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Monday, May 30, 2022

About the GAR and the State of War

 By Anna Von Reitz

I think it is very important for Americans and others around the world to comprehend the situation that the Union Army Officers and Senior Non-Coms faced at the end of the American Civil War.  

They knew what they were facing as a result of the political chaos --- a long-term state of war --- a political stalemate of unknown duration, and a simmering pot that might boil over at any moment.  

So they organized the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) as both a fraternal support organization that endures to this day, and as a Secret Society in the same sense as the Freemasons and their Lodges. 

As the progenitors never resigned their commissions their commissions are still "in the field" so long as the sons retain the name.  This is called a "Ghost Army" in military terms.  This is part of the reason that all the wordplay around what names stand for has been employed, and the reason that the use of these various styles of name imply the political status of combatants in "the state of war" that has been promoted ever since 1865.   

Look around at the men holding the top positions in the banks and the corporations, securities exchanges and commodity markets.  You will see many, many familiar names from the Civil War and Belle Epoch Era being attached via the use of generational titles like William Henry Harrison, III and still more variations that are not as obvious, like Warren G(erold) Harding. 

You will also find men deliberately adopting the names of Civil War veterans.  

These men are engaged in a long term internecine "war" of a commercial and sometimes political and religious nature.  

I think it's important for Americans (and others) to know that yes, Virginia, there is a "White Hats" organization and it is not something that just sprang up like grass in the spring.  They should know that this organization -- whatever they now call themselves in public --- is present, is funded, is patriotic, has its roots sunk as far back as the Revolution but primarily stems from secret service organizations formed by the GAR in response to "the state of war" we were left in after the Civil War. 

There are an estimated seventeen million veterans in this country, and at least half of them are attached in one way or another to GAR networks; they are armed and organized and make up the largest standing military force on Earth, which is only possible because they are volunteers.  

This puts a whole different light on the role of the paid military and the balance of power, both political and military, in this country.   For many people, it will be comforting to know that they are not alone and that American Armed Forces still exist and are still organized enough to carry out complex international operations as well as provide on-the-ground defense if necessary.  

We, Americans, have not been caught flat-footed after all, and it is largely thanks to the Officers and Non-Coms of the Union Army who were later joined by the Officers and Non-Coms of the Confederate States of America----- and combined as the Grand Army of the Republic, then and now. 

Right in front of our faces, our ancestors formed a new Army and named it appropriately as the Army of the Federal Republic, even as they waited for the Federal Republic to be reconstructed. 

As staggering as this truth is to contemplate, looking back over six generations and a hundred and fifty-seven years, the actual combined Grand Army of the Republic has been organized and standing watch the whole time.  It is to these Americans, who also gave us the Memorial Day holiday, that we owe a profound debt: they never stood down, then or now.  

They were not deceived when the powers of the world said, "peace, peace, but there was no peace".  


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  1. and we, the actual Americans living under authority of the laws of nature and natures God, who chose to create a Confederated Perpetual Union under authority of our Declaration of Independence,
    and *not* a Federal Republic under a Foreign and UNRATIFIED-from-the-people "Constitution" under any kind of authority claimed by a FICTION Titled "Head of State"/ other Foreign Construct, ...we are not deceived either!

    A Federal Republic is as Foreign to us actual living American men and women and sons and daughters as those Foreign Birth Certificates that has been tried to be attached to us secretively behind our backs are claiming we/our mother "Volunteered"(?)/ "Donated" us, when what is true is:we knew nothing about The "Conversion/s" .

    so whats your point?

    the whole world is watching, so why not go ahead and make any proveable point you have while everyone is looking and waiting for your proofs?

    i have recorded mine. l know of no man yet who stands and proves my claims be false in an American common law court; i do stand to answer though.

    dont you want to take your turn?


    1. "...Foreign Birth Certificates that. ** have** been tried to be attached to us secretively behind our backs ** by men ** claiming we/our mothers "Volunteered"/ "Donated" us, when what is true is:we knew nothing about The "Conversion/s". "

    2. Yes the whole world is watching, but that's just the world they have Adopted , Not Ours. Naturally..... We Are Commanded by Jesus . This is His Earth. The Governments and States are Not Party to His Kingdom. Only question you need to ask yourselves is who is your Commander In Chief? Here you will discover where you have been trafficked and to whom your Father Is.

