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Friday, December 9, 2022

Just Bloody Give It Up

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, weary me.  All the Tories are out in force, slandering me and trying to lead Americans astray --- again --- so that King Charles can enjoy his brandy in peace and enslave what's left of humanity after his Father polluted the blood of billions of people and reclassified them as subhuman Genetically Modified Organisms belonging to the patent holders. 

And, of course, he, Charles, owns the patent holders.  

Can't you just see the Old Boys at the Club tipping their snifters to that and looking down their snooty long noses at the miserable and dying and maimed?   Such a brilliant plan.  Kill the weak and enslave the rest as GMO's without any kind of pesky rights or standing in law, then profit for decades afterward as the desperately ill spend their life's savings on medical care and medical products that do nothing but enrich the Vermin responsible for this whole situation.

The latest assault on language skills, history, reading ability, and common sense is represented by the Tories of the District Government fronting a bunch of new entities calling themselves by names like this: "The Wisconsin State Republic". 

I have news for all of you.  

"The Wisconsin State (Trust)" was formed after the Civil War as a means for the usurping British Territorial Employees to collect all the assets owed to Wisconsinites and Wisconsin -- the actual nation-state and put it in a trust that they, the interlopers, could control "for" us, and thus, subjugate and enslave us with legalistic garbage, semantic deceits, and protestations of goodwill where there was none.  

So what are they blathering about when they come up with something called "The Wisconsin State Republic" ---- not our republican States of the Union, and that's for sure. 

Stop being chumps and look at the words -- "Republic" versus "republican".  The words are similar but not the same, and they have entirely different meanings.  

The only kind of "Republic" that ever existed here was an instrumentality of the failed and defunct Confederation, and that "Republic" cannot be reconstructed nor can the Confederation be reconstructed absent action by the actual State Assemblies. 

So what is going on here? 

The actual State Assemblies are in Session and the State Trusts need to be returned to our control, but instead of doing what is right and honest, our Territorial Employees are trying another Substitution Scheme, throwing together British Territorial entities and calling them "The Wisconsin State (Trust) Republic" --- yet another oxymoron because a Trust cannot be a Republic. 

Just give it up, all you shameless Usurpers and Con Artists.  You should be ashamed and the people should be angry enough to make you ashamed.  Those who have stumbled into the trap need to stumble out again, and those "proposing" these organizations need to be stopped and given an education.  


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  1. My opinion: These "people?" Will NOT give up until there souls, body's and blood are gone form here. Sadly I say this sadly!

  2. Bellerian1 from -- "Whats the process and when does it complete?" ? ? ?
    The process is the reconstruction of our lawful american government and it starts and ends, when do nothing complainers like you quit complaining, get off your butts, and take control of your lives . its all laid out here == -- I suspect you already know that,, Sir Torie..

  3. Music, catchy phrases, and clever lyrics, and -

    "The United Kingdoms' big belly laugh at us?

    You have a big laugh! And ask yourself, is this song simply and only a Roger Daltry creation?

    How did you answer yourself?

    Bet on the Tavistock Institute and bankers simultaneously hiding and putting in your face. For instance with this song since 1968 by "Who." Oh and listen to rest of the songs of that era, you may wake up?

    Roger Daltry "Who" song "Substitute."

    Nice melody! Yah?

    1. Although i cannot think of them now, i heard a couple of songs recently from same era that made me draw conclusions to personage..

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  5. Now answer his question. Don't try to distract.

  6. You've insulted and slandered many yourself. Toughen up and deal with it. If you can dish it out girl, you ought to be able to take it.

  7. Answer - Bellerian1, the assemblies are forming. The process is not ever "complete."

    The journey of 1000 miles begins with YOUR first step. Join.

  8. James, why do you come here? If you do not want to follow and learn, then leave and follow the Corporations! Doubtful you even know a God unless it is Lucifer.


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