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Thursday, February 28, 2019

How To Use Your Paperwork

By Anna Von Reitz

The best paperwork in the world won't help you if you don't know how to use it, so yes, you need to think about it beyond just recording it.

Reason and Logic:

The reason you create and develop the paperwork in the first place, is to use it as superior evidence of who you are (a Lawful Person) and the capacity in which you are acting (peaceful American State civilian).

The British Territorial Army (aka United States Raj)  has deemed it expedient to misidentify everyone as enemy combatants until proven otherwise. 

The two sides in this ugly 150 year-old fantasy "war" are the British Territorial Government operating a Territorial State of State, like the State of Wisconsin, and the Municipal United States Government operating a Municipal State of State like the STATE OF WISCONSIN.

So the Army has their Undeclared Foreign Agents (doctors and nurses illegally conscripted under the old Federal Title 37 as "Uniformed Officers")  at the hospitals identify all newborn babies as "lost on the battlefield" and then "presumes" the newborns are wards of their Territorial States of States, and then the cretins ship your data off to have you arbitrarily defined and registered as a Municipal "Enemy Combatant" so that the Army can come back in and pillage your ESTATE, etc., under the guise of you being an "Enemy" and all this absolute crap is being promoted from both sides of this farce.

So, they have "evidence" that you are both a Territorial Pauper, a Ward of the State of State, and more "evidence" that you are a Municipal Citizen, a "US CITIZEN", which makes you a "presumed" Enemy Combatant, already a criminal under their unauthorized 14th Amendment and a slave because you are a criminal. 

Oh, my, haven't they all been busy making up lies and processes to defraud and rob the people they are supposed to be protecting and serving?

So now that you know what these vermin have been perpetuating against innocent people, and how they have been doing it, isn't it time to answer back? 

Yes, so, they have issued a "Birth Certificate" in your NAME, and this serves as evidence for them, but it can also serve as evidence for you.  It's a two-edged sword.

You are going to get a few Certified Copies of the BC and put them in a file. Along with that, you are going to obtain two affirmed and Notarized Witness Testimonies from people having first hand knowledge of who you are (friends, family, classmates, long time employers, co-workers, etc.) and where and when you were born, clearly identifying a picture of you as "the" one who was born at such and such a time and place to such parents. 

This establishes who you are and connects your physical body to the name, so that your living Lawful Personhood can be established.  Notice that you have a birthday, but the THING they created when they registered you as property belonging to their corporation has a birth date, which is the file date when this bogus PERSON was created.  Two separate days, two separate persons.

The additional pieces of paper --- the Deed of Re-Conveyance officially removing your Trade Name from the international jurisdiction of the sea and placing it back on the Land, the revocation of all prior Powers of Attorney, the Expatriation from Territorial and Municipal Citizenship, the Certificate of Assumed Name(s) -- all serve to transport you back to Lawful Person status and put you firmly back on the land and soil of an American State and seize control of your identity and your assets. 

All this recorded evidence now stands against their evidence and is superior, because yours is more recent, more credible, and more complete.

So now you've got a problem.  Your neighbor is suing you for an easement. The inquisitors are harassing you over "federal" income taxes and you don't have any federal income.  Your wife wants a divorce.  Some goon from social services is trying to steal your kids for the sex market.

What do you do? 

All of these courts--- absolutely all of them--- are nothing but For Hire entities having no official office or capacity related to American State Citizens. 

As American State Citizens and Lawful Persons you are outside their jurisdiction by about a thousand miles 90% of the time--- but you have to know that and you have to bring that forward.


First, you can often avoid the conventional court schtick altogether.  Go to court, stand up without entering the Bar, (the railing between the onlookers and the court per se) when your name is called and say, "I am visiting the Court as a Lawful Person to request arbitration." If this provokes a response from the Judge, simply shrug and say, "I have been misaddressed by the Prosecuting Attorney, your Honor, and request arbitration."

