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Friday, March 18, 2022

The Unidollar Concept

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Unidollar Concept isn't hard to understand, if you are familiar with the concept of hedge funds.  It is a hedge currency.  

Because the Unidollar value is based on the value of all goods and all labor traded worldwide, it has a counterbalancing effect.  The price of crude oil goes down?  The sales of refined gasoline at the pump go up.  The price of cotton goes down?  The price of bamboo fiber goes up.  See?  

Because its "value base" is so all-inclusive, the Unidollar is immune to localized market fluctuations and temporary ups and downs.  And because it is not tied to any one labor force or any one commodity as a "standard" it avoids attacks staged by competitors seeking to gain control of it.  

In a sense, the Unidollar belongs to everyone worldwide, so everyone has vested interest in protecting it and nobody gains from harming it. 

The people in Thailand get a new labor contract and working conditions improve --- what happens?  The value of the Unidollar goes up.  The Government of Brazil begins an aggressive campaign to reforest areas denuded by slash and burn agriculture and starts a soil improvement program for villages?  The value of the Unidollar goes up. 

Every investment in improving a country's workforce --- skill building, education, workplace improvements, health programs, etc., etc., etc., ---- results in the value of the Unidollar going up.  Every investment made in cleaning up pollution, improving sanitation, making recycling available, digging water wells, building hospitals and libraries, planting forests, improving soil productivity, etc., etc., etc., ---- the value of the Unidollar goes up.  

Everybody always wants to make a profit.  Everyone always wants financial security and safety.  

Okay, so here is how you achieve both those aims, tied up with a bow. 

With the Unidollar, you can have your cake and eat it, too.  Have your security hedge against market fluctuations and make a profit every time you do anything to improve your own work force and your own environment. 

You profit from your efforts to build a better world for yourself, and so does everyone else. 

The Unidollar currency ties in an additional profit-making motive for governments and individuals to reinvest in their own workforces and their own natural resources-- and be rewarded for this, as the value of their Unidollar holdings increase.

The Unidollar helps reshape not only what we spend as money, but how we spend it and what we spend it on.  

Instead of war being profitable, building becomes profitable.  Instead of slave labor, it becomes profitable to invest in workers and their welfare.  Instead of using and abusing nature for short-term profits, it becomes profitable to nurture nature, because the long term investments show up immediately as gains in the value of the Unidollar--- and then increase over time as those investments bear fruit. 

Instead of competing against each other, the Unidollar gives us a way to connect.  

And that's a good thing, because at the end of the day, there is exactly one planet and one global family of people living here.  We should be helping and encouraging and protecting each other and driving evil out of our world, once and for all--- while protecting our financial security and making a guaranteed profit with every investment we make.  

The Global Family Bank will be issuing the Unidollar as a gold backed currency initially, but from there on, the value of the currency will be pegged against the value of all commodities traded and all labor forces employed worldwide.  The gold value is just an underpinning to get started. 

This is humanity's answer to the cut-throat business world that has dominated our planet for far too long.  This is our answer to not only the question of what we spend as money, but how we spend it and what we spend it on.  

The One Percent will have to get on board or get left behind.  


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  1. oh! their OneWorld currency!?
    its ready for rollout?
    well, maybe thats why they are flying through their Narratives AT WARP SPEED now!
    theyve been having a different Life-or-Death Narrative every three days lol! :):):)

    1. who man jan -- your true colors are flying high,
      your time will come..

    2. thank you fred.
      i do intend to be honest with people, so your backwards compliment on my character is true.

      ...and your time is coming? for what? that sounds like threatening like. what do you mean? you dont mean that your group is planning to harm other people do you?
      exactly what time do you think is planned and coming for people who you/ your group decide you dont agree with?...

      in case youre not being told: people dont have authority to just bring "times" upon other people. there has to be a basis.
      so, i:woman:janmarie require you comment right here:
      what do you believe is planned to be coming for me? and why? by whom? using exactly what authority? and what law? how it is applied lawfully to i:woman, who is man?
      come'on, be brave and fly your own true colors fred.

    3. Yes you can take it as a compliment but if we break it down, Fred's drive by shooting consisted of both an ad-hominem and a slightly veiled threat. janmarie already called you out on it, and I agree with her why not tell everyone what's really on your mind?

      As far as the context of what Anna said, it can be taken a few different ways. One of which IS the intention behind what Anna posted. Fred there is so much deceit and lies and false intention flying around for the past two years over this virus nonsense, that anyone who has even a small clue with regard to the truth is does have an obligation to flush out the facts.

      janmarie consistently is just the messenger, she asks perfectly logical questions without any hysterics or overreaction, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are going to lob shells like that Fred, you are going to be called out to clarify your position, because it's very personal considering both of you evidently don't even know each other.

      And this kind of behaviour on your part is a big part of where the problem in this world starts. So who are you, and what do you want to be when you grow up?

    4. Anna may have the best of intentions in spite of the that there are often lingering issues that go unanswered. And that of course fuels concerns that not all is quite right. I know janmarie would put it more bluntly than I am and that is fine that is her style.

      My mother raised me with a sense of diplomatic intention. My dad however was more of a "shoot first" kind of guy, hence my bifurcated style of engagement from two different personalities. But this isn't about me it's about what Anna said.

      Lots of what Anna wrote sounds fine, it sounds good. I have come to realize that the world understand an insanely long time ago that energy is all that is. We have learned to tap the energy of various commodities that we find around this earth. Oil and coal being two obvious ones.

