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Monday, June 19, 2023

To All Commenters on My Blog Page

 By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who thinks or says that I don't have proof and evidence for what I say hasn't read what I have written, and so, doesn't have any business making comments.  

They also haven't stopped to think that if I didn't have proof and evidence and all my ducks in order, I would have been arrested a long time ago. 

Anyone who doesn't have guts enough to give their own name when they make a comment and hides behind "Anonymous" doesn't deserve to make any comments anyhow. 

Anyone who calls me names will reap what they sow. 

Anyone who disrespects the actual law and history will reap what they sow.

I am told that as of June 19th 'my' Federation" is going down.  

Well, it isn't my Federation.  It's your Federation, unless you are a Tory or a devil-worshiping priest of Mammon.  Or both. 

And if it goes down, it means one thing --- that the criminals are coming for you and you're next.  

If our Federation of States goes down, there will be no government left to protect you from the Municipal Corporations posing as governments. 

No matter how you try to hide, no matter how many VPNs you have, no matter that you've been promised "safe, encrypted" communications.  

Remember all those people solemnly parroting that the jabs were safe and effective --- like Anthony Fauci preaching the benefits of AZT thirty years ago, they just didn't bother telling you what the jabs were "safe and effective" for --- or for who.  

Pretty safe and effective when you can hide behind "Anonymous" or a Doctor's white coat and a needle --- and kill three-quarters of the American population. 

Get ready, Edjits, who won't read and won't think.  All the Blowhards and Big Mouths, here you go!  All the Hopium Addicts and Worshipers at the Mercenary Idol Retreat.   

I long ago decided that this filthy world wasn't worth living in, no matter how much I love God's Creation, the Earth, the animals, the plants...   

These pitiful excuses for "men" have rendered it a snake pit and den of idolatry and crime. And some of the women are even worse! 

No wonder so many people are standing around waiting....and waiting... and waiting... hell, they don't even know what they've got between their legs.  

And if they do know, they don't have guts enough to stand up and say so.

Next time I see some cow of a woman waffling about not knowing what a woman is, I am going to stand up and paste her full in the face. Heel of the hand. Whap! 

When she comes up sputtering about lawsuits and assaults, I'm going to say, "Well, you asked what a woman is, and I just showed you. That nasty popping sound as your neck snapped backward?  That's what a woman is."  

What's she going to say?  She's already admitted that she doesn't know what a woman is.  That leaves me free to define it for her.  

Want to talk about proof?  Obviously, most of the Trolls acting as "Commenters" don't want proof, or they'd already have it. 

Most Americans are as brainless as turkeys standing under a downspout, drowning in the rain.  It hurts me to say it, but it's true. 

You think the military is going to come save you?  Really, the same British-Raj military has been in control of this mess and doing you sideways since 1863?  

You might as well believe in Barney, the Big Purple Pedophilic Dinosaur.

Sure, they will come up with some Narrative to make themselves look like heros.  They always do. 

They starved over a million German Prisoners of War to death, took photos of the mass graves, and created the Holocaust. 

It was more like a wet drain.  No fire involved.  Just swamps, dysentery, and starvation and all under the direction of Eisenhower.  The Rhine Meadows.  Look it up. 

The American Raj Perps were heroes then, too, covering up their own dirty work and blaming the evil Nazis for it.   Those mass graves were dug with U.S. Army bucket loaders, operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

And when someone tries to tell you that the politicians selected "for" you to elect are all bad, just different flavors of bad, you don't stop and pay attention. 

You wait for the next election cycle and hope something will change. 

Maybe they will change their suits.  That would be exciting. 

This Evil has been growing for over 160 years and I have been the Watchman, calling from the tower, warning you, showing you how they did it, when they did it....  why they did it. 

Soon, you won't need a Watchman.  You will be able to see it for yourselves.  


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  1. Thank you Anna, James, Paul and team.

