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Friday, April 9, 2021

Template for Prosecution -- Part 1

 By Anna Von Reitz

Among the many things we have learned is that the Clerk is the one responsible for the misadministration of the courts.  Not the judges.  Not the attorneys. 

Most clerks are ignorant and do things by rote.  They rely upon advice from State of State Attorney Generals, most of whom are also ignorant and doing things by rote, because "that's the way we've always done it".   At each step and each role within the court system there is significant compartmentalization, which serves to ensure continued ignorance and misadministration.  

The situation in Alaska described in our Public Corrective Notice and Demand may seem to be peculiar to us and to our State, but, however distinct each State's circumstance is, we can assure you that fundamentally similar fraud schemes  and similar misadministration of justice has occurred in every State of the Union. 

To address these travesties and ignorances, we have adopted both a top down and a bottom up strategy, which explains why our response nearly always involves two separate actions -- one to intervene and stop the immediate trespass, one to bring long term correction and relief.  

The first action is always brought at the level of the court imposing upon a victim of the double-ended impersonation scheme our employees have contrived to fleece their employers.  This is almost always an action addressing the Court Clerk in their capacity as the General Sessions Clerk, and involves a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN operated in the name of the victim.  

The second action is brought in The United States District Court for Your State. This action is the systemic correction, the "Top Down" part of the solution, in which the Article 1 Administrative Court is invoked to provide discipline for the erring local and state-of-state franchise courts, and to provide damages as relief for the victims.  

You might think that the sequence should be reversed, and that the second action should come first, and indeed, in real life, both actions have to be pursued in tandem.  Typically, as the first court is inflicting the damage, the second court has to be invoked after the damage, but in a practical sense, the moment that you are trespassed upon by your wrong-headed and misdirected employees, damage has occurred, and you have the basis to present your initial claim of trespass to The United States District Court. 

We have found that a timely and brief and properly worded filing in The United States District Court is often sufficient to magically erase lower franchise court cases: they simply disappear, never to be heard about again.  When an improper action has actually gone to trial and rendered a verdict on the record, these same cases show up as having been "exonerated" --- dropped after the fact, with damages paid to the victim. 

Our work as the actual civilian government of this country is to protect our people and their assets from illegal search, seizure, confiscation, attachment, arrest, detainment, and subjection under foreign law.  So, the place to start your countermeasures in response to trespasses against you and assets, is with your actual government ---- your State Assembly. 

Go to: and if you have not declared and officially adopted your birthright political status, do so now, hopefully before you are misaddressed by one of these foreign courts.  

When a trespass against you or your property occurs, there is a Federation Form called "Criminal Incident Report" available online from our websites and from your State Assemblies.  Fill it out.  Then have your State Recording Secretary record it. This establishes an international record that is admissible in international courts. 

Then you will have to go to and look up two possible cover-sheet forms, A091 and A0442, and decide which one best applies to your situation. Fill the appropriate form out, slap it on top of a copy of your recorded Criminal Incident Report, and file the package with The United States District Court For [Your State].

This identifies the jurisdiction (land) in which the trespass occurred, and establishes your credibility  as a landsman or woman, who is bringing the objection and damages claim before the district court. Going through your State Assembly and following this simple procedure makes it much more difficult for them to misunderstand the context of the claim or ignore the information. 

****Important Point to Remember****  Judges are extremely busy and need to have information crunched down to the essentials if they are to make prompt and correct decisions. 

You want service from them, so give them what they need and when you write your Criminal Incident Report, don't get lost in insignificant detail or wander around in Legal Theory Land or rant about constitutional rights. 

It will be apparent from your paperwork that you are an American and you are claiming your constitutional guarantees.  

Likewise, the Judge doesn't need to know that the incident occurred at 9:00 on Sunday, the seventeenth of April, 2020, and your car was facing Southeast at the intersection of Rainier and Bluff Street in Pleasantville, New York, when.... 

The Judge needs to know that you were arrested and detained against your will by the Pleasantville Police Department, that you were thrown face down on the pavement and your arm was broken for no apparent or stated cause, and you were severely damaged emotionally and physically.

Cut to the chase.  If  the Judge has questions, he'll ask them. 