      Human trafficking and kidnapping for the purpose of forced labor has been a thing since we started walking upright I am sure. In general, everybody can "labor" at something and the human body is remarkably efficient in terms of energy gain for energy consumed.

      The ugly truth is that when people splintered off into elites and commoners, the elites often sought out such positions of power and authority over others quite often because they are too lazy to labor and not smart enough to contribute on any other meaningful playground. No that was not very diplomatic but we need to start calling things what they are. Many people have been doing that for some while.

      I have said this before years ago, but NOTHING gets done in this world without people power.

      Some of it is direct people power through labor and some of it comes from inventing things to magnify people power, like hydraulics or even a simple fulcrum lever to change the balance of energy and power to magnify people power, so that other people can directly labor more efficiently. We need all kinds of people in this world.

      Labor should not be dissed and talked down upon, there are many tasks that have to be done to make a world work. Everyone lives with some kind of roof over their heads and unless they made it themselves, it means that someone else made it for them while they did some other job. Economists call that idea "division of labor" such that everyone does what they gravitate towards or whatever gets them through their life. It isn't always pretty, but the abuses of capitalism are a different discussion that does need to be undertaken.

      People power is all their is in various forms, people energy is all that existed before the industrial revolution in Britain. Look when Moses climbed the mountain to receive instructions from God he didn't come back down with a basket full of "capital" to start businesses with.

      He came back down with a code of conduct for people to live by, well according to what we know about the so called 10 commandments. The earth is here for people to be carefully fruitful with and explore and invent commodities and energy systems. Fire was one of the first such energy systems that if captured is powerful, and it still is today.

      There is a lot more that needs to be said but when Anna said that a currency needs to be directly based on commodities and people power she definitely is speaking the truth. And that needs to be authentic people power, not some jinned up birth certificate labor fraud whereby your labor is contracted out to some other entity who extracts more value from it than you receive back in services and value.

      That is theft and we have seen more than enough of that throughout the history of our pathetic existence on this world. We all need to know who and what we are.

      To thine own self be true. Remember that?

    5. hi will!

      yes, you say-well the main point: we do need to hear, definatively, from these people who apparently(?) think theyre going to bring "a time to come" upon people who dont desire to be a part of their group. ???

      ive got news for them:
      a whole lot of us KNOW that one man can only lawfully effect another man for three reasons:
      1. (the) man agreed, from intent
      2. a man harmed you and you are right to call for restor-ation.
      3. (a) man broke peace; yours or "the".

      i believe that is spiritually- based and was one of the secrets of the Secret Societys, and of "kings": which are the same thing.

      it is:
      the common law for man
      under the laws of nature and natures creator
      that is The Big Secret.

      they know this.
      and so do a lot of the rest of us.
      and, no, were not giving it up.
      this is holding up their plans now imo.

    6. The idea of worshipping gold, silver or other precious metals as a basis for a monetary currency is an old idea. There is no shortage of people that will scream that gold has been money for 5,000 years but those gold bars did not assemble themselves onto the shelves in the vault, somebody had to labor long and hard for that to happen. No people, no gold bars. Or cars, or nuclear power plants, or food for that matter.

      Gold may serve as a proxy for money as a medium of exchange when the value of any other commodity is in question.

      When governments seize the labor power of the public by fraud and basically at gunpoint, you know where the real value is in this world. Anything else they might say is just a parlor trick to distract everyone from the real value of anything in this world. And that would be us. I don't know see why it is so hard to understand. We are the only store of value in this world, the multitudes of us that exist.

      Sure you can acquire land and you will have a real asset, but try working that land to feed yourself for even a short time and building shelter by yourself and you will soon entertain the idea that "many hands make for light work", that is not an accident, along with "no man is an island" the metaphors have been around forever.

      And people will fight that idea, just like they will fight the idea that a government created Covid crisis has any legitimate place. Other than to line the pockets of a bunch of creepy people.

      While we are at peak oil and energy availability, we also need to be at peak shinola sensor detection as Anna likes to say, because peak fraud is all around.

      There are many things that Anna posts that we might quibble with or outright doubt or reject, and we know what they are I am not an apologist for everything she writes. Neither is Paul quite frankly. And many times she posts ideas that do have value and the right instinct that balances some of the far-flung sounding ideas.

    7. will,
      this comment will not do justice to all the thought that has gone on into your comments above but i wanted to just summarize and share a couple points for now:
      there are so many protections on an American mans labor.

      1. in American law, mans labor is not allowed to be bonded or used to back/ "securitize" anything, including "money",
      because that is slavery.

      2. the only "scrip"/ "money" actually backed by an American mans labor is if he writes out his own I.O.U. and another man accepts it.

