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Monday, June 19, 2023

The Fraudulent Misuse of the Title IV Flag

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

The Title IV Flag was created and set apart for the use of our British Territorial Subcontractors when exercising our Delegated Powers under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States of America. The Title IV Flag is a specific proportioned version of our wartime flag, loaned to the British Territorial Subcontractor for use when performing delegated duties during time of war. 

It was never authorized to nor intended to confer any war-making powers. The British Territorial Government, like the Municipal Washington, DC Government, was never authorized to declare war, nor to use the Title IV Flag independently to encroach or usurp upon the authority of the American Government, our Continental Congress, and our American Federal United States Congress.  

The Title IV Flag was never authorized for any use apart from the Subcontractor's exercise of the delegated and limited enumerated powers; it was certainly never intended to be used as a "sovereign" to which people would be encouraged to pledge allegiance as serfs obligated to serve pieces of cloth representing an unknown and unidentified republic. 

We can only guess that the intended republic being referenced in the so-called "Pledge of Allegiance" was the long defunct Federal Republic operated by the American Federal Subcontractor under The Constitution for the united States of America, but given the amount of fraud, bad faith, usurpation, and breach of trust we have experienced, it might just as well reference some British Territorial "republic" operated out in the weeds in the Philippines or Kenya or Mauritania.  

One thing is certain -- the Title IV Flag has been much abused and served purposes never intended for it, including misrepresentation of our country and our nation in multiple illegal Mercenary Conflicts and for maintaining the appearance of a condition of "war" and emergency in times of peace.

This abuse has been at the hands of the British Territorial Government and the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations. 

We have noted that our actual Government has been at peace since 1814 and every single American has been heir to the provisions of those peace treaties ending the War of 1812 ever since. 

We have noted that upon the surrender of Robert E.Lee's Army and the three public declarations of "Peace on the Land" issued by President Andrew Johnson, the Title IV War Flag should have been removed from our shores and replaced by our peacetime flag instead.  

The Title IV Flag was replaced by our Peacetime Flag for a relatively short span of about two years at Federal installations including Post Offices, Ports of Entry, and Customs Houses throughout the 1860's. There are photos of Free Man Conferences where former plantation slaves gathered to celebrate peace and freedom.  

Seeing their happy faces fifteen decades later, they couldn't know that evil and dishonest men operating the central banks of Europe and equally evil men in the British Parliament and the Territorial Congress were already scheming to re-enslave them and embark on a Municipal Corporation policy promoting "perpetual war"--- war profiteering, that is.

So while generations of Americans loyally fought for and under this Title IV Flag, it was never truly their flag that they were fighting under.  They were fighting under a British Territorial Title IV Flag instead, and acting as mercenaries under contract. These Americans also fully believed that they were acting as honorable soldiers and sailors and acting with just cause in defense of their country.  They did not know or dream that they were being used as cheap mercenaries by foreign central banks and industrial robber barons and treasonous politicians. 

The Parties responsible for these crimes and breaches of trust include all the Municipal Corporations, their franchises, their elected officers, the members of their Congresses, their courts, the Bar Associations, those members of the military who knew the truth and did nothing to report or oppose it, members of the Federal Agencies who similarly knew and did nothing, the central banks here and abroad who knew and profited from these crimes and did nothing to stop them, the politicians used to promote and prolong these evils and gross usurpations against our lawful national governments, the political parties that knowingly promoted pre-selection of candidates and substitution of political offices for public offices and corporate elections substituted -- in fraud -- and presented as public elections, the schools that failed to teach people their actual history or much of anything else, the scientists and medical professionals who sold their souls for kickbacks and grants and who politicized and crippled scientific progress for decades, the Law Schools who didn't teach Law, the Universities that promoted politics for kickbacks and endowments, the Sheriffs and all the other law enforcement "officers" from the Department of Justice on down, who failed to take their Oaths of Office and continued to claim authorities and enforcement powers never granted to them, the foreign commissions and councils and unauthorized regulatory bodies that have no authority whatsoever, but which continue to harass Americans and enforce Administrative Code, all of those engaged in promoting and profiting from this vast con game. 

Additional Flag Frauds were perpetuated based on the Title IV Flag. At least two generations of Americans observed what appeared to be Title IV Flags surrounded on all sides by gaudy gold-fringed braids displayed in all the courtrooms in the country.  Those who inquired deeply were told that this was the President's Executive Flag, but upon deeper investigation it was discovered that this flag was merely a decoration described as "the National Colors".  

In other words, even the Title IV Flag was impersonated and placed in the courtrooms of these private corporate tribunals to deliberately give people the impression that the proceedings were official judicial proceedings related to our government, and that they were obligated to honor and obey these courts--- when in fact those proceedings had nothing to do with the living people and were actually constructed as an elaborate fraud scheme to defraud the American victims who were being misaddressed either as Municipal citizens of the United States or as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

This fraud was all the more confusing, as it was staged using their own courthouses and what appeared to be their own flag, but was in fact, the Title IV Flag. 

