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Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Seriousness of the Hour -- Message for All Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

It pains me and inconveniences our work in the international forums to have to take time to explain certain things over and over and over again, so I am issuing a message to all State Assemblies and all State Coordinators:
1. We are entered into very challenging times and the seriousness and importance of the work set before us cannot be overstated. The safety of the Assembly members and the standing of the Assembly depends on the correct paperwork being recorded for each and every member and the correct structures established for each Assembly. This isn't a party. It isn't a private club. Your individual opinions about how best to accomplish these aims are limited to the framework you have to follow to get to the desired results.
2. It has come to our attention that some Coordinators have been operating the Assembly as a private club, and attempting to exclude some people from reclaiming their birthright status and from participation in the Assembly. Let's make this loud and clear for everyone. This is your government. It's public, not private. No Assembly has the power to exclude an American from reclaiming their birthright.
No Assembly has the right to deny participation in any public function of the Assembly except that: (1) State Citizens are the only ones allowed to conduct business in the International Business Assembly; (2) the only reason any otherwise eligible member may be excluded from a public function is if they are causing a significant disruption that obstructs the Assembly from conducting its business. We are talking about people getting drunk and disorderly, people trying to commandeer public meetings to talk about their personal problems for hours, and similar behavior that is obviously detrimental to and outside the given purposes of the Assembly functions.
3. It has come to our attention that certain people involved in the Illinois, Florida and Michigan Assemblies have made detrimental and ignorant changes to four of the primary documents in the 928 Package available at and have altered the content of these forms in such a way as to nullify their effect. As a result, these altered documents are not providing the intended changes and are in fact leaving people unprotected and "stateless". If the paperwork you submitted is substantially different in any respect from the published templates, you will have to go back and do it again.
Please pay attention! This work is too serious to muck up!
4. Nobody is advised to renounce "US Citizenship" --- particularly Federal workers. There is a long history of ignorant patriots marching into consulate offices and "renouncing US Citizenship" only to come whining and crying when they want to come home to this country. And I get stuck having to work with these idiots to bring them home again. We, Americans, are State Nationals and State Citizens of The United States, and any blanket renunciation of "United States Citizenship" throws the baby out with the bathwater, because there is no distinction made between WHICH "United States" you are talking about. So stop making assumptions that you are not competent to make about processes, laws, and legal standing issues that you are unfamiliar with.
5. Everyone needs to take this whole process very, very seriously. Whether you have been aware of it or not, your butts have been in the crosshairs of a vicious and long-standing commercial war. And if you think that commercial wars are a lark--- remember Vietnam, which was also a "mercenary conflict". You've got the Viet Cong coming at you from one side and the "U.S. Forces" coming at you from the other. Now are you finally all sobered up enough to think straight about the position you are in?
This is deadly serious stuff, just as serious as driving your car on the right side of the road.
6. The purpose of the Reconveyance is to bring your "Person" back to the land and soil jurisdiction, because your Territorial Employees have removed you from your natural position and standing on the land and soil of this country by registering you as a Ward of their State of State organization. If you have a Birth Certificate that document places you at sea, not on the land. Your Good Name has been latched upon and shanghaied, so yes, it is necessary for you to take action to reconvey it back to the States. The Reconveyance repatriates you to your original political status and standing.
7. The purpose of the Expatriation and Act of State paperwork is to reflag and re-domicile the foreign PERSONS/Persons that have been created and named after you. That language is all precise and precisely what it needs to be to remove these PERSONS/Persons from their native foreign jurisdiction and place them under the Public Law of the States. These documents have nothing whatsoever to do with you--- the living man or woman --- they are entirely about fictional entities that have been created and operating "in your name" by foreign governments. So stop thinking that you are Expatriating yourself --- you are Expatriating these foreign entities ---THEM/Them --- from their foreign status, so that they have to be administered under our Public Law.
8. Similarly, the Certificate of Assumed NAME(S)/Names has to do with our government allowing those Expatriated PERSONS/Persons that have been named after you to do business in this country, and establishes the fact that you own those Names/NAMES and that you --- not a State of State Black Robe -- are the one in control of them.
9. Everything that has been developed by us has been thoroughly tested for correctness and legal effect. The only time that this paperwork "fails" is when the Judge isn't convinced that you are who you are and that you know your butts from buttercups. This is a matter of educating the courts --- and first educating yourselves--- so that you are no longer being trespassed upon by your own employees. If you don't understand what the paperwork does or why you have to complete it, ask your Coordinator, and if you stump your Coordinator, he or she can certainly ask me.
We don't ask anyone to take anything on faith or to trust blindly, but neither do we take responsibility for people who strike off on their own.
10. I have spent too much time this past week extracting people from situations that they got themselves into by meddling with processes and paperwork that was already set up for them, because they thought they knew better.... take heed. You don't know what you don't know. Do this process once. Do it correctly, using the verbiage given. Don't add to it. Don't detract from it. Just play it straight and stay in your lane. It's the only safe way for you and your Assemblies to gain and keep your standing.
11. Anyone who thinks that an Assembly is a social club and nexus for gossiping needs to go home and stay there. In this country, at this time, an Assembly is a place of refuge for Americans --- a place to take shelter from the horrendous mercenary "war" that has been raging on our shores for decades. It is a place where Americans can get organized and prepared to exert the political and economic and legal effort required to put an end to the shameless pillaging and plundering that has gone on in this country--- and bring peace to our shores.
This is serious-minded work in a serious situation. Pass the word and everyone discipline yourselves accordingly. Don't waste time wrestling with skunks. Don't gossip. Don't meddle. Don't change the forms. Don't do anything but plug onward as fast as you can and spread the word. Bring home as many Americans as you possibly can, and work hard to educate yourselves.