    This comment, to me, is useful:

    "...No wonder so many people are standing around waiting....and waiting... and waiting...,

    I imagine if one is "standing around waiting...and waiting..." They have "No Standing" in any matter. And are thus "Subjects" under evil, as little or no mercy seems inbound (and too hopeful is this, my comment.)

    Stand. As your waiting has no standing.

    I read this prior article, thank you.
    Tuesday, June 29, 2021
    Lawful v. Legal Standing and Our Constitutions
    By Anna Von Reitz

  2. From your earlier article Anna, on "...Standing..." I have posted this:

    "...You must have and must preserve your lawful standing as an American claiming your birthright political status--or, you are not a party to the Constitutions. You then have no standing to enforce them..."

    1. Nevermind that Not a single American was told that this process of registering birth certificates to transfer someone from the unincorporated jurisdiction to the incorporated jurisdiction for malignment by the "seated authorities" is legal and lawful? Whats that phrase you so often note?

      FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING. Without Disclosure that such was done, there can be no requirement to reverse something done in SECRET and via automated process.

    2. She must be relying on this:

      "There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments. There is also no question that many rights originally founded in fraud become—by lapse of time, by the difficulty of proving the fraud, and by the protection which the law throws around rights once established by formal judicial proceedings in tribunals established by law, according to the methods of the law—no longer open to inquiry in the usual and ordinary methods. Of this class are judgments and decrees of a court deciding between parties before the court and subject to its jurisdiction, in a trial which has presented the claims of the parties, and where they have received the consideration of the court."

      Quoted from:

    3. My disinterested comment on "Status."

      AXIOM: RIGHTS are not taken. RIGHTS are carelessly given away.
      AXIOM: CAPACITY - With health, you have power = CAPACITY.
      COROLLARY: With Limiting health, you have limiting CAPACITY.
      DEFINITION: EXERCISE - To carry out, to put into effect.
      DEFINITION: CHOICE - To claim Jurisdiction.
      DEFINITION: STATUS - A combination: Right, Exercise & Choice.

      Dear Lollygags,
      You have carelessly given away your RIGHTS.
      Your have compromised CAPACITY, your health (Medical Tyranny+)
      You fail to: EXERCISE CAPACITY, RIGHT, and CHOICE.
      You claimed no CHOICE. Jurisdiction shall be chosen for you . . .

      KJV: John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

      KJV: 2 Corinthians 4:4 - Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News.

      Eat, Drink, and be Merry . . .

  3. At your peril people, do not confuse your "waiting" with an exercising of a "right to be left alone."

    You will not be given a right to be left alone. You gave that "right" away, by waiting.

    And also, from your same earlier article Anna, on "...Standing..." I post this:

    "One of the guarantees that a great many people are seeking these days is the right to simply be left alone. You will find that right preserved as Article IV.

    Thank you again.

  4. If you have any proof, present it. It's very simple.

    1. In all fairness, Anna believes she has given the proof, through her writings, these writings are her interpretation of the truth, Shes a Gemini, dual personality's, Evil twin, she works both sides . Expects everyone to interpret her mind , read her mind and conform to her line of reason that many times in just NOT RIGHT.! Bottom line, if she cannot produce hard evidence that even the people walking amongst the living dead, can comprehend, then she has No Business electing herself as a leader for the cause of freedom. She is not free herself, obviously still in a mind fog of her own , unable to take her years of so called effort and manifest it into reality. ( A Republic), she claims to be responsible for, yet blames everyone else for why its not happening. First she has to be willing to take back her responsibility as a woman first/ Christ Like or your likeness is of the Beast, Ok?

      I can admire her tenacity, allegedly wanting to see change but Shes not a watchman on the wall, Shes not a chosen vessel by God either, ( No EVIDENCE) she chose herself, why the Holy Spirit of God is not working her vessel, and why her entire alleged American Assembly creation is a FARCE. Shes not presenting the right formula for a true Republic of , by , for the people. She hasn't a clue as to what it is. She, like many of us are is in need of repentance and forgiveness and this one ANNE in particular, needs to lose the ego, A BIG FAT EGO that drives her, the anthesis of the spirit of God..

