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Monday, June 19, 2023

Don't Believe It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

My credibility is "at risk" for talking about angels and demons, things that the Bible and the Rig Vedas and other religious scriptures have described for thousands of years?  

I don't think so.  

There are mysteries in this world and we must be open to know the truth, or we never will know, never even glimpse the miracle we live in and the miracle that we are; instead, we will live and die in ignorance and fear, living in our little prison cells, all alone.  

Fear is what makes us small, keeps us separated from Creation, and dooms us to our prison of singularity.  Fear is the Enemy more than anything else. 

For better or worse, I decided long ago that I will not live my life in fear. 

I won't turn away from obvious logical disconnects, like being endlessly told that I am free when my labor and time on Earth is taxed and  I and everyone else I know lives in fear of what pretends to be our own dear government. 

No, I won't turn away and pretend that the lie is the truth.  

When I realized that these THINGS in Washington, DC, are not our government, but only Municipal Corporation Subcontractors pushing their luck, it was a great relief.  I realized that our actual government is still alive and that the Law is on our side. 

Along the way I learned that the history of mankind is nothing like what we are taught in schools or churches -- neither so simple nor so brief.  When Gregg Braden presented the evidence that we have been part of the Universe from the very beginning and that our DNA has been recording the journey -- individually and collectively for over 13 billion (with a "b") years, I was prepared for that.    

I have come a long way since my unpromising girlhood and much of the progress I have made has had to be accomplished alone in the valleys of the soul and the mountains of the mind; so I no longer fear being alone or being unpopular.  It does not enter my mind to obstruct whatever is true in order to promote any political agenda or preserve any false credibility for myself. 

The truth is always simple, and often unbelievable, too.  

Here is a short video to remind you all of that: 


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  1. Not all of us need you for the spiritual/consciousness guidance. Been there done that long before you came along. Same for many others. You yourself are new to it. Your area of expertise is the great fraud material. You are not an adept of spiritual knowledge. Not by any stretch. And you shouldn't mix religion with spirituality. One gives way to the other when you are ready. You are not needed for spiritual guidance. That comes from within, not without.

    1. Laughing out loud:

      You evidence ewe-self as a Gnostic nonsense golem mr/ms/miss/mrs Anonymous June 19, at 8:17 AM - with your "adept spiritual knowledge," so precious, precious, nobody but you may posses precious - your claim to "spiritual/consciousness guidance." (you imply "i was there first, me first, my precious, bloviating BS)

      Be a good dumpling dopey and retract your nonsense.

    2. Go away!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Why don't you worshippers go within? You are not ever going to receive enlightenment otherwise. It is personal.

    4. A disinterested comment on "Status."

      AXIOM: RIGHTS are carelessly given up. Not taken from you.
      COROLLARY: RIGHTS are not ever given to you.
      AXIOM: CAPACITY - With health, you have power = CAPACITY.
      COROLLARY: With Limiting health, you have limiting CAPACITY.
      DEFINITION: EXERCISE - To carry out, to put into effect.
      DEFINITION: CHOICE - To claim Jurisdiction.
      DEFINITION: STATUS - A combination: Right, Exercise & Choice.

      Dear Lollygags,
      You have carelessly given away your RIGHTS, in many ways.
      You have compromised CAPACITY, your health (Medical Tyranny+)
      You fail to: EXERCISE CAPACITY, RIGHT, and CHOICE.
      You claimed no CHOICE. Jurisdiction shall be chosen for you . . .

      KJV: John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

      KJV: 2 Corinthians 4:4 - Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News.

      Eat, Drink, and be Merry . . .

  2. Wow! Anonymous, huh? Who are you to say what we want or need from Anna? She is a guide. You follow, lead or get out of the way. We are learning. She provides new insights. I do not know who you are because you choose to criticize in darkness. A person with charachter and self respect spits it all out on the table without being covert. I am perfectly able to gauge what types of info I ingest from Anna. You, whomever you, are, do not speak for me.

    1. "Not all of us". I speak the truth. Toughen up.

    2. Hahaha... right cuz your name is "TheConscuousRN". Maybe less "conscious" than you realize given your ability to spell your own moniker.

