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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Border Collapse: Secret Flights, Secret Centers, and more

Alex Jones joins Owen Shroyer and the Infowars crew on the southern border in McAllen, Texas to reveal more pieces of the illegal immigration pipeline from South and Central America through Mexico into the United States, including secret flights out of a private airport, hidden holding centers for illegal immigrants, and much more.


  1. I thought they had decided that they *do* have a contract (Constitution) with us, the people, that includes protecting the borders of this Union comprised of our 50 several (Sovereign) nations.

    Looks to me like they know they've been completely exposed now and the only thing they have left is to continue gaslighting us, the people, while they ramp up their efforts to destroy our creator-created gifts and property????

    Anyone see it differently? Would love to get another perspective.

    1. 1. Kill the heir.
      2. Replace him with immigrants that have no claims on the inheritance.
      3. Quietly seize upon the inheritance.

    2. who exactly is the true heir here certain not any person whose ancestor crossed the Atlanta Ocean after 1692 or before 1341.

    3. Absolutely correct gumm.

      They *are* going by "the bible":
      What you said here reminds me of jesus' parable about the vineyard keepers killing the vineyard owners men he sent two times. . . so he decided to send his son instead and they killed his son too. . . Like you said: "to seize on the inheritance belonging to the father's heir."


    4. G hop
      The true heir of the land and soil are those who were born upon it since their physical bodies are composed of that same land and soil.
      They, in turn, have the duty and responsibility to tend and care for, nurture, the land and soil that they are made from and that nourishes them.
      The land and soil composes the peoples physical bodies, so those whose physical bodies are made from that specific land and soil are that land and soils true heirs.. .being made from it.

    5. Also, pertaining to such as: peaceful and lawful indigenous nations and people who are invaded and have had their land stolen from them and their heirs: it has to be restored.

      If someone is running around hurting their neighbors, they forfeit their natural standing, rights and property amomg the peaceful and lawful men and women.
      They know not to hurt other people or take what doesn't belong to the so when they do it anyway and trespass on other people's rights and property, the peaceful and lawful people are under no obligation to recognize their rights or property either. But it has to be carried out "decently and in order".

      The ones who have done these things have made the people believe they were going by the bible. . .and that bible says that what belonged to the father's and mother's belongs to their sons and daughters regardless of the number of generations that have passed.

      Example: david searched for jonathan's son, mephibosheth(?), And brought mephib. into the palace and restored his GRANDfather's kingdom to him.

      David recognized mephib. to be the true heir to the throne even though saul, mephibs grandfather, hated david and tried to assassinate david.

  2. Where's "The President of the Corporation?"... We hain't seed hide-ner-hayre o' that thar rascal since he led his buddies into lions mouth.
    Where is that lil rascal anyways??
    He in a basement somewhere too? Joke.

  3. 10ammendment center says the feds only controld the naturalization criterion.US citizen.

  4. I appreciate the info bubba.

    The benefit and use and enjoyment of the actual land and soil and everything under, above, upon and from it belongs solely and exclusively to the men and women and our sons and daughters of us who were actually natural-born hereupon that same land and soil. Laws of nature and nature's creator --- superior authority to all others --- has to be satisfied first, and remain satisfied before any lesser jurisdictions can operate, so that in nature, fact, law and truth, they have to get our consent before they go allowing their US CORP CITIZENS to use our naturally-sourced materials.

    They know this.

  5. And again-- no doubt is trying to help but:
    thieves can't restore/pay back the men and women they trespassed upon by issuing Credits or other Legal Fictions that they make up!!!
    Our property, our rights and our creator-created standing must be recognized and acknowledged and, along with our national credit: has to be restored to us, men and women, without exception!

    They must face up to what they have done to their brothers and sisters world-wide and restore to all of us peaceful and lawful men and women what they have STOLEN from all of us.

    They knew what they were doing.
    It wasn't accidental.
    They did it on purpose.

  6. . . .and yet another thing i do declare they are being required to prove . . . Is that they ever had any right to charge our precious young men and women with something known as a "Student Loan" when they know very well that each and every one of those young people's schooling was not just paid but PRE-paid, IN FULL, from the time they were teeny, tiny little ones laying in their mother's and father's arms. From the moment that Birth Certificate Debit/Credit Bond was Registered, all of their and our and our father and mother's Fictional "Debts" in their Fictional System (Fictions) were PAID IN FULL for our lifetimes using what was made off of/derived from them using our property in commerce . .
    Without our knowledge or consent.
    They were supposed to be the self-appointed and non-disclosed "Trustees" . . . And the Trustee cannot use the Contents of the Trust, only the Beneficiary can. . . That's the whole point of having a Trust in the first place. . . So that only the Beneficiary can use the Trust Contents.
    And when the Trustee steals or uses the Contents, then the Trustee is and has to be held fully responsible for these breaches/crimes and trespasses.
    So, no, they cannot issue us Fictions called Credits they make up AGAIN much less be allowed to use our stolen labor and our gold they stole from us to back up their Credits. . .

    that's exactly like the devil coming to Jesus in the wilderness and offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. . . When they both knew the kingdoms of the world and everything in them already belongs to Jesus because he created them. It's the very same type of "offer".

