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Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Population Collapse

 By Anna Von Reitz

China's leadership was beguiled and bribed into accepting fear of overpopulation as the basis for an incredibly stupid "One Child" mandate. 

As Chinese couples could have only one child, they wanted a boy.  This led to genocide of Chinese girl babies and toddlers.  This left the Chinese with millions of parents traumatized by the loss of their daughters, men without wives, and no way to improve their situation. 

This is all the more horrific, as China's greatest asset has always been its labor force. They literally undermined their own greatest asset. 

Too late, they have realized their mistake. 

China is facing a devastating population collapse just like the western world is already suffering. 

Those responsible for this are trying to cover it up by forced immigration campaigns, and pushing refugees from other countries into the stricken labor forces of the countries worst impacted by these disastrous policies. 

This is why Norwegians are trying to live next door to Algerians and Afghanis. 

This is why half of London is now populated by immigrants from the former Commonwealth. 

This is why China Joe has invited millions of refugees and immigrants to The United States. 

This is all the result of failed corporate policies and idiot leadership. 

The population collapse in Western Europe, North America, and China, is leading inexorably to a collapse of the housing market and collapsing real estate values and bank closures and it won't be long until the currencies and stock markets fail, too. 

This is no secret, folks, and the Covid fiasco has made it infinitely worse. They have secretly sterilized a third of the world's population and made worldwide economic collapse inevitable.  

A roomful of pampered weak-minded ninnies got together in Davos and swallowed the idea that the world is overpopulated, and now, thanks to them, it is dangerously depopulated instead. 

These immoral buffoons also thought they could make themselves richer by killing off their Creditors, but failed to realize that their Creditors are also their Customers. 

We are the value that gives value to everything else. 

And they didn't know that. 

All these problems have taken root in Think Tanks in Switzerland, unfortunately populated by people who can't reason their way out of a box.  

This is why there is wild talk about blowing Switzerland off the map, annihilating Zug, vaporizing Geneva, turning Bern into glass, while the clueless Swiss people still pull on their leather pants and yodel to their goats. 

They don't know what's going on or why everyone is so mad at them. They don't realize that their country has been used as Crime Central by international bankers and corporate moguls. 

Just like the Americans continue to whistle Yankee Doodle and think that they are free and don't know that their sons and daughters have been used as ill-paid mercenaries for the last sixteen decades, the people of many nations have been deceived and deluded.  

It is staggering how much we've all been lied to, and how consistently we have been deceived by simple carnival tricks and broadcast propaganda. 

Please observe-- there are still Village Idiots talking about overpopulation and human-caused global warming, mostly on PBS. 

Meanwhile, there are an estimated sixteen million abandoned homes sitting vacant in The United States and miles upon miles of abandoned storefronts and empty strip malls. 

There are even corporate-sponsored programs to make the empty shops look like they are occupied, to keep people from catching on. 

The situation in China is even worse, if that's any comfort to anyone. 

The fact remains that a small number of men who were never competent to manage a business, much less globe-spanning corporations, were placed in power by religious and political factions regardless of their own incompetence. 

They have tragically, stupidly --- and irrevocably, depopulated our planet and caused an inexorable collapse of our world economy. It has already started and it can't be stopped.  

All we can do is outlaw the political parties and expose the religious quacks, arrest the criminals responsible, clean the nests of vermin out of Switzerland, NYC, Tel Aviv, and also the Corporate Board Rooms worldwide -- and do our best to cope with this. 

If there is any silver lining, it is that we are now forced to cherish our children, because they will be few and far between in years to come, thanks to low IQ criminals like Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab. 

We are also forced to cherish our elderly and invest in their longevity.  We will need them to keep working and contributing like never before. 


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