    3. Below the belt. I'm am excellent speller but I have severe brain damage with all that entails. Lack of memory, lack of speech and for all intents and purposes lack of brain..apart from what the new neural pathways managed to create.
      No need to be an arsehole. No need whatsoever, yet you are.
      Bored ?

  3. Anybody who claims, " I know the truth," is highly suspect in my book. With all the propaganda, brainwashing, propaganda and disinfo, you know the truth? You alone? That tells me you do not. It tells me you have an overblown ego, that is all.

    1. Well said, thank you TheconsciousRn. 😊

    2. You are one with source. Everybody is. So, how could you not know the truth? Maybe you do and cannot yet remember because of insufficient conscious awareness. As you do work and further expand your awareness you remember more and realize you had known it all along but forgot. Before you incarnate you surrender awareness. If you did not do this there would be no point to life. Maybe it is you on the ego trip Conscious RN.

  4. Verge of extinction.
    Prove that you are a descendant of St. Germain.

  5. hahahaha... nah you're credibility is at risk because no seated authority even acknowledges your wishes and proclamations. Maybe borrow some credibility from Tom Hanks. Might get ya further down the Road.

    1. My eyes are getting worse.

    2. What "seated authority"? There are none. The last one died before the year was out. Those he might have appointed sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.

  6. Are you the banana ?




  8. There must be professionals
    of psychological warfare.
    They are using the useful idiot. They are applying the psychological warfare methods to this fraud Business.

  9. As for distraction adept,
    banana the distraction adept.

  10. CONfine their thoughts to a narrow thought space.

    Distract their thoughts into the narrow banana world from the World's significant events.

    banana’s site itself is a distraction site.

  11. Thanks Anna for those awesome words of Wisdom.

    A word fear is an acronym F. E. A. R.,
    i. e., fals evidence appearing real.
    Dear our Father protect Anna from all that is not of our Father's will.

    DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherCreatorAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentInDNAofWeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples, PleaseFreeDOMize TheWorld'sAllNationsAnd
    AndOutOfBrainlessAndHeatlessYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSERCOgroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHiddenUnderDoD/DoJ/WB/IMF/UN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesMerchantBankersGenocidalPRIVATEDogma.
    "We wish for these offending (D.C.BasedAndAllOthersLocatedInCityStatesWorldwideAllFraudDrivenOnly4Profits.m) Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, et alia, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndProtectWithAllOfYourMightAnna,James, Paul, AIMCATSAndP4I-MMcKibben
    TheCreatorOfSocialNetworkingWeAreUsingNowAndAllTheTruthMiners, et alia, AndAllTheRestOfTheMoralyActingAndMoralyLivingAndMoralyThinkingWeThePeoplesLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilWorldwideWillSincerelyFollow. m

  12. Let's focus a little here. Article IV Section 4 of our Constitution guarantees a Republican form of government. Now let's all look up Republican form of government in Bouvier's Law Dictionary. Go to Story's Comments on the Constitution and read how each State needs to make it's claim for that Republican form of government. It would seem to me each county would also need to make it's claim for a Republican form of government. Worcester county has made it's claim for a Republican form of government has your county? Does the Federation have a record of all the counties who have made their claim? Baldwin Templeton. I can't get this computer to put my pen name in properly.

    1. Its not Republican, its Constitutional REPUBLIC.

    2. We (good) People owe to: ourselves, families, progeny, and our Goodness eternal a "republican form of..." Disciplined Study of Knowledge, wisdom, correction (No government! = mind control!) being stewarding Creation, under God (Thee, Thou, Thine) shown as Thee Way, Truth, and Life.

      Republic = Res Publica = A lawful thing belonging to the (good) People (Living Souls.) Not belonging to those bad personalities (regardless if the bad are 99.99 percent of the Population, regardless if the bad personalities are a mere .0009 percent of the population.)