  7. why do you not get the City occupancy permits and other permits

  8. Tie it all together get license plates, City building department permits, occupancy permits, contracts with city and others like dumpsters hauling, trash pic ups, those white buses look like U.N. vehicles, have Monkey Works track air traffic. The video is one thing being used there's more to be done and of course I am here and not there

  9. couple of issues; one MCALLEN TEXAS is a Corporate Municipality, next is that it is in West Texas not East Texas and that is were the rub may well be since West Texas is under "treaty" while East Texas is the Original Republic that became a part of The United States of America unincorporated and only gave up its ports and forts and nothing else, recall that TEXAS can become more STATES like North, South, West, and East, the later not being the Original Republic

  10. And, in dealing with all this mess were all faced with right now, it will probably come in handy to know that there are TWO different claims people have available pertaining to their nationality:
    One is that they were born on that land and soil;
    The second is that their own nationality is inherited through their mother and father's nationality.

  11. The laws of nature and nature's creator are simple, fair, and actually make sense.

  12. Clarification:
    What I should have said is not that: 'people have two different claims pertaining to their nationality';
    but rather that they CAN have two. It depends on the nation they are dealing with. Some or most nations do not accept someone to be a national just because they were born on that nations land, but instead: they only have a claim of nationality if their mothers and/or fathers are nationals.
    It varies somewhat from nation to nation.

  13. The precursor to JPMorgan in 1860 was the Peabody fund same culprits Rothschild stooges .
    That ran the carpetbaggers land theft starve the inhabitants then when they are weak you steal all possessions.

  14. Grant forbid the Wolfpack Canaanite clan to attack his soldiers but they went over his head .
    They used military courts kangaroo stacked with carpetbaggers. in 1863 the Supreme Court did a good deed in Milligan exparta.. when commonlaw courts stand up the tribunal must sit
    The rats can’t stand average people acting as inquisition so they used corrupt tools to wrestle full control away from people of grand juries.
    Florida has common law grand juries and sites other states that have them and some success.

  15. In Texas last common law court was conducted by pastor died in 1992 we have been attempting to restore it and have been meet with all kinds of subliminal emails and attorney general act raids only one gentleman was incarcerated he just happened to be the only one who hired a bar member.
    But we’re fired up and the fight must go on .

  16. It’s important to know the leaders of the republic of Texas dejour sake Anna to speak to the body .
    Off the cuff style ok .
    Then she slandered they by creating a likely fictional black man who complained he fled uncomfortable or other .
    Anna supposedly responded saying I will join you out side and protest.
    Ridiculous we have a somorgasborg of member a black man was leader of our common law jury.
    The leaders think possibility CIA .
    No cooperation between our groups presently? At all .
    Could reference Michigan. The Colorado group and others .
    Apparently don’t share power fiduciary and chief.

  17. 😅😄😊
    I know the fake errors inserted by the Chinese phone, in my posts, happened bc of 1) my good phone is Stalked, Invaded, watergated by the Criminals, Bankers, Vultures.. They stole my houses, computers, and so many stuffs away, at all costs. Then they created FAKE massive securities to extract, my future, to PLUNDER you/r future on wall street, on ppl 401k, 408k, IRA, 8+ etc..DIY retitements.

    2) When or after they pirated, violated, stealing, blatantly in secret or not, I have my Rights and I stopped them. They got mad, and retaliated, by freezing all my and family assets, all necessary livings. 4 top Banks violated Trusts and their SEC laws.
    Its okay to leave evidences; I'm not ashamed. The errors insertion happened automatically in that Paul little box on those Chinese phones, by scripting java code auto.downloaded by enabled java.option. It must be the criminals, not wanting any one to buy their cellphones.

    1. 3) Furthermore, they proved themselves that they are connected with the British creminals corrupting all branches of U.S. army, Navy, Airforce, SINCE TRUMAN and EISENHOWER, evidenced by their fake ip addresses, with the help of your common cell phone ISP providers.. Remember, they hided the atmy manual, jurisprudent.... Stuffs.

    2. 4+ top Banks violated Trusts and their SEC laws, now it's your turn to do something to help people.. Do it men. Whether you like or nit, they force their Great Fraud on you and your children. Don't believe their lower earnings. Altered to hide. 2016 was the years they reported their correct earning 2-3 trillions a year, not billions.


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