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Monday, April 19, 2021

No Arguments Needed --- Try This Yourself

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are some things that are simply too important not to share, things that impact life on this planet, and our own daily lives, too.
You were given a great gift, and then, evil men snatched it. They couldn't use it themselves, but they didn't want you to have it, either. Part of the mission here in this day and age is to let you know the truth about who you are, what you are owed, and also, about the Gift.
You've already learned about the misuse and abuse of "persons" to misrepresent both who and what you are. You now know that when you see your name in all capital letters, a Municipal PERSON is being addressed, and you are getting their mail. It's literally misaddressed mail.
The same people, the Liars who perpetuated this scheme, have promoted other such schemes in other venues, too.
Throughout the Bible you hear the constant condemnation of the Liars. Among those set aside specifically for the Pit are the Liars. Time and again, we are told that perdition is set aside for "all Liars". We are told specifically that God the Father hates gossiping and liars. Both.
What's this focus on liars about? They are following the Father of All Lies.
Every lie you speak is giving Satan a voice.
Every lie you knowingly tell is giving him an inroad to your soul.
This is why liars are condemned --- they have given their allegiance to The Father of All Lies, and every day they seal their doom by continuing to lie, lie, lie--- whether they are newscasters casting spells on the half-sleeping audience, or preachers thundering nonsense from pulpits unknowingly consecrated to Baal.
It should really come as no surprise that the same characters have conspired to cheat you out of the greatest Gift ever given. They can never inherit it themselves, because of the choices they make on a daily basis, but they are so mean-spirited, that they contrive to keep you from receiving what has been set aside for you ---- and they use the same means that they use to impersonate you and misrepresent you as a foreign citizen in your own country. They lie.
The actual name of our Beloved Teacher and Savior in English is: Joshua. Not Jesus. So how can you pray in his name, if you don't know his name?
Nice trick, no? Cripple his followers by teaching them to pray in the wrong name.
Imagine the grim amusement of all the followers of Baal, listening to millions of "Christians" aimlessly praying to "an unknown god".
Of course, our Father knows your heart, but how lame is this, that we are deluded into using a Roman nickname? A "nickname" refers to Old Nick --- Satan --- and it is a False Name by definition.
So if you are still calling out in "the name of Jesus" --- guess what?
Now I can anticipate the floodgates of consternation and the piles of learned papers written by experts that will be dumped on my desk, but Grandma is Grandma--- and to me, the proof is always in the pudding. Something is or is not. A carrot is not an apple.
So let's cut to the chase. Try it out for yourself.
Say your prayers in Joshua's name for a week and see what happens.
If you are a purist and want to try to say his name in Hebrew, it sounds like "Yahushuah" with the "hush" hushed a bit.
But use his name, not the Roman Nickname. See what happens when you turn your heart to him and speak his name and pray in his name.
I can already tell you what happens. Miracles happen.
But no need to argue about it. Test drive this for yourself. See for yourself.
The same thing applies to the use of the words "Christ" and "Christian".
The word "Christ" means "anointed one", but it doesn't say which anointed one, does it? This same word applies to the High Priest and High Priestess of Baal. Just like the word "Amen" means "truth" in Hebrew, but is also the name of the Egyptian sun god, Amen-Ra.
Are you willing to drink from a polluted stream?
Why, then, would you call yourselves by an ambiguous name like "Christian"?
Why would you address your prayers to an Egyptian idol, and expect a response from your Father in Heaven?
It's not just the history and structure of your temporal government that you've been misled about--- and again, there's no point in arguing with me. Just take the information in and begin praying in this new way. See for yourselves.
Pray in the name of Joshua and don't "seal" your prayer with anything but your love. Just send it "in the name of Joshua, your Son."
Now that you are set free of self-defeating words, your prayers will be heard and answered. The old black magic of deceit and substitution won't work anymore. The intent of your heart will flow freely to Heaven, unobstructed--- and just as freely flow back to you.
If anything be troubling you, any evil of this world, any illness, any loss, any addiction, any cross --- pray as I have taught you and you will be answered. Kindness will enter your life. Compassion will find you. Wisdom will come. Healing will attend you.
The answers you receive may surprise you, because our Father doesn't think as we think and is not limited as we are, but the answers will be present as he is present; and you will be comforted.
And as you are comforted and as your miracles abound, and as you come to know that the veil of deceit has finally been removed, teach others as freely as I have taught you. Don't hoard this up as a secret just for you or for your friends or the members of your church.