      Good People - own all.
      Bad Personalities - own not an iota, own not even their own flesh, nor any family.


    signs signs everywhere signs
    can't you read the signs

    1. And the sign says you've got to have a 'membership' card to get inside or ONBOARD


    The deep state of the search
    This tale is a whale of a story

    I wonder if Gilligan, Ginger and MARY anna where ONBOARD

    Hey they have to create shit to implement
    ACT 3
    World Legislative Act #3
    Act for the Ownership, Administration and Development of the Oceans and Seabeds of Earth as the Common Heritage of the People of Earth

    Short title: Oceans and Seabeds


    Climate Data proving Climate CHANGED - presented worldwide first time by End Times Prophet
    While the illuminati agencies continue to feed the sheep with "alarming data" which in fact means NO CLIMATE CHANGE, i.e. "temperature increase of 0.5°C in the last years" or " "temperature increase of 1°C in 2050 "... hundreds of millions are NOW already living with a new climate.

    1. Uh.

  16. What credibility? As a Story Teller?


    She's on you tube now spreading her shit

    It was an in your face that Barr as in RoseAnne Barr and then the fall out and then good man comes on the scenes to play the attorney general along side the apprentice who practiced his role

    It's so in your face


    Human cattle stripped, genocide of of non-productive of so far 30 million in the OECD, from the EU to the USA, is now upscaled to non-whites.
    Agter citizens disarmed comes Obama's staged arrest and martial law.
    After US default on debt:
    - termination of collapse of Banks script with annihilation of savings and pension funds of human cattle;
    - currency reset;

    BIG BANG: US shutdown script: Link to Obama's FULL detonation as illuminati suicide bomber.
    Obama sentenced to "death" for all sorts of "crimes": script to launch the FULL scale supervised race war.
    Preliminaries: welfare cuts caused by defaulting on social security payments.
    Agendas of the US shutdown theater include: annihilate the fake trillions in US debt supposedly held by ILLUMINATI puppets, a list led by "red" China and "liberal" Japan, as of Oct 2013.
    This while human cattle is stripped of pension funds and savings and faces compulsory "vaccination" against the super virus pandemic hoax, alias the REAL kill shot


  20. Didn't build it like a sub?

    More BULLSHIT to submerge the masses into more of their BULLSHIT
    or lincolning it to the past for more effect on the dumbed down masses while the other hand robs the treas'usary' before the big bang(k) of steal everything
    Pete and repeat

    Kinda like dumb and dumber

    Be sure you get papered up now and climb on board that love (evol) boat with grandma
    The Love Boat soon will be making another run
    The Love Boat promises something for everyone

    You just can't make this shit up

  21. ...its way past time to get it love learn ...and move on ...there is no saving prison planet earth ...when the appointed time comes ...proudly move on ...out of the prison planet grid ...and home freedom. See: ...and join us in freedom. Rick & Barbie

  22. Just sit right back and hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship
    And isn't it 'IRONIC' don't ya think (song by Alanis Morssitte, funny huh her name being Alanis ya know like Atlantis) that this little ship was on tour of the big wrecked ship from 100 + years ago

    Kind of like how they couldn't find the criminal mastermind in the cave in the dessert for decades and when they did they gave him a proper burial at sea
    Nothing to sea or I mean see hear or I mean here move along

    Like I said they have to implement their Oceans and Seabeds DIRECTIVES from World Godvernment and what better way to do that then to stage the events to MAKE IT HAPPEN like in MANIFEST DISNEY or I mean DESTINY

    And who would of thunk it but a video game of first person shooter

    Welcome to the Jungle as sung by Guns and Roses
    Amazon anyone

  23. You have to check this out

  24. [“yes”:dear]


  26. Hmm reminds me of the PULSE 'event'

  27. Yes! The CIA pays trolls to infiltrate movements and groups it deems to be a threat. Why not this website. However, to learn that you do not have to constantly be accepted/liked by everyone, is truly freedom. What trolls do not realize is that I do not care what they think. Carry on Patriots! Keep speaking your truth. Do not shy away from speaking up. Stand strong.