Present the bill from your doctor, a photograph of your broken car window, the bill from the auto glass company to replace it, and a copy of any sworn Witness Testimony as part of your package. Make it as cut-and-dried as you can. 

Ask for discipline and correction of the offending Police Department and Officers. 

If you live in Pleasantville or have to travel there frequently, ask for a Protective Order to prevent any further incidents of this kind. 

Ask for damages equal to three times your actual billed costs, and a reasonable but stiff assessment as damages for your pain, suffering, fear for your life, and continuing discomfort. 

Such intangibles are hard to assess, so the law allows us to assess them within reason.  $100,000.00 up to $2,000,000.00 for such an incident, depending on contributing circumstances, would not be unreasonable, but there is no point in asking for $150 billion no matter how upset you are. 

God gave us common sense.  Use it. 

Keep in mind that the district court is responsible for abuses committed by district personnel and that includes incorporated state-of-state workers and incorporated county employees, and the personnel of subcontractors, like the Pleasantville Police Department. 

Even though they don't appear to be "federal" employees, they are, by virtue of incorporation and contract.  The Judge knows this, but you need to know it, too, and be ready to say so. 

Intervention at the bottom-up level of an ongoing county or state-of-state court case prosecution is a considerably more difficult and varied proposition. The aim of these actions is most often to secure the release of people and assets that have been unlawfully seized and impounded, often using unsigned non-judicial warrants. We will take these issues up in Part 2. 


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  1. My Dear Judge Anna,
    I hope you are well!
    Thank you, this was very succinct and clear as ever!
    I often wonder, if it were not for fraud, theft, denial of all rights upon whims, criminality on judge's or politicos parts; OH and lets not forget ignorant mistakes, how any rulings by judges ever could be made? That judges are perfect and make no mistakes is just furtherance of the constructive fraud perpetrated upon all of us. When can we get rid of this fraudulent and corrupt system?

    GOD Bless and best Regards,
    Arizona John

  2. Deputy Eddie Craig teaches record everything because more than likely your due process will be violated there is your dismissal.
    Also he says the clerk of court take the officers report and illegally converts it into a criminal offense.
    By signing as the witness within first hand knowledge” hearsay “.
    Confronted the clerk says that’s the way we do it.

  3. If someone could please inform me where the paperwork is located on this site to start my process? Appreciated.

    1. goto > , < Click on " correct your Status..Read the page for a very good explanation of why and what you are doing dnld and fill out the paperwork record it and Welcome home ,, ps Its a process,, its going to take more than a minute..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anna paperwopaperwor..paperworks don't work. She's like CFPB of the UK*13 private Fed, like FedExp. She's a good pretender misleading people to the cliff. I've followed all insrructions since 2017. Many complained likewise not working. Most people here followed the dreamers, assummers. ALL CAP NAMES and Lower CapNames are a pair to amplify Debt at MAX*13*1000 X several sets of 11,570 Trusts.
      If I'm wrong Why the parasites want me? Not dead but alive.. I am a descendent of the top abundant country, they robbed. Bc I still have more abundance they wanted.

      What proof do I have about Anna lost her focus or she's paid to mislead you? She has Pluto conjoined her Sun, both of Square (Conflict) with her Saturn (discipline).

      One thing Karen Hudes didn't lie is about American Military is corrupted. Who corrupted them?? The UK*13*5, TRUMAN, EISENHOwER, after their murdered FDR.. By the love of stolen moneys, from Gold Anna imagined belong to all Americans.

      So forget the process that wouldn't work. If you forced or be too stubborn, the PARASITES will send all of you to die for the Rothschild Bankers in WW3.

      WHY? 1) they control your corrupt Military with & for Eu Rothschild Bankers since Churchill bribed Truman and Eisenhower, on March 10, 1945 to rid of FDR on March 17, 1945. Venus Retrox Shadow on 20 March, 1945, 100% sign FDR was killed. Not died of health. The parasites refused to let Russian check FDR body in May 1945. There is the clue of how the UK*13*5 😆 3~ 4 triangles overlapping, Controlling us and the world toxically.