From 1860 to 2000, the only actual American flag in evidence and bearing witness to the actual facts was a giant non-Title IV Flag that hung in the struck position in the Congressional Chambers and which was seen once a year as background to the annual State of the Nation address.  The Perpetrators considered this was enough Public Notice given concerning the actual State of our Nation  -- the rest was all about their "nation", their Municipal Corporations, their officials, their concerns. 

The welfare of this country and the people they were hired to defend and protect, the continuance of our government and way of life, our national identity, the preservation of our history, our peace and our prosperity, were never the concern of these abjectly criminal employees and their organizational leadership.  How to more efficiently fleece us and use our sons and daughters and natural resources to promote war-profiteering against other nations was much more their daily interest. 

Today, Joe Biden is flying the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag over the staged White House, and tomorrow he may fly the Skull and Crossbones, but none of these Municipal Corporations have any reason or right to fly any version of our flag, including the Title IV Flag, and use it to misrepresent us and misrepresent our country and even misrepresent our war status. 

We wish for all use of our flags, in war and in peace, to conform with our actual status, and in the absence of an actual war declared by our American Congress, we wish all Federal Branches, Departments, and Agencies to fly the Peace Flag, because the actual American Government is at peace and has been at peace since 1814.  

A first-hand description of the proper use of our peacetime flag during the years between 1787 and 1860 is recorded in the opening pages of Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter.  

If the peace flag had been flown by the United States Navy throughout this time period, it would have been very difficult for the Perpetrators to promote their policy of perpetual war for profit behind the backs of the American people.  Instead, the Navy and other branches of the commandeered American Armed Forces were misdirected to fly the Title IV Flag and use it to induce the idea that we were at war, constant, unrelenting, perpetual war, war, war, and more war.  

The conditions of "perpetual war" embraced by the central banks and industrial robber barons and politicians and defense contractors had many advantages for the criminals.  It meant sales for the purveyors of guns and military supplies.  It meant increased coercive powers and social standing for the politicians. It meant a constant flow of industrial orders and excuses to ask for tax breaks and subsidies and special considerations for the industrial barons. And it meant increased power to control entire national economies for the central bankers. 

They could all invoke and use the excuse of "war" and agreed that was okay so long as they could come up with some kind of executive declaration involving war every two years.  So we've had so-called "Executive Orders" every two years concerning some kind of "war" ---the Cold War, the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and all the while, what is really called for is a War on War and those who cause wars and glorify wars and most of all, who profit from wars.  

Executive Orders are something that Abraham Lincoln invented out of thin air, which allow the Commander-in-Chief to act as a virtual dictator over all Federal Employees and Agencies, but don't apply to the American General Public at all.  The abuse of these Executive Orders has allowed Municipal Corporation "Presidents" to act as virtual dictators, to abuse legislative powers, to "suspend" the Constitutions, and take other actions that are totally outside of any authority ever granted to any Presidential Office.  

We wish for the end of the use and abuse of Executive Orders to commandeer legislative powers and violate separation of powers requirements. 

We wish for all the Title IV Flags to be taken down and for our American Peacetime Flag to be flown in all Federal Enclaves, as well as at the Federal Capitol Rotunda and in the Senate and House Chambers, so that the world can finally see the difference between America and "the US" Municipal Corporations that have been at the root of all this fraud, violence, depravity, war-profiteering, and greed. 

These Municipal Corporations and the Principals responsible for overseeing their lawful operation have grossly disserved and misrepresented us this entire time, from 1860 to today.   

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023 


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  1. Kevin Cote/ patriotfarmerJune 20, 2023 at 5:40 AM

    I agree.
    Too bad MM and most assemblies have been co-opted by the same evil bastards that have enslaved and abused us since 1860.
    What you write , Anna, is too much truth for most. They cannot comprehend and do not think, something you actually write in practically every article. Thinkers are punished in assemblies and especially on MM by planted troublemakers.
    It will take an act of God to unharden the hearts and heads of everyone….and I mean everyone.
    Newsflash idiots…I am NEVER going away. What fun it will be when time will prove me right !…so all of you with calcified pineal glands and rock hard hearts and black souls….I am waiting….it’s going to be epic.

  2. Great history lesson as Usual! And "IF" anyone out there in duh Wazard of IS land, could read, real history like that, they may jump out of the "dueling monopoly" and drop their mantra of . . . "United we fall, and divided we stand!"
    Since there was a "kind" of a "history" lesson on the RIGHTS of the people (not incorporated,) that made US, "private attorney generals," whom, got OUR sheriffs to bring forth a "12 people's jury" to do the "indictments" and the "Trials" as private prosecutors!
    And did NOT have "ANY" bar carders as blockaders to JUST-US!
    So that's what I've been trying to get others "TOGETHER" as the "establishers of JUST-US!
    First example of the 5...
    KING v. LUKENS, 1 U.S. 5 (1762)


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