  28. Rehersal of a planned event for joe the bozo's visit
    Possibly a twofer with disney or I mean desantis in the same area

    The tweet thing was interesting as Derek Broes used to be GLOBAL WITNESS and the tweet handle is @WillingWitness - WW - flip the w's on their side and you get 33

    Global Witness at one point was advising everyone to shew up at the four corners cross? It's been a while back on global witness 'channel' that he declared that this was the safe spot
    And what does that mean for this new Felicity California and the new four corners or the 'center of the world' spot
    It's got all the bells, whistles and symbols they could muster all in granite
    And what do ya know it's UNINCORPORATED just like many others

    Like Paradise Nevada it's UNINCORPORATED
    Must be where they launder the loot from vegas through?

  29. Have a look at the natural resource heist

  30. When you comment on you tube now they have added a NUMBER to the end of your log in/handle name
    Wasn't like that a week or so ago

    1. It appears as I look around that it has not been applied to everyone as of yet???
      Other comments on other channels have not had these numbers added to the end of their user name/handles

      I wonder if this is linked to ICANN

  31. Crock of shit
    Hoping for a hollywood ending
    I bet they are - hell the movie is most likely already made

    1. Interesting that 'Felicity' of all names would be in this write up

    2. Horizon thanks EXXON MOBILE
      What an absolute crock

      Exxon moves in to gulf with their Saudi buddies after the slaughtered the folks with Katrina and their land theft ensued

      Gotta remove the deplorables and the impoverished before they can perform their tranceformation of the gulf

  32. Well, well, it looks like at last Anna looked at the Elephant in the room !

    The more you get bashed, the truth becomes evident! Obviously she is on the baddie's radar and they're frightened to the MAX as they should be.

    I, for one, won't read anonymous comments. You should never give a bully a platform. They're really frightened and lashing out. Poor souls😜

    1. Yes, because everybody knows who Patsey from Arizona is....except they don't. Ouch!

  33. Destiny
    Same stories over and over again
    ARTicle after ARTicle
    Replicating or repetition is the strongest form of hypnosis. When this is coupled with fear based trauma, the victim is rendered impotent and unable to escape. Much like a snake catching its prey in its coils and sqeezing the life out of it until it can be consumed.

  34. Well of course there isn't

    The World Godvernment to the rescue
    World Legislative Act #3
    Act for the Ownership, Administration and Development of the Oceans and Seabeds of Earth as the Common Heritage of the People of Earth

    Short title:Oceans and Seabeds
    Sounds similar to the alphabet soup outfit named OSHA to you?

    Amazing (aka amazon) how this exact incident plays right in to their slimmy little plans
    Of course the serfs need to doughnate everywhere now to keep this beast afloat from all angles
    After all it says the World Godvernment will not incur one red cent in cost to set this new world beast up

    1. Click on World Ocean Review and check out the pop up about your 'privacy' and the 'use of your data'

  35. Sponsored by a company that will protect your data - for a fee
    Not unlike LIFELOCK
    Same thing
    But wait how does this affect the stolen identity all caps name BULLSHIT
    Are they removing your data or your twins data
    You know the one they created for you at birth that isn't you but is linked to you
    BUT if you don't rebut the presumption well then thats your fucking problem not theirs

    It's like the energizer RABBIT it just keeps going and going and poing and going and going and going

  36. agree with anonymous, it is just a bait and switch. anna claims to be a fiduciary -- she is not just "a guide". she claims 10 commandments are "law" -- not just a guide. she claims some "yeshua" character and his mother wept over him -- the same time she denounces "isis" and claims her name "anna" means she is this same entity, queen of heaven (or whatever other variant)

    she also claims "land law" is somehow "living souls" -- complete garbage, will be shown later. this is isis by another name, which she pretends to denounce. there is no need for a re-run. if any of these characers "overcame the world" then "land law" is death, as is "law of the sea" -- bait and switch, she just wants to be pope and pull the same scams, trying to wear 2 hats, same old schtick.

    it wasn't me, it was the one-armed man. so it is with "yeshua" and this "living soul on the land." same old schtick.

    what anna has aptly demonstrated:
    1) there will never be any america or american law, long gone, unless someone who is qualified shows up (someone not mixing bible garbage in with it)

    2) judaism/christianity/the bible is just corrupted egyptian astrology.