      3. further protection comes from the still effective Articles of Confederation, Article 8. -----
      where the common treasury is supplied by determining the *VALUE* of the land, buildings, and improvements. ONLY. Not the actual dirtland itself, and not the physical buildings or improvements, but only the VALUE of them:
      and then, its the several States ONLY that can collect a VALUE-based tax amount approved by the people through the several States' legislatures.
      ultimately making it so that neither actual land, buildings, improvements, nor mans labor can ever be used to back FICTIONS as only the VALUE of material things is ever in play in FICTIONS/Commerce/ Kingdoms/ Religions, but never the actual THING or LABOR or man.
      they know all this.

      finally for now, commerce/fictions are not "real", so there is always a risk-of-loss attached to participating in the imaginations of man.
      that is why Lloyds of London/ other "Insurers" ever got put together: men saw the risks involved their in dabblings in what isnt "real": specifically, that they could lose their shirt; so they decided to "pool their risks" and find a wealthy man, who would "under-write"/ take on responsibility for the potential losses inherent in their collective risk-taking adventures, for a "cut" of the profits... so, none of them can never lose...except the "under-writer/s".
      But hes been given full disclosure of the "risk-profile" involved based on the VALUES involved and CHOSE to participate for a chance to share the profits, and coikd have declined, but didnt.

      so none of them have any leg to stand on concerning taking any of our land, homes, labor, sons and daughters or anything that belongs to us unless we harm another man, then were required to restore him.

      they have to give all of our stuff back. theres no way around it.

    8. Yes I agree they are supposed to give everything they stole back, and I agree with your observations about the value of the labor of man. I didn't know about Lloyds of London, but it isn't a surprise considering what we know. And you nailed it with the observation that if the terms are fully disclosed to an underwriter and they sign the deal there is no fraud by the rules. That's just greed and "let he who will be cheated, be cheated" at work.

      Look if they had to invent legal fictions and and all this controversy just to cheat people out of the right to their labor and the value of their energy then they knew full well what the rules were. And still they had to invent a big fish story to rob everyone of their freedom through contrived slavery.

      Everyone is to blame up and down the food chain here, including the Pope for going along with the notion of this, they are responsible for the whole thing. Indeed as Anna has confirmed many times, this whole legal fiction nonsense was dreamed up and administered by the Vatican and they can undo it as easily as it was done, by putting it in writing.

      In fact, the Vatican tried to do the right thing and pull the plug on this whole corporation thing back in 2013 with an Apostolic Letter that was released. But the world yawned and said "wow bummer, but we like things the way they are now thanks" and promptly ignored it. Just kept on doing what they were doing, the gig was too profitable. So who can stop this out of control train if they can't?

      Somebody knows, and that doesn't mean I know who but for every "situation" we find ourselves in, there IS someone who knows the back story and the nuances that are kept from the public eye. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that is the reason why we had to rush to install a Jesuit Pope to prevent the liquidation of the corporations from happening.

      Now someone might say "well the government confiscated all the gold back in 1933, so it must have value" and as Anna has said multiple times the gold belonging to the employees of the corporation providing government services was confiscated if they so chose to hand theirs in.

      But if gold in itself was meaningful enough to fully back a world currency they would not have needed to commit fraud and inflict de facto slavery on not only the employees but the entire public through lies of omission. They know damn well that if they get people to agree to voluntary servitude by fraud that is a different game. So now they have both the gold under dubious terms and the slaves by apparent agreement.

      Well, until the slaves find out what has been done to them, and then I think we see policy unfold as it is now which is to kill off as many as possible and change the terms of engagement from freedom to prisoners of war.

      And I think that by hiding behind the legal fiction of a government services corporation instead of a true dejour limited government with implications for crimes, they believe that the limited liability status provided by the Pope contractually will save them. So bring it on, and let's kill everyone who know what we have done and don't like it.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. will,
      your 5:43 comment:
      i seriously think you actually laid out the high points of the entire mess,... which is NOT easy to do because theyve made the whole thing so convoluted; but, for one example, not *just* the point youve made about the gold/slavery "forms" of wealth, but its also that your question/ recognition of a principle(?)/ illogical-ity underlying what weve been told that was stunning.
      .. like omgosh! this idea has to be developed further! its one of the principles they use to cause harm upon the people that they hide from us!????
      thinking about it the way you wrote it, it seems then: that it is one of several of the spiritual/ "occult/hidden"/ "esoteric" "hinge-pins" of the machinations that are grinding mindlessly over the people and our lives.
      im having a hard time putting this into words.
      but i really appreciate you.
      you have a great mind.
      will give this more thought.

    11. will, also:
      your 5:43 comment:

      because we are both detail- oriented i know you will understand why i bring this up:

      for the record before the people i do make it clear that i did not say "they are *supposed* to give everything they stole back"; [but i support you in your belief that theyre supposed to.]

      for the record, what i said is:
      "they *have* to give all of our stuff back. theres no way around it."
      words make a difference.
      and i fully support you in what you believe is true for you.

  2. OUTSTANDING! Our World and Universe would be one consciousness. We would be thinking with our hearts . I AM the Heart and Mind of the MIGHTY I AM.
    Semper Fidelis

  3. Excellent process how do we bring it work with or replace the current credit cards a legal tender

  4. "the minions" seem to be doing some type of veiled disclosures (after the fact of course) that this "graphene oxide" has been being put not just in the present "vakcx" but also in foods! that, to me, would help explain some peoples' braindead types of behaviors.
    also, supposedly also put into chemical trails, prescrips!, over the counters, prior flu and other medival in jeck sions... and in the water.
    the "graphene oxide" is apparently used in electronics, computers, for connectivities purposes/other.
    the theory is that: this graphene oxide (and/or) other elements plus electricity, will make their all-connected "Singularity" work:
    one world, one bank, one religion, one leader, one thought:THEIRS: creating the "Hivemind", and so forth and so on that we all probably realize by now.

