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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Additional National Trust Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We have already detailed some of the ways in which National Trusts and Individual Public Trusts have been created without authority, and subsequently abused without justification as infant decedent estates, waived estates, or as foreign trusts substituted for our estate interests, both as a country and as individual people.  

So much confusion and so much secrecy has been exercised concerning the creation, use, abuse, and assets of these various trusts that a brief discussion of both valid and invalid Public and National Trust Interests is merited.  

Americans are owed American Common Law at the State and County levels of our government, and very limited Federal Law published in the Congressional Record concerning people engaged in federally regulated activities, some of which is also codified in the original Unrevised United States Statutes at Large published by the American Federal Subcontractor operating under The Constitution for the united States of America from 1787 to 1860.  

We have our own legislative assemblies, our own courts, and our own law forms and are specifically exempted from knowing or practicing foreign law.  

We are also owed the guarantees and limitations of the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights underscoring it, which was added as a protective and injunctive measure to all three of the Federal Constitutions, to clarify the limited nature of the delegations of power provided by the Constitution contracts. 

The Preamble Trust makes it clear that the intent of the Donors of the specific Enumerated and Delegated Powers did not expect or allow the Delegated Powers to be exercised against them by their Federal Subcontractors. The Federal Subcontractors, that is, the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, by accepting and using the Delegated Powers undertake to exercise them in good faith and cannot, for example, use them to wage war or commit crimes against their employers without being in Gross Breach of Trust and Service Contract. 

The Donors of the Delegated Powers were likewise not allowing any fanciful interpretation of these contracts to suppose that they were giving any derivative empowerments impacting non-enumerated powers, rights, and guarantees. They added The Bill of Rights to further clarify the non-enumerated rights, powers, and guarantees they were retaining--- among other such empowerments not delegated and retained under the Tenth Amendment by the people and the States. 

This Preamble Trust concerning the Enumerated and Delegated Powers is owed to each of our States of the Union and  it presents as both a service contract and a treaty trust, because the Federal Constitutions are the implementation of the Treaties ending The War of Independence.  

This is the only form of national trust that Americans have and the only one that our States have ever agreed to.  It is also the only such trust that we need as it guarantees our safety, our freedom, and our sovereignty against infringement or claim by our Federal Subcontractors.  It strictly limits the Enumerated Powers. 

Except in the sense that we are Inheritors and Receivers of all assets held in the United States Trust, that is, the residuals owed to our erstwhile Federal Republic and the members of the original Confederation of States, it is not a National Trust in the same sense that our other Federal Subcontractors have National Trusts and great care must be exercised in identifying which "Nation" and which "National Trust" we are talking about at any given time.  

The Preamble Trust is a Testamentary Express Trust.  

The United States Trust is an asset trust belonging to a "dead"  instrumentality of our government known as the Confederation of States and the American Federal Subcontractor known as the Federal Republic that is supposed to be operating under The Constitution for the united States of America --- both of which are in Stasis, awaiting Reconstruction or other Disposition by our States of the Union.  

Dissolving the United States Trust in favor of the member States or conveying the assets of the United States Trust via assignment to reconstructed business entities is part of the work now facing us.   

We are the Inheritors and Receivers of the United States Trust because we are the Delegators and Donors of all Delegated Powers and assets 
that ever belonged to the Confederation of States or the United States Federal Republic, and upon their "death" or inability to perform, those powers and other assets naturally return to the Delegators by Operation of Law.  

In addition to the Preamble Trust and the United States Trust, there are two other "National Trusts" that have nothing whatsoever to do with rank and file Americans, and which refer to the two separate "nations" that make up the citizenry of the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States. 

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt announced that "the United States of America is bankrupt" to the Conference of Governors on May 6, 1933, he was talking about the United States of America, Incorporated, the British Territorial Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia.  

We know this for sure, because sovereign and unincorporated entities are not eligible for bankruptcy protection, thus he could not be referring to our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. 

