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Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Issue of Slavery

By Anna Von Reitz

Jim Rowe struggled mentally and emotionally for decades to overcome trauma and PTSD from Vietnam.  He suffered physically from a broken back and knee injuries from being half-crushed in an airfield accident.  He finally died of a rare cancer known to be caused by Agent Orange.  He was like many embittered and jaundiced Vietnam veterans and though he was many years older than me, he was one of my dearest friends.  

One summer night we built a bonfire on what he called "the Watchtower" -- a bare summit that can be seen for miles around, and we talked about poetry and ravens and motorcycles in cold climates.... and he suddenly turned to me, looked straight at me, and he said, "It's all right.  You know, it's just perfect, just the way it is."  

I didn't agree.  He shook his head and waved at the stars above and said, "Look at that!  I am part of it!  What could be better than that?"  His voice was touched with wonder as he stared into the heart of sky.  

I didn't understand then, but I do now. He could see farther than I could at the time, and he turned back to tell me what he saw: the unimaginable splendor and glory of Creation, and our blessed part in it all.  

And it is all right, because we are united forever in that glory, beyond space, beyond time, already perfected in Our Father's eyes.  We shuffle off these mortal bodies like butterflies and rise up in our true form, set free, aware of the  love that connects us to everyone and everything else that was, that is, and that will ever be.  

Death is but another season. 

The great issues of this time are but an echo of the past, the unresolved detritus and unanswered questions left over from the Civil War. Where do we stand on the issue of slavery?  

That question remains unresolved, because of the sophistry of the men who were left in charge after Lee's surrender.  

While loudly proclaiming the abolition of slavery, they secretively preserved it. 

Indeed, they enshrined slavery and inextricably equated being a slave with being a criminal, too. While they abolished private slave ownership, they made sure that public slave ownership endured.  

Thus, plantation slaves who were supposed to be emancipated at the end of the Civil War, were re-enslaved as public property, and additionally saddled with the onus of being criminals by definition, too.  

In this backhanded way, public slave ownership continued in the land of the free, and human chattels became a more and more important source of collateral assets backing the credit of the usurping foreign governmental services corporations operated by the Pope and the Queen. 

The more slaves, the more collateral assets, and the more credit for the Interlopers to spend.  That's why the Dems want more immigrants --- more slaves equals more money.  Now you know, in part, how China suddenly became so fabulously wealthy.  The Chinese Generals took a bribe of $80 billion dollars and sold their people as assets to the criminals. 

It was a foregone conclusion that these fraud artists would continue to claim innocent people as slaves after the Civil War, and their practice of public slavery, like the former practice of private slave ownership, would spread like a cancer until we have all come to this question again: where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  

Slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.  Press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years.  Yet, here we are, asking this question again, because these con artists have endeavored to claim living people and their private assets as bonded securities backing their own spending. 

And they've gotten away with it, which is the fault of the Holy See.   

Our deal with the Holy See is strictly this -- that corporations can exist only for lawful purposes --- and these corporations have been anything but lawful.  

Obviously, Cede and Company and all Successors need to go.  So does the DTTC.  Mellon Bank.  The jackasses at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  JP Morgan. The American Corporations Company.  The US Bar Association. The Federal Reserve.  The IMF.  The World Bank.  The IBRD.  The List goes on. 

We need a reset alright, but not just a reset.  We need a re-venue.  We need the debt system turned upside down and on its head, so that all these venal corporations are the ones paying their debts to society.     

As I have said from the beginning, this is not a matter of politics, not about black or white, not about religion.  This is about fraud and racketeering and human trafficking and identity theft and nothing else.  

As this situation teaches, if we allow anyone to be victimized by crime---such as being enslaved or forced into peonage--- it quickly spreads, like a disease, until we are all impacted by it.
I have been told that our assets are "blocked" by "very powerful" individuals. 

Those individuals are criminals. 

I need a hundred Marines to walk into the lobby of Citibank in Chicago with me and start pulling down pants.   Then we'll see whose assets are blocked. 

And it won't be the assets of The United States of America. 
The same criminals are blocking your access to your assets in the "name of" protecting you, too--from yourself, apparently, while they feast on your larder, ruin your country, deny you the freedom you have earned, and snatch your children ----and then tell you lies and fairy tales about it.  

Have we all had enough?  Where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  


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  1. So Ann, are you still "Under Sea" with Pope Francis? Does that make you a submariner? As for the timeless slave issue, in our case it goes back to the FRN's, not mere historical reveries of interest. We'd like to know how your discharge process works, the who, where and why doesn't apply to all Americans, why we must have "our papers in order" and other specialness by their definitions. Why do you keep empowering them? I wish you'd dwell on the discharge process a lot more, you seem to think other things are more important, that's a privledged assumption. Oh and then there's the z tag statutes if you'd care to explain, inquiring minds would like to know.

    1. It's only your own ignorance showing. I am not now or ever under seal to Pope Francis. I am under seal to Jesus and the True Church which is known only to God, the Father. That's what I was telling Cardinal George--- and he understood that, even if you, in your gross ignorance, don't. Those of us who belong to the True and Living God, are the enemies ad Nemesis of those who belong to Satan. In the spiritual war taking place now, we declare where we stand. As for the "discharge process" we are making the proper claims, but the claims are not being honored. Big surprise, no? What do you expect from criminals?

    2. Happy camper:

      Seems as though you are waiting for another man/wombman to come along and stand in the brink for you and Anna and Team are just not doing it fast enough to suit you.

      The complaint department is not located with the living People. IF you have a Claim such as declaring your proper political status and claiming back your birthright well put your big boy/girl panties on and make the Claim by doing the paperwork. A man stands and makes a Claim, an INFANT complains to the Nanny STATE.

      If you don't self govern the NEW WORLD ORDER is waiting with open arms!

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    3. Whenever a happy camper refer to "Them" Americans and claim to be American his Claim to the privilege needs to be declared, as by All Americans.

  2. "Why do you keep empowering them?"

    Curious... How So... please explain???

  3. ANNA does any body know the executive order obumer signed that gave
    corporations the same rights as people/we are considered corporations and people RITE.There for can we hire our own swat team and other private security forces TO ENFORCE THE ACTUAL LAWFUL RULES AND ARREST THESE PEOPLE///// WOULD THIS BEE CORRECT ANNA???????

  4. Reviewed the important book called NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by Allen and Lincoln:
    Good Reads: None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham - Part 1 of 2 

    Good Reads: None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham - Part 2 of 2 It's about the moves to ENSLAVEN the people, etc. aloha.

  5. oops......Allen and Abraham ...not Lincoln ;)