    1. so im figuring, for now, that this has been done, tried, or is partly operational upon those people who have been unintentionally sucked in or who have agreed to participate, usually in exchange for "credits" and or other fictional favors, benefits, immunitites, privileges, including various being promised various positions of "power", in their neighborhoods and so on.... like to be part of the one world govt as its "little fiefs, rulers, or barons"!!!

    2. no man has to join any group.

      i am counting "graphene oxide" to be a heavy metal/ derivative that is harmful to man/ can be /is used to harm man.
      man has, then, right to lawful claim for restor-ation.

    3. Well yes, and further, what exactly is in the chemtrails that they splash around and what is it for? There is a lot of speculation and somebody knows the truth, but heavy metals are spoken of. And can we speculate that some of this graphene oxide compound has found its way into the mix?

    4. the old people traditionally used garlic for a "cleanse" along with other things, including:
      cilantro, chlorella, dulse, sarsaparilla.
      decades, centuries back they concentrated on cleanses for systems:most wellknown:
      blood cleansers: greens
      liver cleansers: milk thistle, dandelion root, yellow dock
      kidneys: uva ursa, juniper berry, parsley,
      lungs: marshmallow root, mullien
      skin: skin brushing, aloe, chamomile, calendula/ marigold,
      colon: to carry it all out of the body: brans, fibers, muciligens (slippery elm, flaxseed, chia seed.).

      edible charcoal and clays.
      sunshine, sweating, various baths.

      John Christopher, jethro kloss,
      ann wigmore, many more.

      i am starting mine today:
      oat bran, psyllium husk powder, flaxseed meal, swiss kriss; milk thistle, dandelion root, yellow dock, beet root combo; activated charcoal... will add and subtract as i go along.
      (wheat bran is cheaper than psyllium husk)
      got most of it on sale. only costing about $20.

      we do not have to be sick.
      whats my INTENT?
      that is law concerning i:woman.
      no man can change that: it is so.

    5. also everyone, it seems that traditionally, the following herbs were used to cleanse the body of what we now refer to as "heavy metals":
      chlorophyll: greens (alfalfa is fairly inexpensive especially if buy on sale)
      red algae or dulse or Irish moss
      chlorella, spirulina.
      again, activated purified charcoal, edible clays.
      many more.
      God is so beautiful. i love his plan and cooperating with him.

    6. This world is an both amazing and beautiful place on the surface, and a hellish nightmare just under the surface. At the same time, thus qualifying as a dichotomy of purpose. Difficult to imagine or fathom, and most people look away from the misery. It is too painful to look at directly, a bit like looking directly into the sun. But the sun is a powerful disinfectant and that knowledge is powerful. I like that you said that God is beautiful, it can be hard to understand God the creator. Until you look around at creation. And the perfection therein. That doesn't happen by an accident of any kind, the reason many people are not aware is that we are not educated to realize that. We have to find that out on our own by diligent study of nature and this stunning planet.

    7. im glad you knew what i meant when i said god is beautiful will:):).
      and yes our home is stunning.
      ...i think we oughtta take it back:)... (we do that first with our mind, your:"We have to find that out on our own by diligent study of nature and this stunning planet.")

      did you find that song i left for you? for some reason i thought you might particularly like it but i dont know why.

  5. Hi Anna et al

    Blessings to you all.

    I am from Australia and am relatively new to this community.

    I am currently completing the re-conveyancing of political status process that you, Anna, helped to "Australianize" based on your research and experience in your country.

    I owe you as do a growing number of Australians.

    Where can I learn more about the "unidollar" concept and is there anything I can do to help you develop and promote it?

    Australia is filling up with men and women who are horrified to discover that they have been lied to, manipulated and stolen from all their lives and in many cases, have had loved ones effectively incarcerated, medically damaged and even killed for the convenience and enrichment of the powers that be.

    They are joining all sorts of groups and political movements in their search for a way forward and out the "matrix" that they were born into, but which they now see for what it is and want out for the sake of something genuine and moral.

    I have a meeting tonight with my adult nephew and his girlfriend who are both aghast at the AUSTRALIA (INC) they currently find themselves entrapped in.

    I am going to introduce them to the re-conveyancing of political status process.

    They are young people in their thirties and very representative of many others like them.

    I would like them and people like them to see your movement as something they can unify behind and am doing my best to see that happen.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Richard, I'm from Canada and it's appalling how the governments in Australia have behaved towards its own people. I can't understand how so many crazy politicians who behaved so badly were called out as tools of the state through blackmail etc., and the system there is still in place.

      And then we had our own tool of the state Trudeau show us how things are really done with the truckers convoy in February. We had bank runs here if you didn't know that is how bad it got.

      Now the entire world knows that Canada is a bad place to park money if it will be so easily confiscated as their plan has been all along, but was demonstrated to the world. And not a peep from the banks here about the legality or the even the morality of such actions which the world recognizes as fraud and theft.

      They gleefully participated and there are now, and will be more than a few lawsuits flying around over this. And my God the reaction towards the supporters, that was really over the top.

      I think I know where their soft spot is, but it is an uphill battle to do that with a dysfunctional media. Well actually it functions just fine for them, but not for the rest of us. The courts are another battleground, it can be difficult for people to understand that their foreign courts are not about the rest of us. It was all deviously designed and implemented.

