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Friday, March 1, 2019

Baseball or Football?

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone in America knows about baseball and football.  We all know that they are different games, different balls, different playing fields, different players, different scoring systems. 

About all they have in common is that they are team sports.

So this whole argument over "U.S. Citizens" versus "American State Citizens" should be easy to grasp. 

If you want to organize an actual American State of the Union, like Texas, or Maine, or California, you have to act as an American State Citizen.  Play football.

If you want to organize some other kind of "STATE" as a franchise organization belonging to a commercial corporation, it doesn't matter what your political status is.  Play baseball.

American State Citizens are the only ones with the right, authority, and responsibility to organize the actual States. 

Anybody on Earth including U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals can organize a corporation calling itself "MICHIGAN"--- if they are a tadbit dishonest and the rest of us don't catch on.  

I already showed you all the Registered Agents for these fake "state" corporations and their parent organizations registered in Nevada.

There is also the past history of commercial corporations pulling exactly this same schtick on us -- "The United States of America, Incorporated" (Scottish, 1868) and "the" United States of America, Incorporated (Delaware, 1925) and all the "States of States" listed on Dunn and Bradstreet.   

So, if that is the kind of "State" you want to organize, go right on ahead and follow the lead of Destry Payne and the Michigan General Jural Assembly and continue to act as "US Citizens". 

You can play baseball if you want to. 

Just don't try to tell me that you're playing football instead.

I and my friends are serious about operating in the correct capacity and assembling that actual land jurisdiction States to take care of business that has been left hanging since 1865. 

In choosing to do this, we are aware of the legal obstacles that have been placed in our way and we have taken appropriate action to remove those obstacles.  That means doing our paperwork and educating ourselves to operate as Lawful Persons.  

There will soon be a streamlined system to accomplish the paperwork, a State by State Recording Office, and a weekly teleconference for The American States Assembly.  I won't be moderating, but I will come on every week and answer questions directly.

Lots of people are coming to me upset by the mud-slinging coming from various "news" sources --- like loony accusations that I, a Great-Grandma, from Big Lake, Alaska, am a CIA Operative. 

I don't have to think too hard to know there's no proof of that Whopper.

It did cause me to blow coffee through my nose and gasp a little, but then, I guess if you are irresponsible enough, you can say anything about anybody.

Others are accusing me of selling a "Cabal version" of work they did. 

If there are similarities between information in my articles and work done by the MGJA, it's because there is one history of Assemblies in America and the work of assembling an actual State is similar to assembling a STATE, though the end results are profoundly different.

Maybe my basic analogy should be between two other games -- chess and checkers -- that share the same game board. 

You can use pretty much the same processes to build an unincorporated State (my aim) as you would use to build an incorporated commercial franchise STATE, but the results are profoundly different in terms of powers and jurisdictions.

Therein lies the rub. That's how even I was deceived into supporting what MGJA was doing for so long. 

But, unavoidably, if you build an organization of US Citizens, you end up with a STATE operating in sea or air jurisdictions, and if you build using American State Citizens you end up with a land jurisdiction State. 

The same parties accuse me of "profit motives".  Oh, yeah, I am getting rich on this.  That's why I have to beg my Readers for donations for The Living Law Firm almost every month. 

If it's not an earthquake, it's three transmissions falling out of three different cars, all within the week.  It really helps our bottom line that 85% of the people we help are already broke themselves from fighting tax agencies and the foreclosure mill and the rest of the British privateering operations that are dry-docked on our shores.

Anyone with a brain --- my desired audience --- will realize that if making money was my goal, a paperback for $12.95 -- which barely pays for the paper and ink to print it, wouldn't be the way to do it. 

They'd also realize that I already published the material for free and left it standing on my website so that anyone too poor to buy a paperback book has constant access to the information, even if its less convenient.   

If making money were the point, I'd be selling "Freedom Packages" for thousands of dollars and acting as a consultant for commercial corporations. Or just sitting back on the bleachers and enjoying my own retirement instead of spending it all on research and paperwork and correspondence, etc., etc., etc., and support for our Team. 