      Anna knocks the Creator of life because she is lost. She does not get that by knocking , judging others , she also will be knocked and judged. Apparently she cannot handle any constructive criticism ,or sound reason from others and frankly, from true history, making her the worst kind of leader or want to be leader to follow. Shes immoral and unethical so far as i have witnessed, making her ungodly. Why the people really don't follow, except for those who are followers, these kind are a nickel a hundred, Not trying to be mean Anna, but you are self righteous, not willing to see the whole truth about yourself. Had you delt, you would know and admit that your caught up in a rat race for the wrong reasons, you would admit that your not with the Colorado Nine because you took a bribe/ deal. Correct me if i am wrong, of course.

      Even without selling out ----- Electing yourself and your husband to a position over others who, you require must heed your private interpretation of Law and follow your yellow brick road , or they are not welcome (as if you have hold power over them) is evidence enough to me that you are deceptive and you have a hidden agenda that serves only you and your secrets. About what is between the legs of Gods creation? your mind is in the gutter, clearly, If i were wrong, you would not be acting like a wicked witch all the time, nor would you be ramped at trying to steal another man or womans free will choice to think to be to act, because it is not in line with your delusion. Reason your want to control ones free will and power of choice from God is because you know , and so do your handlers, that a man is not a man when he gives up his power to choose. And if you can get men and womon to give you that power that is clearly your intent ( or there would be evidence otherwise) they will be reduced to THINGS with STRINGS that you and whoever you work for hold the STRINGS. This is no leading man to freedom but to deeper enslavement that they are already in. You have no defense, becasue maybe your afraid of the truth, otherwise you would have stated the truth long ago. Hard keeping lies going right?

    2. Personal insults. No subject matter. You will know them by their fruits👩🏻‍🦰

    3. Only a no backbone faggot or Lesbomb would say what you said, and
      Hiding behind Anonymous. Just 100years ago the punishment for being a faggot was death by hanging, you poor lost soul.

      I noticed you use the word fruits and how you might know someone by them every time someone uses their actual mind as a free thinker in response to Anna Bologna , just like a puppet, described in the post by Margrette above, who I am in agreement with.

      Please explain your interpretation of what you believe "Fruits : are , so we might get an idea of your level of intelligence, unless you cant becasue Anne Vonny Righty has you hooked on strings. It sure sounds like she is your puppet master. Do you guys believe you are fruitful? Come on give it a shot. what means fruits, since its your favorite line fruity?

    4. Here you go:

    5. Homeless slave Tedd W.June 21, 2023 at 8:16 AM

      Like they say. "All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident." Please keep up the good work Anna and team.

    6. @Margrethe A:
      i, surmise that the accusatory words you have aimed at Anna, are in reality, a subconsciously expressed, and accurate, exemplification and mirror image of the character and essence of your own Spirit, expressed through the PERSON/Person/person you have chosen to portray.

    7. Hal i surmise that your verbiage, have heard a thousand times unrighteous ungodly , jews coined this that u repeat like a puppet. Is some truth to the whole mirroring theory, but would not apply to me because im not a filthy jew, nor am i any person on a portrail. The place of I Am is where i stand half pint, but u can go on being a puppet groomed to not see yourself in the mirror because your too busy being a whore riding the beast but your too dam dumb not to .

  5. Wow I guess someone is mad how damn any of us ask for proof this proves everything she is scamming people and wants to beat the slaves back in place

  6. Nice to see Annas True Colors eh?

    "Get ready, Edjits, who won't read and won't think. All the Blowhards and Big Mouths, here you go! All the Hopium Addicts and Worshipers at the Mercenary Idol Retreat.

    I long ago decided that this filthy world wasn't worth living in, no matter how much I love God's Creation, the Earth, the animals, the plants...

