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Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Truth About January 6th Documentary

Gateway Pundit Releases Bombshell Debut Of Exclusive Documentary: “The Truth About January 6th”…Featuring Narration by J6 Prisoner Jake Lang From Inside Solitary Confinement


  1. Thanks Paul. I watched this film yesterday and feel that it is a well-produced and insightful piece of honest journalism. To flesh it out a bit more, here is the Revolver news article on Ray Epps, which is a long and tedious read if one clicks on the many videos included in the article, but well worth one's time.
    Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6
    Thank you for posting this video!

  2. real name is Dmpf..Hilarious

  3. Please don't be surprised when I tell you that I don't appreciate being called an idiotic nutcase and/or an ignorant fool. I normally ignore people who have no better sense than to insult folks the way you've just done, however, in your case I'm compelled to notice that your post is precisely the sort of psyop known to be a tool of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for creating confusion and various other forms of distraction in comment threads on Al Gore's Internet. I would suggest you check your blood pressure, and then realize soberly that the film you're screeching about is NOT about Trump.
    Be healed.
    Be happy.
    Be observant.
    Be accurate in your interpretations of reality, and, most importantly,
    Be quiet until you learn some manners, eh?
    The film is about the fedgov's resentment that "we the people" chose to visit our house on the hill to remind the statist-minded politicians who work for us of their duty as our representatives. The film is NOT about Trump. And your psyop is so obvious that you might want to consider trading in your current handler for one who is a bit wiser and who can perhaps teach you some tricks of subtlety so you can more easily sway attention away from truth on the Internet.
    Elias Alias

  4. Folks, I Remember somebody submitting equal votes to a vote counting machine to see how it would register them!!! They found it flipped a percentage of Trump votes to Biden!!! Corruption of software in the Vote Counting Machines STOLE THE ELECTION!!! There should have been a forensic examination of the vote counting machines!!!

    1. The machines aren’t the only way the election was stolen. The machines were thoroughly examined with millions of dollars being spent to do so. Ask Mike Lindell! The film “2000 Mules,” took things a bit further, and proved another way the election was stolen, via individuals stuffing ballot boxes. The movie not only captured the mules on video doing this, but because they carried their cell phones, investigators were able to identify each individual. You really should watch that movie.🙏🏿❤️

    2. They also used a lot of Mules to stuff mailboxes in the middle of the night using forged signatures in all the key States. Highly illegal.

    3. if its a Foreign Corporation's Election that the American peoples' "vote" doesnt decide the outcome of, then its a diversion and is wasting the American peoples' energy, emotions, time, and resources

  5. Why do you White people insist on playing games with yourselves? Everyone with a functioning brain cell knows the 2020 election was stolen from Donald J. Trump. You White people from the beginning of your rise to world prominence and domination to the present have made the same mistake over and over for centuries. Well, what's that? ANSWER: For over 1,000 years, you have consistently failed to establish a legal and lawful secondary system of control over your governments that has the power and the authority to act when an unelected bureaucrat, heads of government agencies; top secret or otherwise, corporate executives and their shareholders, elected representatives of the people, presidents, senators, kings, queens or emperors become corrupt, comprised or tyrannical. This includes your judges. There is no better time than now to do something about it. WHY WHITE PEOPLE? White people are the creators of all the governing philosophies currently existing on the planet including all the isms. No other race has created any governing philosophy or system that controls the destiny of billions of people. Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking that eliminates anything and everything that separates and divides is still unknown at this point in time. Despite this undeniable fact, thanks to Paul Stramer, Ed Movius and thousands of others that have made the writings of Anna Von Reitz available to the public, You White people have a tremendous opportunity to correct your over 1,000 year old mistakes with your State Assemblies so the tragedies of the past will not be repeated in the future,

    1. I, too, have observed the weakened governing system we are under. It clearly needs to be tweaked. Via your commentary, do you have a better system? If so, we're open to hearing it

    2. I have to question the thought of blaming race for sin. All the controlling sin is a choice by groups of satanic oganized cults. All these cults have different looking people that serve Satan and or the monitary system. The banking, insurance, governmental, and military systems are controlled by cult groups. They are satanic globalist control freaks. Many do look white. That is not the issue. The real issue is secret societies and groups that conspire to seek, kill,and destroy.
      Creators of division, scarsity, and wars. You will know them by thier works.

