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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Why What We Are Doing Is Different

By Anna Von Reitz

Those of us who have "been around a while" have seen a lot of various patriot efforts come and go, and now, despite my best efforts to not further dilute my time and energy with organizing efforts, I find myself at the forefront of exactly such an effort.
It behooves me to say why what we are gathering together to do is different from what Tim Turner attempted with RuSA and different from what Destry turned out to represent with National Assembly:
1. We are acting in our birthright capacity as State Nationals and State Citizens belonging to the land and soil of our respective States of the Union. We understand that doing this requires us to leave behind and expatriate from any other citizenship obligations real or imagined.
They continued/are continuing to act in the capacity of some form of "US Citizen" -- which is a political status foreign to our States.
2. We are acting as Lawful Persons known as People They are acting as Legal Persons known as Individuals -- a form of Stateless Foreign Situs Trust.
3. We are intent on peacefully assembling our actual soil and land jurisdiction states/States. This is our inherent and guaranteed right to do as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.
They are/were intent on setting up competing "States of State", apparently to overturn existing Territorial and/or Municipal States of State, but as "US Citizens" they are not competent to set up a State of State of any kind and can be considered in rebellion if they attempt to do so. This leads to them being arrested and charged and jailed with great regularity.
4. We are standing on the solid ground of our own country as heirs of every treaty, every trust, every commercial contract owed to us by the British Monarch and the Popes/Pontiffs, including the actual Constitutions.
They are standing on the decks of legal fiction "vessels" cut off from the jurisdiction of the land, and subject instead to the jurisdiction of the sea (Queen) and the jurisdiction of the air (Pope). As Stateless Foreign Situs Trusts in the international jurisdiction of the sea ("individuals") they are prey to the Queen's Privateers. As Foreign Municipal Franchises of the Holy Roman Empire, they are slaves and paupers of the Puerto Rican Commonwealth, which still functions under Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
5. Those of us acting as "People", that is, as State Citizens of our respective States of the Union, can claim and enforce the provisions of all three (3) original Constitutions.
They are acting as "US Citizens" of some form or other, and "US Citizens" of any stripe are not party to the Constitutions and cannot enforce them or claim any guarantees or protections under the Constitutions.
6. We, the People of the States of the Union, are the recognized Employers of the various groups of "US Citizens" on our shores; they owe us duty and Good Faith Service at all times. Both the Queen and the Pope owe us proper administration of their services and management of their personnel on our shores.
They, those operating as "US Citizens" either Territorial or Municipal, are the Employees in receipt of labor contracts and benefits obligating them to serve us. As Territorial level employees they are subject, ultimately, to the Queen-- via the President of the United States of America and as Municipal employees, they are subject to the Holy Roman Empire and its official hierarchy through the President of the United States.
7. We have retired and expatriated from any citizenship obligations owed or presumed to be owed to the Queen or the Pope. We have "returned" home to our lawful domain and stand as Lawful Persons on the land and soil of our States. No valid complaint can be brought against us for any "failure to perform" any duty related to any federal franchise or person. We stand under the Public Law.
Those willfully acting as "US Citizens" remain in a active duty status as "volunteers" of various kinds including unpaid work as "Withholding Agents" (British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers), Territorial or Municipal "Bankers", "Motor Vehicle Operators", and so on. They can be held in dereliction of duty and arrested, fined, or jailed for any Federal Territorial or Municipal Code Violation and are naturally subject to this form of Private Law imposed by both the parent corporations and their local State of State franchises.
8. We have seized control of our Trade Names and any Derivative NAMES associated with us and have permanently domiciled all these "persons" on the land and soil of our States, thereby re-flagging them as belonging to Lawful Persons and as American State Vessels engaged in peaceful international trade and commerce. As a result, all the Names/NAMES associated with us function under Public Law and they are all owed all the guarantees and treaties and exemptions owed to American State Vessels when engaged in international trade or commerce.
They have not taken responsibility for establishing and claiming their permanent homestead on American State soil, nor have they identified themselves as people adopting their Lawful Person status; as a result, they and the various franchise names attached to them remain "at sea" as Legal Persons of indefinite origin and merely "presumed" to be US Citizens.
9. We and our ancestors have been at peace for various lengths of time. Some of us have been at peace since 1783, some since 1814, some since 1865 --- but all of us are officially at peace and have been at peace for a long time. We are officially owed The Law of Peace by the U.S. Military as is admitted by their own Regulations: AR27- 161-1. As Employers of the U.S. Military we are immune from attack or reproach.
They, the "US Citizens" both Territorial and Municipal, have been at war continuously since 1860 and they remain at war and continue to operate under conditions of false emergency and via Executive Orders. This is why they have a cops and robbers mentality, adopt noms de guerre, and reduce everything to spy stories and thrillers. This is also why they may be subject to 14th Amendment Territorial Citizenship and subjected as both slaves and criminals.
10. We have surrendered any Municipal PERSONS issued in our names back to the Secretary of the US Treasury, and have named him as the Fiduciary Officer responsible for these PERSONS. We cannot be accused of having any further responsibility with respect to these Municipal PERSONS, nor can we be accused of harming them. We have properly discharged any duty that we ever had or were presumed to have.
They have retained these Municipal PERSONS and have not changed their domicile and not returned them to the Secretary of the US Treasury, with the result that they are still "individually liable" and responsible for any debts or crimes associated with these PERSONS.
11. We have established indemnity bonds for each of our States with the United States Treasury allowing us to engage freely in international trade or commerce, indemnifying our shipping, and preserving our States from any loss of assets.
They have not, with the result that they are continuing in possession of derelict foreign registered Vessels that have not been re-venued as American Vessels, and acting without any sovereign indemnity bonds in place. This places them in an illegal status as presumed pirates or smugglers, subject to arrest.
12. We have established international and global claims to and liens upon our assets including our re-venued American State Persons/PERSONS and have published them timely for the benefit of all the American States and The United States and The United States of America.
They, the "US Citizens" among us, have not made the effort to reclaim their birthright political status, so have no claim to the assets of their birthright and no direct voice in determining the future of this country going forward. This is not our fault or doing or wish for them.