    4. Part 2
      2) Anna Bonds Amr..Set made they Bankrupted the U. S. A in 4/2017 so don't waste your moneys, efforts, times, emotions. 3) the STRAWMEN accounts in your fixed NAME'S and hidden Names behind the system, are hardwired. I questionned, tested demanded these for proper spelling. They said Nop, can't fix them.

      Anna unconsciently lied for her good, like those parasites doing the same bs who couldn't help their head our of the hole. Bc they are as confused as Anna. 4) my advice is to figure how to uncorrupt your US military. 5) Don't be too fixed. 5 main points to remember. Plus Humankind is both Spirit and flesh. They match. Spirit is a set of lights (freq. Or vibrations). I was fixed like most of you, focussing wholeheartedly on the bibles. But now I'm open, and pick what's non-toxic or harmless.. Don't question the inner lights you tested 500X.

      50 years praying, not working. Been misled that Tarot was evil. Some of them with a skull and bones maybo gympsy thats all, I disliked. But there are good readers calling the Names of the Holy spirit and angels. Planetary belong to the Creaters, NOT to the Illuminti of 1717~ now.

      So think deep people. If God planned your seed, you will have the strong Conviction and Vision, God will tell you or give you the inner lights, you can rely on or verify with the 10% good Tarot readers if your heading direction is right or wrong, its better than dying for Rothshild Illuminati.. Your logic and love of course.

  4. I told you that the court of original jurisdiction ( especially for non US CITIZENS, and by virtue of clause " saving to suitors )
    that you have to apply to the DISTRICT COURT ( which used to be the united States DISTRICT COURT for Calif state) for remedy...!!
    These basterds are either extremely dumb or just as ignorant as most of us... But that is no excuse...not for them. When all these judges die or retired , then you will see no remedy at all...!!

    1. I don't want to second guess anything these days, with full of messes, liars, robbers, cheaters, so many parasites in human form, pretenders.. Etc..

      The 😈 devils occupied America.. Forget the paperdont work of Anna..

    2. Uncorrupt the military... Paperwork after.

  5. Anna said ( file in your STATE ) ???
    ALL STATE OF is a corporate fiction .
    As a living man or woman can you see how insane one would have to be , to assume they were born in a corporate fiction.
    The land of illusion like Dorothy in the land of oz.Why hasn't Anna brought this extremely important fact to the jurisdictional question. These parasites who devised this unlawful scam must be questioned on this extremely important issue. Are we is some dream land ? Oh yeah living the AMERICAN-DREAM. We own nothing that has the NAME in all upper case .
    Expecting parents should place a notice in the newspaper prior to their offspring being born. In that notice mom can state she is unlawfully required to register her offspring as an informant. And her offspring is denied a section in the hospital information document to write the
    full name in proper English.Born free then quickly birthed into subjugation by the 14th amendment subject status i.e. slave.
    Please look up their legal definition of delivery. Now think of what's going on in the delivery room at the hospital.

  6. Please visit the website titled, This man points out the mutipal elements of fraud in traffic citations" court documents, and many other immoral and unlawful acts these agents of the corporate fictions use to trespass on the rights of man and woman.
    Please take the time to visit the aforementioned website. Gain the knowledge to stop these parasites in their tracks.

    1. brickguyo - YEAH! We follow Alphonse Faggiolo vid channel: & his I Am Has Sent Me To You - . Very comprehensible, breaks it down so well. And Christopher James, up in Canada, A Warrior Calls &

      I don't think either of them have done their 'paperwork' they just plough forward in knowledge & knock the pins in the gutter.
      These guys are Action Results Oriented, & don't play around, they get to Actionable Process, language & 'how to'.
      Its like Faggiolo said, all this Birth Certificate, Gov Inc, etc are basic rehashed kindergarten lessons, he jumps right into the mix & tells us how to get it done. We are expected to KNOW THIS CRAP by now & if you don't, then get to it.
      These men are not long-winded pontificators, making crap up, weaving endless mindless fantastical fiction, they get right down to it & punch the talmudic bastards & watch them dither in their soiled pants.

