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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Dear Tanya -- About Coordinators, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Tanya, 

You are suffering under a too-common assumption that Coordinators are "Federal Agents". 

The Federation of States is not the "Federal Government". 

And the Coordinators are not "Federal Agents", which would imply that they work for the Subcontractor Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia. 

Coordinators are State Nationals who volunteer to work as Go-Betweens shuttling between the Federation and their State Assembly to get questions about the assembling process answered. Period. 

We are in an extraordinary period in our history, when we are restoring structures and doing things that haven't been done in decades.  Nobody now living remembers the American Government fully functioning as it ought to. 

As a result this process of assembling the State and bringing it into Session is far from the routine and familiar process it once was, and the local knowledge that once informed this process is no longer present. 

This has required the Federation to act as the Summoning Authority and to take on a much more active role in providing support and guidance, but it in no way prevents the people from getting involved and acting as Coordinators or serving in other roles.  

We don't have a hierarchy, Tanya.  All we have are jobs to be done and functions to fulfill.  So instead of reacting against imaginary authority figures and questioning the "leadership" --- consider what you can do to help.  

Because there's nobody here but us chickens. 

Thank you for your "notice" and concerns. 


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