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Monday, April 19, 2021

SESRES dot com

  By Anna Von Reitz

As many of you know, I began my life as a mathematics junkie. I loved science, especially cutting-edge science, too.
So, it is perhaps predictable that throughout my life, despite the ups and downs of having a family, a business, and an unsought-for addiction to studying history, law, and government out of necessity---I have continued to be interested in scientific advancements and, yes, I have a fondness for quirky geniuses like Buckminster Fuller.
"Bucky", as he was known to friends, died in 1983 --and is best remembered by the public as the inventor and promoter of the geodesic dome. That was far from his only contribution to modern architecture, science, and thought.... and that brings us to the subject of "Fullerenes" also known as "BuckyBalls".
Fullerenes are carbon structures shaped like various kinds of balls-- footballs, soccer balls, or basketballs. Take your pick. There are also tube structures made of pure carbon. The initial discovery of these pure carbon matrices existing in nature caused some consternation, but Bucky was undeterred. If they existed naturally, they couldn't be bad.... not in any essential sense of "bad". In fact, they might be good. Even very good.
We always owe it to ourselves to discover.
So the push was on. Fifty-six years later, Buckminster's students have discovered some amazing things about BuckyBalls. For one thing, they are among the world's finest and most efficient antioxidants. The cage-like structure of carbon atoms presented by the carbon "balls" serves to trap free-radicals by the boatload --- or should I say "ball load"? --- and transport the toxins out of the body very efficiently.
Research has indicated that BuckyBalls are efficient traps for other kinds of waste and foreign matter, too --- bacteria, viruses, foreign nanotech, heavy metal ions, what-have-you --- get enmeshed in or attached to the carbon matrix and flushed out of the body.
Some initial studies with rats have shown that regular ingestion of high quality Carbon - 60 suspended in olive oil almost doubled their lifespan.
One of the possible beneficial interactions postulated is that BuckyBalls trap otherwise poisonous Aluminum ions which in turn attract up to three Free Radical molecules, each, and then bundle the whole mob out the door, like a nano-scale Bouncer. If so, the same effect may be observed with Boron ions.
What presents itself is a "scavenger system" with the Buckyballs acting as the garbage truck and the metallic ions that would otherwise be troublemakers gainfully employed as the garbage collectors. And that theory does fit the experimental results.
Now, a rat is closer biologically to a cat or a dog, than a man, but all share basic mammalian physiology, so it should come as no surprise that a substance that dramatically prolongs the lifespan of a rat has similar function-enhancing and toxicity-reducing effects on our pets.
I recently used cutting edge "Detoxifiber" (which traps toxins more efficiently in the gut and keeps them from being recycled through the liver again and again, causing damage with each pass) and SES Carbon-60 in olive oil to save my dog who suffered an adverse reaction to the drug carprofen, otherwise known by the brand name "rimadyl" --- and was twice given up for dead.
Veterinarians, like doctors, have been trained to throw drugs at everything, whether appropriate or not, in a shotgun approach. They appear to just throw things at the wall and hope something sticks.
When I asked why my dog was given a strong anti-inflammatory drug commonly prescribed for arthritis, even though he has no sign of arthritis at all, the vet hemmed and hawed and finally admitted that it was because of his age.... they just assumed that a dog his age had arthritis, until they took x-rays....and found no sign of arthritis.
Let this be a warning to the rest of us about the quality of our medical professionals.
Their solution to the problem they had caused was to put my dog down.
Oh, and charge me $2,600.00 for the privilege of hearing that they could do nothing to reverse the damage done.
And this is a top-rated veterinary clinic, one of the best in Alaska.
So I thanked them for rehydrating him with a saline solution that probably costs $1.60 a gallon, and took my poor puppy home, drooling, blind, disoriented, unable to keep his footing, unable to keep food down.
About one in a hundred dogs has this reaction to carprofen, and mine would be the one in a hundred. Still, with a vet practice that probably sees 7,000 dogs in a year and prescribes rimadyl routinely for perhaps half of them, that's over thirty animals either killed outright or damaged and left for dead with no sane veterinary plan for treatment in place.
If it's your dog, believe me, that "trivial" one-percent group does matter.
So I took him home, determined to flush the poisonous drug out of him, and he's back up to steam, thanks to Garden of Life Detoxifiber and SES C-60.
My very limited faith in modern medical professionals has taken yet another nose-dive, but my faith in logic and common sense remains.
In an environment where we are constantly and often purposefully exposed to noxious chemicals, poisons, drugs, and pollutants --- including harmful nanotechnology spread by aerial spraying and injections --- we all need to take detoxification seriously. Very seriously.
One of the proven benefits of Carbon-60 is protection of the liver (in rats, again, but go figure) which again seems to underscore the ability of C-60 to act as a nano-scale garbage collector, thereby relieving the liver of constant toxic overload.
Another benefit (to the rats) was an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving arthritis and joint/ligament pain. Many people have reported experiencing similar relief. Even though my dog didn't have arthritis in any case, treatment with C-60 would have harmlessly provided relief without the use of dangerous carprofen.
An extra little irony for me to chew on.
People suffering from alcoholism and various kinds of drug addiction have experienced and testified that C-60 reduced their cravings and improved their mood --- which makes total sense, to the extent that C-60 may stop the alcohol or the drug from being recycled repeatedly through the liver and moderate the overall toxicity involved.
Five milliliters of C-60 a day may not keep the doctor away, but it helps. And judging from the quality of medical "care" available to both people and canines, we'd better do all that we can for ourselves.
C-60 in olive oil isn't inexpensive -- about $70 per month. But if it keeps your engine running cleanly, lubricates your joints, and detoxifies your whole system ---which it appears to do --- it's money well-spent on preventive maintenance. Go to for more information and to order. Ancient rats can't be all wrong.
Many of us Oldsters also need fiber in our diets to keep things moving, so why not use more efficient fiber, too? Garden of Life "Detoxifiber" keeps the gunk in your gut, ready to offload, instead of letting it recycle into your bloodstream and go back through your liver, again and again and again.
And no, neither Garden of Life nor paid me a penny to say any of this. This is pure Grandma advice for you and your pets. You can take DeTox to the next level; I am, my dog is, and we recommend doing so to you, too.


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  1. Garden of life is the only vitamins and supplements I use. I haven't tried the detox yet, Thanks for the tip


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