    let us ask anna to explain jehovah, yahweh, adonai, behemoth and leviathan (esdras, job) - son of joseph (seb) and son of david (thoth). "crown of thorns" where is this astrologically? is this in "heaven" on earth", or in the underworld? there is yet another "joseph" character who receives his double earth crown at 30. just like "jesus"/horus. please explain the psalms, where does this take place? heaven? earth? underworld?

    how many hemispheres does earth have?

    if you don't know these questions -- then you never "resurrected". child horus is deaf, dumb,
    blind, mute, knows nothing. this is as far as "The bible" goes. (apocalypse does not explain

    "yeshua" is resurrected form of moses. so what is the explanation? where are these
    astrologically? where and when?

    how does this differ from any "pagan" astrology, e.g. "isis" ? it doesn't. exactly the same.

    including intentionally deceiving anyone who is not a member of these mystery religions.

    in this case, they don't have to do that -- there will always be an anna there to throw
    sand in your eyes.

    1. "yeshua" promises to "speak plainly" and never does. since bible folk have no explanations, you
      get people like anna making things up to fill the gap -- and failing miserably, adding more
      and more layers of garbage to the dumpster (if such a thing be possible).

      what is up with moses and his veil? "wisdom is double sided" -- job. "god only loves those with wisdom" -- book of wisdom. "yeshua" does not exist. "joshua of nun" is just the alter ego of moses/shu, aka anhur. it is the resurrected form of moses. (so does not apply to "land law" aka matter, neither to "law of the sea" -- the resurrected form conquered both hemispheres of the double earth/world) THIS IS ASTROLOGY. these are not real people -- egypt it was a lion/cat. red and green lion. amongst many other zootypes. where/what is the burning bush (of thorns)? heaven? earth? underworld? what is the astrological location? where is moses (aka kepheus)? the lions of judah? the "head" and the "tail" ?

      how about genesis? what are these 6 "days"? how does this fit into an egyptian double earth? how does the "shamir" fit in? why is it in the west? why does the hoopoe bird know where it is? why does job say he is like a phoenix? how does this relate to the red heifer?

      THESE ARE ASTROLOGY BOOKS. they contain no human "morals" neither for law, nor marriage, nor "government" nor anything else. they are "books of nature" at best. aka isis.

      come back every few months -- it is is the same old nonsense, by people who never knew the egyptian hieroglyphics and astrology, and are spreading their "do not record the beginnings! -- amos" garbage.

      no, your "credibility" (as if you had any, how is your man trump doing? how is the war in ukraine going?) is "a risk" because you have no clue about any of the things you talk about. 2 hemispheres. double earth. heaven, earth, underworld. 3 main types of astrological entities: stellar/star/pole, lunar, solar.

    2. -------------------------------------------------------
      let us not talk about anna's "friends" the mormons, and her heaven on earth predictions...
      shortly followed by covid. you have as great prophetic powers as they do (none whatsoever).
      if you don't want hermaphroditic deities -- go pick up some human book about humans. that is all moses/joshua is. that is all jesus is. that is all yahweh/jehovah/adonai is. these are all hermaphoriditic nature entites. these are not human characters, this is astrology/nature.

      why are you spouting "yeshua" and "10 commandments" garbage if you don't like hermaphroditic deities? go find a non-hermaphrodite one then, not in the bible. if these nature entities are all perverted, why are you constantly spreading this garbage and trying to pass it off as something else, as if it contains any meaning to humans whatsoever?

      2 truths: equinox lion aka moses, 5 and 5 "commandments" (same as eleusis -- aka goddess). moses and joshua. son of joseph v david. various mary characters. "ra" father in heaven, seb/joseph on earth, osiris/lazarus in the underworld. whom "Jesus" loved. so did pan. 2 lions of judah. the same breath anna denounces "isis" she will say "kabbalists" are just harmless "Mystics".

      what do you think the shekinah is? how come they have "3-4 worlds"? what do you think the 7 stars are? who do you think is "the seat" that your baby "yeshuah" sits on? what do you think
      "arthur's" chariot is? where is merlin in this astrological equation?
      what do you think the merkebah chariot is?
      anna's credibility
      astrology: complete failure, just meaningless "nicknames" which she says are "satanic", pot meet kettle

      morals: nature has no morals. the bible is a book of nature/astrology. it has no people, it does not cover human laws, or marriage, or taxes, or money, or corporations

      hieroglyphics: 1000x total failure. she cannot even say what this "yeshua" character is, or how his "mother' differs from "isis" or whether he is in flesh or spirit, or when he appears or disappears, or what hemisphere you need to be in for these to line up, or how genesis works.