      I have said this before but there seems to be more information regarding America than any of the commonwealth countries. Most people like your nephew when red-pilled have an initial reaction to shoot the messenger, and go through the typical grief process as with any traumatic experience. Denial is first, and Anna has put a lot of useful factual information out there to help understand what we are all dealing with. There are ways they are vulnerable and we see their reactions as they try to tighten up on their weaknesses by choosing to declare war and the rest of the world that isn't one of them. The world moves in cycles and we are in another cycle, but it is hard to disentangle from it all.

  6. Dear Paul Stramer,

    I hope you are doing well. I am having an issue posting a comment it keeps saying...

    (Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters)

    My comment is not as long as some others that I am reading here. Do you happen to know why?

    I also subscribe to your blog. Please advise.

    Thank you!

  7. Woman:Janmarie,

    Many people seem to be excited about this I don't share their elation.

    Many questions have come up over the recent months that:

    1) neither Anna nor Teri want to address.
    2) or people have openly attacked ASN's for asking.

    Anna has ridiculed ASN's for using private emails like protonmail, why? Because she said that we are to be transparent in what we do and yet, she doesn't feel the need to be clear and transparent with us?

    We have asked to see the building she purchased. Anna couldn't do that because of the security issues?? Hello, she bought a Wells Fargo Bank building. I think "they" know. What name did she buy it under? So we have nothing to hide, right? She is already in contact w/ bankers all over the world, and it seems that they know more thank we do, so I don't understand the security risk for us to know.

    The gold that she has in her possession, many that is the security issue? Is it being held at that building w/ armed guards present at all times? Is it being held by a "trusted source" for protection? That sounds like a lot of gold for grandma to transport.

    We never get to see or meet ANY of the **900** people she has working for/with her. On and on it goes and we ASN's are kept in the dark.

    "Because the Unidollar value is based on the value of all goods and LABOR TRADED WORLDWIDE, it has a counterbalancing effect. The price of crude oil goes down? The sales of refined gasoline at the pump go up. The price of cotton goes down? The price of bamboo fibers goes up. See?

    No, I don't see. Why wasn't she transparent from the beginning that she was going to have a global currency, tied to, first gold, but then transition into being backed by our LABOR and COMMODITIES TRADED w/ the control mechanism of "hedge funds?" This doesn't raise a red flag for everyone?

    So we are still going to have a "STOCK" market too?? How different will this be from the current fiat system that is tied to the petrodollar now, as well as being a debt note that is tied to our LABOR? It certainly sounds like there will still be incorporated entities involved in American business affairs in a system that can be corrupted.

    I think it is telling that she would initially back the Unidollar w/ gold and then transition to labor and resources when I have heard her say that we don't need money AT ALL, and I happen to agree, BUT that is a far cry from this new global venture that will be tied to our physical energy once again.

    How on earth can se be so sure that hedging prices is not going to keep these parasites in business w/ an unfair advantage over us? What is wrong w/ free trade, supply and demand determining prices? Are the free people managing the resources properly like good stewards doesn't seem to be part of the equation when prices are artificially hedged against one another. Hedging prices doesn't sound like our resources will be kept from being depleted at all, being people will be more concerned about profits yet again. Free, voluntary investments into what the free people want to build lawfully, based on supply and demand isn't a good way to manage resources now? Why hedge on the resources that can be artificially shorted and controlled? See Part 2

    1. Her example of crude and gas and cotton and bamboo is an artificial assumption that there will be more cotton purchased because it is at a lower price. If a corporation makes plans to buy bamboo when it is cheap, for a product to sell in the future when Bamboo goes up in price, and the people determine that this product is NEEDED, guess who pays the high price for it, the people! Then say the people decide ok, we need to create this same technology using cotton; where is the responsible management of the resources, and how are they being addressed if everyone is still worried about their bottom line? This totally reeks of Rothschild to me. And before I get threatened by someone for writing it, just act like a [wo]man and EXPLAIN how I am incorrect, and then maybe I can see the full picture because this article does nothing for me, but has me asking more questions. EXPLAIN to me how her plans address the intelligent management of the earth's resources and all her talks in the past of FREE energy resources?

      Her articles in the past, have not spoken highly of hedge funds or the STOCK market, so why as as if this is such a great, uncorruptible idea now? There are no more talks of the Jubilee which is OWED to the people. No more talk of getting our credit, just a shift in the global currency? Will we be using our "lawful money" to pay off debts that we are owed a credit on? The vendor cards; will we ever see the light of day again on those? And what about the FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY?

      There is no real written, articulate plan that we Americans can have clarity on. No Q & A's? It DOES, however sound truly sound like she has stated numerous time... She initially started this for HERSELF and is bringing us along... we have NO SAY, not even to question for clarity. There is a problem w/ that... she doesn't own us or the earth's resources and w/out the people and those god given resources, what exactly is there to "claim?" Just the gifts that god as given her, so yes, while she has started this for herself and held the door open for us, which I would like to greatly appreciate, I still don't exactly know what I am signing up with to show my appreciate for.

      May I remind the possible coming attackers of those with questions, the people not asking questions is the entire reason we are here to begin with, and I do not think that my question are AT ALL something that she be met with hostility or ignored because they are real questions that are meant to bring clarity for everyone.

      What kind of contract do you sign since you joined the Assembly that you don't question? If you aren't doing that, you really don't have a meeting of the minds and can't really say you have a contract... buyer beware!

    2. Sorry for all the errors... typing and editing on a small window became nearly impossible w/ a jumping cursor. Hope whoever reads it, understands what I was trying to say. If anyone knows how I can get back in to edit it, please advise. Thanks!