Tell everyone who will hear you. Teach them. Let them discover the power and freedom that comes to them when they connect to the True God and when they pray --- not "in Jesus' name" --- but in the name of Joshua.


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  1. Replies
    1. the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is defined as a juristic PERSON. Look it up in Blacks Law Dictionary, any edition. A juristic Person is a fiction, a corporation. the NAME "JESUS" is copyrighted by the CORPORATION that created the NAME and IT belongs to them.

      Only our Creator knows his creations down to each and every hair, from his son to each of one of us. A Name is a gift, given when we are born at 9 months of age. The Creator knows our heart, while this world deceives with the NAME GAME.

      Participating in a 501 c 3 registered Church is participating in the STATE RELIGION. The "Church" is the People, while the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the PERSON. The People and the Fiction can not be in the same bowl of Soup.

      Annie McShane© Delaware Coordinator

    2. Yes Paul, I couldn't agree with you more! The Holy Name of, 'Jesus,' is the Name above all names. Praying in the Name of Jesus has given my family many blessings as well.

    3. Can We Please Stop With This Yahshua/Yahushuah Nonsense?

      NOTE: Dr. Michael Brown has a Ph.D in Semitic languages – which of course include Hebrew and Aramaic – the original languages of Yeshua (Jesus) and His people. He is a recognized authority on this topic and originally raised in an Orthodox Jewish family.

      Was His name Yeshua, Yahshua, or Yahushua? Dr. Brown sets the record straight here.

    4. The word "amen" is from a Hebrew word אמן pronounced "ʼāmán", meaning "truth" or "so be it". Many think or assume a pagan origin of "amen" because they've heard there was an Egyptian god called "Amen" or "Amen-Ra", but there is simply no historical evidence that the Hebrew word came from any Egyptian influence. What is really happening is this: The Hebrew "אמן" is pronounced phonetically using English letters "a-m-e-n". The Hebrew Aleph sounds like the English "a", the Hebrew Mem sounds like the English "m" and the Hebrew Nun sounds like the English "n". Thus the English word "amen" came from the phonetic pronunciation of the Hebrew, that's all. Over time, saying "amen" became an English word meaning the same thing as the Hebrew word. The English "amen" has no ties to or implied meaning from the mythical Egyptian god.

  2. Do you think Jesus knows who I am praying to? How about someone who lives in a foreign land in another language? Jesus is also know as Lord, Master, Christ, Logos, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Lamb of God, the New Adam,the Light of the World, King of the Jews, Rabbi, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Word made Flesh, Emmanuel, My Lord and Savior, and many others. Take your pick. HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE PRAYING TO! Experience the result of your prayers to Him!

    1. Exactly. He knows. And he knows each of us before we are born into bodies. There is no way that can be hijacked. But the problem facing us today is that we have become too accustomed living according to IDEAS about reality — instead of REALITY itself. The Lord's got this. Some may remember the old song lyric: "He's got the whole world in his hands...")

  3. Looks like it’s time (once again) for a more esoteric understanding to step in and clear what is still essentially a somewhat smoky room. First, those who are not familiar with the term “egregore” need to look into that, and I recommend more than source in order to get a very nuanced sense of what it means, as egregores operate on a very subtle level.