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  1. If not for the imposition of maritime/admiralty onto the land, there would be no need for a "person," lawful or legal.

    Want to trade with Latvia? Sure, have a "person."

  2. Anyone notice Trump says "American People" and not US citizens?

    1. All the time, but no one seems to get it...!! Someone from the MOM asked him just as he was about to step into his presidential helicopter what do you say you are Mr Prseident....and he immediately turned to look at her, and very confidently said ..."I'm a National "....he didn't even have to say American...!!

      Anna, you say you are doing things!!
      They still have you using so called "proper English", when you know damn well it isn't proper and it isn't English....!!
      Have you ever asked yourself why you are using "THEIR" rules of English when it's become weaponized against us....!@

      Stop using their rules of English, or any other rules of theirs because it's a trap..!! Appearantly, you think you can beat them at their own games....!!

      Before you go any further with your agenda of "jural assembles ", it must be understood from now on non-citizen National have NO RULES for English...NONE..!!

      STOP IT...!!

      AS jural assembles in America, we don't follow any rules of English at capitals, no punctuations, no commas or periods if we don't want to, and everything else that any English teacher teaches us
      ..they should all go to prison...Its because they insisted on rules for the English language that we find ourselves in this situation to begin with...Amd now it's your turn to lecture us about spelling and rules (theirs) for English....are you serious....!!
      If you want jural assembles to be successful there can be NO RULES for properly writing something....if it's readable, than its english...that is the only requirement for a language...that people can read it...thats the extent of the rules for english.....we aren't going to talk like they did in the 1800's......those days are over...!! And we can toss out Blacks Law Dictionary along with it...!!

      Why don't you just become an English teacher Anna, since you seem to love it so much...!!

      I'm going to break every known rule of English I know and declare it so by recording that at the county recorders office....!! Then going to court and bonding my form of English that is the only form recognized when I'm in court....any violation of my bond will mean an instant summery judgement for me and I'm not leaving court without a million dollar postal money order...!! That's exactly what you jural assembles should be taught...We can't use their form of English because it has been copywriter by the British monarchy....!! Why in the Hell would you want to use their are committing a crime by using their rules of English to beat them...or don't you realize that...!!
      American can and must use a form of language that hasn't been copywriter by the CROWN....WAKE THE HELL UP ANNA...!!

  3. The british were a force up in till napoleon then Rothschild ripped of the London markets same Alexander Hamilton
    Zionest agent indebted to his boss.
    The thread is clear follow the money . Anyone besides a few like Andrew Jackson , John F.Kennedy fought the bankers .
    All the Attorney Generals Reno,Holder, lynch.owned!
    In the words of George Patton fighting the wrong enemy unless you know and your part and parcel .

  4. Anna, In response to point 2 above: Black's Law 5th ed. page 696; (Individual. As a noun, this term denotes a single person as distinguished from a group or class, and also, very commonly, a private or natural person as distinguished from a partnership, corporation, or association; but it is said that this restrictive signification is not necessarily inherent in the word, and that it may, in proper cases, include artificial persons.
    See also Person.
    As an adjective, "individual" means pertaining or belonging to, or characteristic of, one single person, either in opposition to a firm, association, or corporation, or considered in his relation thereto.)

    Please clarify your use of individuals. PRK

    1. i also have great difficulty using 'person(s)' on both sides o f the law, sea and land. The definition of person automatically excludes it from describing live flesh and blood people. Anna is doing a fantastic job imparting knowledge and i am, frankly astonished at her focus, but words and the true meaning of words, is part of the knowledge. i'm just not getting why she is using 'person' on the law of the land side.