    3. My question to you is, why are you obsessed with race/skin color? If you are one of those who consider yourselves the "native" people and you believe you were "here first," there is abundant geological evidence (covered up by the Smithsonian Institute and others) that you were in fact not here first and that "white" people were coming to and settling this continent long before you did. Let's try to get past the idea of "seniority" and work together instead of fighting each other, which is what our common enemy wants.

    4. George Sistrunk I have never heard nor read a racist rant worse in my life than yours. I'm glad I don't spend time around people like you.

    5. Thats one hell of a sales pitch
      and an entire lie Georgie
      Why should we heed the words of someones who's utilized the system for their own personal gain the same as all the other corrupt sellouts have?
      You're compromised
      Took less than 5 minutes to see

    6. It's not easy fighting a system that only worships Satan. They only recognize Luciferians and not American sovereign Assemblies.

  6. So why such a big interest in Trump? Oh yes gasoline was less than two federal reserve notes per gallon and everyone was doing fine. Let’s start a bunch of competence issues, like the Russians help Trump win the election, no Hillary’s gang of fools screwed up, so the hire thousands of greedy people to stuff the ballet boxes, so let’s get back to how bad Trump was, no Wars, no bad economy, no issues with any health pandemic until the critical time when they needed to start a different agenda against Trump, why they need a fake president to finish what Obama/Clinton didn’t know how to take control of the World. So when they are doing just that, Oh Chinese have been wearing masks for over 10 years so they should have never gotten the Pandemic!

  7. George Sistrunk I have never heard nor read a racist rant worse in my life than yours. I'm glad I don't spend time around people like you.

  8. Make this viral - Download and share too

    Post everywhere

    Jan 6 Exposes the Deepstate Criminals

    Who unlocked the magnetic doors on the east side of the Capitol on January 6? When George Tenney first tried to open them, both were locked. Then after he pointed at the doors and said something, the left door opened.

  9. by Victor-Douglas : Bunch,June 12, 2022 at 3:18 PM

    In my opinion the real IDIOT here is the arsehat that calls people idiots and then signs as Anonymous! Brother Paul you said anyone that signed as Anon. would be deleted why doncha do it and then maybe we would not have all this stupid bickering,,,

  10. well, it kind of is about "Drumpf"(?) though, because he is the one who invited the American people to come there.
    and when did he ever tell the people that their vote doesnt actually *count* in the Election of the Foreign Corporations Officers?, - but that instead the "Federated Corporate Elections" are decided by the State Incorporated's Electoral College Electors who are selected by the State Incorporated's Legislatures??? its a Closed System... they decide who their Foreign Corporate Officers will be. theyre a Corporation, theyre *NOT* OUR government.

    so which "Politician" has meaningfully, and straightforwardly told the American people that Washington DC is actually a Foreign Country as well as being a Foreign Corporation?
    none of them to my knowledge.
    who is going to tell the American people?
    And WHEN?... dont they want us to know?


  11. the Federal Elections we find now are not even "Our Government", but are just Foreign Corporations' SELECTIONS of its own Officers.
    To get the American people all involved is a diversion and wastes the American peoples time, energies, and sources of riches for themselves and their own people.