    These pitiful excuses for "men" have rendered it a snake pit and den of idolatry and crime. And some of the women are even worse! "

    Ah, so thats why we had to let it happen huh. Brilliant like a Lawn Dart.

    1. Remind me again how nice and patient Granny is? And if you decided that LONG AGO, why bother trying to Correct it unless you're just a listbuilder for you particular Narrative? Sounds like you don't think any of its worth it and your self directed Assemblies haven't taken any seated authority to task over Anything!

      Keep wishing in one hand and crappin in the other, see which fills up first.

  7. Ignor the Edjits, Anna. Not worth out time. Also, is Terri having trouble uploading Sunday webinars to BitChute? I haven't seen a new one is several weeks?

    1. Hey Rod. This channel seems to keep up with the latest webinars on bitchute. They are usually posted sometime on the Wednesday following the webinar.

    2. Ah. I see. Thank you, Warren! I've been following the O'Believers channel for three years ( Wonder who is managing it? Didn't realize TASA had one. It seems over 1,000 subscribers are there instead of the "official" channel. Now I know where to watch:) Cheers

  8. "Sure, they will come up with some Narrative to make themselves look like heros. They always do. "

    Ah, Now its made plain. ;)

  9. You call people names too, Anna. Like energy begets like energy.

  10. Thanks Anna for this note, m

    Mel Gibson talks Pope Francis, Abp. Viganò, Canceled Priests, Bad Bishops, Latin Mass, Quo

    1. Thanks Anna for this note
      m, stand for mario is my title

  11. Would our time be better spent focusing on getting our over 3100 counties declared and their claims registered with our Federation? Perhaps with the increase in population that has occurred some of the larger counties need to be divided into smaller areas. De jure governments where originally I believe within a one day walking distance of about 15 miles or so. A free for all argument with all involved is not how a Republican form of government is structured.

  12. Thanks AnnaMaria

    Please Free-D.O.M.ize
    WeThePeopleFromUnhealthyPRIVATEColorsOf by-L.A.Ws.


    AllPoweredByStealthlyHiddenUnderColorsOf TheirsPRIVATE by-L.A.W.s


    "We wish for(AllOf)these offending Municipal Corporations createdViaColorsOf L.A.W. to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - Anna Maria Reitzinger

    ByTheQueen'sKnights,et alia.

  13. ...its way past time to get it love learn ...and move on ...there is no saving prison planet earth ...when the appointed time comes ...proudly move on ...out of the prison planet grid ...and home freedom. See: ...and join us in freedom. Rick & Barbie

  14. I tried from the beginning to insert my name, but somehow it was not working in the way it is set up. It only allows me to comment as anonymous.
    I always get a lot out of reading Anna's posts. And I feel sorry for all the bad vibes in the comments. I don't know why they are there. How can we move forward like this?

    1. AnonymousJune 20, 2023 at 11:27 PM

      Venture to

      and open up an account /a blogg under your Title,
      Once ready thou should see your Title in Upper Right corner of Paul's webpage
      Good Luck, m

  15. [thats-interesting:dear]

  16. Anna, I am one of those you wedged yourself in the door for…to allow me time to wake up. I just want to speak up and say, I am grateful. It’s all a bit overwhelming to see the vast criminality of it all but I thank you for continuing to open eyes and ears to it.
    Just remember, for every ugly, ignorant comment you may see here, there are more people who truly are grateful for your love of the truth. We see and recognize it.

    1. Thank you Michelle for your comment as I, too, am grateful for all Anna has done! Can any of us imagine spending all our time doing what she does and for no pay for year after year, decade after decade? A sacrifice that less than few would make. All the criticism, the lack of funding, the work, the setbacks, the non-stop issues and yet she keeps going like the energizer bunny! I hope we all live long enough to see this through to a productive result.

  17. stop the satanism in you first
    then read what someone says to you from a German point of view

    you are subject to scams of scammers...