    3. Janice, with regard to your clerical issues I too have encountered that error (max 4096 characters). If you do encounter the limit for what you are typing you can save everything you wrote by highlighting the text in the smaller text area for this blog first. Hold down the Ctrl key and press A and that should select all the text in blue.

      Then hold down Ctrl and press C which will copy all the text that is in highlight to the clipboard. Actually you should open a text editor like Notepad prior to doing that and then click your mouse cursor in Notepad and hold Ctrl and press V and that will paste everything into Notepad.

      You can edit everything more conveniently in Notepad and you can split it up into whatever size you want from there. Go back to the smaller window provided and paste in as much text as will fit within the 4096 character limit. For anything in excess of that, you can just open another post and paste the balance of what you wanted to say in that so it will at least be consecutive. If Notepad had a character counter it would be easier to know where you are at. Some more advanced text editors do a better job of providing diagnostics like that, but you can get by.

      Alternatively, you could start everything in Notepad and then paste it into the smaller text window. Sorry I guess that sounds like more than you wanted to know, but as a nerd I understand these things can be distracting for people. Besides you did ask for assistance, be careful what you wish for in this life LOL!

    4. Janice, our civilization is very tenuous, just a thin veneer keeps it more or less in place. They say that 3 days or so is the max in a grid-down situation and then the freaks all come out.

      Anna is hoping that people can figure everything out more or less by themselves or with intelligent collaboration. The more she sticks her head up the more likely she is to get shot by the people who always want to run everything. And even when you get away from the bastards they still show up again eventually wanting to run everything. Monarchs for example, are like that, just a bunch of psychopathic control freaks.

      She has to balance a fine line and by giving people news they can use. Thus there is a hope that if people ask questions as you are doing, there is a greater probability that they will stumble upon solutions that may work. Look at it this way for all the effort that was undertaken by the founding fathers of America with the intellectual property involved in setting up a country that might work, it didn't take long to be usurped by bad actors. Those bad actors will always be present and mostly behind the scenes except for periods like now when they are coming out of the woodwork. The WEF and the Davos elites come to mind at this time, they are public enemy number one right now. We have only been hanging on by the skin of our teeth up to now. Thus the thin veneer of civilization I mentioned.

    5. Don't get me wrong I am not an apologist for Anna, and Paul is not either, there are plenty of "issues" in her published work on this blog. On balance it still tips towards the positive with information that many people would find difficult to locate.

    6. hi janice a©!
      ive skim-read your comments and wow, theres alot in them.
      the good part, imo, is you understand enough to be seeing how many pieces dont seem to "click" together.... you want to know, then.... no answer.
      thats been a frustration for scores of people for many years!
      anyway, i want to read your comments word for word tonight with undivided attention and comment back then.

    7. @Will Smith, woman:janmarie, Janice A - Best thread at Paul's blog in ages and possibly ever. Thanks to each of you.

    8. Thank you Alan S., much appreciated.

      So I was reading Janice A (with little copyright symbol that I don't remember the code for, but janmarie does LOL) again, her main two posts and there is a lot to unpack. She is thinking hard about how it would all work and bless her for doing that. Something everybody needs to try.

      I guess because I am in Canada I perhaps feel like I don't have a direct dog in this fight because as it is described by Anna it affects Americans at least at this point. We seem to face a common adversary as Trudeau made very clear in February over the trucker convoy so we have common ground and any solution will have to neutralize the elitist cabal that is common to all.

      Janice is asking some tough questions, the kind that janmarie typically would ask. Anna's post appears to be a lot of patchwork ideas that should invite the participation of all Americans. If it is just dictated from the Ivory Towers then you will end up with the same thing you already have. With just a different set of dictators, a bit like nutsy Trudeau up here. When I am supportive of Anna I mean from the point of the historical perspective she brings not only to your direct circumstances but indirectly to all of us.

      Janice has clearly been following along diligently and has shown many cases where Anna does appear to change strategy from one point to another, that is quite true. We don't know how connected she is to the big world. You mentioned Free Energy for example, which is a topic near and dear to my heart as an engineering designer, and Anna has made reference to some of the crippled science before, she mentioned what she perceived as errors in science, including something called Maxwell's equations which govern electromagnetic wave theory, which is what light itself behaves as. Well, there is a duality with Quantum Mechanics as well but no need to quibble over details. There are aspects of our science that aren't entirely right and it cripples our understanding of progress that could be made, and she did mention it.

      A big, big problem right now is energy, we are just starting to see the ugly face of it showing up as high gas prices for example and that is a real problem. There are some good reasons to pivot to Thorium molten salt reactors, which are considered nuclear but they are not new. America has had a tremendous head start and history with experimental reactors in Tennessee back in the 1940's and it was successful then. But surprise, the war machine decided to go with pressurized water reactors with Uranium 238 because you can breed Plutonium 239 and then you have yourself a nuclear weapon.

      These small molten salt reactors are insanely safe and brilliantly designed, we don't have to run out of energy with inferior solar panels and windmills that they seem to want to promote.

      The whole thing is rigged at the highest levels and we are the chumps they expect to pay the price for the stupidity and I can tell you that molten salt is as close to Free Energy as it gets and it's already here.