    3. none of this would matter: this is par for the course the past thousand-some years for any "judeo" or 'christian" stuff -- but it is like "parse language" except 1000 times worse, gibberish and jumbled broken egyptian spewed constantly, by people who know nothing, never knew anything, and continue to use their corrupted books as if they were meaningful in any other context except astrological/nature stories of egyptian characters.

      the reason this cannot be brushed aside, is there is no "law" or "gov" or "society" capable of developing from such a confusion of tongues. no amount of faith, prayer, good deeds, or good works, or "family values", can pull a sensical system for humans out of broken egyptian astrology. the greeks were told this, they "translated" anyways. the hebrews knew, just did not care, made sure noone got the hieroglyphics. the "christians" never knew anything, they are the furthest removed from any reality on this. anna, as an "american"/mason and "witch" is a step further removed from that lol.

      which brings us to paul: 2 adams. and "yeshua" is the "new adam". ah, so there's "2 adams" at least. and we find the word in egypt, atum, autumn. along with amen, and 1000 others. so how do we tell these 2 "yeshuas" apart? how many fathers and mothers are in play? where/when do they occur? what are the meanings of each? what does any of this have to do with humans? nothing. absolutely nothing. these are astrological and nature stories, not humans. a garden eastward -- this is a solar story, and very late in fact.

      the bible is like a group of teenagers stoned out of their minds, hopped up on who knows what, watching a play. the play is a mixture of cgi, theatre, and cartoons. the characters wear masks, speak in tongues, and perform symbolical gestures, hand signs, animals sounds and pictures, and so forth. from thousands of years ago, far away from america, let alone alaska, jerusalem, or rome, or lds garden in missouri lol.

      what anna proves is the bible is worthless. garbage in, garbage out. from know-nothings, to know-nothings, ignorance and arrogance and pride without end.

      the first adam is earthy. so this "yeshua" "land law" is child horus, who gets slaughtered. he was the son of the mother aka isis only, in matter, had not resurrected in "spirit" yet. or "son of joseph". despite anna's claims of "arising" again and "conquering death" -- she only follows child horus, deaf, dumb, blind, mute, fingers to his mouth for silence, son of the mother only, matter only -- no soul, not a living soul. elohim/nature powers at best.

      garbage in garbage out. nothing is gained by humoring gibberish. all it does is ensure the language (of whatever kind, secular, "law", her corrupted astrology stories) ends up just as deaf, dumb, and blind as she is.

      if "yeshua" rose again, then "land law" does not cut it -- that is death. you were supposed to be "born again" according to "yeshua".

      joshua of nun is resurrected moses -- not "land law". he overcame "matter" and got reborn in spirit "of the father".

    4. "land" and "sea" is just comparable to 2 hemispheres. see esdras -- behemoth and leviathan.


      see also job.

      guess where isis is (both would be more correct, but let us go easy on the deaf, dumb, blind)?

      guess where the "tail" that you supposedly turned away from is? behemoth and leviathan -- has nothing to do with america. are you by the equator? is it equal day and night year round where you are? no? you are up in alaska? in missouri with lds? in jerusalem? in rome?

      what clue could you possibly have about egyptian astrology, far away from the equator?

      ok, so land law is out, that is not resurrected "yeshua" that is the earthly child horus of the mother/matter that gets slaughtered, and knows nothing, promises to "speak plainly" but
      never returns.

      also "moses". and "joseph" gets thrown into a lion pit, pops back out the other side at 30.

      so where is "yeshua" resurrected in spirit who promised to "speak plainly"? in pistis sophia. not in "the bible" he was edited out. apocalypse is not "speaking plainly" for the record.

      these are mystery religions, not for the masses. seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear. such is anna and "yeshua" 2 deaf mutes in a pod. trapped in "land law" and "matter" and "isis".

