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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

Found here:

If this doesn't get your blood moving you must be part of the problem rather than the solution.

Now you have a primary reason to carry a gun with you at all times. Never leave home without it.

Get the proper training and protect yourself and your family.

This lady needs to read this blog and the website.


  1. What really should piss everyone off is that the people of Syria would have never had to have left their homeland if it were not for the bought and paid for murderers in the military WHO ARE WORKING FOR THE UN
    And just how is it that all these people who lived in Syria for centuries were not diseased or had any issues until of course the bought and paid for media whores tell us they are diseased prompting more VACCINES for the populace which feeds big pharma
    None of this is an accident

    1. The Kalergi Plan in action

    2. Invasion of "aliens" from other countries and from space. Vatican has the crashed craft and is trying to reverse engineer. They never reveal this to the general public. The b*stards refuse to reveal the newly discovered free energy and cancer cures. They keep all discoveries underground in the DUMBS - Deep Underground Military Bases. They must go...

      Insiders have revealed that the Vatican has a huge collection of ET artifacts.

      Greg Rubini‏@GregRubini
      Replying to @mmg17543 @SaraCarterDC @CallyGingrich

      True. I Can't say more

  2. They're giving them all social security numbers because that IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, IMO

    The 'religious' organizations are NGO's in disguise - they are working the UN agenda, has nothing to do with religion what so ever

    All being carried out through regionalism and councils of governments set up and operating all throughout the nation

    This is a calculated plan, period, THE KALERGI PLAN

    FEMA camps were set up to house them and the main hubs are the hubs they set up under the FEMA plan to bring them all in - I would bet a lot of refugees are coming in via rail as well
    All part of the NAFTA super highway (also known as the USMCA) deal
    Kansas City is a main hub of NAFTA also run by the mob

    Highway that runs up from Mexico right up the middle of Texas and up through the midwest states that they just flooded out

    Immigrants that they are flooding in to Mexico and being brought in by truckers from Mexico bypassing border security and it is all being done by design

    Build a wall, what a friggin joke

    1. As stated Abby it is just my opinion

      More of their deception

      The altered books of religion


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