    2. u r not the Thomas Anderson from South Australia years ago r u?

    3. sorry, just thought of something else i experienced. A few years ago the Sheriff drove into my driveway while i was out the front. She asked, yes 'she' r u mary canary? i asked her, is thou seeking a woman or a 'person'. She wouldn't answer, but kept up harassment for quite some time. I kept asking the same question. Eventually she left and nothing more eventuated.

  5. I am waiting patiently for your office top open so I can get help doing all this and record it in the proper places.
    I will donate to that cause...

  6. For those of us who have surrendered our legal persons to the sec of the treasury,and asked for the account to be establised, shouldn't there be an office there that could respond to queries that pertain?
    How could someone make that happen?

  7. I'd Love to Claim my birthright, and be free from All this nonsense, and grief put upon me from this wicked system. I simply can't seem to get it, where I know what I'm doing. Just when I think I understand things, and think I'm gonna try and work through the paper stuff, Life happens and I don't get back there, and lots of other things take place, and I'm lost again. I would Love it if Anna could have some way to walk us through it Step by Step, on a site, with Tabs to follow. Nobody wants to be entangled in this system, and we're getting poisoned out here by so much these Pirates are doing. It's affecting our brain, and health terribly, and there's no way we can do All this paper work and get the run around that happens, from Clerks etc. I don't want to die their slave, especially since I know that who the Son sets free is free indeed, and I don't belong to them. Even if an office opens it won't accommodate most people, cause it'll be overcome by so many wanting to change their status, so for those who will be able to great But those who won't be able to without help, oh well. I still thank Ana for all she's done, and at least it makes for good reading.

    1. I know how you feel but I have done everything including getting my passport and card, nothing has stopped all paperwork is ignored and I am faced with my home being taken from me next week. I have even done the letters patent, it all seems to be a joke because the just keep coming to harm you. Who has done all the paperwork and actually stopped the thug sheriffs from kicking you out of your home. When you asked for help you get one or two people that try to help but nothing from Anna.

    2. Evangel...thats because Anna insist on using the Crowns copywriter version of English....You need to make up your own "Declaration of Independence " and making a special.note that you will not and do not recoginize the U.S. version of Copywritted English from Great will only use and recoginize only your form of English without any formal rules at all....capitals, punctuations, commas, semi colons, etc, etc, have absolutely no meaning in your language, because you refuse to use copywritted versions of English, from anyone....!!
      File it at the county recorders office and with the courts right now , and have two witnesses that now you to sign it as do not need noteriers...!!
      Real men and women are better than notories....!!! Trust me, you do not want to use their form of English...!!

    3. To Mikers from Anna:

      They are not coming to harm you--- they are coming after YOU, a completely separate entity.

      Until you make that line in the sand they will continue on their false presumptions.

      The one to notify is the Prosecutor and his Boss the DA. The Judge is just a hired referee and you are losing both because you haven't informed and haven't attacked the right people.

      The first thing you have to get through to the Prosecutor and the DA and the Judge is that you know they are functioning under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and that does not apply to you. You are not the DEFENDANT in this case and never were. You are simply a man with a similar name who has been misaddtessed. The DEFENDANT is a Municipal Corporation Account that is in the custody of the US Treasury and Steven T. Mnuchin is the Fiduciary in charge of it. The DEFENDANT has nothing to do with you or your property and you have been misaddressed--- whereupon you request proof of their authority as foreign corporations to address you, a Lawful Person, and your actual assets at all?

  8. tommy because the IRS stamped my return green card in Utah when it was addressed to Mnuchin the treasurer the IRS got the instruction letter i sent in the packet notifying him to close all Corporate accounts and pay all debits and put any balances in my new accounts you can bet the IRS is going to EMED group my accounts and TAKE their cut so with Mnuchin being my Fiduciary = via the IRS stamp THE IRS IS WITNESS to my INSTRUCTION to him . This is a wonderful thing .Each state has a indemnification bond and we are protected from loss or damage.As a PRESUMED Donor to the trusts and any other accounts OUR new account wont be later than sooner. Think of this for a moment being that Mnuchin is my FIDUCIARY he is responsible for ALL my bills at least until my new account is opened and as a BONUS ANYTHING attached to the trade name is his responsibility also ..

    1. Charles...good luck with that, because after a third try at a run around of President Trump, he finally fired him and he hasn't filled that position yet or ever you have no fiduciary because Trump isn't assigning that position to anyone else....except maybe himself....!!

  9. How would you do this process if you were adopted? By step father at a year of age. Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated


    1. courts are indeed the most notorious courts of all of them...They do not follow any rules of Law except their own....!!

