do not have time to hand-hold individuals or get engaged in individual court cases. There simply isn't enough time in an average day to get a lunch break and a few hours of sleep, and there is no time left for me to fight the rest of the battle for you.
I have to keep my nose to the grindstone and hold the fort in international jurisdiction and you all have to hold the fort back home on the land and soil.
Over the past year we have made huge gains and strides forward in terms of gaining recognition and organizing the Assemblies and solving many problems that stood in the way of effective functioning. We've overcome attacks from without and within. We've developed more and more effective means of dealing with the existing courts. We've had research breakthroughs that have greatly helped our efforts. Lots of new people have come forward and brought their insights and skills to bear. We've developed wonderful new teaching tools, State Credentials, and two independent recording systems.
To say that we've had our hands full would be a gross understatement.
There is now plenty of information on the latest defenses for everything from mortgage foreclosures to custody battles to traffic citations posted on our websites. The new Court Set-Off Demand Letter for the Head Court Clerks can be easily adapted for use against Banks (sent to their CEOs) and other corporations. The new Federation Criminal Incident Report and the standard forms A091 or A0442 are available to file in The United States District Courts for Your State for damage claims.
You have got everything you need but a backbone to defend yourself from attacks in the Municipal COURTS and you have everything that you need to claim damages and redress for trespasses.
The best advice for dealing with the foreign courts is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.
Just tell them flat out, in writing preferably, that you are an American and you stand under the Public Law ---not the Statutory Law--- and now that your State Assembly is in Session, there are no grounds for them to presume anything else.
You have no ability to pay anything, because there is no money in circulation and there hasn't been any for decades.
If you live in one of the Western States be sure to add that as of October 1, 2020, all the western states have been officially enrolled as States of the Union.
If you've got a pesky Defense Attorney, start asking them if you have full disclosure? Just keep asking that one question. Ask the Judge. Ask the Prosecutor. They can't answer, because you don't have full disclosure.
They can't answer and they can't proceed, either.
If anyone tries to force you into a vaccination, look them in the eye and say, "I'm allergic to the serum." That's the exemption already provided. Use it.
You have to gird up and go for it yourselves, learn the logic of your situation, and act accordingly.
More and more judges and lawyers are waking up and learning the facts and as they do, they are covering their own butts and showing a lot more "understanding" and respect. That's a good thing. Some are just crooks getting in their last licks. That's a bad thing.
Like that proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, but if you use questions against them and keep everything very, very simple --- you will win.
We continue to post updates and new insights and progress reports and to develop forms, procedures and evidence to help you---- but there is no way for me or The Living Law Firm to do it for you.

Please respect my absolutely mammoth workload.


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  1. Well Anna...since you have appointed yourself the " leader "how about appointing some peop,e to handle apecific matters as " counselers ".
    A good Leader should know how to do this.
    I have no fight with you . I will fight alongside you for what is right.
    Men and women are fundamentally different . We handle every situation from a different perpsective by design. Please temper you critiques of those ( me ) with different methods and perspectives on how to deal with tge immense problems we all have to overcome.
    I am not going to battle you , you are a woman. My job is to protect and defend as a man. Why don't you understand this fundamental difference ?
    By the way..I have done all my paperwork and you know this. I ( we ) helped hundreds of people through the 928 process. I am glad we were able to help. Because we ran into unanswered questions and di not get answers you and I butted heads...divide and conquer..was not my ( our ) intent. ...the man/woman thing again...
    If this is to work more efficiently there has to be a chain of command..and I know you are going to scream that there is . Why is it so difficult for me to get a response ?
    I knkw you are busy. I am too. I am determined to stay the course. In doing so I will need support. I have many here where I have relocated that are anxious to be involved...our State Assembly leader passed this winter and we are in a bit of dissarray.
    This is all new territory for everyone. Everything is vastly different from what they were taught and did for their entire libes so it is a bit daunting for everyone.

    1. I agree with a lot of this post. Not everyone has had 40+ years in which to study and perfect the correct approach to these daunting problems. Certainly scolding people for asking for help is not the answer. Why are there no counselors available? If all of these other subjects/problems are being dealt with, why not the most basic problem, which is the need for people to be guided through the maze created by the false education we've received through no fault of our own? If someone has too many things to do, then the proper approach is to DELEGATE those things to others. Lots of people are too busy dragging their tired @sses to 2 or more jobs every day to keep their family off the streets and don't have the luxury of taking decades to learn what Anna knows. The criminals who stole us blind have loads of minions to make their evil loads lighter, but honest people are just SOL, it seems. I'm grateful for what has been done so far, but asking people to conjure up extra hours in their own busy lives won't confer knowledge, it will likely just discourage people already beaten down by the contempt they suffer every day from the "elites." We don't need contempt from our assembly leaders on top of that.

    2. How many articles does she put out daily? Much the same?
      Have you seen this site? And no i do not support her, i have legitimate concerns. New human?

