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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

Found Here:

We offer this video just to make you think and comment. We do NOT support violence except in a completely defensive posture, where life or property are being destroyed by the aggressors.

We really want to know what you think about this video!

Paul Stramer


  1. All puppetry thought form spewed over video. Conquer and divide is their narrative and it's transparent and has been for a long time.

    people need to realize that their IS NO UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT only COMPANY and I really feel that our only way to solve all of this nonsense is to start a paper revolutionary war by resigning as agent for the registered organization.

    Mother's and father's need to rescind their signatures on their babies birth certificate applications and remove all person's FRAUD from our lives before these CORPORATE MON$TER$ destroy all that is natural and divine. The planets haven't been aligned like this since 1770's.

    I say it's time for a REAL REVOLUTION, people take back their power and be self governed instead of having imposters REVENUE AGENTS who act Communistic in nature as though the STATE it's self has rights OVER the people!!!

    Go see: 777777thunders via youtube and get instructions on how to resign as registered agent...STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME!

    1. Couldn't find that vid on youtube. 777777thunders? Have a link?

    2. Add 1 more 7 to find link: 7777777Thunders link below. The Birth Certificate and You

  2. Seems with all the knowledge of how masses of people can be controlled has increased with technology, would not an appropriate monarch, ruler counsel or president people count on would use the knowledge to improve the lot of the planet. It seems it has not changed much, the rulers use all they have to lie, steal, cheat, kill their own brother and more and in the process care little for people who they allegedly serve or if not in some cases their head cut off. Most lied and people would have ordered them out or head cutoff if they had known. Propaganda has only become worse. Pray we must that the spirits will help in unraveling and cleaning up the now crumbling mess before a new crumbling mess is served up looking all tasty sweet and desirable yet is a vipers poison in reality.

  3. My first Reaction to this video was absolute sadness. It is unimaginable to me that People bestowed with even the smallest amount of critical thinking would not see that all mankind is on one side and corporate FICTION on the other.

    I'll be the first to admit I was too busy raising my progeny as a single mother for many years to research to the extent I have for the last four years.

    The positive of this video is to realize that our loved ones in the US MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX will not exterminate their families.

    The negative is to realize even one more man or wombman will loose their life for the freedom we all are granted when born upon the land.

    It is my sincere wish and unending prayer that all can peacefully separate without loss of life.

    Even those of us who will defend instead of raising a weapon against our brothers should be fully aware of what is going on in the world.

    I usually liken the sleeping masses existing "in" the land of NOD to worker bees, just doing the job of survival for themselves and their families. Billions of worker Bees, small amount of Queens.

    Immigrants are people too, just running to a better place to find a better life. Unfortunately they don't realize they are embracing Slavery. One side of my family immigrated from Ireland after the British made it impossible to even survive there.

    I watched a documentary last week on supposed over population of the Earth. Numbers don't lie, do the math. If the entire population was given 1100 square feet per man the entire world population would not fill up the land mass of Texas. Something to think about other than how large your carbon foot print may be.

    People compliment the earth. Corporations destroy the Earth. We are each granted one share of all the Natural Resources of the planet when born on the land. CORPORATIONS have stolen our birthright.

    Plants produce oxygen, people produce carbon dioxide the plants must have to live.

    I have no doubt I'd survive if the power went down, my progeny would get a rude awakening very quickly which in my opinion would not be a bad thing. Unplug from the matrix and experience life. Stand for something!

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware
    Not a good area to be in a conflict, totally cut off by bridges over water.

    1. You are a very grascious, intelligent, compassionate woman. Keep speaking your truth. Light always exposes darkness. It is a spiritual war we are fighting. We will win. God bless you.

    2. Sorry, but the world is overpopulated. A huge portion live in poverty and squalor. It has nothing to do with how much space they take up - - it is about resources, and now with our great national flooding, much of the crops could not get planted, and this is also world wide.
      If you saw the map, it would automatically tell you that this spells a huge food shortage in the not too distant future and the food that will be available will increase in price, substantially.

  4. When left without choices the solution is inevitable. We cannot be robbed and enslaved for too much longer. The sleeping giant is wide awake and very hungry!

  5. Those in power will always push things to the limit of what the people will tolerate, and then start to back off. Until we get to that limit, it will only get worse.

  6. the first casualty of "war" is truth.

    whose department is "father of all lies" ? "satan" QUOTE "god of this world"

    all wars are banker wars. also, satan. but all-seeing eye of horus "2nd coming" on FRNs is same thing.

    compare and contrast:
    and then compare (google for it) "the lady of all nations" circa 1950s, was amsterdam IIRC. holy spirit/2nd coming. meant to discredit fatima visions, but sold as if it was fulfillment of them. warns people about a bad "spirit" but this is how satanists mock people as they deceive them, holy spirit/2nd coming IS the "bad spirit" and "the lady" is in no way fulfillment of the message of fatima, quote the opposite.

    the answer 99% of the time is "satan". the other 1% of the time is "satan is busy stocking up"

    also, the winner, 99% of the time "satan", always leaves things out of the history books. if that fails, then he rewrites them. but only if he is forced to admit the existence of something.

    1. because the winners write the history books, truth is also the last casualty of the war too.

    2. all conspiracies are satanic -- eustace mullins

      so are all wars. all wars are also conspiracies.


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