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Monday, June 19, 2023

Microsoft, SERCO, and USPTO Liquidation Required

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

"Patent number 6,754,472 states that Microsoft now owns the rights to "methods and equipment for transmitting energy and information using the human body." The company's statement says that the human body is just an object of intellectual property that is subject to licensing. Microsoft plans to connect the human body with electronic devices such as pagers and mobile phones." 

We object and demand the immediate liquidation of all three offending corporations.  The human body is not merely an intellectual property -- and if it were, it would be an intellectual property belonging to God, not Bill Gates or the Municipal Corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia.  It is a divine creation far beyond the comprehension of a creature like Bill Gates and the Microsoft Managers pursuing this grotesque invasion of physical privacy and misrepresentation of the human body in pursuit of coercive power and profit for these criminals.  

We have a better idea for a common future for humanity.  

Microsoft is liquidated for unlawful activities and so is SERCO for its failure to properly monitor operations at the US Patent and Trademark Office/USPTO to prevent the issuance of Criminal Patents and failure to prevent unjust enrichment from Criminal Patents. And as the USPTO has a long history for the last few decades of issuing criminal patents and suppressing lawful technologies, the USPTO needs to go, too, and stand forfeit to our direct administration. 

All the Patent Clerks and Attorneys that have been allowing this garbage to go on need to be arrested and re-educated. 

The politicians failing their oversight duties and allowing this garbage to go on need to be arrested, full stop.  

And most of all, Bill Gates, who has caused millions of deaths with his insanity needs to be arrested and evaluated.  If he is insane, he needs to be sentenced as criminally insane and locked up.  If he is rational and doing this, he needs to be sentenced for crimes against humanity and executed. 

The offending patent referenced above needs to be withdrawn immediately.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023


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  1. Demonyms

    Found it odd that the Hero's Journey from BURNING MAN would come up during a search for bedeveling

    And 'G' climate change, social media use concern among parents the sentences used are #5 and # 7
    Amazing isn't IT
    'digital' 'social' same thing, a concern for the medical 'profession' coming in the near future as a 'mental health' 'issue'
    The 'role' of the 'plandemic' is the psychiatry seance or I mean science community and ways they can 'fix' the pesky subjects 'denial'

    Digital media (telehealth) and psychatry team up to provide prescribed drugs to those in 'denial' as they launched their 'v' on the world
    It's called just in time (JIT) planning
    Telehealth visits and psychiatry were being developed/launched and the 'laws' governing the prescribing of 'drugs' for the 'cognitive dissonance' were being developed as early as 2015 if not before
    Telehealth start up companies and their main goal was to enroll their 'patients' and get the 'legislation' in place for the telehealth 'docktors' 'providers of a service' to be able to 'prescribe, subscribe' their meds via telephonic means
    He maintains active research in the fields of linguistic genomics

    We're just to damned dumb to know what the hell any of this shit means
    so they send an 'expert' in his plantation field to learn us a thing or two
    Don't worry though Oxford has been on it since forever and there is Chompsky
    The Genetic Architecture of Language. The view that genetics must contribute to our species' linguistic abilities has existed for many years, as illustrated by Chomsky 1959 and Lenneberg 1967, with Pinker and Bloom 1990 offering an influential evolutionary point of view. However, the discovery of concrete genetic influences on language had to await the development of modern DNA technologies.
    DNA technologies will fix our cognitive dissonance MY ASS

    1. Back in 2011 I was shown not through man but through the Living Father our Creator that ObamaCare was a 5th Dynasty of Mental, emotional, Physical and Spiritual and to hold on to the truth because the road was going to be very bumpy and feel very unsure. Is it possible for a man like Bill GATES to have children and Love them, with all the joy he shows with his discussion of Depopulation?

    2. He has been freely giving out condoms to Africa and India at least since HIV was discovered in the 80's in an effort to save lives.

    3. Good luck with the removal of these satanic creatures!


    ACT 21
    World Legislative Act #21

    Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

    Short Title:World Patents
    World Legislative Act #21

    This goes along with ACT 53 currently under CONstruction
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    The TRANCEformation of the national godvernments is not written out within this document

    When you select number 53 the outline of the
    Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act is displayed within the text not the narrative for ACT 53
    They're working on it

    hmm corporate personhood prohibition ACT
    'G' I wonder what that could be about
    Meanwhile their FOUNDATIONS they created with billions of hidden loot will take the place of the CORPORATION
    You know cause they are philanthropic and care about you and the earth
    MY ASS

    Get rid of them and change their BRANDING and reincarnate the same corporation as something else

    You know like FaCIAbook REBRANDED as META (team)

  3. Remote access to your computer
    For the last month the volume on my computer is changed through the control panel
    I have to go in and adjust 'IT' back

  4. And the Oscar goes to, pick a front 'G' man


  6. Does anyone have any ideas what can be done to stop the WHO and their grab for our sovereignty. If this treaty is aloud then we are all screwed. More than we are already.

    1. You're only screwed if you're unarmed and stupid.

  7. Why you think the transhumanists produced medical countermeasures, called it mrna vaccines, and required everyone to be injected with it? It was so this moment could come, which you yourself have said, "we must let it happen, so we can hold them accountable" nevermind the millions or maybe billions that will suffer as we Allow it to happen. The whole game was to inject proprietary tech into people and the ones that took the shots can now be claimed to be Owned by the vendors of those injectables. Lemme know how that works out for you Obedient Types.

    1. I did not line up for the nanotechnology graphene oxide self assembling crap. I don't even take any medications. But I have friends and family that are easily mislead.

  8. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Anna Von Reitz and I believe she has one of the most erudite minds concerning matters of law in our America, however she is also somewhat naive to believe that writing letters to psychopaths will have some sort of real world affect of change. The only remedy for our present problems is to kill these miscreants with all due prejudice.

  9. Why do you continually demonize a mere shareholder in Microsoft? Bill Gates' only connection to Microsoft for many years is that he owns stock in it. He is not even on the board of directors. It looks to me like you are in danger of being sued for libel for demonizing a mere stockholder of a corporation for the perceived wrong doing of a corporation. What you sow is what you reap.

    1. Your arrogance is absolutely astounding. Troll ignorance is even worse. What makes you think that Anna would ever be in danger of being sued for "LIBEL" to a stockholder? Intelligent people use common sense while being provided with proveable crimes. Especially when billions of people around the world also know what Anna said is the truth. Your ignorance is criminal.


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