I guess the idea that there are some people out here who are just plain old Americans -- and proud of it -- doesn't hit home with these folks. 

Just use the Rule of Thumb: the Liars among us always accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves. Maybe they are CIA Agents or DOD or UN, more likely.  Maybe they have little kitties stashed away for trips to Morocco?  Maybe Destry cleans up real good and looks like James Bond when he is on vacation? 

No doubt the real "Operatives" tell jokes about how gullible we are.

And no doubt it is up to us to know what game we are playing.


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  1. Operating as Lawful Persons? Operate: LEGAL COMMERCIAL TERM. ACTING as something different? Putting on a Mask? Why?
    People are only man/Wombman. Why do we have to operate 'Persons' who are the only 'thing' subject to their 800,000 statutes? Oh you are YOU, automatically guilty! LEGAL Agendas have nothing to do with Lawful. According to state statutes American Common Law has been abolished and no longer recognized. I found this exact statute in the COLORADO REVISED STATUTES after my son was attacked by Pirates. We the educated People know American Common Law is the Law of the Land and the codification of Public Law is being compromised by corruption. The Man/Woman ACTING in the office of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER armed with a deadly weapons are only taught the "Policy" of their DEPARTMENT. Order takers Kill People holding the office of 'Person'. Understanding the difference between Lawful Person and JURISTIC PERSON is very clear when educated, but the low level operatives with weapons have no clue. They still believe we are "in" the LEGAL FICTIONLAND STATE OF... when the only thing we are in is the tangible living Kingdom of Heaven, not LEGAL FICTIONLAND. I have no problem discussing issues when the definitions are clear or explain to an open minded man what a definition may be, but these people are trained to kill anything they determine to be a Sovereign Citizen which by LEGAL definition is a 'Person' with no rights making a stand for his rights, an enemy of the state. But wait I have paperwork that explains I am operating as a Lawful Person, don't kill me. I spoke with a Police Officer that is employed by a Corporation operating on the land of my community and he is fully aware he does not have jurisdiction over a man but has full authority over Person(s). He does not know the difference between Lawful and LEGAL. The sign posted on the land of the Park has the rules for Persons. The Sign does not distinguish between Lawful Persons and LEGAL PERSONS. What is the answer to this dilemma? Men are called to violence against their brothers by media propaganda. The USA and its PERSONS were never so United after the Planned destruction on September 11, 2001 since the Planned attack on Pearl Harbor when my mother and father were young. Men are called to go forth violently into the world by evil forces and supposedly defend the freedom of people of America by destroying the lives and freedom of People on Foreign soil. Nothing is any different today except a lot more people are DEAD. Looking for answers just brings more questions. The Divine Creator did not create Persons. Why should we operate (pretend to be) something other than what we are. A Person can be defined as a Human which can be defined as a Monster. Until both sides accept and acknowledge Lawful I will not be Operating a 'Person'. I am working to void all contracts and I do not want to play in LEGAL FICTIONLAND at all. Giving them Notice and Correcting the Record is a productive step but the threat of physical harm is always there, paperwork or no paperwork. Most People are Cowardly Lions. They cause no harm. They love their neighbors. They are humble and loyal, with honor and integrity but are robbed by Pirates who take their home because they promise to pay back the fake monopoly money they were "Loaned" but can't due to circumstances. Is it not time to teach the Man to stand as the Creditor he is instead bringing in the confusion about Operating Lawful Persons. This needs to be more simple. The living God created man in is image and gave us Dominion over Earth, even the thing that crawls from beneath, so why can't we just be man/Wombman as God planned?
    Peace to All.

    1. good point but we really should not be arguing with policy enforcers and should save the lawful talk if need be for the courts...en propia persona, sui juris

  2. Seems to me, people, Men and Women, organize states and governments. Citizens run them.

    There are no citizens when there is no state. There is no state without people to create it.

    Governments like to throw around terms like "citizen" and "stateless" and "capacity." They know some people will fall for this fiction folly. Without states and governments these terms are meaningless.