Your chances of presenting your ownership interests according to a normal course of business are much better in arbitration and if you have done your homework, your chances of getting a private arbitration service to agree with your position --- if you can explain it adequately (which is covered below) --- are also much better.  But be aware that arbitration is not for criminal matters and that results are generally speaking binding and non-appealable for both parties.

The words "Lawful Person" "visiting" and "misaddressed" are all red flags for the Judge, who is most likely going to expedite your speedy exit from his courtroom.

Second line of defense, when faced with criminal charges or unavoidable confrontation in their arena:

1. The Judge is not your enemy. The Judge is the Referee.  He makes his money off of judgements so he will be delighted if he can nail someone and he really doesn't care who.

2. The ones you want to torpedo and/or discourage are the Prosecuting Attorney and the District Attorney who is responsible for the Prosecuting Attorney.

3.  All these guys are racketeering on our shores and really don't have a leg to stand on, so they are probably more afraid of you than you are of them.

4. You can prepare your demonstration in advance and have your evidence ready to go, so get yourself several copies of everything, keep one Master File Copy, put one additional copy of your Master File somewhere else safe, and the rest of your copies are then available for presentations.

5. You don't need to present an Authenticated Birth Certificate and you never need to record a Birth Certificate.  You just need a Certified BC to present to the District Attorney. Along with that, you bring either original or recorded copies of a set of two Witness Testimonies done before a Public Notary under penalty of perjury and from without the United States affirming that you (photo embedded in the page) are to their first-hand knowledge "the" man or woman whose actual physical birth event occurred in Flat Rump, Texas, July 4, 1946-- or whatever your details are, of course.

6. These three documents establish who you are, where and when you were born, and your physical presence leaves no doubt that you are alive. 

7. You set the DA or Assistant DA down and look them in the eye and you plunk that BC down on the desk and you say, "I am not presenting this for any purpose of identification."  That is lawyer-speak for "I am here for payment and exemption." On top of the BC, you lay down the Witness Testimonies.

8. Then you say, "I am a Lawful Person, an American State Citizen, and I have been misaddressed by Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, an attorney in your Territorial State of State District.  He has sent unsolicited mail misaddressed to a foreign PERSON to me."   You plunk down whatever summons or other paperwork has been sent to you or delivered to your door.

9. Then you say, "I want this clearly understood. I am a Lawful Person standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this State. I am not a resident of any State of State.  I also want it understood that I have not volunteered for any Territorial or Municipal citizenship or duty and that I claim my exemption from such duty effective with my actual birthday.  I have placed Notice in your Public Record and I fail to see why Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, is being allowed to misaddress me in this manner."

10.  "Any unauthorized Municipal PERSON represented by this NAME has been returned to the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary and his Successors have been named the Fiduciaries responsible for this ACCOUNT. Now, I have not made any charges against this ACCOUNT and I have not authorized Mr. Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, to make any charges, either.  Now, surely, this is all a Big Mistake and Misunderstanding." Plunk down a black and white copy of your Form 56 and mailing receipts.

11. "Because as there is light in the day, I am not dead in any sense of the word. Now, I know, that you are operating under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and I know all about the Lieber Code and I know and can prove for a fact that I am a peaceful Third Party non-combatant who is owed the Law of Peace and I refer you, Sir, to AR27-1-161 so that you can see in military terms exactly what kind of law and exemptions and reparations I am owed.  And I see no evidence of any valid contract, no authority to address me, and no jurisdiction of the court related to me.

I want this whole matter cleared up and cleaned out, and I wish for my Lawful Person and all my assets to be fully exonerated and exempted -- with prejudice foreclosing any further contact or court action presuming against me and my material interests. If Peter K. Lipsalot wishes to continue his attack after you have explained that I am a Lawful Person, not a Legal Person, he can take it up with the Secretary of the Treasury. "

12. Be just as nice as the flowers in May, folks.  You can afford to be.  Put a business card with an "in care of" address for the return of the paperwork, and just walk out. They have a performance obligation to you six miles wide. Make them perform.   