    5. the bible only covers child horus. he gets slaughtered. "land law" is just more of the same. son of isis, all the while denouncing isis. so it is with "moses".

      the sum of anna's knowledge: makes all the exact same corruptions in all the same spots
      that "judaism" and "christianity" and "the bible" folks have been doing the past thousands
      of years.

      garbage in, garbage out. never went back to a non-corrupted source (hieroglyphics). stuck
      in broken egyptian mistranslated 100-which ways.

      yes, we know where isis and "yeshua" lead people -- straight to hell, confusion of tongues, complete garbage by people who were never initiated into anything, never knew the hieroglyphics, never knew astrology, all they have is some 100x removed from reality corrupted story about a guy in a veil costume, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, and unable to explain.

      where is the head? where is the tail that you supposedly turned away from?

      there are 100s of stories of people striking rocks to burst open the waters. this tells you it is astrology. pegasus even gets in on the action. anna is running around telling people pegasus was a real horse, and y'all better make tracks beind him, he neighed for your sins.

      paul: and that rock (that moses struck) was christ.

      ok, so pegasus is an equivalent of moses. now we can find the astrology and the meaning in nature, without all this "yeshua" aka moses nonsense.

      the fact one side of nature was an angry sky daddy and the other a loose woman has nothing to do with humans, or "law", or "morals". libra was the equinox. this has to do with nature and astrology, not humans. isis (in whatever form)/the earth opened up to
      protect "yeshua", or "moses" or whichever other character. or moses hid in the crack. or...
      100 other examples.

      such is autumn/atum. 2 adams, 2 earths/hemispheres. this is not difficult. has nothing to do
      with your "law of the land" and "law of the sea" -- what mythological river did "Moses"
      aka 'yeshuah' float down? along with 100s of other astrological characters

      such is "michael" as well. horus of the double horizon. drowns the "dragon" in amenta.

      by definition, you will not see anything in alaska. you are not at the equator. you can only mislead. the nile does not go to that location. you will only further and further corrupt and mislead. so will jerusalem. so will rome. so will lds in missouri.

    6. there is never any "clean handss" or equity or law or common sense with anna.

      isis is the devil. come to mary and "anna" queen of heaven. you realize these are the same?

      hermaphroditic pagan nature entities are the devil. come to moses and yeshua, hermaphroditic pagan nature/astrological entity. you realize these are the same, right?

      between a pillar and a post, y'all better watch out. that crazy law of the sea, come to the law of the land. you realize these are the same?

      anna is always committing the exact same "sin" exactly as she "warns" about them. for this, she is useful.

      "yeshua" resurrected for your sins. his mother "mary' is totally not isis". he is totally all spirit -- come to my "land law" totally not mattter/earthly, this is the "2nd adam".

      always a forked tongue. it is a like watching a hypnotized schizophrenic person having an everlasting seizure, lashing out.

      this is not a leader to follow. this is not a guide. this is not a fidicuiary. there are no morals nor character nor good name here. there is just a very confused "witch" (self-described). that too. thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. "i'm a witch!". which anna are we talking to today?

      anna has proven no "law" of any kind is possible, it is always just forked tongues. for this, one can only be grateful.

  37. Take a trip to the Evergreen Museum in McMineville Oregon where you will see the Blue Spruce that Howard Hughes built 'gov't' and actually and then go to the IMax Theater and watch the movie on the Hubble Telescope and see the beautiful pictures of countless galaxies just like ours. God said "Countless Worlds have I created" and boy you can see what our minds would deem countless. And so do you suppose that there was a system, ie Stargates the allowed those from these other galaxies to visit us and each other? No gov't should have the right to suppress information like this and change history as our planet has and keep everything and everyone in the dark. Read the book "To the Victors Goes the Myths and Monuments" by Arthur Thompson. Powers to be have always suppressed real history and replaced it with what ever they want people to believe. Develop a brain that seeks truth not conformity. Be willing to stand alone with truth then stand amongst the masses with part and full untruth. On a clear day you can see forever and truth allows you great vision.


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