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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Founder of Overstock spills the truth of what's in the Durham Report

 This will rock your world, and incriminate many.


  1. THE THIEVES SAID *Let's do it right this time*

    AFTER THEY STOLE SO MUCH FROM US. They don't want to pay back and Dont want to learn any lesson, acting like their parasitic behavior is not the root problems.

    1. Carpenter - YES! And the thing is, they, the jews behind it all, won't be paying us back becuz its said the wealth is gone, spent, so to speak.
      Well, then they OWE US for the next thousands of years, their heirs OWE US. Like hell they're going to get away with it AGAIN.

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      Eye for an eye.... but never is the jew equal when it comes to jew'stice.

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