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt received an affirmation of support from the Conference of Governors pledging the citizenry and assets of their "States", they weren't talking about the American States, they were talking about the British Territorial States-of-States franchises acting in support of their parent Municipal Corporation.  

They were talking about their "Nation" composed of British Territorial U.S. Citizens in the same way that they talk about their "National Security" and their British Territorial "National Trust" and about the "57 States" that are part of their overall hegemony --- all of which are "Confederate States", meaning "States of States" ---  operated as Municipal Corporation franchises.  

None of this history of bankruptcies and foreign corporations has anything substantive to do with our States and people, even though it has often been misconstrued and dishonest men have misconstrued it -- liberally, as they have latched onto our assets under color of law and under False Pretenses to pay the debts actually owed by these profligate Municipal Corporations.  

We wish for a complete and full public disclosure of the facts, including the fact that our country and our states/States, are not and never have been bankrupt, and are not incorporated entities.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued his First Inaugural Address as President of the United States (Municipal Government) and spoke of "sacrifices" and "consecrations" and "clearinghouse certificates" he was talking about the sale of the Municipal citizenry as slaves, literally, as chattel used to pay debts owed by the Municipal United States Government and its Municipal Corporation.   

Their only national trust is in Heaven.  They hope things will be better after they die, because their lives on Earth have been deprived and impoverished to slake the greed and lust of depraved, evil, and selfish men, liars and thieves and hypocrites who have always abused the innocent.   

Under Ecclesiastical Law, the Municipal citizens of the United States are owed their due from these corporations and their Principals right now, as they should never have been impersonated and victimized unlawfully in the first place. No undisclosed citizenship obligations should have ever been conferred on them by any unlawful Act of the Territorial Congress.

Public slave ownership should have been abolished as well as private slave ownership and that should have been honored under the Thirteenth Amendment, not prevaricated for the purpose of unjust enrichment and collection of odious debts. 

The Universal Law of Free Will should have been honored continuously throughout all of this span of history, and wasn't.  

We wish for all the Municipal citizens of the United States to be set free and for their assets to be returned to them, so that they can never be considered public chattel or abused for any such purpose again. 

In addition to all of this, there are more than 5,000 so-called Historical and millions of so-called Legacy Trusts that have been created or rolled over and misrepresented as "unclaimed" or abandoned assets left to public administration by Municipal Corporation employees---- most of which obviously belong to people who have died and therefore belong to their heirs, or belong to people who are still alive, or belong to private trustees who have been ignored and considered "dead" as a result of all the impersonation crimes and false registrations and false claims in commerce that have been used to enslave and entrap them.  

We wish for all the various birth certificates to be returned at the expense of the Perpetrators to the heirs and owners, all assets redeemed and set aside, including all Historic and Legacy Trusts.  

We note that although the Perpetrators of these unlawful schemes can always locate people for the purpose of misaddressing false claims in commerce, that is, court charges against them, and against the various foreign corporations being operated in their names, these same Perpetrators claim that they can't find the "missing" Americans who just happen to be at the same in care of address.  

The entire circumstance reeks of long-term, consistent, self-interested fraud and personage crimes--- and it's time for all of this criminality to end.

We wish for the British Territorial U.S. Citizens to be set free and absent specific unreported knowledge, for them to be held harmless for the crimes they unknowingly committed.  We wish for their property assets to be returned to them and placed under their control and for everyone concerned to know the truth about what went on in this country and elsewhere in the world ---- not some funky narrative created in Hollywood seeking to blame some and glorify others, but the actual truth, so that everyone can see that we have all been the victims in an artificially constructed legal (but unlawful) matrix of lies, false claims, false pretenses, and false suppositions. 

We have truly lived in the kingdom of the Father of All Lies, but now we know its lessons and are ready to dispense with it, and with the spirit of falsehood perpetuating these crimes. 

The sins of the corporations are due and set upon them, and upon the men responsible for misdirecting them and for using them for unlawful purposes. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary 
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023


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