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Monday, February 27, 2023

Situation Update, Feb 27, 2023 - EPA halts toxic chemical transport after huge public outcry


  1. Medical digital database - It's voluntary until it's not
    Now you know why they had a plandemic!

    1. have you seen anything about this?: those running the CDC/and others intentionally sent the DeathVersion Jabs to the red states while sending the harmless saline version to blue states?
      saw a ref. to an Article from the REESE REPORT, but havent had time to ck it out yet.

    2. Divide and conquer narrative. Too many deaths in all states for that to be reality.

    3. One of the things we have to be careful about is getting sucked into duality games. Right/left, black/white, male/female, blue state/red state, etc. All divide and conquer refuse to play that game.

  2. WeTheLivingPeople have not any Contracts with Those Pirates.
    DearAlmightySpiritusIntelligence TrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingPeopleDNA, Make AmericaFree ofBabilonianDogma, andHealthy andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. m, thou are 100,000,000,000,000,000, infinity% right!
      we do not and we never have had a contract with these evil mans.
      God knows.

  3. Go Figure Lina Hidalgo, the criminal judge in houston, has let Texas Molecular agree to push that Waste water from the firefighting there down underground down near Houston where she is.

    Nevermind the other train derailments, its like setting up easy pickins for anyone looking to create mass Chaos... and since that appears to be the US FED GOV against its own national public, DISOBEY UNACCOUNTABLE AUTHORITY!

  4. Mike starts off by repeating the nonsense that the COVID outbreak started. It didn't start anywhere. The Wuhan "COVID victims" were victims of an EMP in the frequency used by cell phones, people probably dropped dead from resultant clots in the brain. It's possible that GO or GHO particles were spread by micro drones that were seen in the days upto the massacre. It is possible Wuhan was a military demonstration, used again in Lombardy.
    There are no harmful infectious viruses, there is a psyop construct, invisible germs cause illness, that was implemented to avoid complications with the roll out of electrification that had been heavily invested in by unscrupulous wealthy people, that was making people ill everywhere with radiation sickness.
    The radiation, even from domestic cables and equipment assaults the body 24/7/365. The symptoms called the Common Cold and flu are provoked by an increase in damage and destruction of cells that internally create exosomes around waste materials like debris and expel them. If there are a many more exosomes carrying similar waste than normal it triggers a response that involves the removal of the crap via the eyes, nose, lungs, skin and even ears.
    Now the enemy has control of the frequencies that are harmful and permitted by controlled impersonations of governments, it can produce a "flu" outbreak anytime, anywhere where there are wireless transmitters.
    The bought and paid for piece of excrement called Pasteur (there were others) retracted his Germ theory. His retraction was kept hidden until 1993 and even then not widely circulated due to control of scientists, the MsM and science journals.
    Spacebusters completely demolished the transmissible germ nonsense with his "The End of Germ Theory." Doctors Kaufman, Lanka and have worked ceaselessly to dispel the false narrative and many others have lined up to do the same. Terrain is a movie from Dr Kaufman that dispels many of the assumptions used to support the natural, infectious gem nonsense.
    Read my lips. THERE ARE NO NATURAL HARMFUL INFECTIOUS VIRUSES. If there were such, we wouldn't exist.
    People like Mike that sustain the narrative that harmful germs are real should get a job with CNN. IMO.
    Why on Earth would the Pentagon enemy of the planet need to have 160 (tax funded) bioweapon labs around the world if there was such a thing as an infectious virus?
    Why would DARPA need to develop an exosome-like bioweapon delivery system, that the human excrement have consistently failed to make contagious so requires a vector like injections to deliver?
    The people behind the assault on us should be torn to pieces by angry people. Most names are well known, the military corporation top brass directed by the 2 DoDs are not well known. They need to be exposed. The ones in the biolabs in the Ukraine and the US Inc embassy staff in the know would be a good start. Closing (tearing) down DARPA would also be a good idea.
    Beware of anyone sustaining the harmful germ nonsense. The OWG via a UN WHO health dictatorship via endless pandemics based on fantasy germs depends on your twisted belief nurtured by misguided, ignorant and evil personalities.
    Then there's the CO2 bullshit. Another time.

    1. yeh, well, hurry back with that CO2 bullsnit, will you please? :)
      you have a fascinating summary there. thank you so much.
      we may soon find out that they have been routinely using the Technologies you described on our elders for at least two decades and also for many decades on our Veterans, and ActiveMilitary and even their family members; the "chronically ill", orphans, others.

      ran into excellent list shared by someone in a comment section, here were the main points:
      • nanoparticles, graphene oxide turned to hydrogel = "black goo"
      • 5G microchip technology, programmed using cell towers
      • spike proteins
      • snake venom
      • metal particulates
      • SodiumAzide found in some HomeTestKit swabs
      • false positive PRC Tests.

      and i will share my own list im making :
      • fiber OPTICS filled graphene oxide nanoTUBES [??] will try to find this reference... cant read my scribble-note
      • magnetization of the graphene/other metals
      • prions, "madcowdisease"/ "kuru" from 'cain eye bull -ism'
      • aerial spraying: contaminates air, water, soil, plants, animals
      • variously- contamination-infused masks
      • fungi, spores
      • parasites and their eggs, mange
      • heavy metal poisonings
      • mylar nanoparticles [block the sun?]
      • internal bleeding secondary to internal skin damage = overproduction of fibrins in blood
      • rash/arthritis type internal inflammation = same: fibrins
      much more. so much more.

      these freeloading bitches hit us all at once with possibly all of this, plus their fear- mongering; JaydHellm, Gladio-styled "Operations" and other psyops; tearing down our cultures and hiding our fathers and mothers true histories, law, lore, languages; and other so many other abuses.
      i suspect we may not yet see but the tip of their Pre-Planned HORROR SHOW.

  5. And the scabs move in for the buyout of all the property and relocate the animal herd to human habitat urban settlement zones just like they planned

  6. And listin up folks
    They're all hidden relatives folks




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