If you have troublemakers in your midst, deal with them one on one. If they disrupt meetings, throw them out. If you suspect hostile infiltrators, use the Bevins Declaration. If you just don't like someone --- get over it.


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  1. Paul:
    Like many, I have procrastinated on moving forward with Anna's great advice - though prior attempts to contact the California Assembly leaders FAILED (not attempting to pass blame...only get things accomplished). We all get derailed & distracted. Have been hearing occasional references to yours and Anna's info in regular NCS (New California State) meetings, but few very absolutely serious. I will be calling with some questions, but wonder if/whether there might be an article pointing out how illegal aliens seem to be beyond the grasp of US law enforcement. Does this have anything to do with their NOT being in the globalist matrix? Undoubtedly, they ARE being used as dupes to take down the American social fabric (perhaps spread disease as well, etc.). Thanks for the article.

  2. The reason we can be conquered so easily is as a people were independent little arrogant.
    Enemies are very clannish,lie as a practice.
    As Roger Dowell was company went from number 10 in nation to number one in the world they work as a team .
    No back biting let the one with most expertise lead.

  3. .
    No matter what documents - paperwork you try or use will fail!

    Why; because you cant control what you dont own.

    Do you believe your are a piece of paper - two dimensional ?

    "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another . . . ."

    These are the words that started a Revolution propelling several English colonies into the nation known as "The United States of America."

    This new nation was designed to function under the laws of Nature and Nature's God. The people believed they would never again hear the words of enslavement, i.e.; "under the sovereignty of the King." Living under the sovereignty of the King made you the King's chattel. He owned you. You were his property. You could own nothing, not even your children. The King ruled by divine right.

    The framers of this new nation designed the Constitution to be a government "Of The People, By The People, For The People." Representatives of this government were to be elected by the people, not born to power. And so, in 1776 the great experiment in freedom, known as "The United States of America" began.

    People can barley live together - tow out of three marriages [2/3] fail

    Someone thinks after centuries of evil, its that simple with paper- to some extent with the right words, the chains that bind us can be broken -- not difficult but........ requires a different mindset. (no I do not teach anything and no I do not have all the answers jut to reach the cure - not remedy)

    1. .
      P.S. when people try to marry they believe they need corporate license.

      In so doing they do not marry each other but each marry the state.

      Believe it or not

  4. True the stat becomes third part with control interest.
    Stop contracting with thes word salad Phaeacians monopoly corporation/ fractional banking criminals.
    Have to fight demand a no social security number bank account on religion grounds it’s literally the mark of the beast.

  5. Going to have to fight with the elite who control electronic form of communication as the father of Quantum mechanics Max Plunk summed up .
    Only way things change the old guys (with death grip on mic) die off .
    When I manage to blow over them and teach targeted audiences they absolutely get it .
    And follow up by other leaders authentic what I was telling the group .
    Don’t come easy but resonates like a bell in group.

  6. I learned something VERY interesting about the paperwork here today that I never knew before - I suspect others did as well. Keeping this article with my 928s.
    Thank you, Anna


  7. The Revolutionary War was between the "Three Neighbors." The neighbor that everyone missed was the Papist neighbor. Here is their story: Papist

  8. If time permits and you wish to know more about what happened in Vietnam the book The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine will help you get a handle on the evil involved.

    1. @Baldwin Templeton, thanks for Douglas Valentine's link. Amazing "they" didn't take him out as well. Or maybe "they" are so well insulated "they" just don't care. What a Club to be part of.


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