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Monday, May 30, 2022

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed


  1. i commented before, but it might have gotten deleted:

    it looks to me like its very possible that they are trying to goad us into some kind of action that THEY *think* they can then take action upon us for.

    i hope thats not whats happening.

    apparently, for now though, it looks like maybe they think our only choices are
    1. take the abuse and allow them to run wild
    2. break the peace and then they will have the excuse they need to use THEIR FOREIGN MILITARIES FORCES upon us?
    i gut-believe we are ALL messing up their Big Plan by simply being who we are:
    mature, thoughtful, kind, peace-full, gracious men and women ...even when faced with the "Refuse of Society".

    They just dont get that.
    they dont know what to do.
    .... after all, what DOES one do to follow-up senseless, perhaps intentional, violence if that doesnt goad the people to break the peace? do MORE senseless violence?
    ....and how WOULD ignorant, useless slobs who've faked their own lives and worth and intelligence all their lives ever figure out how to solve a problem that they couldnt steal the answer to?
    They cant.
    They dont have what it takes.
    They know theyre useless.
    Theyve run themselves off of other peoples' energies, spirit, and labor.
    what have THEY actually got to work with that emanates directly from them as its source?
    refs: jude4; john 3:19; john 17:6 and John 17:9!!


    1. [wasnt trying to comment anonymously so im moving this]:
      this comment has gotten wiped out TWO times as i was typing!

      i said, this looks like it may be more GOADING, trying to get the people riled up.
      it looks like they perhaps REALLY **NEED** the people to Break The Peace so they can use Foreign Military Force on us??
      just asking. hope its not so.
      ...but look at this:
      darkoutpost datte com has a video up that talks about Loudon County Virginia Schools offering a Trade: Prostitution.
      i havent been able to view it yet because my device keeps freezing up or giving a sudden black screen or just reboots BY itself when i try to view that video even though i took the filters off!!


    2. i just found on "Eurozine" online, author Jean Louis Schlegel, Jan. 3, 2022: that "Catholic" Priests have "Sacrosanct" Status with regard to the victims and victims families of their Pee Doe Feel Ya and that is why the Priests arent held responsible.


    3. Eurozine, Schlegel, 1/3/2022 also wrote:

      IN CANON LAW!!!

      they exist as WHAT then?
      ... you dont mean to tell me that the people they say are "The Faithful" of the Roman Catholic Church HAVE NO STANDING IN THE CHURCH THEY KEEP OPEN USING THEIR LIFE FORCE ENERGIES AND "PROPERTY" ?!?!?

      that cant be right.

      can anyone confirm this is true or false please?

      so, isnt the Municipality of Washington, District of Columbia ultimately under ROMAN CANON LAW?

      Isnt ROMAN CANON LAW the "Juris- Diction" the Municipality and its Citizens "recognize" as the Most Superior Authority?
      i think it is. ... the Ekklesia, Ecclesiastical Juris Diction, the Ekklesia's Spoken Law?
      pretty sure thats right.

      anyone know for sure?


    4. im noticing there seems to be a great "Cross-Over" between The French and The Roman Catholic Churchs,... ramping up in the 800's A.D.?

      i do not know French Catholic and Roman Catholic Church History; will someone who knows please correct what i post if its wrong? thank you! with your references too please. i think this is going to turn out to be REALLY REALLY important.


    5. i am looking into the meaning of the "Name":

      je sus.


  2. Well, this is the THIRD TIME I've tried to post the following and it mysteriously keeps getting deleted:

    May 30 - Democrats are Party of Death & Destruction

    "Makow - Democrats are a proxy for Organized Jewry which is a proxy for the Rothschild world central banking cartel i.e. world Communism -- the NWO
    They are candid about their desire to destroy civilized life as we know it. Read the 1915 statement by Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress

    Reader--"There is still massive public opposition in the US to gun confiscation either outright or by increments. The examples of Canada, Australia and New Zealand have not been lost on us."  

    Makow - "The gun control solution is for the FBI to stop giving sick people expensive weapons and coaching them to shoot up schools.
    If you know anyone who doesn't know yet that our FBI and our news media are corrupt to the core, you should ask them to watch this 43-minute interview of John Paul  Mac Isaac, Hunter Biden's computer repair man:

    Gee, what a surprise.......Another FBI Gladio Operation
    "Female online gamer reported fellow player - now suspected to be Salvador Ramos - who threatened to 'shoot up a school with an AR-15' to the FBI just hours before Uvalde elementary school massacre.

    Spoiler Alert: "The warning failed because the shooting was a Gladio, state-sponsored terrorism event where children were shot to advance a UN/WEF/DAVOS disarmament agenda)

  3. october 27, 2011: "PRINCE" CHARLES said he's A RELATIVE OF VLAD THE IMPALER, who is known as COUNT DRACULA and lived in TRANSYLVANIA, now known as ROMANIA; but ive never seen where any of "The Windsors" have actually said they are Germans although its been reported alot.
    So at this point i have to *suspect* that the reports of them being German are a cover-up for being from around the Khazar area. just guessing though.


  4. dont the French refuse to speak "English"?

    i think they say ENGLISH IS A DIRTY LANGUAGE.
    dont they? -- dont they say its a hodge-podge of many languages that has no actual meaning but is ALWAYS OPEN TO INTERPRETATIPN SO YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY SAYING?!?!?

    if so, i am beginning to see what they mean and agree with them!

    if true, i believe should perhaps be Named B'rith-ish though, NOT English.


  5. simply said:

    i do say that:
    families of man, or one man, are under the common law of the land they stand upon.