Now all this takes chutzpah, initiative, pre-planning, and practice. You can't just sit around and think that, oh, I know who I am.... and think that everyone else is just going to know who you are. 

That DA's job is to fleece any and all "enemy combatants" in a non-existent 150 year-old "war" clean.  He's going to see you as an "enemy combatant" if you leave him an inch and a phooftee in the wind.

Once you really start thinking about this, you will realize that there isn't much out there proving that you even exist, much less any record of your political status and capacity--- and what there is, is wrong.  That makes you a sitting duck for these racketeers. 

Our own dear Generals and Admirals of the US Navy set it up this way with malice aforethought while they were playing with their toys and drawing their pay. 

That factoid along with a clear view of what these renegade employees have been doing,  should jerk you awake and get you up on your feet. The sooner the better.

Once you have your own records established and polished and you have your Superior Evidence nailed down, join your State Assembly. 

I thought that starting with the State Jural Assemblies would be a good idea and it still is, but only if you are setting up an actual State Jural Assembly, not a "State of State" Jural Assembly nor any kind of incorporated "STATE" Jural Assembly, which doesn't get the job done and doesn't put an end to this mischief.  

Been there, done that, and too many times.  This time, we are going to settle this hash and if the Brits or the Popes or anyone does anything at all to impede us or harm us, they are going to be fully liable and exposed for all the world to see. 


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  1. UCADIA is a trashy mouth dim mind whose brain has not developed sufficiently to articulate any subject he comments about.

    UCADIA demonstrates for all that he is working for the powers of darkness and is jealous that someone has sound understanding of the frauds and crimes practiced routinely against Americans and is willing to share it with those rare people who have the sense to see their world sinking into a black hole filled with other creatures working for darkness to rule.

    Anyone who denies truth is a liar, loves the lie, fights against the light of truth and in this mindset works for Satan, their inspiration. Liars abound, but remain liars who are unworthy of receiving respect of those who can discern their lies.

    Constructive suggestion for UCADIA and those of like mind: find your own way through the blackened world and stop trashing someone who gives more to public sanity every day than you will in a lifetime.

  2. i will give a constructive criticism:

    the real problem with anna's solutions (and ucadia's logo is telling, and the accusations from destry show where his mind is) it assumes people are sitting on a family farm owned for generations in an unincorporated 13 original state (that ever had an actual state/seal/citizens), with a "family" and "friends" and "people" (not 100% law merchants) and "churches" who read/try to follow the "bible" and that we all have "income" to file such things.

    noone can be taxed/charged for exercising a basic right. i don't have any FRNs or "accounts" -- unidentified parties for unidentifies reasons thought death threats were more fun.

    i have no desire to ever go into "law merchant" except basic survival under duress.

    now, the suggested "remedy" i see no fault with so far as the reasoning goes, but it doesn't work for anyone but retirees -- people who will all die off and then we will have an even further brainwashed generation(s) to try to talk some sense into.

    as i have pointed out previously, the pope has no office to do anything anna. those are rules of canon law. frank ocollins pointed this out as well, the "names of god" are #1 in any court, canon or otherwise (which mr. "ucadia" apparently doesn't read ucadia docs either).

    the "name(s) of god" in "secular" "america" are "we the people" btw. that means at some point, everything has to have been authorized by "god". same for any country/state/everything, anywhere, "secular" or "neutral" or otherwise.

    while i find destry's "show me the money" deeply troubling, anna has been promising everyone for years a rose garden that has not materialized.

    we're all starving to death too anna, in "the real world" noone cares that your "pet" has no food, or that your kids are sick, or your car is breaking down, or you lack gas money.

    this is the satanic world we live in.

    i tried to send my last ~$4000 your way months/years ago. never heard a peep. ask "state of oregon" and the pretend "republicans" what happened to it.