    Just as "slam dunk" is gibberish without the game of basketball, citizen has no meaning without a state/government.

    So let's be people, Men and Women first. Let's not let government, or any other fiction, tell us we need to act in some "capacity" before it will recognize us. We act as Men and Women. To do otherwise is to let the Devil have his way.

    God is no respecter of persons.


    1. Nicely stated.I am at place where when asked, I say, I am a BE-ing called man.Everything else is a Illusion as I see it. Terms made up to Divide and Conquer.

      In no way am I a "PERSON" on any level in my reality.

  3. All good points, the main one being the reference to 'PERSON' as i posted 26 feb. on another article of Anna's.......................i also have great difficulty using 'person(s)' on both sides o f the law, sea and land. The definition of person automatically excludes it from describing live flesh and blood people. Anna is doing a fantastic job imparting knowledge and i am, frankly astonished at her focus, but words and the true meaning of words, is part of the knowledge. i'm just not getting why she is using 'person' on the law of the land side.

    1. I agree. I do not use that word in any way for 'myself".

  4. trouble i have is with the definition of 'person', means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association. joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, instrumentality, public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity.........None of these have 'life', they are dead. They all need an agent to give life to them, a man or woman. Even if the word 'natural' or 'lawful' is put before 'person'it still means the definition and is still lifeless without the flesh and blood agent. i'm not getting it.

    1. I made an attempt to answer your question that you refer to previously but you have presented it again in a different version so I will weigh in again. You are knowledgeable with regard to the facts in question. You are focused on Anna's use of the word person and I did notice that too and suspect that she is the best people to address it.

      Did you notice what I did there? The devil is in the details like most things. I used the word people which I think of as a plurality of persons and I think most folks do to. I also decided to use the word folks to avoid saying people.

      Any contractual agreement will have a definition of terms used in the contract. If the word person is used in the contract it should be defined exactly as you have. You may have come across the fact that a standard dictionary will have a different meaning for certain words than a law dictionary like Blacks, although later versions are being edited to hide the sins of the fathers. Since BAR attorneys claim the right to draft contracts, legalese is automatically part of the equation.

      That is how one leg of the fraud works. I can only suggest that Anna might have used the person(s) because that word is part of the natural vernacular and subject to her definition. If she defines the word person as none of the above that you cited, then she is free to use that term subject to her meaning. I don't know what her intention was in using that term, but if you have heard of what is called Babylonian word Majik whereby a word that sounds like another word that is uttered can serve the deceit as long as the person uttering the deceit gives it power.

      It's complicated...maybe somebody should ask Anna what her definition of natural person is. Does it sound more appropriate to say a natural people when referring to a singular individual. I think individual is tainted as well.

      But from your extensive list of terms for the word person, it is easy to speculate that deception was the order of the day there. Welcome to legalese which is subject to copyright by the law society I believe.

  5. "Person": from the Latin = persona = mask = fiction = fake.
    "law": invert the word = wal = wall = barrier = bar, and so on.
    Phonetics = Phoenicians, aka Babylon, is a big part of the con system.
    Con = opposite = inverted meanings like "understand" = "stand under" = contract (CON-tract) = shrink in power = polarity = out of heart center = neutral = not polarized = not charged = (+/-) = a divided mind = duality = subservient = vassal = vessel = ship of state = maritime law (wall) = Vatican chicanery using words = sound = vibration =c ymatics = creation = Genesis. Forked tongue = dual meanings = dog-latin = lawers con job.
    Play their CON game with their rules and you will never be free.
    When language was CON-cocted by the freemasons/Luciferians, this was all deliberately put into place = vibration/resonance/sound/consciousness/free will = command ye me (or not) as the case may be.
    All good was taken and inverted. i.e. from creative magnetics to black magic = magnetic = magNETic = magic NET = a con job, manipulating magnetic fields through sound and "authority" (= author of the works)
    See Jordan Maxwell's stuff, or Mark Passio, or here...

    1. phoenicians ie black venetians down in italy anywho all knowledge has been inverted black meant white and afikans were from afrika and the new world is actually the old world, the list goes on and on