    1. and it doesnt matter if (the) man does "mask up" behind a Man-Made Corpse- eration or any other dead entity or makes a false claim about (another) man, they are (the) man who *do* (the) harm to man. (third part, American common law):
      part one: intend
      part two: declare
      part three: do before man.

      and it is so:

    2. if (a) man didn't *do* (the) harm to (another) man but did intend harm and *did* (that) harm using (another) man to *do* it then ALL doers are responsible several-ly/ "individually" to restore (the) man they, together or several-ly, cause harm to.
      --American common law under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator/"God": do no harm to man.

      and it is so:

    3. moving this so it doesnt get deleted:(repeat):
      1. families are made up of man: man woman son daughter.
      2. (the) man [men women sons and daughters] who harm us [man] are under authority of *OUR* American common law.
      3. our American common law is under authority of the laws of nature and of natures creator.
      4. and thats how they stand being man who:
      • break peace and
      • break the laws of nature and
      • break the laws of natures creator.
      5. they do harm to man.
      6. we require that they:
      • answer and
      • if they cause harm, restore (us).

      and it is so:

    4. i believe man may not have come here equipped to take down evil ourselves but man surely has the authority/ "standing" to ask his creator to protect him.
      and also to "land" the curse/s that he launched into the atmosphere/ atom-sphere: reference (contained in what they say they are using as their Law Book): Zechariah 5:2-4: upon false swearers using his name and upon thieves.

      im thinkin' maybe we better get busy on that?
      looks like we do that by agreeing together concerning that thing.
      i have said before that i am already doing it.
      anyone who wants to agree with me on that, please do.
      Can we actually "build that peace-full and law-full momentum" necessary concerning the God-ly, law-full, and peace-full restoration of man to Gods intended state for man??!"
      i say God is with us in all of our intentions concerning such peace-fill and law-full restoration.


  6. yes, that along with the "ElectionFraud" False Flag their working to a pulp.

  7. *they're*

  8. Ezra A. Cohen
    "False Flag Warning
    Avoid mass crowds.
    Use extra care at supermarkets and other public spaces.
    Avoid your MAGA hat til August.
    [PLAN] to frame MAGA supporters.
    FBI + CIA ploy"

    "Daycares at high risk. Especially in Democrat run districts.
    BLM infiltrators in positions to possibly allow false flag shooting attacks.
    FBI planned.
    Channel will go dark for now."

  9. Most likely this message will be deleted because I'm posting information that is shinning light on the truth. TRUTH THAT IS NOT IN Anna and company. The TROh show who established a new national separate from the fraud long time before Anna set up her Federation. In fact she and her side kick are Liars for they signed up. As Residents with blood thumb print with The United States of America and there is a record with wet ink signatures. See the TROH show I look for yourself. This happened in 2012 and then she took a deal with the Feds to save her ass from jail. A DEAL WHERE SHE IS TO LEAD THE PEOPLE INTO YET ANOTHER IMITATION Republic in order to steal the Estates of the Dead she's cling Donors and the Living who are made dead due to using our dead ancestors as donors to return our Estates and CHILDREN back into the hands and mark of The Beast. . SHES A FRAUD SHES A LIAR MAKING All holding her Flag is pushed to get you to reflag your vessel so you can be easily recognized as a volunteer slave with Fraud Evil System Anna is pushing. Not our Flag ! NOT THE TRUTH! Not because TROH says it because It's the Truth.

    1. is TROH "domiciled/other" on/ in/ upon/ other the land, or otherwise connected with, what is presently known as "ISRAEL?"

      i heard from a credible source that TROH is actually an " 'Israeli' Construct" fronted by someone and i dont know what to believe, but i cannot get anyone to either confirm that that is actually true OR or to even make the claim that it is not funded/ financed/ constructed/ other by Israeli "interests".
      how can people find out for sure if that is true or not?
      thank you!


  10. that flag "" has Named The Peace Flag doesnt show up in ANY Registers, Publications, or Records at all!!
    ....just in a FICTION NOVEL written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, set back in the 1640's, during COLONIALISM!!!
    ....when there probably actually was a "Hereditary Head of State" over the COLONIES!!!!


  11. there is "skuttlebutt" that some "Leaders" of "The Patriot Community" were actually trying to do good things for our country though, and got a choice from "The Feds": "cooperate" vs. prison, family, reputation, and so forth using madeup "charges".
    looking at what is coming out about the PHONY ELECTION/ other, it seems more and more PLAUSIBLE all the time that things like that have gone on-- maybe ALOT.

    then rumor has been that some others just knowingly contracted with the FEDERAL Agents/ Vatican/or other for money, to harm the American people.

    and that some "Patriots" ARE "The Feds" ....

    and that a few are just common men and women who are unintentionally participating, being used as a "front", because theyre known to be good people who are trusted.

    those rumors have been circulating for YEARS.

    but theres:
    x"-jesuit (aim4truth/ "Gabriel"/ aka a "Thomas Paine");
    "x"- Navy Seal (Michael K. Jaco);
    "x"- CNN Employee ("Linda Paris")
    "x(?)"- Attorney (Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers)
    "x"- CIA (Robt David "Steele")
    * Canadian Freedom Convoy, I believe the man heading it said he is a Jew and that neither him nor TamaraLuch is Trucker or Farmer!!
    * The American Trucker Convoy was put together by Attorneys i believe.
    and on and on and ON! :):):)

    oh yeh, and to top it all off, were told hundreds of times now to "Get yer popcorn, yer watchin a MOVIE."

    well f that.
    if people are dying, being robbed beaten abused imprisoned lied to, stolen from; their sons and daughters and family members, homes, farms, "money/accounts", food, worship centers, safety, and HEALTH and other is being taken from them WHEN THEY HAVE CAUSED HARM TO NO MAN, then its no gawdam MOVIE.

    SOMEbody is responsible for this SHITSHOW.