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Sunday, February 26, 2023

On Becoming True Followers -- and Journalists

 By Anna Von Reitz

I appreciate the efforts of so many, many people worldwide taking up the task and carrying the water for all the crooked, bought off and brainless "professional journalists" of the world, but we all need to become competent at the job(s) we have taken on, and pull together for Truth.  

Show a little reasoning and circumspection and skepticism when stories are presented to you.  Don't just blatt out whatever comes across your desk.  That only compounds the confusion and the problems that we all have to deal with, and it undermines both progress and the credibility of the Alt Press. 

It's okay to go "out there" when you know that you are telling the truth, but at least stand ready to intelligently evaluate things before you start spreading alarms. 

I am probably the first person in American history to openly and in public observe that The Holy Bible can be read in two distinctly different ways.  

Read one way, the Bible is the story of creation, often told in parables and allegories, but told in a heart-warming way as a love story, between the True God and his creation.  Complete with stormy nights, betrayals, and arguments, rescues, and unconditional love, this reading of the Bible gives us heroes and inspiration and guidance for our lives on Earth.  

Read another way, the Bible is the history of Satan and his vain religion of idolatry and shame. From this reading, we see the plots and plans and motivations of this enemy and his swarms of devotees practicing evil on the Earth -- temple prostitution, human sacrifice, murder of babies, idolatry, the practice of lying as an art form, use of drugs, especially snake venom, to promote "religious" hallucinations, spellcasting and all the rest of the Satanic clap-trap. 

Should it surprise us, then, that depending on your viewpoint, who you are, and how you read it, the Bible is a very different book?  

From the standpoint of the Satanists among us, Yeshuah (Jesus) is a bad guy.  He overturned their whole Empire of death and idolatry and fear and ignorance and ill-gotten wealth and coercive power.

Yeah, he's bad alright.  The baddest.  

Imagine my grim amusement to see a blockbuster story from the "Christian" spreading the news that Jesus is a bad guy?
They are parroting the Satanist viewpoint, buying in hook, line, and sinker, and presenting this as Big News to their readers.

No doubt, they are seeing the "other" interpretation of the Bible for the first time, and forgetting about their own version of the story, in which Jesus is the hero of all heroes.  

The same thing happens when people read Federal Code. 

From THEIR side of things, that is, from the perspective of the weird District of Columbia world, we are considered "non-resident aliens".

From our side, they are public employees. 

You have to become aware of the context of things, or you can't correctly interpret where all this crappola is coming from. 

For anyone who is a true Follower of Jesus, the perspective of the Liars among us is a known quantity.  We know it.  We don't agree. 

We think that the evils of idolatry, lies, illicit drug use, disrespect for life, and the other ideas and practices associated with Satan speak for themselves, and we are proud --- proud! --- to take our stand with Jesus against them.  

And we know where the bunk is coming from, because just like Britain, Satan is always at the bottom of the dog pile. 

Someone had better drop a dime on the 


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  1. actually, it was jesuis who said the bible can be read two different ways when
    satan came at jesuis in the wilderness with satan's own twisted version of OT and jesuis said "It is written, .....".

  2. Their "Constitution" isnt signed, only by Witnesses. No Contract was formed. :)
    woman:janmarie. :):):)

  3. I am so tired of your BS. YOU have been soliciting money for ASA. YOU VIDEO TAPED the Bonds you canceled and made such a BIG deal of it more then 2 year ago. Where is the money from that. Now u want 200k to get you to Greece. Good luck with that.
    We were suppose to have Debit cards at least 4 years ago.
    You also wanted to get money for ASA with Hurucane Ian destruction.
    I am still waiting...when someone leaves a comment you never respond to them. WHY?
    PLUS YOU RESERVE the right to delete our comments.
    Sounds like censorship to me and your own ASA.