    It is well-known in esoteric schools that what begins as a thoughtform can, if consistently nourished by mind, become an elemental which, if further fed with or through the psychic energies of many others, becomes an egregore — and while this entity doesn’t have a soul per se, it’s said to have an energetic psychic existence of its own, perhaps as a kind of matrix, with which the group’s devotional inclinations establishes a kind of feedback loop between it and the community around it. These entities actually exist for political groups as well, indeed, any organization has one (even a local PTA).

    It’s said that the Romans took over other nations and peoples because they incorporated the focus of their worship (the egregore of the deity) into their own rituals, with certain modifications that diminished the powers of the other’s egregore (called the “genius” for the Romans) and diverted it to their own intentions. It’s also why ancient deity statues bear certain marks: the noses smashed off or the heads removed so that the “spell” of the deity could be broken.

    Today, the egregore of the Christian church is not only alive and well, it is an enormous thing given the number of Christians observing its rituals and prayers worldwide. The Lord’s Prayer alone is a supremely powerful weapon against much evil, containing a great deal of salvific ability, and much else besides — because of the profound relationship it has established between the faithful and the divine presence.

    Now, if you’ve understood something of what is indicated above, you will no doubt suspect why most religions do not want to talk about this aspect, and it relates to your point about what name is used to call upon the Lord. About that point, I would say: yes — and no. Yes, in terms of there (possibly) being a “correct” name to use; however, even the “wrong” name will work, simply because so many millions over the centuries have addressed the Lord using this name that the sheer positive, loving energy — that they have invested this name with — will have overcome and eliminated any negative or evil psychic intentions on the part of the controllers in their programming in employing this name or any other ritual convention that is not purely for the greater good. See how it works? The channel to the one true Good remains open.

    In other words: the people will always win through and by their love. And that’s how God wins. Through love, even the false is turned into the good and the true. There are many telephone numbers you can use to connect with God — and even the switchboard operators might be surprised.

    1. Most Excellent explanation I have read in 40 years. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Anna, Your knowledge is power and I'm grateful. 💗

  5. Thank YOU Anna!

    This is such an important TRUTH!

    About 15 years ago, I experienced a spiritual crisis. I realized that because of the necessary tradeoffs and compromises required for language translations, that maybe I was missing something in my study of the scriptures in my English versions of the Bible. I bought an interlinear English, Greek and Hebrew Bible and started to mine gold nuggets from the scriptures.

    Subsequently, I came a cross a group of Bible believers who had stopped calling themselves "Christians" and referenced "Jesus" as Yeshua. Eventually, I read "The Hebrew Yeshua vs The Greek Jesus", written by a Hebrew scholar. I highly recommend it.

    Later I came to understand why in the Gospel of John chapter 17 in verse 6, Yeshua while praying to the Father, made a point about having revealed the Father's name to his disciples.

    There has been a deliberate plot to conceal the name of Yehovah from humanity. To learn more, I highly recommend reading, "Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence", by the same author, wherein he makes a point that to this day, it is forbidden in Judaism to pronounce the name of God the Father.

    Of course as with many other things, there are debates about how to pronounce these Hebrew names. I trust the author of the above mentioned books, he has a degree in Biblical Archeology and in Ancient Hebrew Manuscripts and he does not push any theological agenda.

    Hence, no matter how one chooses to pronounce His name, I pray that Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, richly bless and keep all who call upon his name.


  6. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Christ. Whether you believe that or not is not any reason to deny the Son of God. Stop babbling about denying the Christ or Jehovah. Just help people correct their status.

  7. When I prayed and was healed by God or Jesus or one of Creators healer spirit beings, I forgot to use any name at all, just like you are already with a friend or when you seen them you do not call out their name. Anyhow I am sticking with God no matter what name you call cause God knows what you mean. It is super dumb thougn to have a wrong name when you do use it and more tricks like the mixed up ROMAN and English road signs and writing all over everywhere that serve no good purpose.


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