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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What's Right, Not Who Is Right - Me and the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

So let's put an end to the stupidity before it starts.

My husband is an Air Force Veteran. Honorably discharged. He's a Life Member of AmVets. I have supported the Paralyzed Veterans of America for more than 20 years and before that I was a card-carrying member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My Father and my Uncle Henry were both in the US Army Air Force during WWII and my Uncle Merton was with Patton's Third Army in Europe. Everyone got the picture?

Field McConnell and I are personal friends, for those of you who have followed the work of Abel Danger or seen the highlights reported on my website. My Executive Officer is a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, also Honorably Discharged.

So, this is the reality. Not a "Vatican Agent". Not a stranger to the U.S. Military. Not an "Enemy" of the U.S. Military.

But I am a fierce voice for reform of the U.S. Military, because it has become infested with PsyOps and "Economic Warfare" and worse other weaponry aimed at us, the American People, they are supposed to defend.

And, they have been running a secretive British Territorial United States Government on our shores since 1863.

It's time for this garbage to stop and for the actual civilian government to be restored. They don't like that, but that's what's coming.

They can't disprove a thing I am saying.

So here you've got Destry Payne and the "National Assembly" --- but they won't tell you (and certainly didn't tell me) what nation they are assembling.

Turns out that it was a NWO nation to be populated by "U.S. Citizens" and people having citizenship obligations to foreign countries like the Netherlands--- like Destry's MO.

If it makes sense to you that foreigners and American's claiming foreign citizenship obligations should be bossing you around on your own soil--- just go ahead and swallow the Cock and Bull stories these guys are trying to sell you.

But before you take the hook.... Look up the Lieber Code and the very first Executive Order, which was issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. And then write yourself a little letter to the Congressional Research Service or the Library of Congress and ask ---- is the Lieber Code still in force?

The U.S. military isn't supposed to have one word to say about our country's land and soil, except to defend it. They are supposed to keep their noses spotlessly clean and not interfere in the functioning of the civilian government.

However, as I exposed recently about the Iraqi Dinar and Zim junk bond operations, our Generals and Admirals have been abusing their positions of trust and power and diddling with the civilian governments of whole countries, ----including ours.

Here are just some of the incorrect ideas that Destry and friends are trying to sell:

1. That you can have Dual Citizenship, both U.S. Citizenship and Netherland Citizenship ---- no American Citizenship at all ---- and have a right to run the American States and dictate what goes on here.

The fact is that our Forefathers demanded that we have ONLY American Citizenship when we operate the actual States of the Union.

The military brass doesn't know that because all they have ever dealt with are Federal States of States, and the Federal entities have always allowed Dual Citizenship.

They are mixing apples with oranges and thinking that we will be stupid enough to do so, too.

2. That the fraud back in 1860 magically nullifies everything that has gone on here. Wrong. We are not liable for the fraud, but the fraud happened and the damage is real.

The British Government---especially the Scottish Government, and the Popes and the Lord Mayors of Westminster --- are the chief parties responsible for the fraud, but the U.S. Military isn't clean in this matter, either.

"Our" Generals and Admirals went along with the fleecing of America and they benefited from it. It was by using legal chicanery to enslave us that they built up the biggest, baddest military machine in the world.

And after World War II, they just kept on going.

They are the reason we have been at almost constant war since the founding of this country. They don't know when enough is enough.

Well, we are calling "Enough!" and they need to hear it. Our States are ours and they are under contract to protect us and our States, not horn in and try to put in their own puppet multinational organizations instead.

3. That the State organizations we, Americans, are organizing are "interim" organizations of some kind. This goes back to the false idea that our government has ever been in any kind of interim or "abeyance" in the first place.

When the Confederate States of States, both North and South, were shut down at the end of the Civil War, the Federal Branch of the Federal Government shut down.

But that's just a small part of the actual American Government and not the most important part of the American Government, either. Those States of States were just service contractors and as history has proven, we could hire any commercial corporation to provide those service.

Oh, dang, my dry cleaner went out of business.

Does that mean that I went out of business? Of course, not.

Our government has been alive and well and paying the bills for 150 years and all this idiot-speak about "interim" governments and "governments in abeyance" is just more fraud, trying to get us to agree to this nonsense and give them an excuse for their bad behavior and Breach of Trust.