    ... the politics trick:
    Pretend you have the right to make, think up, enact, pass laws and you are there for the people, who are actually enemies of the management (trading with the enemy act), which has also changed since the Stock Corporation Act of 1934 under Adolf Hitler government, although martial law has frozen everything here since 1914. Changes are not possible at all.

    so for you it means the martial law has been active since 1916

    the bank trick:
    Lies there would be something to pay for, although since Congress House Joint Resolution 192, June 5, 1933, there is no more valuable money today, paying for valuables is an impossibility, everything is / was paid for in advance for everyone, all funds today Represent guilt / debts and since OPPT from 2012 no more debts (may) exist.

    the POLICE trick:
    Pretend you have sovereign powers and an official status, which is not possible in the commercial law, international legal identity successor of the Third Reich, as it is not possible worldwide since HJR 192, 1933, because apart from Syria, North Korea and Cuba (the German Empire is put dead by martial law) there are NO more states with territorial reference, therefore no state law,
    NO sovereign powers, NO officials, NO police, NO judges, NO courts, NO prosecutors...
    The emergency legislation of war bankruptcy has been in effect worldwide since 1933, when there is complete legal bankruptcy.

    By the way...

    Do you actually know what licenses are?

    Do "you" think you need a license?

    "License or permission, prohibited by law,
    doing something illegal, so all licenses are permissions
    to violate the only valid law.” [Blacks Law 6th and 7th ed.]

    License: "an authorization from an authority..." [Blacks 3rd p. 1110]

    Permissions: "Negations of the Law.
    Either from the silence of the law
    or expressly expressed in a statement.
    [something illegal] [Black`s Law 2nd]"

    the roman law trick:
    UCC is a Roman Catholic Lawfully created registry, in use worldwide and illegal since its foundation was annulled, see: 98321033123501004 and 983210341748240014

    Except for the sovereign, the m a n, the first creditor, the grantor, the freeman of statehood from within itself in natural law, over-positive law, in supremacy, nothing orderly exists on earth anymore.

    M a n-made laws are inconsistent with the laws of nature, so these are inherently crimes and result in insanity.

    Any form of theft is a crime and all crimes result in theft.

    "What you do not want done to you, do not do to others"


    "All human beings are endowed with natural, inalienable rights
    and none stands between them and the Creator.
    Nothing is above this law."

    are the two formulations of the ONLY one I know of! remaining VALID law, called the golden rule and we are talking about VALIDITY here! NOT of irrelevant legitimacy...

    Moral relativism is a satanic ideology and since something is NOT even moral and then not moral again, this, in turn, shows us how much obviously past trauma here is
    and thus subjected to a severe mental disorder called cognitive dissonance.

  18. torsten L o r e n zJune 22, 2023 at 12:55 AM

    by the way
    It's still sad to see that many people don't really know anything about communism and how necessary it is.

    Just answer very simple questions yourself.

    What would you want to take from someone if you already own everything equivalent?

    Why would you want to pay anything
    when everything has long since been paid for many hundreds of thousands of times over?

    Why do you still want to have worthless funds when the financial system has long since been abolished and thus prohibited?

    Why would you maintain a rights system that has nothing to do with rights
    but with the opposite?

    Communism has never been implemented on the planet, because if that were the case, we could be told where the headquarters for the free supply of all life forms is / was located,
    because in communism financial means never exist, because with financial means and a barter system based on it, it is at most socialism, consequently fooling around, like everything else

    don't be fooled by stupid talkers with half-truths, i.e. lies.

    Learn to think for yourself

    Stick to the correct definitions that make up the declarations, because otherwise you can't communicate harmlessly
    and above all engage in self-reflection
    and look deep into your mind and soul to have knowledge of your very being
    and are not dependent on idiots who only want to cheat you
    to enslave you and plunder your collateral account, steal your children, rape them, murder them and eat them


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