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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Correct Name and Address

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I had to sever a relationship with my home church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Taken together with the loss of my dog this Sunday past, it just about broke my heart. 

Our lives are such simple things, so dependent on relationships, and we all have such a deep need for "belonging" --- and in the case of our pets, "belonging to" --- that our lives become defined and find their meaning in relationship to other lives.

There are times like this, times of loss and of grief, of bitter disappointment and uncertainty, when we look for reasons and find only facts. And the facts aren't comforting.

I remember someone in a book or short story somewhere saying that it felt like all their prayers were going to a dead letter box. 

Given all the deceit that we have uncovered in both government and religion, it's worth thinking about.  Have our prayers been re-routed?  Sent to a "dead letter box"?  Misaddressed somehow? 

Let's begin with the correct name. 

The man we all call "Jesus" and "Christ" was actually named Yeshuah (also transliterated as "Yashuah") and is properly translated in English as the name Joshua. Not Jesus.

But we are all taught to pray "in Jesus Name". 

Or in the name of "Christ Jesus" which is even worse.

Doesn't make much sense, does it?  A strong whiff of rat pervades the atmosphere. 

Why teach people to pray using a wrong name?  Why substitute titles like "Christ" for names, and names for titles?   Why invoke the name of a Person, "Christ", instead of the actual name of the man?

We start out with "Guilleroi" and wind up with "Mr. Bill". 

That's quite a stretch, isn't it?  One can only imagine the actual man returning and wondering in a bewildered fashion --- who is this "Christ Jesus" they are all talking about and invoking all the time? 

All those prayers and invocations really are going to a "dead letter box".

Next, let's look at the address.

You can't exactly drop a prayer in the slot at the Post Office like a Letter to Santa, but you can put the correct name and address on it.

And there we run into other problems. 

First of all, Jesus didn't teach us to pray to him.  He taught us to pray to his Father in Heaven, in his name---like an "in care of" address.   Pretty hard to pull that one off if you don't know and use his name, also impossible if you use a title like "Christ" or "Christ Jesus" instead. 

Now, Joshua and his Father are not stupid.  They know when we are earnestly trying to reach out to them and what we need and all about whatever it is that troubles us before we even speak it.  They overcome our ignorance and limitations. They bypass those who are trying to deceive us.

But the point is, we are being deceived.  We are being given bad advice by the various churches and taught bad assumptions and bad habits of mind.

How many people have been taught to pray to the Son and not the Father?

How many people have been taught to literally worship the man, the creation, and not the Creator?   Romans 1:25.

And at the end of our pitiful epistles, the pouring out of our lonely hearts, how do they teach us to send our prayers on their way?

By saying, "Amen" ---- but that has a double meaning, depending on how you pronounce it, and who is ever taught this? 

Say it one way, and it means, "It shall be so." which sounds rude and presumptuous when you are asking for help.  Say it another way, and it's the name of an Egyptian sun-god. 

Mis-addressed with a capital "M". 

Yes, it's more than enough to make you think that yes, our prayers have been misaddressed to a dead letter box --- literally. 

Words can be such deceitful, unmanageable, squishy things that somehow manage to roll around like a jar of spilled marbles --- even at the best of times and with the best intentions. 

And there is plenty of reason in view of everything else, to think that all these "mistakes" have not happened with the best of, here we are, again, being taught all sorts of rubbish by the experts we rely on. 

As for me, I've been praying all afternoon without saying or thinking a single word.  Praying for the animals.  Praying for all the clueless young people throwing bricks.  Praying for the Earth we all live on.  Praying for our country.

And all without a single word.  It's all just pure feeling.

In the final analysis, I believe that this is how we are meant to pray "in the spirit" with no middlemen, no feckless words, no mistakes in pronunciation.
Just write it with your heart and send it with your love and let your whole life be the message.


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  1. "Let your whole life be the message".... Yeeeeesss! Right thinking. Stand up to tyranny and slavery. Thank you Anna, From Scotland.

  2. Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel . . .
    Matthew 1:23

    The name "Jesus" comes from Egypt "IO" (prounced I OO)

    Amen = Amon Ra -> Egyptian

    I like to end with "So be it!, Thank you."

  3. Correcting an ERROR (2 Timothy 3:16:

    Act 4:12  “And there is no deliverance in anyone else, for there is no other Name (jesus/yahshuah) under the heaven given among men by which we need to be saved.” The Scriptures 2009 (Aramaic English)

    His "correct name" is still Yeshua meaning Salvation in Hebrew/Aramaic and ENGLISH!

    Hebrew and Aramaic scholar Dr. Michael Brown who is a Jewish believer in the Messiah Yeshua has stated many times... please READ:

    Please know and understand that the original language and writings of the gospels were written in Hebrew and Aramaic NOT GREEK.

  4. Scripture also tells us that everything was created by/through Yeshua:

    John 1:3, Colossians 1:16, Ephesians 3:9, Hebrew 1:2, Hebrew 1:10-12, ect…

  5. Anna, sooo glad to hear that I've not been a voice in the wilderness when telling others this information about our Creator & how to address him/her? Blessings & be well.

  6. Who is “Jesus Christ”?

    Here are a few facts about Jesus Christ, each taught by and verifiable by scripture. There seems to be uncertainty from Anna as to identities and names of Dieties, so this can clear up some confusion for those who have an interest in learning the facts. The Bible has become confusing to many people through many translations of the languages it was written in, tendencies of man to err in translation, and Satan’s deceptions of mankind.