So, to all the "Military Experts" out there--- better think long and hard about who you are actually supposed to be serving, and who and what your Generals and Admirals are supposed to be serving.

The American People have finally woke up. We aren't happy. We are taking the necessary steps to reclaim our birthright political status and repopulate our land and soil jurisdiction States --- steps that wouldn't be necessary except for crap that our military endorsed --- and then we are operating the actual civilian government, our States.

Listen up. We are the long-lost Civilian Government. We are your Employers. Despite your best efforts, we have come home again and we are minding our own store from now on. Your duty is to protect and defend us. And that is all your duty is.

Keep your nose out of our business as we peaceably assemble our rightful civilian government. Stand ready to receive new orders from the actual civilian government of this country.


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  1. can someone explain why admitting to being any kind of 'person' while existing as 'man' is not having dual citizenship?

    1. Well there are many talking points that could be applied to this question. But if you are referring to 'man' as in the natural version of mankind that is land centric, then I would submit that 'man' doesn't need a "label" founded in fraud as is the case with the 'person' which originates from commerce at its core.

      The fraud of the person and in fact the citizen, is a way of extracting manufactured consent through invisible commercial contract(s). On its most basic level it is a way to control the behavior of people by binding them to an adhesion contract through which the 'statute' is the control mechanism. Otherwise the 'man' can do whatever they want as long as there is no harm or property damage.

      If that rule is observed, then nothing happened whereas commercial statute can find one of as many as 80 million (by some estimates) of their 'rules' that may have been trespassed upon.

      Most people admit to being a citizen (person) through lack of awareness. And that is no mistake either. The scam will always be admitted with the utmost reluctance so as to keep the scam going. Anna has said all this in past about the distinction between persons and people. We always should want to be people.

    2. I believe the traditional non-statutory meaning of "person" is that of a construct through which a man operates in life in this earthly plane. It includes his body (his earthly tent) as well as his station in life. The Fourth Article of the Bill of Rights distinguishes persons from people: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects... ."

      The current statutory schemes are founded in the redefinition of "person" set forth in the 14th Amendment, which reduces the person to a corporate fiction and presumes that the man identified with that person is a willing, fully-noticed agent and surety for the person. This is how the so-called governments secretly use agency law against the people. For example, O.C.G.A. Sec.1-3-3(14) defines a person as a corporation. ""Person" includes a corporation." In statutory language, "includes" is a term of limitation, so it is understood that all persons are corporations. Corporations do not live in physical bodies; they live on paper, or more commonly, via presumption.

  2. To any California jural assembly members - important information
    Coming to a city near you - how does the paperwork help this
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. The zionestjes and the imperialist English /French have been in bed with another one is the central bank the other military according to E.Michael Jones editor culture wars they now are at war .you see that with the recreation of space fleet or navy coming out of closet.
    And office of Navel intelligence attacked on 9/11.
    If the fail the Jewish zionest that Run the CIA/State dep.Treasury , Education , Media ,justice Depth
    Will finish the crack down.Destry.was opean about his contacts with the military when he spoke in private with the Republic of Texas dejour.


  4. Could you send me the proper link it's Wally

  5. Recent re-greening training accompanied a new assignment when I was serving. Fort Jackson also a drill sgt school, all training mostly there. The 4th squad, way in the back was red haired, blondes, brown, people who looked like and were here for a long time and more like the people in the military in the 1980s. The 4th squad was mostly SGTS but I was the only one who stepped up to lead a squad when I was asked of another squad. The real go getters were from Puerto Rico and other places. After a few years in the military they "become" or can get US Citizen status.
    I worked with psyops. Manuel Noreiga was driven out of hiding by speakers in our unit that were taken to Panama that were real real loud and would drive people nuts after several hours. Lots of other psyops stuff, pamphlets, propaganda and the secret stuff, special forces etc.
    some of use wondered why so many contractors were doing more and more jobs but with cut backs the Army allegedly cannot keep up to pay foreigners to protect local people. If you had a hitch on your pickup weekend or shorter delivery could be applied for and paid pronto for moving military equipment with your personal pickup across hundreds of miles.

  6. "cannot keep up so pay foreign contractors" added as well A friend worked in investigations DIA in 1970s and found a number of generals and colonels who were stealing tools, large lathes, entire shop set ups and using for personal gain.