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Saturday, November 19, 2022

The Fallacy of the Strong Dollar

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the facts that Edward Dowd explained in his October briefing of the American Freedom Alliance, the one that jumped out at me and waved flags and otherwise stopgobbered me, was his revelation that the Biden Administration is all gung-ho in favor of a "strong dollar". 

Sounds good, doesn't it?  A "strong dollar" sounds good, but isn't, for reasons that Down didn't go into, but which I shall briefly address. 

A "strong dollar" means that the USD, which is not our American Silver Dollar, but is "a" dollar used as the world Reserve Currency, is gaining ground against all other currencies.  

This means that a "dollar" buys more Polish zlotys than ever, and this in turn means that a Pole who wants to buy a pair of Levis has to work two, three, four....times as long to buy those Levis --- assuming that they are still available anywhere in the world by the time Biden and his Administration are done with their Wrecking Crew activities carried out at the behest of the CCP being funded by the British Crown.

Avoidance of debt makes strange bedfellows.... but pull your attention back to the strong dollar issue. 

A "strong dollar" means that we are arbitrarily taxing every other nation of the world, pricing our goods and services right out of the marketplace, and then turning around and taxing ourselves with stratospheric inflation, an imploding housing market, a disrupted food chain, and likely, millions of our people dead and slowly dying, so that these madmen can brag that we have a "strong dollar".  

Do we want a strong dollar?  No, we do not. 

It's like saying, "Do you want to be a beneficiary?"  And everyone rushes forward like a hara kiri of lemmings saying, "Yes, yes, yes! I am a beneficiary!" 

But do you want to be a beneficiary?  Really?  A beneficiary of what, exactly?  

No, no, no, no, no, you don't want to be a beneficiary. You want to be a Donor, instead, and make the Trustees dance. 

But it sounds good to be a "beneficiary". It sounds like there is something good to be had.  The same way that a "sound dollar" sounds really good for this country, but is in fact, abysmally bad for everyone, that is, all but certain foreign governments who are trying to figure out how to sell or at least bulk up the perceived value of their US Treasury Bond holdings in a falling market.

Just remember that Joe Biden and the Communist Chinese are responsible for that "strong dollar" and you are paying for it eleven ways to Sunday

You are paying for it in lost jobs.  You are paying for it in soaring food prices.  You are paying for it in vastly increased taxation --- mostly realized as the hidden tax of inflation. You are paying for it in lost home valuations. You are paying for it in the form of collapsing demand for your goods and services. 

You are paying for it in the form of 87,000 new IRS Agents who think you owe the government money, when in fact the Government, Inc., already owes you more money than it can ever pay back. 

So next time someone asks you if you want a flu shot, if you are a beneficiary, or if you favor a "strong dollar" --- follow Nancy Reagan's always-timely advice, and just say no. 

Those of you who have been reading along know that I openly pleaded for the arrest of Jerome Powell in September.  As always, the running dogs are slow on the uptake, but it appears that they eventually caught up with the absolute insanity at the "Federal" Reserve. 

Picture the chaos: 

(1) All the banks and "lending institutions" have been caught making (and collecting upon) fraudulent mortgage contracts. We've been lending them our houses as assets, they've been ginning up 10 times the value of this "asset loan" as credit, and instead of giving us back the value of the credit which we also own as the actual asset holders, they've been stealing an unearned security interest in our property using false pretenses, and charging us interest on the use of our own credit. 

And Bank of America is on the grill for all this. 

(2) An estimated 400,000 Americans are dead and an estimated over 2.5 million are permanently injured/maimed, rendered unable to work and support their families, by the Jab.  

This is putting a nice big dent in demand for housing, in a market that was already floating in a sea of housing supply created by fraudulent bank foreclosures. 

(3) We are looking at hundreds of millions of phoney mortgages created under False Pretenses not being paid and not being enforceable and having heard this and having seen why, people are not starting new homes or "borrowing" anything (including flim-flam) from the banks, at the same time that the housing market is over-supplied by any measure, .... enter Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, yanking the Prime Interest Rate upward. Upward. Upward. 

(4) Certainly "the Fed" is under pressure to pay its own debts, but you'd have to be insane and intent on creating a total economic collapse to do that.  

The correct response is to nudge the commercial banks to either demolish existing substandard housing in their possession as a result of foreclosures, or bring their holdings up to code and arrange a program to use the surplus to house the millions of Americans who have been rendered homeless by their schemes. 

That makes the so-called "Housing Bubble" a net loss (demolition costs) or a zero sum game for the banks, but it does discourage them from continuing to defraud people, and it does help ameliorate the problems they have caused for themselves and for the world economy, 

Powell's answer, to raise the Prime Interest Rate some more and kill -- absolutely kill -- demand for new housing starts, commercial construction, and home remodels as well --- may be "traditional", but it is also absolutely whackjob insane in the situation we are facing.  

Increasing the Prime Rate (the interest the Fed charges commercial banks for the use of their Federal Reserve Note scrip) does nothing to curb inflation or forestall the ever-increasing dearth of essential commodities--- things like cheese and truck parts and new sheets.  It does nothing to address the Housing Dilemma, but does make it exponentially worse. 

But I do understand how Powell got here. 

The Fed had already dropped the Prime Interest Rate as far as it could go and still remain in operation, leaving no head room at all.  If they had stayed out of the Fraud Feeding Frenzy and the 2008 Big Short, and, and, and.... and if they had held the line on Easy Money, they wouldn't be under the political lash to provide a "strong dollar" out of their (hats) right now.

If they had honored their debts and paid out what they owed people for remedy, they'd be in a lot better shape, too ---both in terms of economics and in terms of legalities.  They'd have less profit, but what profit they had would have been theirs, good solid defensible profit, instead of "unjust enrichment" and "failure to abate" and "criminal conspiracy to defraud the Public Interest".   

My husband asked me for an evaluation of the situation this morning and I blinked and said, "It's like a Sissy Fight between Leviathan and Peter Pan." 

And we have yet to add in the brokerage players, Goldman-Sachs, Morgan Stanley, et alia, and the major insurers like Lloyds and AIG. 

Just imagine that you are in a rowboat at sea climbing up and over a hundred foot wave. And pray for a weak dollar. 


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  1. Hmm,
    why does not the gold-asset, lately backing the US currency, lead
    to a more stronger Dollar ??

    1. its because all "Money" is FICTION too, just like all POLITICS and RELIGION:
      paper, shells, gold, tally sticks, credits, digits on a computer screen... all only of "value" because a certain group of people agree to it.

      Will Smith brought this MONEY question forward for consideration some months back.

      diamonds are an appropriate example:
      diamond material is not rare, its used on powertools blades; but is still expensive. even tho there are much more rare gemstones, just as beautiful and with higher refractive indexes, people still agree to pay $5,000+ a carat for clear clean diamonds.

    2. not refractive index, brilliance and light dispersion.

  2. My zippo lighter was worth $40 at the grand bazaar in Turkey. In Israel a pair of Levis was around $60. I traded my cheap American goods for theirs at an inflated exchange rate. Thinking back I took advantage of people.