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Thursday, February 28, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 42 The United States Raj

By Anna Von Reitz

Many of the people reading this can remember film clips of Mahatma Gandhi and news reels being shown of the massive population-wide but largely peaceful demonstrations taking place in India in the late 1940's against the British "Raj".

The whole point was to free the Indian Subcontinent from British rule and oppression that began in the 1860's and to restore self-government to India.

How ironic. 

The British did the same thing here and at the same time, the 1860's, but they could use deceit to get away with it here, because they had many Tory sycophants ready to willingly subject themselves to the Queen, and even more clueless wonders ready to do anything for a paycheck, and most of all because they could pass themselves and their flunkies off as "Americans" --its a lot harder for a Brit to pretend to be a native of Calcutta than it is to say he's from Maine.

The historical evidence of a worldwide coup in the 1860's that secretly restored a British military hegemony in America and which accomplished the same basic aims using the same basic means in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, and England herself, is incontrovertible and it all stems from Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria, and their completely cynical and non-disclosed contractual "enfranchisement" of the working classes in all these countries.

The end result is the equivalent military "Raj" ruling the United States has endured for over 70 years longer than the Raj in India, with most people being none the wiser.  Until now.

The British Territorial Military Government usurped upon us beginning in 1863, at the about the same time (a little after in some steps and a little earlier for others) that Disraeli and Queen Victoria were enfranchising British workers and taking over India.  They basically enslaved and "hypothecated debt" against all of us to raise the capital to enslave India. 

So as we were sitting there as good little British and American and Aussie and Canadian Schoolchildren being fed propaganda daily, and as the world was cheering the more or less peaceful separation of Pakistan from India and then cheering the people of India for facing down the pitiless Raj and showing them up for the brutal thugs they really were ---- little did we know, that our very own beloved "US Military" was cut from nearly the same cloth. 

Perhaps the native Christian ethics and the honesty of the Heartland served to somewhat moderate the brutality of the so-called "American Military" which hasn't been "American" since the 1860's, but we made up with clueless stupidity and brute strength what we lacked in guile and sophistication. 

Through two World Wars we served our British Masters to our own detriment and this is the thanks that we have received --- the complete undermining of our Government, our school system, our monetary system, our morals, and our property rights.  And now we stand threatened by our own employees. 

Both Obama and Trump have armed the Alphabet Soup Civilian Agencies belonging to the Holy Roman Empire Municipal Government to the teeth in preparation for the precipitation of another Civil War that the Benelux and French banking interests plan to unleash against the British-led Banksters on our soil. 

Both sides are as nasty and dirty as two Nazis in a sun bed.

We are supposed to be sucked into this planned conflagration which is meant to blossom into yet another "final" World War against "Evil", but the fact is that both sides are evil and there are no winners. 

Before it comes to that, let's expose the situation and decline to host any such war on our soil.  It was bad enough during the similar mercenary conflict known as the Civil War.  No repeats welcome nor necessary. 

We will paddle our own boats, reconstruct our own Federal States of States, and provide our own services.  Thank you, very much. 

It is this Third Path that beckons us, to restore our country and our lawful and actual Government by peaceful means, and which also calls on the conscience of the whole world, so that these venal men who have enslaved and murdered our people, cheated and defrauded entire generations, and misrepresented America to the rest of the world, can be seen for what they are and what they do.  Let the fruits be exposed and speak for themselves.

As Jural Assembly members and lawful American State Citizens, it is long overdue for us to take our employees in hand and put an end to the so-called Reconstruction, and also put an end to the self-serving lie that our Government is in any kind of "abeyance", and finally, to totally reform the United States Raj.

For the last several months we have been inundated with commercial corporations operating on our shores under deceitful, duplicitous names designed to fool people regarding their true identities, natures, and intents.
We have "The Republic of the United States of America" and "The Republic for the united States of America" and "The Republic" and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA---(INC.) and "The United States, Inc." and you name it, we have it.

There's a virtual smorgasbord of dishonest commercial corporations offering their services and pretending to be us, but the fact remains that our actual Government operates under exactly three Proper Names styled like this:

(1) The United States
(2) The United States of America
(3) the States of America

And nothing else. 

Similarly, there is a plague of other lesser franchise corporations trying to pull the same wool over our States of the Union and to impersonate them for the purpose of securing control of our assets for their benefit and abuse. 

We've had "ALABAMA" and "AL" and "ALASKA" and "AK" and all sorts of variations on these themes and what it all comes down to is this --- they are fakes.  Not our States.  Not our People. 

Whatever else they are, they are not us, and many of them have unsavory associations with the same fraud artists and organizations which have defrauded and abused us for decades, including The United States Raj.

Forewarned is forewarned.  Everyone can now see what is going on and the urgency with which a restoration of our lawful Government of, for, and by the People of this country is sought. Let every good man and woman from every corner of the globe do all that they can in support, by thought, by word, by prayer, and by deed. 

Both the British Hegemony and the Holy Roman Empire Atrocities have had their day.  It's time for different answers and we must find them. 

Nobody can do for us what we need to do for ourselves, which is simply to update and restore our own government under our own power, acting in our own proper capacity as Lawful Persons and as American State Citizens---but just as we cheered the People of India three-quarters of a century ago, the public opinion of the world must be turned against the British Interlopers and the HRE with equal force.   

We have experienced first-hand their guile and mistreatment for 150 years. It's time for America and the rest of the world to be truly free and assembling our States is a first and most important requirement.   


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  1. Thank you once again Anna for another of your uniquely incisive and informed commentaries. And for your calls to organized and informed battle against the usurpers. And for inviting thinking minds to join in the re-assembly of the maliciously disconnected pieces of our usurped rightful government of our States and people of America.

    I know of no other writer so prolific and dedicated to the righteous cause of re-establishing freedom from thieving murdering fraudsters not just in America, but getting the ball rolling to mobilize free minds and free people around the world to our common cause of freedom from tyrants and corporate usurpers. Thank You!

  2. Only 1 way out

    Correct your Status
    Get off the fence

    Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standard time
    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Please join us if you need help, or can help

    Kevin Cote' L.S.

  3. I agree with Anna's article except for the use of the Word "Person". Original definition of 'Person': man in a mask, Actor. The FICTION STATE has created the "Office of Person" and just needs a man to step into it to operate in it. No where in the statutes do you find the word 'Man' only Person(s). Since FICTIONLAND is fueled by presumption and does not even acknowledge 'Lawful' why would we use a LEGAL TERM that will be used against us in presumption. I see the difference between Lawful and LEGAL but as long as we continue to Act in the Office of Person, we can not be free of LEGAL FICTIONLAND. I am wombman and accept no other title forced on me by pirates operating on our land. I love the History Anna provides which has led to my eliminating the word 'Person' from any description of myself.

    Peace to all and may we all be invisible to the Pirates operating on our soil.

  4. I noticed that quite a few sailboat and commercial boats, marinas, repair and pull out areas for some reason have British high ups in offices there around the planet here and there. One told me that all he did in that office was handle money. His accent was really strong. Also encountered a French fellow in an "Attorny General" attorney satellite office with a strong accent like they perhaps only visit or are temporary foreigners who work for contractors claiming to own near everything. Anyhow kinda odd, Why are British and French working in law offices not in France? British everywhere?? When it comes to law most people around here think attorneys have a special key and a safe guarding the secrets of the law not realizing they are people like us and the books they read are available to anyone.