    3. Janmarie , they pushed with force, the Birth Certificate on your mother so they could traffic you as STATE property.. STATE becomes your Father . What we are witnessing here, as far as I am concerned is another round of trafficking to yet another Corporation-Father, AKA, American State National.

      As the Birth Father waives all his rights to his child,( unknowingly no less) Anna and her similar trafficking operation ( disguised as yet another road to freedom) becomes your Father.Where she and her husband and the players behind the scene become the Father just as the STATE did at time of BIRtH. American STATE NATIONAL returning home to dirt ( soil) . To be eaten alive again ( shucked dry from any blood remaining)

      NO PEOPLE have you not eyes to see.....YOU Must REPENT AND Return Back to your Father in Heaven. THE ONLY WAY To Life and Freedom..

      Or don't, traffic yourself into a foreign trap like this one here and remain in bondage where another man or woman owns your Inheritance and gifts from GOD. Your Choice , of course.

    4. Trace,


      not everybody belongs to the Traffickers and their world.
      did you read the scriptures references i just posted above for examples!?!


    5. john 17: 6 and 9.

    6. RETURN "HOME "TO SOIL" Are you Crazy?

      SOIL- solium, " Seat" things below , death.
      ETYMOLOGY 13 BC...TO DEFILE OR POLLUTE WITH SIN, from old French Soiler: to splatter with mud to foul or make dirty. PIGSTY, BOTTOM, GROUND, A MIRY PLACE. FILTH DIRT, REFUSE MATTER, SEWAGE, EXCREMENT. Greek, ezesthai " to sit" hedra seat " County seat" ?

      THEY WANT TO LEAD YOU AND HAVE LED TO YOUR GRAVE WHEN YOUR STILL ALIVE! SOIL is Darkness the things below. JESUS CAME TO SET YOU FREE. REPENT / TURN AROUND/ Set your hearts and minds on the things Above not below.

      JESUS IS THE light of The Earth. FOLLOW him and all things shall be given to you. YOUR CHOICE, of Course.

    7. Janmarie. Yes I see. We are in agreement. Thank You.

    8. anonymous 5/30 1:24

      That may be the "Confederation" you ignorantly jumped headlong into like a lemming but its not the
      Confederation formed by the American people and were not with you.
      For one thing our people are in control of themselves and can manage their emotions, apparently unlike, you!

      and we can all say what we believe.

      you can deal with it, skip comments, or i guess just keep on "foaming at the mouth" in public.


    9. trace,
      your 5/30, 1:54.

      really enjoying reading your comments.


    10. Precisely explain meaning of "JESUS IS THE light of the earth"?

      does it mean Light? as in the spectrum of radiation of radiant energy?
      does it mean Truth? as a metaphor and analogy for actuality?

      What does Truth mean?

      Maybe "Truth" means a very narrow road to________ (fill in blank?)

      Help the people you love.

    11. fun comment reality factor!

      for the first one for "Christians" that might be:
      ref.: john 1:4 "in him was life, and the life was the light of men."

      yes and yes and more.

      truth is different for every man. its what be TRUE that some of us are looking for. what is TRUE does not change. ...God.

  2. bubbers,
    im re-posting your comments under my name hoping they dont get deleted when the Anonymous comments get deleted. (i think the second one is yours too, (Dale reference).)


    "Joogle is not allowing me to sign in only other option is anonymous
    However this is bubba , the fraudulent construction was unauthorized by states they were only authorized to do commerce.
    When the anti federalist like Patrick Henry Governor Morris would not allow any decent he also tried to charge Patrick with treason in Revolutionary war.
    In other word a complete fraudulent coop and as Janmarie sites not ratified.
    This doesn’t sync with any know civil war historical data!
    RBN and Speak Free Radio star historian Micheal Gaddy teaching real civil war history for 37 years .
    Can tell you by name and account of all key players.
    This is all so foreign to our actual history in general as Judge Dale ret states the war was a smoke screen to turn nation corporate.
    The learned elders of zion protocols reads like Georgia guide stones
    I want hard evidence not trust the plan it’s a secret."