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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Federation

 By Anna Von Reitz

[This started out as an explanation for Coordinators and has been slightly edited and improved upon for general distribution; many people continue to be confused and think that The Federation is the Federal Government, when in fact, the Federal Government is named after The Federation....]

The Federation of States was created very early on— September 1776— as a means for the States to act together as one body in international and global jurisdictions.  

The Federation has no national level powers at all and is not in itself a sovereign body.  

The Federation is an agency of the States representing the sovereign bodies of the States of the Union in the foreign international and global jurisdictions.  In terms of business structure, the Federation is an unincorporated Holding Company.  What it "holds" are the international and global powers that each of the States vouchsafed to it for their mutual defense and protection. 

The Federation is like a bank that holds all the delegated powers of the States, and is then, the Delegator of all powers subsequently delegated to the Confederation, and which is also responsible for the later delegations of Powers made under the Constitutions. 

When any of the Subcontractors or even the Confederation are unable to function, all those powers delegated to them return automatically by Operation of Law to The Federation that made the delegation of power in the first place.

In order to operate in international and global business realms The Federation had to operate under a recognized sovereign — which is a problem because we were getting rid of sovereigns and because each individual State could not be recognized as a sovereign in international jurisdiction and still have the advantage of mutually shared powers. To get past this obstacle the Founders used the sovereign status of William Belcher, a patriot from Connecticut, who later served as a Colonel in the Continental Army.

Though his family acquired sovereignty in England as a result of the Norman Conquest, William Belcher, like his own forefathers, believed that people should learn to be self-governing. 

The Great Seals of both the United States and the United States of America are part of the Belcher Coat of Arms Array. 

As a result, William Belcher and his progeny became yet another safeguard for the new American Government, and the hereditary Office of Head of State passes down to them because “every ship that sails” sails under the Great Seals, meaning all corporations as well as all ships and all commerce taking place worldwide by American “vessels”. 

The rats have colluded to escape their obligations owed The Federation and the American States and People by attempting to “redefine” us all as non-American Commonwealth entities—- and they have contrived to unlawfully convert everything and everyone by a process of False Registration. 

That is the topic and issue that we address with the Declarations and other paperwork. 

Following the Civil War, the Belcher Family was literally hunted and murdered and slandered by British and Papist interests bent on setting the current system up. They were forced to flee from the East Coast to the West Coast, which was then still a distant frontier.  The Great Seals were stolen and were last seen in the possession of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

However, possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

The Belchers are still the Protectors of The Federation on the sea and in the air.

The members of The Federation are the States of the Union— and your State Assemblies are the embodiment of your States when in Session.  

Thus, the Belchers act to protect the interests of the States and People and keep The Federation alive (howbeit with a skeleton crew) when the States are not in Session and they have summoned the States to Assemble and take care of business and deal with The Mess.   

It is important to note that "Belcher" is an Anglicized version of "Belle Cher" -- the family is Norman French, not British, and "Belle Cher" is a clan name like "McDonald"---- so it is proper to think and speak of the Belle Chers as a clan, and not just a clan chieftain.  

The actual Members of the Federation are the States represented by State Assemblies. The Federation continues to hold the Mutual Powers of all the States.  

The people gathered to run The Federation’s Administration come from all over the country and are all volunteers serving at their own risk; some are related to the Belle Chers, but many are not.   Many are simply Americans who came to help once the banner had been raised. 

Our functions have been dictated to date by past-practice and necessity— all of which are practical matters, such as locating assets that belong to the States and People, which have been purloined by the Federal Subcontractors, and putting an end to the Great Fraud.

In doing so we all act under The Prudent Man Fiduciary Standard—- meaning that we administer all affairs of State with the same standard we would exercise as if the assets and resources belonged to us in a private capacity.  We use carriage accounting, not "double accrual" accounting.  We use the calendar year, not the Federal Fiscal Year. 

As the State Assemblies grow and people get up to speed they will participate as active Members of The Federation through their International Business Assembly populated by their State Citizens.  

At the present time two non-administrative issues have arisen and the State Assemblies have been polled by Roll Call Vote to enroll the States formed since 1860 and now, they are being polled again to establish a Public Law banning the use of patents to establish ownership claims on living people who have received patented DNA or RNA or nano-products via vaccinations and other means.  

This is being done to forestall claims that people vaccinated with patented genetic materials or related nano-products are converted into GMOs—- Genetically Modified Organisms— that may be owned as products under current laws. 

In other words, we need to close the loopholes that Bill Gates and others are trying to use to enslave and impose commercial ownership claims on living people, and the States and their Federation have the power to do this.  

And once that is done, we, The Federation and our Member States, will consider the issue of punishment for corporations that plot such crimes against humanity in the future. 

These issues are being addressed directly by Roll Call Votes instead of in any Congress because a Congress costs money and creates a target and frankly, judging by the questions we are being asked, people are ready to consider pros and cons of individual issues but are not yet ready to rightly interpret the verbiage of international affairs and take on the responsibilities involved— which will be a learning process. 

People don’t come into this world knowing how to self-govern.  When they propose to do so, as we have, we are immediately thrown into a snake pit of entrenched international and corporate interests that have no reason to welcome us, and a great many reasons to undermine us—-especially now, because they all owe us money. 

It is crucial for us to know who we are, know our standing, know our history, know what we are contractually owed, know who owes what to us, and stand together. 

So long as we know the above, and stay in our own lane, we have an unobstructed pathway forward and can proceed without fear or trepidation.  We are the Employers. They are the Employees. And that is all there is to that. 

