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Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Exact Personage Fraud -- Enslavement of Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

In the wake of The American Civil War, which was in fact an illegal undeclared Mercenary Conflict, chaos reigned, and as it was impossible to engage in a formal peace process ending an illegal "war", the presumptions of conflict remained despite the cessation of armed resistance. 

The Cause of this Mercenary Conflict was not slavery per se, but the advantage that the institution of slavery in the Southern cotton-producing States gave to American cotton in the international market which Great Britain was attempting to enter with Egyptian cotton.  Even though Egyptian cotton was thousands of miles closer to the British textile mills, the nominal wages owed to Egyptian sharecroppers made the English-Egyptian cotton investments unprofitable.  Parliament was losing its shirt. 

So, to make American cotton more expensive, the plantation system in the Southern States had to be destroyed.  That's why Lincoln, the Undeclared Foreign -- British Territorial -- Agent, repeatedly said that the conflict wasn't really about slavery. 

We have seen a recent example of the same sort of set upmwith the "Presidency" of Barack Hussein Obama, another Undeclared Foreign -- British Territorial -- Agent, counterfeiting Federal Reserve Notes offshore to undermine the value of the Federal Reserve Note currency. 

Same basic logic.  The Euro couldn't compete, so the Federal Reserve Note had to die. 

In the aftermath of the so-called Civil War, nobody had any very solid information about who was who in the conflict.  

Other than the actual foreign Federal Employees, sympathy for the South or the North could only be deduced from scattered evidence and tattle-tale testimony.  At that point, the Municipal citizens of the United States, the Federal Civil Service employees, who fought with the South, were the only official debtors that owed war reparations.  

A few hundred thousand public employees couldn't pay the war reparations, so somehow, more Municipal "citizens of the United States" had to be created out of thin air.  

The Perpetrators did this via legislation pushed through by the Territorial Congress, deeming the freed plantation slaves to be "stateless" and therefore, arbitrarily conferring Federal citizenship on their unlucky heads, and defining them as Municipal "citizens of the United States"--- that is, as debtors who owed war reparations, no matter which side they fought for or if they fought at all.  

Thus, the former plantation slaves --- and because the Perpetrators were none too careful about the basis of their Legal Presumptions --- every black man in America -- was enslaved to serve the British Territorial Government.  His body, his labor, his Good Name, and everything he owned was presumed to belong to a citizen of the [Municipal] United States, standing as chattel backing the war reparation debts of the Holy See and Southern State-of-State business organizations. 

Private slave-ownership had been abolished, but public slave-ownership had just begun.  

A few years later, the inconvenient issues attached to this were legalized by booting up a new Municipal Corporation doing business as "the United States, Incorporated" and redefining all the "citizens of the United States" as foreign corporation franchises.  

Having redefined the "United States citizens" as corporations allowed the Perpetrators to legally --- though not lawfully or morally -- pretend that people were corporations, and corporations have no rights.  

At about the same time, the word "people" disappeared from the Legal Lexicons, and was replaced by "persons" and the Territorial Congress went so far as to formally declare that the word "person" would mean "corporation" for Federal purposes. 

The words "man" and "woman" were replaced by "male", "female" and "human" in the continuing effort to sanitize this gross crime of impersonation.  

Everyone was deceived into mischaracterizing themselves as they continued to use these common words to mean different things. 

On the street, the word "person" continued to reference a man or woman, but in the world of Legalese and the Federal bureaucracy it meant "corporation". 

Likewise, "male and female" denoted the sex of animals, not people, so the barnyard mentality was being introduced among the Washington Insiders -- the politicians, bankers,  and top bureaucrats.  

People were thus reduced to being "persons", that is, corporation franchises, and individual people were merely animals, owned by masters --- albeit, public masters -- politicians, bankers, and Bar Association members.  

Using wordsmithery the British Territorial Congress and their Bar Association minions had found a slick way to denigrate everyone else and so, defraud them of their political standing, rights, guarantees, and property assets.  

This enslavement by literal impersonation and enfranchisement had worked well enough until 1900 when certain famous lawyers, among them, William Jennings Bryan, and a determined Supreme Court, brought light to the darkness -- first with a series of cases known as the Insular Tariff Cases, most famously, Downes v Bidwell, and Hooven and Allison v Evatt, and later with Hale v Henkel and others that drew a line between the Territorial United States and the governance of offshore "Territories and Possessions" versus Territorial Administration under the Northwest Ordinance leading to new States of the Union, and also exposing the relationship between men and corporations.  

Repeatedly, we see the language, "a corporation being the creature of the State" --- owned by the State, operated for the State --- doesn't have the character, rights, or protections of a man, and does not stand under the same form of law.  

In Downes v Bidwell the court determined that the Constitution, meaning the British Territorial Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America,  did not "necessarily" follow the flag and did not necessarily apply to the administration of the Insular Territories and Possessions of the United States that the British Territorial Government administers apart from their work under The Northwest Ordinance.  

This allowed the Perpetrators to set up a separate government offshore that was not obligated to provide the Constitutional protections and guarantees in the US Possessions offshore.  Chief Justice Harlan famously dissented and foresaw that this would, in his words, cause "mischief" and provide opportunities to mistake these United States for those United States.  

