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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Why is this railroad car labeled COVID-19


  1. Because there is something evil in the Tanks there.

    Here are the familiar FRS seals, went to the UK recently:

    The British Govt lied to their citizens, and/or put deceptive words in American mouths:
    SOLVENCY (Did they just get away with American 1933 Gold? through FDR? Then they claimed to be solvent? They were broke in 1928-1933) and now this new scam? ( coins):

    The Solution for World Poverty
    Since the 1930 Geneva Convention, all Commonwealth constitutions, legislation and statutory instruments are suspended, due to the international bankruptcy. In other words, all world governments and their banking institutions are insolvent and therefore operating in bankruptcy, under the general provisions of the Uniform Commercial code. Thus, the peoples that are deemed citizens under said Commonwealth governments are assumed and presumed insolvent and likewise operating in bankruptcy. (Not all., Excluded 195 Million other defrauded people.)

    The following excerpt is taken from a document titled: How to free yourself from legal tyranny, by Howard Freeman.
    “In 1938, all the higher judges, the top attorneys, and the U.S. Attorneys were called into a secret meeting and this is what we were told: America is a bankrupt nation. It is owned completely by its creditors. The creditors own the Congress, they own the Executive, they own the Judiciary and they own all the State Governments. Take silent judicial notice of this fact, but never reveal it openly. Your court is operating under Admiralty (UCc) Jurisdiction – call it anything you want, but do not call it Admiralty.”
    Howard Freeman
    A Solvency solution has been proposed by the UHTf (United Humanitarian Trust foundation), which has now been authorised and sanctioned by the ICJ (International Court of Justice) and its 19 Regulatory Authorities. The Solution is to offer to the world the first Fully Asset-Backed Digital Currency REVO Coin, which is backed by the digitalReserve. See press release below, dated 7th July 2017.
    UHTf Press Broadcast:
    To all close affiliates, representatives, family and friends: As of this date, Friday 7th July 2017 (7-7-17) at 7.07pm Egyptian time, the Digital Currencies issued by UDCRF (Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation) as the Exclusive Official Issuer of ALL Fully Asset Backed Digital Currencies as Sanctioned and Ordered by the signing of the Agreements with the ICJ and the 19 Regulatory Authorities and Bodies under the direct control and guidance of the ICJ (International Courts of Justice), the ICC, etc went live officially. They are all backed by the Digital Asset Reserve, known as the DIGITAL RESERVE and the ICJ. The Digital Currency known as the “REVO” is Officially Launched to the World as the first and exclusive Fully Asset backed Digital Currency backed by the Historical assets and Treasures and the Asset Backed Accounts that provided for the delivery of Global Projects to help Humanity not just survive but Thrive. The other currencies in the list of Official Fully Asset-Backed Currencies will be launched at a later date and include the following: “DEURO”, “CENTUM” and “MILIA”. These can all be viewed at the following links: and
    Buy REVO Coins NOW
    *** click here ***

    1. These all are c'ba'alist wet dreams, as in: from the Sea/See jurisdictions. But, but, they are using words like Sovereign & Allodial Titles plus they have "Seals" that must be important?! They need your consent to once again have access to your Life Energy that Source has imbued in YOU. Be wary of who or what you "trust" or subscribe to: signing your name to any thing that is not Fully, Transparently Disclosed & this new illusion will cost you BIG bucks, as you to try to save your material existence (check out their fee page). This is NOT transparent, as their "modus of operandi" is deceit, spells combining different languages even to the point of common words that are laced with "legal" words to ensnare you. None of this can suffer Source Light & Love.

      If you thought paper fiat was a good currency, just imagine the devastation this fake digital coinage Will cause?
      All by your consent to "official" looking fake seals, fake foundations, fake digital, fake coinage, fake reserves, fake websites, fake Historical assets, fake Treasures (did you catch that one?), fake Asset Backed Accounts for fake list of Official Fully Asset-Backed Currencies? Or any fake Historical Trusts, for that matter.

      But wait! You can view all this on a website. All that glitters is not gold. Falsely portrayed personalities - false images: All an illusion to convince you & get you to consent to their offerings of "viewable" fakery = adj. Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent & without Full Disclosure.

      You are not children of false god's, they are. There is only one Source of all Energy that has put material into existence & you are wonderfully made with these gifts to dream, envision (to picture to oneself) & create in like manner.

      This is your responsibility as Source's vibrationally created "Child/Being" to resonate Light & Love. To define & expose to Light all the hidden imagery of the bloodline lineages who participate in their murderous SRA, who need our energy to exist so they chose to control/rule Creative Beings of Source's Light Love. But only if each one allows & consents them to, with disclosure or not.

      Keep your self Precious, there is only one unique you & sing your own song of Loving Gratitude.
      Peace. ra

    2. ra: Thank you, you're quite detailed. I know anything associated with SwissIndo BIG $10-Billion currency bills, or the Philippine gold are unreal.

  2. The French misunderstood, how corrupt the Corporations are. The ID on the Tanks marked "GAIX" (Not GATX) is a stock symbol of JPMorgan, close, without the J infront of J(GIAX), a stock symbol of top Banker, not conclusive.

    The French believes it's not possible for scientist to find the Corona-virus cure so fast. They are saying it could be a trap to spread more diseases to people.

    Well, Anna already addressed that the corrupt scientist of Bill Gates & their EU Masters already had a cure, to have the FED inject liquidation into the Banker stocks, to short-selling their stocks, to ride two-way profits, like the 2001, 2008, 1929-30:
    Un train qui "stocke le vaccin" du Covid-19 ? Pas si vite !


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