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Friday, March 18, 2022

Fair Notice to the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

Listen up:  “the US” is not America.  

The US is a filthy dirty commercial corporation owned and operated by the Pope.  

Listen up: “the USA, Inc” isn’t America. 

The USA, Inc. is another dirty British Crown Corporation, also ultimately owned by the Pope, with the Queen serving as the Overseer. 

Listen up: the Americans are not paying the costs of any more wars in the Ukraine or anywhere else. 

Listen up: if NATO pulls any False Flags it will be the last thing NATO does.  Ditto that for the CIA and other alphabet soups.  

Listen up:  Vladimir Putin is not the enemy of America.  Joe Biden is the enemy of America. 

Listen up: Joe Biden was put in place by men who hate this country and who bought controlling interest in “the” US, INC.  They put this filthy crook in control to embarrass  America and undermine American interests. 

Listen up:  It is time to put these corporations and the men who run them out of business. 

Listen up: don’t get lost in the drama of any False Flags or War Dramas.  Make it your aim to hunt down those Wall Streeters and politicians and technocrats like Bill Gates who are responsible. 

Listen up; we have been used as cheap mercenaries and abused as useful idiots for far too long.  This time, we charge back every dime. This time our Secret Services takes out those who are responsible for the war-mongering and atrocities — and that does not mean Vladimir Putin. 

This time it’s NATO and DOD that take it in the shorts and get the Pink Slips, and no, I am not talking about their favorite girly underwear. 

Listen up: this time we hold the Pope responsible.  This time we hold the Church responsible for allowing this insanity.  This time we call on every Catholic to wake all the way up and see what their Church has become. 

Listen up: there are aliens and an entire fleet of them parked in hyperspace above this planet since 2012.  These are prison transport ships from other Star systems that are supposed to collect their own criminals and deport them back home.  

Listen up: Eisenhower’s Graeda Treaty and other series treaties apply only to those who are actual employees of the Territorial United States Government. 

Finally, listen carefully— Joe Biden and his corporation don’t own any land in this country. They are bankrupt and we are their Priority Creditors, not their collateral. 

Please, everyone—- wake up!  Move! Sound off!  Make it count!  


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  1. Knocking out the truth in your typical diminutive style :), I love it.

  2. Ok... and whats with the aliens? So much makes sense.. then a right hook...

    1. They say "aliens," but they're either the fallen ones or their departed progeny in manufactured earth suits. But, they definitely have multidimensional attributes. Si?

    2. James: Hey nobody's perfect, at least that right hook wasnt followed by a left uppercut,,
      Suck it up.. act on what rings true and wait and see how the other stuff developes.. after all, as we all know now ,, faries are real too..

    3. "Wake-Up" - Aliens are real and plentiful. You're still asleep if you aren't aware of this by now.

    4. Now what if the earth is a flat plane & enclosed environment? Where would the aliens come from?

    5. Time to wake ALL the way up: "Listen up: there are aliens and an entire fleet of them parked in hyperspace above this planet since 2012. These are prison transport ships from other Star systems that are supposed to collect their own criminals and deport them back home."

  3. By the way, it should say "the US is not us." It flows better.

  4. FYI: The real Bill Gates was expired a few years ago.

  5. All this gets crazier by the day.Eluhem is plural God's Enki and his brother fight over upgrading humans. All ancient texts talks about the ski people or the powerful ones. Biden, Hillary,Gates are doubles. The vaccine is not a vaccine it is nano comp. Chips to connect everyone to the internet of things. Trump is Hilary's cousin. Ukraine has 30 bio labs owned and operated by the Us Inc. Or USA Inc. Anna is suppoibly leading everyone to the new world order. Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy about it. Gates's double is buying all the farmland in America. China owns half of America. THE WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE MAD

    1. No one has gone "mad", not mad enough to do anything about it all.

    2. True. But let me ask you what does one do about it. In a world where the majority have their heads down looking at this little box in their hands and people " don't do politics " and you can't determine who is on the same page as you are. Getting more then 2 people to agree on any given subject, much less getting enough to even recognize we have a serious problem . And agree on what we should do about it. Anything attempted can not be done by one or even just a few. They will be taken out. So it has to be a significant amount of people. The only thing I see that could be done on an individual basis. Would be to empty your money out of their banks, and to boycott every single company on the partners list of the wef.

    3. To: lifeamirage and all other "what does one do about it",, inividuals..


      CLAIM your life back, (declare your status),
      RECONSTRUCT your Lawful government..county's first,
      TAKE BACK america ! !

      Anna--- has been telling you how since 2015,, ON THIS VERY BLOG >> ! !


      GO to - ...

      READ PAGE ONE ! !...
      GET IT DUNN ! !..

      Don't you get it yet ? ?

      THAT means ,,YOU are the "Self" in "Self govern.. '' ! !


      YOU ,, are the ONLY "White Knight" that gives a crap enough save YOUR, Wife, Son, or Daughter..
      (except the pedo's and satanists that want to EAT THEM)

      So get it done..
      You govern yourselves within Public Law and be safe and prosper.


      You LET your selves BE GOVERNED by psyco's UNDER 80+ MILLION statutory laws rules regulations..

      Again-- Don't you Get It -- It's YOUR Choice! !

      A BRAIN DEAD EASY Choice,, from my perspective...

    4. Good afternoon Fred, If you would be so kind to tell Us where, and with whom you do your Banking with in order that we may also open a similar account such as yours that would be most graciously appreciated. A private man / woman should have a private bank account that contains lawful money.I am certain that your account was opened without the use of any Birth Certificated Name, with attached Social Security Number correct. Thanks .

    5. The above is just an honest proper question, my hope is that your response Fred will be in kind as well.

  6. "So Said Fred" has a nice ring to it. It would make a good book title or a blog title. There's your calling, Fred. Say it far and wide, our Republic has not died (it's just been asleep for far too long!) We The People created the government, so We The People can dismantle it. Let it be so, now. Rynn

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