    Of the Fictional Corporations' Fictional Territories (that is: an inchoate state/s -- inchoate State/s), perhaps;

    but not the NOT FICTION:
    Not and never:
    one of the actual, several States (that is: an actual Sovereign nation or country formed from the inherent authority of the living people who formed the actual Union of the States formed under the Decl of Indep.)

    We have to "rightly divide" the FICTION (the dead) from the NOT FICTION (the living).
    If we don't do that, we can be spun out into perpetual confusion.

    Divide the Dead Fictions from the Living people; and THEN go forward!
    Nothing will line-up until that is done.
    It's easy after that.

  3. And you've been telling it right, too, that we have to have our own financial system (the originators of this Union told us that from the very beginning, too.)

    It really is heartening that so many people are realizing the simplicity of what we, the living, honorable, good, lawful, peaceful men and women are obligated to:
    1. Don't hurt anyone.
    2. Don't hurt or take what belongs to another man/wo
    3. If you accidentally do, then restore them to their former state and condition.

    That's all!

    All the rest is man-made rules regulations, policies, ordinances, bureaus, chiefs, officers, corporations, trusts, citations, municipalities, Territories,... All DEAD FICTIONS. Man-made. That we actually don't have any inherent obligation to subject ourselves to.
    They've beat it into using force and violence, threats and so on.
    But even so, we had to have consented or they trespassed upon us; and we have never lost our right to call for and require full and immediate restoration.

    All the Fictions in the world does not ever change that.

    And further, if they are collecting what we issue and we didn't authorize them to do that, then they have trespassed upon us and are in possession of stolen property and are responsible for same.

    Nothing, changes the laws of nature and nature's creator, not even their arrogant unsubstantiated jibberings.

  4. That comment: "And you've been telling it right too..."
    Was for you SHELBY.

    1. The Brits and Vatican have used THEIR CONSTITUTION the same way they've used THEIR DEFECTIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE DEBIT/CREDIT BONDS they created...
      THAT IS, they have tried to say that both the Constitution and the Birth Certificates THEY created belong to the american people when neither of them do.
      Again, both were created by the Brits and the Vatican and both are and do remain THEIR property, not ours.
      Their creations belong to them, not us and they, the creators, retain all liabilities their creations created.
      We, on the other hand, have a right to all benefit, use, and enjoyment derived from the use of our property. The fact that they used our property without our knowledge or consent does not change the fact that all past present and future beneficial use of our property *IS* our property and if someone uses it without our lawfully obtained authorization, then it is trespassing and we have a rightful claim for restoration of our property.

      It can't be changed.
      It's universal law. Spirit.

      THEIR Constitution was never ratified at the local, state, or union level by the actual american people whose consent is required before they can be governed over.
      In fact, their CONSTITUTION was ADOPTED (FICTION) by THEM, NOT US, *AS IF* it had been ratified by us.

      But it never was.

      For the people who might say, "They wouldn't do that", just take a look at what they did to the indigenous peoples and nations... Cause, oh, yes they would do that and we can see that they already did.

  5. And personal status is one of the things the international court is all too familiar with and that includes what the hell CPS does to you and your kids

    And it says the following

    The Hague Conference on Private
    International Law (HCCH) is a global intergovernmental organisation working for the progressive unification of these rules. This involves finding internationally-agreed approaches to issues such as jurisdiction of the courts, applicable law, and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in a wide range of areas, from commercial law and banking law to international civil procedure and from child protection to matters of marriage and personal status. The ultimate goal of the organisation is to work for a world in which, despite the differences between legal systems, persons – individuals as well as companies – can enjoy a high degree of legal security.

    The Carnegie Endowment set this shit up back in 1903 folks
    In 1903, Andrew Carnegie donated $1.5 million dollars to build The Hague Palace of Peace.


    And if it is then why in the hell is she not aware of the information I just provided seeing as how she is so well versed and educated in all these matters

    And I suggest you read what the hell they are using these damned computer systems for

    And this one here well it has some pretty nifty insights as to their BLOCKCHAIN hellth and wellness shit they been working on

    Soros donates 100 Million
    Bermuda and BLOCKCHAIN
    Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as blockchain-meets-land-titling


    So where oh where in the hell did Miss Anna's BLOCKCHAIN LRS (land recording system) graphical user interface (gui) come from?
    You can bet it didn't come from a rag tag bunch or coordinators

    Wake the hell up folks she is lying to you


      The Human Genome Project was officially kicked off in 1990 even though the preparations for it were initiated in 1988 when the Department of Energy signed an MOU with the National Institutes of Health to jointly development an IT infrastructure for medical research – for mapping DNA.

      And what in the hell does the Department of Energy have to do with the NIH and mapping of your DNA

      MOU is EXACTLY what Medici Ventures and Overstock are doing in BLOCKCHAIN
      Bermuda and an MOU

      Wake the hell up

      You took this womans word for everything and stopped digging and linking this shit all together

      As I said I am a data analyst/engineer and I NO LONGER WORK FOR THEM BY CHOICE
      I kept looking for the data and the evidence and I have just provided you with massive information and these implications are massive
      A HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the other real researchers that I have linked in these comments


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