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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Evil Peas and Carrots

 By Anna Von Reitz

Forrest Gump always talks about him and his childhood friend (and later, wife) getting along like "peas and carrots" and everyone knows what he means.  Some things just naturally go together. 

It's the same way with corporations and central banks and illegal mercenary operations.  

It will come as a shock to many that central banks are a relatively recent invention, having come into existence shortly before the American Revolution.  It will come as a further shock that the real purpose of central banks is to control the price and availability of commodities-- including money as a commodity.  

If you will think for a moment, you will realize that this is commodity rigging ----and commodity rigging is illegal.  

They only get away with it, because the self-interested commercial corporations masquerading as our government have allowed it. 

Mercenary conflicts are illegal, too.  

The entire "war" that our military subcontractors have waged against our federal civil service subcontractors has been staged by both parties, and it has been cynically used as an excuse for the way these corporations have defrauded all of us and plundered our country for six generations.   

We have direct proof of the collusion of these "governmental services corporations" in this scheme to defraud and plunder since 1937 and that proof has been distributed all over the world: "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".  

We have the names, signatures, dates, and times.... so, what else is necessary for their scheme to work?  Corporations. 

Corporations provide protection for the personal fortunes of the schemers and a lack of accountability for debt (via the privilege of bankruptcy paid for by the public) and a lack of accountability overall.  

If people were facing jail time and loss of their personal fortunes, they wouldn't be doing any of this.  There'd be no point.  They couldn't profit from central banks and wars for profit without corporations to protect them and their ill-gotten gains. 

While trusts have existed since the Crusades, all the other forms of corporation are of recent vintage, starting to proliferate at about the same time as the central banks--- for now-obvious reasons. 

All these B-Corps, S-Corps, C-Corps, NGO's, Non-Profits, Cooperatives, Foundations, LLCs, PLs, etc., have sprouted up within the last 200 years, and all these "business models" have been created by the Roman Curia, which remains responsible for their administration. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, which is the highest form of public law in the western world, the Pope has the right and the duty to liquidate any corporation that engages in unlawful activities.  

These provisions are built into the agreements that allow all these corporations to exist and which provide all these protections for corporations at public expense. 

So we have a Trifecta of Criminality working together and things have gotten so bad that we have madmen like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab building Surveillance and Control States, proposing to own the people of the world as Genetically Modified Organisms, and claiming the right to kill their "property" at will.  

This has to stop and this has to be punished.  

We are, therefore, bringing specific action to force the liquidation of all these war-mongering corporations and punishment of the men who have so grotesquely misdirected their operations. 

Join us.  Everyone in the world has a stake in this action. We have created a way to exit from the evil system for everyone worldwide. It includes a new banking system based on credit instead of debt. 

We have also created the means -- and it is well underway -- for Americans to reclaim the control of their country and their courts:


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  1. I love the new website! God bless all.

  2. Bet it will come as a shock to most people that Tom Hanks & his not so lovely wife are both satanists & pedophiles.

    1. And Tom and Wife have been dealt w/ Already at gitmo!!

    2. 😈 worshippers.

  3. If indeed that Satan is the ruler of this world, certainly you dont think that anything will change until Jesus Christ comes back himself afterall.?!
    Trust in the Lord alone, and fight evil at all costs until the end of the age.!

    1. Christ returned to Ezekiel's temple in montana...

    2. My bible says that every eye shall see him. The so called christ in Montana is Satan.

  4. Bank Of England is a central bank and came into existence well before 1700.

    1. Identified! The Fourth Horseman, the AntiChrist named Death

  5. having issues making account at website,
    where dose the GFG member number come from that the new user form asks for?
    The restructured Assembly of my state is still "acting as a semi private club", and refuses to acknowledge the 928 documents recorded at the County recorders office.
    Its very irritating to know they address the population of our state as " Hey gang" when announcing an "open to everyone who's not been accepted yet" zoom meeting, or worse yer a telegram meeting where nobody used their real names so you never know whom you speak with... all real assistance is appreciated and all the spambots comments can just go sit down. Thank you for your time and consideration, Sean-Monroe.
    I know this has been discussed ad nausium, just can't make "those in charge" at this state do their due diligence after i've done mine.

    1. There's a contact link at the bottom below the 2 recordings.

  6. Demand SILVER in all your transactions

  7. Zec 11:4-6 "The LORD my Eternal One said to me, act the part of the shepard of a flock of sheep that are going to be butchered, 5- Their owners kill them & go unpunished. They sell the meat & say, praise the LORD! We are rich! Even their own shepherds have no pity on them. [6- The Lord said, ' I will no longer pity anyone on earth. I myself will put all the people in the power of their rulers. These rulers will devastate the earth, & I will not save it from their power.'] [Good News Bible]

  8. Identified! The Fourth Horseman, the AntiChrist named Death

  9. There is a ((( deep state approved)))monument in Chicago of three figures Washington,Morris,Solomon doing the Masonic handshake.
    Morris took the 20 million in gold king
    Louie gave us repackaged it in his Bank of America we’re he had full control never paying back Debts to France or our suppliers to troops and the troops went unpaid Washington had to execute several to scare the other soldiers into volunteering.
    If you can read the writing on the wall you will see all orchestrated by Rothschild for more Christian deaths.sworn enemy of the Babylonian Talmudic secret society gang. Order out of chaos. With our Masonic capitol and another Hero tyrant with his massive temple.

  10. Through a number of mishaps in my life I have no one in my physical proximity right now who has known me for at least 7.5 years. So, unfortunately, very, very unfortunately, I cannot register according to the current requirements. Is there a way around it? E.g. going to the embassy?

    1. Have you spoken with your State coordinator? You may be able to mail the filled out Affidavit to those who could to get notarized. The Embassies have nothing to do with the Assemblies that I'm aware of. Best to start with your States Assembly for help.

  11. I didn't have anymore room, and wanted to say the link to the new Global site is Awesome!

  12. Donate?? Haven't the American people donated enough! I'll donate my blood and bullets!! Whenever we the people grow a pair!🦅🇺🇸GOD N COUNTRY 🇺🇸🦅


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