    9. thank you alan s.! :):):)


    10. hi janice a ©,
      yes thats one helluva lotta gold for a grandma to be toting around. :):):)

      im going to start at your "no i dont see...." paragraph:
      yes! what you described should definitely raise red flags! ...when they do things like that do they really expect the people to think they havent known from the beginning that something like this is what they were planning to do??? that dog dont hunt.

      so we are still...:
      agree 100%.

      i think it is telling...
      absolutely. *ANY* thing tied to our labor is SLAVERY, pure and simple.
      and ageee: we dont need "money"...
      "money" is just whatever we all agree to recognize as "money"; [my friend is an indigenous American princess and she wears her nations jewelry around her neck --- worth thousands of
      dollars in her nation --- in shells.]

      how on earth....
      absolutely agree.
      youre using total logic imo.

      her example of... and "...where is the responsible management of the resources, and how are they being addressed if everyone is still worried about their bottom line?..."
      imo, that is the main question in your comment so far and
      alot of us recognize that there appear to be "at least a few of these very important steps being *skipped*" when the issues are explained!!
      "...EXPLAIN to me how her plans address the intelligent management of the earth's resources and all her talks in the past of FREE energy resources?..."
      imo again: if these two issues were used to create interest in people and cause them to join? then, those questions are especially appropriate; and full, honest answers are owed or else it makes it seem like perhaps the issues were just used as bait to lure people in, "bait and switch" type of thing.

      her articles in the past...and entire paragraph:
      all those issues would be red flags for me too.

      there is no real written...
      :):)say what?...!she did it for herSELF, shes just bringing us along...!!!?
      WHAT!??? :):):)
      YER kiddin' me!!
      she just "reconstructed" a whole new "The United States of America" for herSELF? ... ya've gotta be kidding!!!!?

      absolutely right: "meeting of the minds" is an "element of contract".

      so the overall sense is that perhaps nothing has changed....except maybe the type of fiat currency; but still no free energy; no Jubilee, no credit, no vendor cards.... and no ANSWERS.

      i hope you keep posting your comments.

    11. This particular post by Anna is a trigger for me and it was a trigger for Jancice A, and janmarie also. I have an eclectic range of interests and one of them is the economics of money. Money is incredibly hard to pin down, and even the various branches of economics have differing ideas on what money is, how it originated.

      I have done a lot of research on money because I just could sense that the whole notion of money as we practice it has a lot of baggage associated with it, including outright fraud through central banks, including your Federal Reserve. As a major nerd I listen to a lot of videos (and read papers including old books on the subject of economics) using a computer next to my bed, both before sleeping and when I wake up at night. Which happens every night actually.

      Money is insanely important, and your founding fathers gave congress an exclusive right to control the money supply, which we know the Federal Reserve hijacked in 1913 up until today. We know the Fed is a private group who print up money more or less at will, using the cutesy arrangement that the government has with the public by drawing them in as guarantors of the debt of the government via the Income Tax and other taxes.

      The various ideas about economics are organized into categories often called "schools" for schools of thought. The Austrian school is one such group, among others. One of the most recent is something called MMT or Modern Monetary Theory. If you follow anything to do with both of those schools, they are on diametrically opposite ends of the theory.

      Anna would do well to involve the public in some kind of coverage of economic schools of thought as a precursor to the ideas that she used to draft the idea that she has for the Unidollar that she spoke of. Her instincts about the value backing a currency are on the right track I believe by tying it into the value of labor, creativity and people power.

      When the government used fraud to entrap the public in schemes via the mechanism of the Birth Certificate, they knew that gold traditionally held value by serving as a mechanism for facilitating balance of payments between trading partners or countries. That was well established, but the people traded using silver as a medium of exchange. I could go on and on but it might be helpful to find a way to ask Anna to engage in a conversation leading to more detail in how she got to where she is with the Unidollar.

      Because believe me, people are having those conversations all the time now with regard to crypto currencies and imagining a different world than the one we have now. Crypto may as well be the equivalent of "Crypto-nite" to the status quo elites who don't want anything to shake their tree. How dare the small people imagine a world without them dominating.

      This should be the start of a long series (of sometimes) intellectual discussions, it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the process if Anna just comes out and declares through a simple post that this is how it is going to be. We all have been through that approach and we can see how it turned out can't we?

      Getting money and people right is the most important thing in big picture. And if someone is not planning to get either of those right then we'll all have more of what we already had and didn't want. Are we doomed to repeat the same Groundhog Day series of events over and over with the same result?

      This is the right battle in this dirty little war. Many people are conditioned to believe that the overlords and government types are just incompetent. Crazy.

      Yeah crazy like a fox this is no accident and they know what they are doing.

      We have already had the first battle with our little dictator up here and that played out in front of the entire world, all the dirty deeds and ugly scars. The media is the only thing keeping a lid on it by continually gaslighting the public regarding the spectacle that we all observed.

    12. hi janmarie, your post at 10:34pm yesterday was a hoot when you said that Anna just reconstructed a whole America by herself, and you made an excellent point. Very funny.

      If this is all true what she is doing, in years from now the founding fathers will have to be replaced by the founding grandma who lived about as far from anywhere as you could possibly be and still be on this planet.

      Don't want to be a jerk or anything, but if she is going to achieve anything remotely close to what she claims she wants to accomplish, I think the rubber is going to have to hit the road a bit more.