    1. is "anna" trying to stop you, the Citizens/"Children" of the FEDERATION FICTION "SHE" MADE UP, from making claims for reparations for the harm done to your families during the Civil War through present, up to june 25, 2022?!! by the U.S. INCORPORATION AND ITS AFFILIATES?!!!

      the last paragraph of the public notice *How the Entire World (Almost) Became Indebted To America*, june 12, 2022...
      the last paragraph seems to say that!!???...:
      "...all... economic claims based on war reparations and expenses.... will cease.[!!!!!!!]
      .... anyone having any objection to closing the books........" should contact "her"!!!!! lol!!
      cease means STOP! ....Stop the economic claims for reparations???!! wow!!! loo!!! some of this stuff is so ridiculous it really does "tickle me funnee boane" ! i cant quit giggling:):):):):)
      they gettin' desperate? ;););) maybe a little panic at seeing reality setting in??
      just askin'.

      is that why "her" Article's Title says that the world **almost** became indebted to america?!!?.... cause "shes" speaking for you, "her" Citizen"Children", and trying to close out your opportunity to collect the reparations owed to your families' by the U.S. INCORPORATED and its AFFILIATES?
      So according to "her" then, what?.... after june 25, 2022 you cant make reparations claims cause "she dunn closed out the books on ya?" :):):).... ahhhh, good ole "granny"???!?! :):):)


  12. "AIMCat Peggy writes this in an email: - she lists various control op people
    "Damn Tyla, I was just reading through some of your material. Can we honestly trust no one? This is so frustrating, I thought some of these people were on the up and up. It just makes you wanna throw your hands up and say F it all. I’m concerned people are losing hope. What are we to do? Is there anyone besides Aim4 Truth, and Leader Technologies we can trust? Weary in WV."

    "Our reply: We forgot to list the irrelevant Ann von Reitz as controlled oppo. (wink)"

    1. what does the *wink* mean?

    2. because referencing proverbs 6:13, king jas. version:
      those who wink with their eyes are being fro'ward... Perverse, deceitful, false.
      what did tyla mean? ty!

    3. her hubby, "Gabriel" [!!!] is a jesuit, isnt he?
      i believe he told at least once on Aim4Truth a few years ago that jesuits take what he called an/the "Ultimate Oath", where, if i rightly comprehended what he was telling, the Jesuits are actually told that they will/may be "committing crimes (or breaking the law)" but they take their Oath to The Pope anyway, knowing this. and they are told they will be breaking the law so that they can not come back on the Pope later (?)... i was kindof in shock when i heard that!!!! ... maybe "Gabriel" would be willing to tell it again? ....i would love to know if i comprehended him right or not.


  13. Regarding the article:

    This, among other instances, is what makes some hesitant to take Anna seriously. It is painfully obvious that the video she linked in her article was edited intentionally out of context to make it seem as though this speech by "Obummer" was a clarion call to invoke the surrender of individual rights to an "almighty sovereign" - whoever or whatever that may be. If you watch the entire unedited version of the video, any sane being with a functioning brain cell can realize that was not the intended message in this specific speech.
    The man speaking in the video is very low on the list of honorable/righteous people, however, the article from Anna acts as a false witness in this specific case.

    Does "Obummer" actually believe in the surrender of individual rights to an "almighty sovereign"? Perhaps so... I am no fan whatsoever; however, this doctored video is false evidence and an intentional smear/misdirection for who knows what reason or purpose.

    No one who claims to be so knowledgeable in history and law could make such an easily debunked "mistake". It is discouraging, at least, when these types of ridiculous articles are posted.

    That being said, I have refrained from posting here for many months due to the deliberate choice to avoid the incessant and childish postings that dominate the replies to Anna's articles on this site - mostly unwarranted and/or incoherent.

    Also, I refrain from commenting due to Anna's infrequent veering off into "la-la" land with her comments regarding her "perpetual and millennial existence" and her ideas about alien beings from other planets who had a hand in our existence and who are "involved" in our restoration and the restoration of our earthly home.

    All of this reinforces the notion that one must always pray to the Almighty Creator God, be discerning and keep only the nuggets of truth that Anna, or anyone else, may offer and make your own decisions about how to move forward and live your life.

    I appreciate the genuine hard work of others who honestly help people learn the truth; however, blatant misdirection must be called out in obvious instances.

    Please feel free to correct, amend and/or clarify if I have misrepresented anything here in any way.

    This is antjraf... since the site does not allow proper sign-in at the time of this posting.


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