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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Just Confirmed

By Anna Von Reitz

Just confirmed worst fears and suppositions. Destry Payne is a Dual Citizen--- US and Netherlands. 

This means that with respect to the American States and American People and our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America he is serving two (2) Foreign Governments and has nothing to do with us at all. 

Stamp a big NWO on his ID and have nothing more to do with what he is "assembling".  

He is most likely trying to get enough people involved to claim that some kind of credible insurrection against the Territorial Government is going on-- which would then provide the excuse to call in UN "Peacekeeping" forces owned and operated by Soros and the Rothschilds 

I knew that things were not adding up but this is worse than I anticipated. He is now in Alaska and posing a direct threat to me. 

Everyone needs to form up their own State using reliable local people and regroup under their State and our venerable Federation of States, The United States of America. 

Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Montana, Georgia---- these are our actual States in international jurisdiction. 

Only American State Nationals and American State Citizens have any right to operate these States and our States do not allow Dual Citizenship of any kind---much less Citizenship in the Netherlands. 

Let everyone be warned.  


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  1. These comments just prove Anna is correct. That's when people attack.

  2. stay tuned tomorrow for another episode of 'as the world burns'

  3. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;Persecuted, but not forsaken;cast down,but not destroyed.

  4. 11When you are brought before the synagogues, rulers, and authorities, do not worry about how to defend yourselves or what to say. 12For at that time the Holy Spirit will teach you what you should say.”

  5. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered

  6. Makes no difference if friendly or not. Fact is, you can't serve two masters.

  7. I've talked with several people that have dual citizenships and their answer about giving up the other citizenship is that if things get really bad here they can leave. Seems the situation will be the same for all the illegals they are recruiting to be LEGAL SLAVES. If only these people knew what's in store for them as a US CITIZEN.

    Funny I tried several times to get some information from the
    "National Assembly" and was unsuccessful. Considering this God's Protection. It is overwhelming that we have been misled all these years. We certainly do not want to do any more misleading.

    Peace to all and may we never be deceived again.

    1. per anna's orders to decline membership in natl assbly i have request on feb 23 for them to cancel and 3 times later have heard nothing yet;;;; this doesn't surprise me at all !!! red flags again !

  8. Here are some points to keep in mind when contemplating the meaning of "U.S.Citizen". Remember these views are those of self proclaimed U.S. Citizens, not State National People or State national Assembly Citizens, aka "State Citizens").

    "Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship. It was in 1868 that a definition of citizenship entered the Constitution with the [alleged] ratification of the 14th Amendment. Here is the familiar language:

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” [Here is the dual citizenship Anna points to saying State nationals know and admit to only one Citizen capacity: that of an American State National] Continuing with the U.S. Citizen's perspective:

    "Thus there are two components to American citizenship: birth or naturalization in the U.S. and being subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Today, we somehow have come to believe that anyone born within the geographical limits of the U.S. is automatically subject to its jurisdiction; but this renders the jurisdiction clause utterly superfluous. If this had been the intention of the framers of the 14th Amendment, presumably they would have said simply that all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. are thereby citizens."

    "Indeed, during debate over the amendment, Senator Jacob Howard, the author of the citizenship clause, attempted to assure skeptical colleagues that the language was not intended to make Indians citizens of the United States. Indians, Howard conceded, were born within the nation’s geographical limits, but he steadfastly maintained that they were not subject to its jurisdiction because they owed allegiance to their tribes and not to the U.S. Senator Lyman Trumbull, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supported this view, arguing that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” meant “not owing allegiance to anybody else and being subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States.”

    My own view is that by stating one's allegiance via Anna's Emancipation process back to our State or by allowing the birth record owned by and created by the State of State franchise of the United States we are committed politically and lawfully to obey the laws of either of those distinct political entities. The U.S. Citizen pledges allegiance "to the flag of the United States of America, [Inc.]" without comprehending that entity is not the Organic Federal Government but rather is a for profit corporation secretly claiming and legally presuming by the birth Certificate owned by a Franchise State that he is the chattel property of that corporation.

  9. Why would any man or woman want to be a "citizen"(and owe allegiance to) of anything???

  10. In revisiting Anna's site I found many references to Michigan General Jural Assembly and the National Jural Assembly. Are these going to be corrected or taken down soon? Don't want to send people to Anna's site and have them misled!


  11. The answer is no they will not be edited out because they show a certain history of how the MGJA went off the rails.

    Just mention to people you send there that we are no longer associated with them in any way until they get their train back on the rails of freedom, and point them to articles 1609, and onward about the MGJA.

    Anna didn't change anything about what she has warned and her methods and stance since the beginning, and we need to keep that history just like we kept the history of how she warned the Bundys and others about being in the wrong jurisdiction.

    1. ANNIE OAKLEYS SISTERFebruary 28, 2019 at 6:24 PM

      I do not know Destry personally, but it seems that these people who will not stop bashing Anna as a foreign Enemy- are clearly misinformed and the moment they are corrected( a gift to help them stay out of danger) they fail to own and admit their mistakes and acknowledge the truth- they even fail to have a constructive debate in order to prove Correctness. So I smell a rat or else we could all agree to work together until such time we can reach a conclusion of what is the truth.. NOt Annas truth and Not Destrys Truth but "THE TRUTH":failure to correct causes roadblocks and unnecessary strife and ultimately our opponent is time - fail to move we will be wiped off the board and im sick and tired of all this bitterness and jealousy and rivalry. If it does not change quick there will be a cost and the cost is failure and division. Wake up and anyone not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day get it ? GOOD! All who keep claiming Anna is a MOLE--If Anna is a Fraud DEFECTOR HIRED by the ADVERSARY to Mislead Americans then PROVETHIS OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND SHUT THE HELL UP or else!

  12. Here is what I have placed on the front page of Anna's website.

    Important Notice!
    Up until February 23, 2019 Anna had recommended the Michigan General Jural Assembly and the National Assembly as a method or way to organize local, state and national assemblies to correct the problems in our country. Unfortunately, as you can see by reading Article # 1609 and following articles below, that is no longer the case, so ignore those references before that date in her articles until such time as the MGJA gets their train back on the rails of freedom.

  13. Everyone calm down !

    Correct your own status, help others and be an example.

    People are faulted and sinful, they make mistakes and do stupid things.

    Pray for the lost sheep and strengthen your position and be a emmisary for good .

    I have been in this before and wat hed good people do stupid things..think Bruce Doucette
    I have seen good people do absolutelynoble things and get murdered , think Randy Weaver and Lavoy Finnicum
    We are in spiritual warefare , use the full armour of God.

    I have offered my limited help and others with much better skillsets have joined us . DO NOT BE DISTRACYED OR SWAYED


    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084
    Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standard time

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Please join us with questions or help if you can.

  14. A presumption is legally something claimed or assumed, like I am assuming you are a citizen of some kind or other like a U.S. Citizen and if no one rebuts the presumption it stands.
    It is not that the people have no power but are playing the game and being bamboozled, not told what they need to know about capacity and acts. Like if knowing about the presumption and consequences of claiming it ( by not disclaiming it/rebutting the presumption) one is put at an unfair disadvantage due to the courts omission and misleading unlawful but legal in their eyes process. Failure to respond or silence is claimed by legislators that people were made aware of contracts an had full knowledge and intent and plenty of time to say something so the silence or the people is counted as a big yes. Then they say that not only are they here to help but that they are only doing what we the people want that they "found out" by our silence concerning their offers. Commercial Uniform Commercial Code business claimed to be "the law" but failing to even mention land. Commercial crimes, speeding tickets, penal punishment, the world of persons legal not persons lawful.