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Monday, February 28, 2022

URGENT Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse

Original thread from the Health Ranger:

1/23 We are all in urgent danger due to the planned escalation of the conflict involving Russia. As I’ve warned dozens of times in my Situation Update podcasts on, the persistent plan from Biden / Obama has been to maneuver Russia into a position where Putin would decide to nuke the United States, or where a false flag nuke could be blamed on Russia. This would bring about Obama’s long-desired destruction of America, and any survivors would be subjected to a dictatorial war-time authoritarian regime which would nullify the Bill of Rights (and 2A) under “emergency” powers.

10/23 BANKERS’ WARS: The cutting off of Russia from the SWIFT financial system — announced yesterday by western nations — is the economic equivalent of the WWII oil embargo against Japan. That forced Japan to strike out as a last-ditch survival mechanism, leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which was ALLOWED by US leadership in order to whip up public support for America’s war in the Pacific. 9/11 was also allowed to take place in order to launch the surveillance state and expand Patriot Act powers to spy on the American people (and Trump, later on).

11/23 Also understand that Biden has NOT placed any sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, but Biden has halted US pipelines and effectively placed all sorts of sanctions against the US energy sector. In other words, Biden has unleashed economic sanctions against America, but not against Russia’s energy sector. This tells you the truth about who Biden (Obama) is actually targeting: It’s America, not Russia. And as oil prices climb globally, RUSSIA BENEFITS from all the extra revenue. Biden’s policies are actually FINANCING Russia’s war!

23/23 Whatever preparedness actions you have taken so far, DOUBLE THEM. Get ready for the possibility of needing to survive many months without food, electricity, banking, fuel, emergency medicine or the rule of law. What we all experienced in 2020 – 2021 was just the warm-up round compared to what’s coming, thanks to Biden’s declaration of war against the American people. Trump’s leadership sure is looking good right about now, as everybody is realizing. God help us all.


  1. this is all man made.

    we have right to access and live in American common law, using substance/ materials ONLY, and to add our OWN imaginations... we do not have to use the fantasies of other men to build our lives upon.
    and it is so!

    i say, dont do it if it doesnt follow the laws of nature if you dont want to!! imo!
    you are man, you are the head and not the tail.
    you are not a game piece to be used in some other mans game that he has rigged up so that HE always WINS and YOU always LOSE!! :):):)


    1. we can do this peacefully.
      we can INSIST on our right, being man, to have our CLAIMS heard in OPEN AMERICAN COMMON LAW COURT OF RECORD! CANT WE??!!
      I SAY "YES"!!

      LETS GET'ER MOVING!!!:):):)

      It can ALL be done *peace*-fully, from our *right* using actual true *law* for man: our ***American common law***.

      we gotta git rollin', unless same is proven unlawful!...
      im waiting....


    2. here here, these criminals shall be hung as we the people do not consent and we must move to the Common Law Court NOW

    3. hey unknown!
      yes, traditionally, so that everyone was a witness to the riddance of the thief/ other: the thief/other was blindfolded, led up onto the scaffold in the middle of the townssquare, given a smoke or a chaw of ta'backee and it was buh'byeeeee...... lights out forever.
      (i think kammie harris and a group of people passed an znti-linn ching law.... in commercial jurisdiction -- they have no standing to make law in our American common law.)
      unknown, be sure to stay vigilant about the different forms of "common law courts" being substituted for OUR *AMERICAN* common law courts.
      for instance, traditionally Americans should not subject to "International" common law courts"; English common law courts; British and so on; or common law courts of JUSTICE or other words... unless they agree since those are Foreign Jurisdictions to us.

      American common law courts are courts of *law*:common.
      -- not *justice*, commerce, admiralty, ecclesia, sharia, military, noahide........

      1. man brings his claim (he has been harmed by another man) before the people.
      2. proves his claim.
      3. man he claims harmed him has a chance to talk and prove he didnt do it.
      4. people in the gallery watching can take a/the stand if they know something about what happened.
      5. jury of 12 + 2 in reserve decides.
      thats it.
      you can actually watch old Gunsmoke, Rifleman reruns and westerns and see the basics. they even held court in the saloons because the man bringing the claim IS THE COURT so court can be held anywhere, anytime.
      simple, direct, honest.
      its like:
      Did he do it: Yes or No!
      Prove it; oh, no proof?, then get th'hell outta here an' quit botherin' us!!!! come back when ye c'n prove it sonnyboy!! :):):)

  2. be sure you get right with God, that is the first thing. That means to use ONLY the King James Bible and not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture nonsense.Seek out the truth (and live it) and the truth will set you free. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  3. You have one thing right...there will be no pre- tribulation rapture...if you are being raptured than you are being judged...god meant for earth to be heaven...heaven on earth..!! The King James bible is incomplete and therefore it to is nothing but a deception...the vatican has all the books of the Bible and they number anywhere from 666 to 700 books missing...!!

  4. Adams is another Alex Jones tool for the zionest we all got there number.
    Right Janmarie it’s time to stop catering to the feds military tribunals were law iscolor of law and the huge trust money like the hospital s highly payed to die you in.