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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Infinity Accounts, Infinite Quantitative Easing, and Other Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

I hear endless drivel from the economic markets, bank pundits, and politicians. 

Let's make this clear: (1) "Infinity Accounts" don't exist; computer programs that rely on bogus accounting algorithms do exist, but that's not the same thing, is it? (2) "Quantitative Easing" is counterfeiting by another name; (3) "Private Placement Trading Platforms" were supposed to provide credit for worthy philanthropic projects -- but instead, have been turned into bizarre corporate gambling casinos that do nothing but devalue everything in sight; (4) This devaluation, coupled with physical counterfeiting, and numerous other crimes,  are all stealing the value of your money.  And everyone else's money, too, because like it or not, all these currencies are pegged to the various species of "US Dollar".  

Just tonight at the hardware store I heard a man complaining bitterly to a stock clerk about the price of rope.  It's increased 30% in six months.  I had just had a similar discussion myself at my favorite restaurant where all the prices had increased by about 40% over the past year and a half.  The same gallon of milk that used to be $2.99 five years ago is now $5.69.  Do you see what is happening?  The run up to hyperinflation.  And the rats are doing all that they can to shift gears and blow smoke and steal the value of your money as it sits in their banks.  

The money printing presses that Obama sent offshore to places like Mexico and Thailand and China, are running day and night overseas, provided with all the special paper and ink and trick devices, so that the counterfeits are indistinguishable from any other "dollar".  And they are just continuing to pour and pour and pour into the world market, which devalues, devalues, and devalues your money as it is sitting in the bank, which further devalues US Treasury Bonds, which further devalues what you are owed as recompense for all the theft and abuse these criminals have already inflicted on you.    

To keep up with it, you would have to be making 30% on your investments, day in and day out, every day.   Are your investments doing that well? 

There are only two ways for this to end--- we do what Iceland did, or we live as slaves to crooked bankers.  

What's it going to be, people of the world?  Are you fed up yet?  Tell me when you have had enough to get off your couch and get organized.  

Time to raise your hand and realize that you are being robbed.  Time to bitch, bitch, bitch and not to some helpless, clueless sales clerk.  

This is not being done by a guy with a black balaclava and a knife.  It's being done by bankers in nice suits in broad daylight.  

This is not being done by an obvious, overt "bank bailout" or "bank bail-in". Instead, it's  being done while your account seems perfectly secure.  The digits are the same.  It's the value of the digits that is being wasted.  

Don't shake your heads in wonder as you notice that $100 doesn't mean much anymore.  How could it, when foreign governments are running the printing presses and chunking out $100 bills by the billions?  

The bankers and the politicians and the run amok military generals who don't know which side of their rumps to rest on, are stealing the value of your money, on purpose, with malice aforethought, because they don't want to pay you what you paid in.  

Back when you earned the credit six months ago, a hundred bucks filled the tank in your car and bought dinner and toothpaste and garbage bags.   Now it only buys half a tank of gas and a chicken.   And if we don't do something about it and I mean really DO something about it, the situation will only get worse. 

We have no choice but to put the hammer down and push it flat. 


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  1. Shut the F up Abby~ YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! emphases and more emphasis added.


  2. ANNA does any body know the executive order obumer signed that gave
    corporations the same rights as people/we are considered corporations and people RITE.There for can we hire our own swat team and other private security forces TO ENFORCE THE ACTUAL LAWFUL RULES AND ARREST THESE PEOPLE///// WOULD THIS BEE CORRECT ANNA???????

  3. First get mad. Plan getting out of thair banks
    Lots of new currencies coming on line basically warehouse receipts put valueable metal like copper in warehouse then write note called warehouse receipt .
    The cabal outlaws using coins directly except very old collectables .
    Now your immune to dollar fluctuations except inflation on general commodities.