    to answer anna's question asked many times: what do i do when i get identity theft? i give them everything they ask for and more, because there are crazy drug addict bible thumpers, and unidentified parties making unidentified death threats for unidentified reasons, and "white supremicists" running around who think because i have brown eyes and dark hair, i couldn't possibly be more "white" than them.

    then i pay off the ~$15,000 they ran up, then i try to send anna my last $4000.

    not to be a downer, but "satan" still runs 99% of everything. that's just the real world.

    i won't defend ucadia, but anna does make tens/hundreds of false promises. she still has better info/history than most, when she is not speculating/prophesizing. she is merely doing her best to wake people up. she still has bigger balls than 99% of everyone. you can't argue that.

    the "it doesn't work" complaints are pretty much all materialists/satanists IMO. whether something "works" or not in satanland, has no bearing on whether it is "true" or not.

    "truth" is always buried.

    in the real world ucadia, you have to "make it work"

    "God" if there is such a thing, will never left a finger.

    if "ucadia" thinks they can find someone "less satanic than anna" good luck with that. much as i disagree with her on "religious issues" this world is 99% pure evil 99% of the time for 99% of people. most people will never have any idea of any of this their whole lives.

  3. if i had found anna's site 10 years ago i could have sent $50,000. that is nothing against her, but totally useless information for me at this point.

    it's still good to study, but such information is totally useless if it doesn't reach people in time.

  4. Can anyone on here tell me if one has a grown son over 21 yrs., can he be a witness for his Mom? I have one witness--one sister. Thanks.

  5. constructive criticism when asking for donations: in the real world, i couldn't get time off to attend your funerals. tell that to the "living law firm"

    better to say you are "saving the union" than sob stories. "get food stamps" "get a job" "why don't you ask god" "you should have been more responsible" etc. are the replies you will get in real life.

    "try living in this world sometime"

  6. Regarding: "more recent, more credible, and more complete" - Also verifiable and more conscionable!

  7. Distractions

    Get on with your Status Correction

    We are a group of people going through the process ( via Anna's #928... ) and are inviting anyone who is onterested, needs help or has experience who can help others.

    Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standard time
    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Please join us , our only purpose is to help others in this process. We ask for nothing in return as your participation is helping others to correct these insane presumptions and get status and standing so that we can move forward to reconstruct our servant government....think " Heaven on Earth"

    Kevin Cote' LS
    845 987 0084

  8. Anna or Anyone....I have several friends in my post graduate days who were county attorneys, district court and family court judges, even a Supreme Court Justice in the state of Iowa. Of course you can review all their salaries on "government" documents. Could anyone on the board tell me EXACTLY, the process and how these persons are paid on the cases which come before them???

    Also, in real life people are sued for misrepresentation, fraud and RICO. Since, we have discovered such with this process in the "court system" is there any cause of action which can be taken against these persons ???

    It appears to me when persons become this powerful (including all the brass in the military), they really do not give a ---- unless their personal lives or property are at jeopardy. Until then, they will give you the proverbial "bird" or day long. As American Nationals or State Citizens are there actions beyond suggesting "everyone change their political status" ??? When I discuss this with members of my family, many, it does not appear to be important to them.... at this rate....... ???

  9. Anyone who has read the Army manual on military occupation would know that we are not "civilians." "Civilians" provide administrative support for the occupying military force. We have no nexus with the occupying military force. That military force has been occupying portions of all the union states since the Reconstruction Acts were enacted. The Army manual refers to neutral non-combatants as "peaceful inhabitants."

  10. Can the "Baby Land Deed" be used with my mother being notarized as the witness? Plus can the "Recording Cover Sheet" to show that I was not addressed properly along with the "Deed of Reconveyance".

  11. Also what is "Form 56" and where can I get a copy of it???

    1. Hi there. This link came in from a recent anna post with a bunch of info. Form 56 can also be found at the IRS website. Stay strong and stand your ground America. Glenn Hoover

    2. Thanks a bunch...Rock-n Roll again! :)

  12. How to fill out the IRS form 56...