Meantime, we have to educate a great many people — not only in this country, but worldwide.  The Public Law has not been enforced for two generations.  Our law schools no longer teach it because it has fallen into disuse. The Public Law fell into disuse because living people have been fraudulently “registered and redefined” as "persons" that cannot invoke the Public Law. 

This vast illegal, unlawful, and immoral scheme has been planned and executed by agents of the Holy Roman Empire and the Lord Mayor of London's Westminster Government---- all under color of law, protestations of "emergencies" that don't exist, and conditions of constructive fraud. 

As we declare our correct political status, we come back under the Public Law and under the protections of the Constitutions— much to the consternation of those who have preyed upon and cheated us and impersonated us. 

Perhaps worse from their point of view, they are exposed as the crooks and faithless men they are. 

I hope this answers your questions and feel free to share with all State Coordinators and anyone else who cares to ask.

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  1. Are there any texts that teach the Public Law that are available for purchase?

  2. Thomas Jefferson on forming the Constitution:
    Known facts: Constitutional Convention : May 25, 1787
    Ratified by New Hampshire: June 21, 1788
    United States Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789

    From the Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson found in the book THE LIFE AND SELECTED WRITINGS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON edited, and with an Introduction by Adrienne Koch & William Peden. Copyright, 1944, by Random House, Inc.
    Thomas Jefferson is most probably best known for his writing (drafting along with four others) of the Declaration of Independence whose draft was finally approved after 86 changes by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, and eventually signed by the 56 representatives of each of the 13 original Colonies.
    As for Thomas Jefferson’s involvement in the United States Constitution, it is best explained in his own words. “Our first essay, in America, to establish a federative government had fallen, on trial, very short of its object. During the war of Independence, while the pressure of the external enemy hooped us together, and their enterprises kept us necessarily on the alert, the spirit of the people, excited by danger, was a supplement to the Confederation, and urged them to zealous exertions, whether claimed by that instrument or not; but, when peace and safety were restored, and every man became engaged in useful and profitable occupation, less attention was paid to the calls of Congress. The fundamental defect of the Confederation was, that Congress was not authorized to act immediately on the people, and by its own officers. Their power was only requisitory, and these requisitions were addressed to the several Legislatures, to be by them carried into execution, without other coercion than the moral principle of duty. This allowed, in fact, a negative to every Legislature, on every measure proposed by Congress; a negative so frequently exercised in practice, as to benumb the action of the Federal government, and to render it ineffective in its general objects, and more especially in pecuniary and foreign concerns. The want, too, of a separation of the Legislature, Executive, and judiciary functions, worked disadvantageously in practice. Yet this state of things afforded happy augury of the future march of our Confederacy, when it was seen that the good sense and good dispositions of the people, as soon as they perceived the incompetence of their first compact, instead of leaving its correction to insurrection and civil war, agreed, with one voice, to elect deputies to a general convection, who should peaceably meet and agree on such a Constitution as “”would ensure peace, justice, liberty, the common defence and general welfare.””

    submitted by David Snieckus

  3. Final Notice To Donald John Trump! Choose Ye This Day, While It Is Called Today.
    January 12, 2021
    Now is Accepted. While it is called Today. .20:38 est 1/12/2021




    EXECUTIVE ORDER to Donald John Trump;

    President of the United States of America

    FROM; We the People of the land and soil called

    The United States of America, in all its' possible forms,

    And the Only existing government of, by, and for the people,

    Decree the Following


    Dear Donald John,

    Greatly beloved of our Father,

    Let it be that,

    Heaven and Earth are hereby called to bear witness,

    Let every man stand still, be silent, and take notice,

    We stand in the Sight and full view of our Creator, and Maker;

    The One True Almighty Living God,

    of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, That I Am,

    Who is Light and in Whom is no darkness at all,

    The Father of us all in the first place,

    We enter His Gates with thanksgiving,

    We enter Your Courts with praise,

    Out of the depths we have cried to Thee, O Lord,

    And You heard our voice,

    Your ears were attentive to our supplications,

    We waited for You, our souls did wait,

    More than the watchmen for the morning,

    Hoping in Your Word,

    We have longed for the peace of New Jerusalem,

    Our People, and Our Land,

    The Hope of Israel has come,

    And with Him there is lovingkindness and

    Abundant Redemption,

    By the rivers of Babylon,

    There we sat down and wept

    Now the Lord has brought us out of our captivity,

    Returning us to Zion,

    We are like those who dream!

    As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

    The Lord now surrounds His people,

    From this time forth and forever.

    The sceptre of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous,

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    Here we stand Father, presenting ourselves before You,

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    The people of His pasture, and the sheep of His Hand,

    Today, we hear Your Voice, and do not harden our hearts,

    For it appears You have poured out Your Spirit on us,

    And removed our heart of stone, gifting us with a heart of flesh,

    For You, who said ‘Let the Light shine out of darkness,’

    Is the One who has shined in our hearts, shedding abroad Your love,

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    A stranger’s voice they will not follow.

    Now we are light in the Lord, and we walk as children of light.

    For the Fruit of the Light is in all,

    Goodness and righteousness and truth,

    To the Light! If they answer otherwise,

    it is because they have no light in them,

    The time past is sufficient to have wrought the will of the gentiles,

    The people of God are free, and not free for the taking, for they are claimed;

    “The Lord’s portion is His people!”

    Follow the Trust

    Our eyes have been on the prize

    Will you put your hand to the Ark?!

    The 16th man in your position did,

    Presuming to take the Trust unto himself,

    God killed him. For he was not THAT Abraham,

    Is their evil in the city, and I, the Lord, have not done it?!

    Cont at Counsel from Croydon