      What is it going to take for the ruling elite to agree that we discovered all their little tricks and they are rolling back their corporate fraud and will stop trafficking in humans for purpose of labor and intellectual property theft? Really, what will it take? How do we wrestle them to the table? Anna has said many times that we have to coexist nicely with them while in America she runs the unincorporated America from who knows where? Pennsylvania I guess. How the hell would that work?

      Well children, there is one government that we don't have to pay attention to anymore, and another one that we do have to.

      Can you run them out of town on a rail, send them to Camp Gitmo a luxury resort in the Caribbean?

      We do know that it needs to start with WEF, WHO and a whole whack of alphabet soup orgs. Everyone says it is a foregone conclusion that the world as we know it is over. Are they all part of the controlled opposition to deprive us of hope?

      This will sound odd, but today is the first day that the mask mandate has been lifted here in Ontario. I went to a couple of stores and raced around without a mask like a showoff haha! And I can tell you that the face mask was the first leg of the obedience training required to condition people to get the vax too. Only a small number of people were without, including people walking around outside and in their cars. It looks NO different.

      I even asked one kid in a grocery store if the management told the employees that they have to wear masks and he said no, but by mom said I had to wear a mask. I'm sorry but that is both funny and pathetic at the same time. An acquaintance at my bank said two weeks ago that he thought they might be able to ditch the mask and then last week he was a bit grumpy as he said the bank told them all they would have to keep wearing a mask and keep those stupid clear plastic barriers in place.

      That's because the bank knows what the miliary knows which is that the virus will fly thousands of miles over the ocean to find a lone aircraft carrier and get jiggy with all the people on the ship...

    13. will,
      no, i dont have triggers, you dont either (likely), nor Janice A.©.
      ---they get us to using, upon ourselves in our everyday lives, *their* terms for the evil acts they do and im trying to not cooperate!
      in case you dont know, trigger is an MK ULTRA Term for someone who has been Satanically Ritually Abused, usually sexually and using physical torture, both, when they are very little, where their personality is fragmented so that "Their Handler" can make a certain sound or say a certain word, show a picture-- whatever-- and then when those victims hear/see that trigger the victims do things theyve been "programmed" to do at the time they were being secually or otherwise brutalized. its a horrible evil and made all the worse for it being done on little sons and daughters,.... lots of whom, they say, are brought into that Program-ming through "Child Services" and "Family Courts" and thru for example the Canadian Residential Schools for Indigenous Canadian "Children" (a Commercial Term).
      Thank God i have not experienced that! and if i know anyone who has, they havent told me about it but i believe it is likely very widespread since it seems to spring from the "Not zees" and is very serious, and absolutely sickening to treat tiny little ones that way. this mcallistertvonline datte com i have mentioned a couple times before has reported ALOT about that. she gets waaaay "out there" sometimes, but oh well, 70% of her content is of interest (to me).
      anyway, actually. no i didnt really even comment on it except to make fun of it, in my first comment.
      i have not even tried to keep up with "the money thing" since it seems to often almost completely change from day to day.
      but im glad you and others do, so i can get your opinion, which i trust.

    14. okay will, so now anyway on a lighter note, youre quite the little Comedian yourself tonight, arent you?!?:):) :

      "...from now the founding fathers will have to be replaced by the founding grandma who lived about as far from anywhere as you could possibly be and still be on this planet." hahahaha!!!
      "Anna has said many times that we have to coexist nicely with them while in America she runs the unincorporated America from who knows where? Pennsylvania I guess. How the hell would that work?" lol!! "Quaine of Ammerrka"! hear!hear!
      "I went to a couple of stores and raced around without a mask like a showoff haha!"
      "That's because the bank knows what the miliary knows which is that the virus will fly thousands of miles over the ocean to find a lone aircraft carrier and get jiggy with all the people on the ship..."
      oh Lord have mercy on us all because this is actually **TRUE**!!! looool!

      majorly FunnyStuff there willsmith!!
      you had me cracking up!

    15. will,
      your: "Everyone says it is a foregone conclusion that the world as we know it is over. Are they all part of the controlled opposition to deprive us of hope?"
      yes. its surely shaping up to look that way.

      but i dont believe them.

      i have something i was looking into and mulling over today... was in the back of my mind all day. still is.
      im ruminating....moooooo:):):)!!

      but i think the entire puzzle is already up on the table and its just the last few pieces that have to be snapped in place before we all go.... oh, ..... yeh, ........ there it is....
      im talking about the simplicity of it. "yeh,.. there it is..... i see it now."
      i sense it is so very, very simple but (has been) made very, very complicated, layered, illogical, counter-intuitive, complexed, overwritten multiple times, confused and confusING just to cover that up. the simplicity.

      life is supposed to be simple.
      and pleasant. and enjoyable. at least most of the time.

      i still think you pretty much laid it out in that one comment of yours.
      am going to sit down tomorrow at lunch and look that over again.

      theres more to say but, its way more than i can peck out with my index finger tonight!! :)

  8. You should by now understand that your associations have been infiltrated by people that don't want them to succeed. In the truckers convoy we experienced here in Ottawa last month, they bring in agent provocateurs that are paid by the other side to do things to discredit the operations and those actions are the ones that get all the media press. You are experiencing some or maybe many of the same problems, and Anna has said as much in the past it is to be expected.

    Look the Pope laid claim to the world and everyone in it with a Papal Bull in 1302 called Unam Sanctam, and they believe it still, so it's not a recent thing that we all find ourselves wading through.