The Perpetrators set up the new offshore non-constitutional U.S. Government in Puerto Rico, which they ran -- and continue to run -- as a British Commonwealth that still has access to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

Soon they had foreign Municipal Corporations named after every living American--- all set up and domiciled in Puerto Rico, and by 1925, they were prepared to use this new set up and a new Delaware Corporation doing business as the "Internal Revenue Service" to begin extracting assets from millions of non-existent British Territorial Persons-- that is, British Territorial Corporations named after Americans, all domiciled in Puerto Rico, and all subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and all free to plunder and "not necessarily" owed the guarantees and protections of the Federal Constitutions.  

Whether or not your British Territorial Person was free to plunder or not was left up to the discretion of their own judges. 

Mischief, indeed, though we call it premeditated identity theft, criminal impersonation, barratry, abuse of law, racketeering under color of law, inland piracy, counterfeiting, and a great many other things. 

This scheme has been used non-stop since 1925 to defraud and divest innocent Americans of the value of their labor and their property assets, and has been so successful thanks to the misapplication of the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, so coercive and Draconian,  that Joe Biden, "President" of the White House Office, Inc., has recently offered to hire 87,000 new IRS Agents to press additional False Claims.  

We graciously decline his offer, and counter-offer a noose for inland piracy, instead.  

Indeed, this crime syndicate impersonation scheme was so successful that when things got hot enough to shut things down in Puerto Rico, the Perpetrators turned around and set up shop in the Mariana Islands, closer to China, their next intended victim.  

All the dedicated efforts of the Jurists working from 1900 to 1938, trying to sort through the tangled web left by the Civil War atrocities, culminated in The Clearfield Doctrine published in The American Law Report of 1938, which provides the official interpretation of Erie Railroad Company v. Harry J. Thompkins, in which Thompkins sought remedy for injuries suffered on a railroad right-of-way. 

The Territorial and Municipal Governments are functioning as Municipal Corporations and all their State-of-State franchises are also nothing but corporation franchises.  They and their courts have no jurisdiction over living people, yet we have continued to suffer the criminal activities of these courts and these corporations on our shores for another 85 years, thanks to their pernicious continuing False Registration, Unlawful Conversion, and Impersonation activities. 

The Territorial Congresses and the Municipal Congresses have continued to secretly act as Boards of Directors for the foreign, for-profit Municipal Corporations that have engineered and organized all of this fraud and criminal racketeering against their Employers.  

They have continued to promote political elections and to substitute these overblown events for the Public Office Elections we are owed.  These private corporation elections convert the form of "representation" from the lawful representation of Public Interest owed by Fiduciary Deputies, into the "representation" owed to shareholders unknowingly giving away their proxies in undisclosed shareholder elections. 

The people voting in these so-called political party elections don't know that they are purportedly shareholders in these deliberately mismanaged Municipal Corporations, and have no disclosure of what they are getting themselves into when they register to vote in these elections, making them unconscious participants in these criminal misrepresentations substituted for our own lawful elections, and unknowingly acting against their own self-interest.  

We wish for the removal of the unauthorized international city-states from our shores, both the UN city-state and the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC.  

We wish for the liquidation and/or forfeiture by agreement of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their franchises to us, the lawful Government owed to this country, and to the living people who are owed all beneficial interest in corporations created and operated in their names without their knowledge or consent. 

We wish for the return of all physical, energetic, and intellectual property assets owed to the living people of this country and worldwide, wherever these commercial fraud schemes, illegal mercenary conflicts, and coercive manipulations have occurred, along with their attendant violations of freewill and national sovereignty.

We wish for the prosecution of anyone or any institution which, having been fully informed by this presentation of claims, stands in the way of a peaceful and complete reform of government services operations and lawful conversion back to the form of government we are owed. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law all these lies and frauds and murders and thefts and misrepresentations stand clear-cut and unarguably as the unlawful works of incorporated entities misdirected by evil men.  By Law, by treaty, and by service contract, these incorporations must be liquidated or forfeited to us as best protects our interests.  

We wish for the remedies, cures, and exonerations owed to us, replete with abundant succor for the losses, damages and sufferings of our States and our people, and for all those countries and peoples who have similarly suffered illegal occupation by undisclosed mercenary forces--- mercenary forces that have been utilized in gross Breach of Trust against us, while ultimately receiving their pay from our pockets.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023


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  1. Excellent article, Anna. Cheers to The Great Revealing!

  2. This is a mere theory.
    Prove it.

    1. This is just a theory, What? Prove it? its all fact all in the congressional record, not to mention the Insular Tariff Cases, do the research for your self its all absolute facts nothing of any theory, period.


  3. Attorney Brent Winters of Casey, IL; convicted tax cheat.

    Out-and-out fraud
    Demitrios Julius Shiva

    1. There are abundant (super abundant!) cases of bogus judgement. Such that your frou-frou claims of fraud/convictions against Julius Shiva and Brent Winters are seemingly bogus.

      You, our wee teeny winkie at Anonymous June 19 at 12:41 AM, you are hereby stripped of and "A" and a "D" (yet we will donate an "O") Such that your use of the word "fraud" shall heretofore be read/percieved as "frou." And our collective minds, herein, shall imagine you singing:

      "frou-frou" in your tu-tu.

      Lovely image!