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Saturday, November 19, 2022

A Full Explanation of the UN Connection

 By Anna Von Reitz

What's so pitiful, Jack, is that while you imagine that you are "the" only "Lawful Heir" the actual fact is that every American is a Lawful Heir, and so are all  those who will come here in years to come and adopt a State of the Union as their house, home, and domicile. They will be Lawful Heirs, too.

What's additionally pitiful is that you think the UN CORP runs the world, when in fact, Jimmy Carter transferred the BIRTH CERTIFICATES of purely purported-to-exist Municipal CITIZENS to the United Nations Organization back in the 1980's.  These "personal" Municipal CORPORATIONS were "gifted", that is, "conferred" on everyone in this country and returned by Carter to a Third Party. 

But an unsupported Legal Fiction is still an unsupported Legal Fiction, so Jimmy returned the "gift" as nothing for nothing, which formally dissolves any such incorporation's basis for registration.  

Now I blame Carter for involving the United Nations Organization and giving it any possible entre into our lives, but in another sense, his action was brilliant.  Are you responsible for a "gift" that has been returned to the store?  Or one that you have passed on (or off) to someone else?  

No, you are not. And you are not responsible for the existence of such a gift, or the debts accumulated by such a gift. 

With respect to the ownership of those Municipal PERSONS (as in enslavement) you should think of it as a vast international game of Hot Potato. 

Carter passed all of that off and saddled the United Nations with the responsibility of it, so now what they are rather ineffectually messing around with, is an attempt to claim the existence of Municipal CITIZENS--- corporations that don't exist, in the same exact way that the imaginary ships insured during the bottomry bonds scandals, didn't exist.  The ships, the bonds, and the insurance on the bonds were all phoney.  Imaginary.  So are all these Municipal Corporations named after Americans. 

It was all nothing but a debt entrapment scheme based on clearinghouse certificates authorized by FDR, acting as CEO of "the" United States Municipal Corporation at the time.  

The scheme itself goes back to Lincoln, so we now have the entire history of it and who bears the responsibility for it.  We can be sure that these "assets" of the UN CORP are nothing but hot air, and so long as people are aware of that fact and respond appropriately, there is no contract and no Cestui Que Vie parent trust, either. 

As for Israel being in any driver seat, it turns out that The Balfour Declaration was attached to a lease for 99 years and it has no actual physical land grant underlying it and no record of sale, because the Brits couldn't sell Jacob Rothschild what was never theirs to sell.  At most, they could set up a long term lease during their military protectorate of "Palestine" --- another one of their inventions made out of thin air. 

So, Jack, why don't I call you "Felix" and see if this causes a virulent black moustache to erupt on your upper lip?  What?  Nothing happened?  

Nothing happened.  That's just the point.  The only thing holding Israel together is the collective belief of its people and their willingness to fight for a soon-to-be defunded military. Haven't you seen the ads asking for donations to feed the elderly in Israel?  Alms for Holocaust Survivors?  

Well, we are all now survivors of a holocaust of lies and false identities foisted off on us by would-be Roman Slavers and British Con Artists, but that has run its road, too.  

These exonerating facts, and many others, have been researched by The Living Law Firm and are supported by the Public Records, whereas all you have on your side of anything, is an egotistical and elitist "belief" that you are the special son of God, destined to rule over the Earth as a Semi- Benevolent Dictator. 

Picture all the rest of us as pins bursting your bubble. 


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  1. That is a problem when Yeshua shows up and asks what is going on with the mass slater of his people and what and where is his true brothers that where killed or murdered

  2. word of CAUTION:
    This Article says there is no Cestui Que Vie Parent Trust.
    well, we still require the CONTENTS of the "FORMER" FICTIONAL CQV TRUSTS then, because its the CONTENTS that belongs to us.

    1. Once again you're true motivations slip out, Karen. Gimme, gimme, gimme that gold grammy! It's mine! All mine!