      Folks are given the impression doing their paperwork is the answer - HELL NO you've got to HAVE KNOWLEDGE & LEARN HOW TO USE IT. Too many do their paperwork & fall back in the clover thinking they've made it...??? NO.

      Do the recordings, but do not stop there.

  7. Thank you Anna. I do appreciate the information you share.

  8. Shelby we don’t talk about things like that your beginning to sound like a me

  9. Ok Folks, just got the ok to say Which 928 Recorded & other Docs were used in this situation.
    This was an issue on Power of Attorney for another, in a hospital, for particular important surgery. Both the one in the hospital & the POA have Recorded their 928 Docs.
    What happened was over a decade ago, a document was signed saying NOT to have this surgery done, which is quality of life saving. Turns out, in the Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney paper, INCLUDED an EXCEPTION, to KEEP a POA for the patient in tact, by writing-in the POA County number, naming the county, on the document as the exception.
    So all the previous signed docs that seemingly gave some authority over the POA, to another on certain medical issues (even quality of life issues!), were removed.
    So when the POA, in the best interest for the patient said yes to the procedure, then, out of the blue, this other document, over 10 yrs old, was sent to the hospital. A call came in to POA saying hospital couldn't proceed becuz of this document.

    Still not having seen the other document, the POA sent the Cancellation of all POA, with exception already written in, & Diagram of Fraud with notarial & recording stamps, showing the date recorded etc., & the article mentioned above (the thought was the article can show the other entity they could be held for interfering in a contract) So this one Cancellation of POA dang sure kept & protected, placing the POA in first standing!!

  10. Now, one more thing about this scenario. Just after the patient was admitted, and the POA went in to see patient, he brought a Notice of Intent-Fee Schedule, with him to the hospital & gave it to the Nurse to put in the file. Said he was very complimentary to the Nurses, seeing they'd done such a fine job caring for the patient, etc. then said lets put this in the file, even though we know y'all are going to do the best possible care, this is helps to insure nobody else/ thing, interferes in their care (in the past another hospital literally medically kidnapped the same patent, from another hospital in the dead of night, not even calling the POA!! - Literally took the patient from one local hospital & brought them to another town hospital! So the next day it was a complete surprise the patient was gone! This was done prior to recording the 928's years ago)
    So the POA thought, ya know, this Notice of Intent-Fee Schedule (which is NOT required 928 recording, but supplemental - thanks to Teri Sohm who runs the Assembly site!!) needs to be in current hospital file, just in case another 'medical entity' tries that again!
    So this Notice of Intent-Fee Schedule details the amount that will be charged & billed to anyone/thing who tries to disrespect the patients standing. It does have language Secured Party Lien Creditor, American State National etc below the By-line, which is autographed & thumb printed by the POA, as the POA for the patient.
    So, the hospital can see the papers, probably ran it by legal. No questions were asked of the POA about it. Then a week or so later, this operation was to happen. Bam! The hospital calls saying this other paper came in saying NOT to do the surgery.
    The POA said give me your email, & sent the hospital the Cancellation of all POA doc etc, with kind words, any questions don't hesitate to call. Then a few hours later, nurse called back saying the POA has priority & the surgery went forward! No questions, no calls, no emails nothing about the documents.

    So thats an example of how the Recordings help, & most importantly, it was already recorded couple years ago, all 928's. In an emergency, when another 'entity' tries to destroy a life with their evil talmudic death cult fiction, it was kicked to hell with Proper Standing on the Land & Soil Jurisdiction using Recorded 928’s & really just 2 recorded docs.
    Reckon the attorneys saw correct standing was clear, which places standing out of & above their Law of the Sea jurisdiction. Later heard the 'entity' that sent the rogue 10+ yr document to stop the surgery, was shocked. GOOD they dang well need to be shocked to hell for trying to pull that Talmudic evil at such a crucial moment to save a life, they tried to STOP SURGERY. Friggin EVIL looming in the shadows.

    Hope this helps. thanks & stay sane

  11. We i don't know if i am banned from making comments on the most recent issue ? Biowepons " i made a comment on June 3rd and wanted to answer a couple of others about my comments. It stated no new comments at this time ??
    Kinda like youtube banned me for making irrefutable truthful comments on that site.


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