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Monday, May 30, 2022

The police are NOT coming to save you

1 comment:

  1. sorry! i accidentally commented using "anonymous" again, so, re-posting that comment here, using the BlogProfile Name i use:

    i:woman believe its likely that the Policy Enforcers and ALL Officers who are still Acting to harm man are VERY likely be-ing "spotted" right now by their own Masters/ Groups who/that they swore their Pledges and Allegiance to serve.

    ...not by us!!!

    look at what we hear happened to "The Templars/ Temple-Ars".
    im looking for the meaning of "Ars".
    in the Catholic church Ars seems to be Latin and connected, at least in part, to a French man called by Saint Jean/John Marie Baptiste Vianney who had to do with Hospitals and Cures/ Cure of Ars/ Cures of "Art" .
    so was that the "Temple ARTS"? ...does "Templars" mean: ones who "*practice* (the) 'Temple Arts' "???
    if so, what Temple?
    what Art???
    is that the Temple with the Bar that gets "passed" or crossed?... with its "Courts"?,... where its Members "practice" some kind of FICTIONAL "law" they make up.... and their Members/ Priests *Act As* "Judges" upon other men!!?!?!
    if yes, that would mean theyre not what is commonly known as "Catholic" and or "Christian" at all...
    wouldnt it?... can anyone furnish what is true and fact about this? thank you!

    so here once again seems to be what im starting to think is the "French Connection" with the ROMAN Catholic Church.
    that is odd to me because i am presently under the impression that the French people were the people who formed the original Holy Apostolic Catholic Church that preserved, at minimum, the spoken traditions and beliefs about the man called "jesus".
    and we can already see that manymostall of the present day "TempleBAR Members" who "practice" THEIR "Art/Man-Made *Law*" in front of us, end up causing harm to man!! so they dont seem to be followers of the jesus in the so-Named "New COVEN-ant" with man!!
    someone please supply the facts if this is wrong... thank you!!

    "je" means "i" in French, doesnt it? like: je taime?: i love you??
    doesnt it?... i do not know, speak, or understand French or Latin or any other except American common language, same as my fathers and mothers before me.
    i think je means i though.
    it would be soo easy for Liars to use their very own Officers as the FallGuys for the evil theyve Constructed while the Masters go hide out on one of the so-Named "Inchoate States"!!..... for awhile anyway!! :):):)

    just speculating.
    i believe we will get the answers though.