  4. Anony mouse 6:26 PM
    lt says it right under your comment that the comments can be deleted at any time for any reason but all the years l have been here, l have never had that happen. Paul also warned you that anyone using Anonymouse or Unknown would be automatically deleted and they haven't even done that. And you do it all the time. Why? Maybe you should be more transparent and identify yourself. How do we even know you ever had a comment deleted when you and 10 others all use the same avatar and some on here are suspected of using both, some times their so-called real name and other times, an Anonymous when they feel like throwing rocks and hiding their hand but we know who they are anyway.

  5. Oh the irony of your words! Practice what you preach is my response. You most certainly are not a journalist and have spewed provably false BS on more than one occasion. You're not perfect by any stretch. Might be time for an ego check.

  6. Just got done reading Give Yourself Credit Money Doesn't Grow on Trees by David E. Robinson. Dave explains the duality concept well concerning our Corporate U.S. In regards to "Public Policy" in the corporate world it appears to mean, make a profit. Everything is reversed in UCC land.

  7. Thanks Anna for bringging this important knowlegde.

    GovJobsStats Wow!

    DearAlmightySpiritualIntelligence TrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingPeopleDNA, Make AmericaFree ofBabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  8. The infiltration into the pagan Roman church and according to Winter’s book excellence in the common law tell the story of the pope telling emperor Justinian we’re you failed we will paganize Catholic Church and using Roman civil law will succeed.
    The black judges robes comes from clergy in robes .
    All that ground work but the people created Volks rite ,lex non scripta,Viking law. The Bible or gods law .
    Tried to block the bar with 13th and 9th and 7th but already rights not enumerated shall not be denied nor disparaged.
    That didn’t stop the framers of the constitution all lawyers from completely writing a constitution leading to an end around our god unalienable rights.
    And the Rothschild bar,masons,Illuminati.
    Have closed the door unless we stick our foot in it and shove it back opean.
    Knowledge is power . I preach to my group almost daily being call everything but a sovereign citizen.
    Regardless I battle on the air almost daily on Our biggest platforms.
    Have battled Keith Alexander a valedictorian along side side Supreme Court justice Army comy Barrett .
    Lead to an interesting discussion other top attorneys chiming in our old sage Sam Dixon said I quote the bill of right is law “. Nailed it the Talmudic Antichrist are using Babylonian merchant law .
    Repackaged into UCC.
    Then lord Mansfield mixed English common law with admiralty to crest Equity law that AG Barr said on camera equity is unconstitutional.
    Pick your poison. Just choose summery judgement and let your lawyer accept judges jurisdiction and verdict your all set .
    To feed the slave system
    On the other hand they hate educated victims.

  9. Funny and here we have the fed gov playing at TOP DOWN cuntrol.

  10. Anna could you please censorship troll woman:janmarie off this blog for good!!!!!!!

  11. Agreed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. "The "Christian" spreading the news that Jesus is a bad guy?" Good Job Anna for pointing it out, although I have not read it, exactly. I have read that sincere 'Journalist' is experiencing an overdose of aliens or some fake history that is wrong about some Bible history. Ron Wyatt of Tennessee inspirational finding of the Ark of the Covenant & the dried blood of Jesus on the golden "mercy seat" in Jerusalem, in 1982 is incredible. At his death bed, Ron Wyatt was inspired to state that the Ark of the Covenant w the blood of Jesus disclosure is to show the Universe that, the Son of God Jesus Christ, has redeemed the human family! The Gospel Accounts no where state that Jesus shed blood fall on the Ark of the Covenant. The closest account the disciple John witness in his record was a Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus. Blood and water gushed out and ran down Jesus side into the ground. There are several places in the New Testament that "alludes" Jesus Christ blood got to reach the mercy seat or the earthly symbolic gold covered throne of God. Read the Ark of the Covenant historical dig at the original family website of Ron Wyatt. Pls check the Ark of the Covenant section. God bless Anna and her family for her loving dedication in her great awakening work.


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