    Jesus Christ has been given many names, each one drawing attention to His many wonderful attributes. One name given Him is "the Son of God", another is "the Only Begotten of the Father" in the flesh, and that being is One God (completely United) One with the Father. The Father's name is "Elohim", as they are One in purpose or united in eternal mission. The "Godhead" consists of three distinct personages: Elohim, the Father, Jehovah, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    The Holy Ghost is an eternal spiritual being without a physical body, able to move and be everywhere to testify and support the Works of God. The Father and the Son are two separate distinct personages, whom both look identical, possess glorious physical and spiritual bodies of flesh and bone, and are eternal beings without beginning of days or end of years.

    The purpose of this "One God", United in three beings, is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man", man being the highest achievement of the Creation. Jehovah is the God of the Old Testament- who, under Elohim's direction – had created before the Old Testament the Heavens and the Earth, and all that in them are.

    Jehovah is the eternal name of one member of the Godhead, who was chosen from before the foundation was laid for this world's Creation, to guide us as our elder spirit brother through a mortal process of trial and faith to allow us to discover for ourselves who would hear His voice and obey His commandments allowing us to meet the law set (God is a God of law) to enable us to return to the Eternal Father in His glorious kingdom, as an eventually resurrected being to dwell there forever in peace and joy.

  7. God the Father is a Perfect God of Love, Order, Mercy and Justice. No unclean thing can enter into the presence of God. This requires and endless condition of perfect Order and purity in the prepared "Plan of Redemption" and requires by reason of the perfect Justice of God, that an eternal weight of Justice must be balanced with Mercy, because God is a Perfect God.

    Thus Jehovah was chosen, before the world was Created, to condescend from His heavenly throne as a perfect being and member of the Godhead to become "the Redeemer" of the children of God. God knows and knew we mortals are imperfect and unclean. In mortality we have a “veil”, a covering of our recollection over our memory of our first estate in the spirit world, as a means to test our faith while knowing we would make small and great mistakes of sin i.e. turning away from, disrespecting, and dishonoring Gods perfect nature and Will. Mortality is the short time period of years set for testing of mortal man's faith and obedience. By faith in God's Word, we will need to recognize and repent of all our uncleanness and natural tendencies to ignore and turn away from God's purity while in mortality.

    The Plan of Redemption established in the spirit world allows us in mortality to take upon ourselves the Covenant with God, of baptism. By baptism we are spiritually re-born, begotten anew as a new man of spiritual endowment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, to become obedient to God's commandments to the end of our mortal life, we become one of the flock of "cleansed lambs". Through Jehovah's Atonement and His paying the price of His perfect life as Jesus Christ to satisfy God's required Justice and to bring about God's Mercy to the repentant, Justice and Mercy were by Him satisfied, and God remains a perfect God.

  8. While in mortality "Jesus Christ" is the name of Jehovah, given as His name by the Angel who appeared to His mother Mary before his birth. Jesus lived experiencing all the trials of mortality and temptation, but yielded not to temptations, suffered the pains, and paid the price of a pure, perfect and holy life which he willingly as a loving member of the Godhead, gave Himself as a sacrifice to redeem those who would be called by His name, Jesus Christ and follow His commandments.

    Jesus was crucified, died and rose from the tomb as the first fruits of the resurrection, which resurrection will consequently come to all mankind who have lived and died on earth. At some point in the future every knee will bend and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of mankind.

    Everyone who hopes to return to our glorious heavenly first estate, be resurrected from our mortal death in the second estate and live with God in our third and final estate will need to recognize Jesus Christ is their personal Redeemer, because there is no other name given by which Redemption can come to mankind. Jesus Christ is the name of the God who accepted mortality to become a mortal man, the son of Mary a mortal woman, so He could die and become resurrected to overcome the finality and abyss of death that otherwise is the lot of mankind. Jesus Christ is "the Son of God", whose name in heaven is "Jehovah".

    It is therefore essential that the name Jesus Christ be accepted and recognized as the Redeemer of mankind. All this may be accomplished according to one's prayerful consideration of the scriptural revelations through the various prophets called by God (Jehovah) to make this Plan of Redemption known to mankind.

    Were it not for the darkened minds of mankind through the deceptions of Lucifer who is "the god of this world", and for the rebellious carnal nature of mankind, these facts would be universally known by mankind today. These facts will become known and accountable under God’s immutable law to everyone in due time, coming soon.

  9. Well people if you look for errors in the Bible you will find thousands.Just look how the word Lord is written. Do you see the grammatical error ? A proper written name is always in upper and lower case. Why ? Because English is a case sensitive text.
    Look closely the word Lord mite have the first letter larger but the ord is still in upper case style. The comingling of English and non English is the deceptive methods used to consider us as incompetent wards .
    Look up the word ward .
    And we all must watch a video series titled
    Justinian Deception and learn about the deceptive and unlawful tricks of grammar thay use in every courtroom in this country.

    1. Yes but Romely said a different Bible, a lot older!

    2. KJV WAS written for the porpuse of deceiving...

  10. Agree Anna. A little deeper now about the word 'amen'. Amen is a noun, it's an entities name and not a nice entity at that--it's an evil service-to-self entity--an ET w/ respect to us. And every time one ends a prayer w/ that name, they're paying homage & respect to an evil entity--not good. I will never say that name again, nor ever say the Pledge of Allegiance again either.