      Every court has only one agenda...more than money, more than power, more than the TRUTH, all courts ultimately are after one thing and one thing only....they want your "guilty conscious"....never give it to them...when they start accussing you of not being a good parent, or a deadbeat dad.....its your duty, and obligation to get to his conscious too...dont leave court without nailing his conscious too....Tell him if the courts and especially you judge want to make me out to be guilty of these things, then my reply to you is that it's this very system of call "Public Policy"(a fancy word for "Backruptcy), that your intentional contributory negligence, led to the breakdown of our original Constitution and therefore , your own intentional moral turbitude which you will never admit to that is the very cause of the degradation of families throughout American ...what happened to "Public Law"...did you just conviently forget about that...!! You arent worthy of the title "your honor", because you have none...all you have is the people's ignorance of law which all of you protect and use against all of us as a weapon of war, to get away with crimes so agregious as to be totally unconsciousable...but yet you want to make me feel guilty...!!

      Let's be clear on why we are really hear..!! Your only concern right now is not my wife or kids, it's only about money and how much the courts and all the attorneys make in this least be man enough to admit that, or better yet, show me the private side of you accounting off-sheet bookkeeping ledgering
      accounts marked under "payments received", instead of your public accounting records listing me under accounts "receivable"...what do you say to that "your honor"(sarcastically)!!!
      You, everyone working for the court, including your "hired guns" you delicately refer to as law enforcement are all unlawfully unregistered foreign agents working for a foreign principal (QE2 and the Bank of England), instead of America...but I guess anything can be justified in your mind as long as you make money on I right...except i see through your deception...Tell me honestly, how much money does it take to be a "traitor " these days....!! Let him answer..!!

  10. I agree with the post above that everyone wants to be free of this system but no one has laid out a clear path for us just constant chatter with law theories or interpretations of laws. I have been researching for a year on how to keep my ex wifes attorneys to just leave me alone and I have yet to find a solution to deal with the family courts who have already stolen everything and handed to my ex because she hid everything in an LLC and I am a w2 earner so all my stuff was joint property and all hers was separate property. The family courts are the worst of the worst when it comes to stealing property and stripping people of everything. The judges and the attorneys are destroying people everyday!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Continued...

      You already convicted his conscious now...!! Let's see how he likes it...and before you leave that courtroom let the judge know that as you judge me, so to will you be judged in this life or the next...!! Let him toss and turn all night long when he goes to sleep that night...I wouldn't doubt that he pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels to numb his mind so he doesn't have to deal with his conscious.....all these judges are alcoholics because of what they do, but only if you point out there misgivings also...they are hoping no one ever nails their conscious so they can sleep with clean consciouses....!! Now if you had that "American non-citizen Passport" by filing a DS-11 form properly, you wouldn't even be in that court or any other, because as an American and not a U.S. CITIZEN, they already know they have no authority to even deal with you....and with just one page and approximately $300 you would have been in the driver's seat...!! No other paperwork is needed...every cop that ask for your ID, all you have to do is hand him your passport ID card (which is extra, but you have to get it, because when they run it, it's already in their system and marked..

      Do not detain
      Do not interrogate
      Lifetime concealed weapons permit

      Everyone that runs that card will immediately leave you alone...get smart..!!

      How much has this cost you already...!!
      This ID comes from the State Dept itself, so even the IRS can't overide it, because they have tried to with people that supposedly owe the IRS thousands...!!

      And here is a completed form...its the first comment on the page that list a pdf file....!!

    3. James, how do you know the NCSN says that? Everyone is just repeating this statement without any proof. Two things, I have had my NCSN PP card scanned with a black light and a huge eagle with stars all around it comes out like 3D with " a bunch of stuff" in there...( I am going to go get a black light and see for myself) #2; I scanned my PP book the barcode, and it came up with " Florida ssn verification with ssa", "a type of card used to apply for employment authorization from SSN search Immigration service. These cards are the foreigner's legally admitted to the u.S.for temporary work." Then pages of SSN's follow.....???? WTH??? maybe when I scanned the barcode it just matched 9 numbers and found a gazillion SSN's? Too strange. Either way, who knows for sure what the NCIC report comes back as? Have you done a FOIA on your PP?

  11. 5G gonna zap all of us to death anyways
    File that paperwork now while we get microwaved to death
    You think that paperwork gonna keep you from this stuff
    Texas is getting fried and I don't see the jural assemblies doing anything to stop any of it - just saying
    What good is doing any of this if we cannot stop the assault of these electromagnetic weapons
    Seriously this is mass genocide of the whole planet and we filing paperwork - should be marching all over this planet in protest of this shit but we sit at these fn computers
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  12. Yeah
    And I gotta this finished.

  13. Ok ,that one just above is me, margaret....sorry Paul or whoever is the moderator, and a big thank you for a job well done, and richly valuable.

  14. james if you play in their game YOU WILL LOSE every time .GET their OK to do something = REALLY LOL